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  1. So I have been playing with formatting and working on individual sections as I have pieces of them in place. I re formatted the bestiary and I like the new format, but it still looks like one entry per page. I pondered that a bit but decided this was my game and no player I have ever heard has said "there are too many entries in the monster section", at least as long as everything else is good too. I did notice that so far the creatures tend towards the dangerous side and tonight's beastie, the Cormoran Giant, is no exception. 

    So I am not quite done with them, but I told myself I had 10... no 15 more minutes of working on this before hitting the sheets (since it is 0h Cr4p 41 here). That was 40 minutes ago. I decided to spend a little time on the first small adventure to go into the Quickstart. Its called Delivery to the Sea and it is part 1 of 3. I think the best part of it was that I am writing an adventure for my own game. Not the design of someone else, which is still a great feeling btw, but for my set of rules however quirky and descended from other rule sets it is. I feel pretty good about that. It will also introduce both Salt Island and the Rakshasa / Glorious Empire in a small but hopefully powerful way.

  2. This years Kraken was shorter than the biannual Gaming Vacation we have gotten used to from the Kraken team, but not having to wait another year for it I was quite happy with a shorter Gaming Retreat. In preparing for Kraken 2015 I found excellent use for the Guide of Glorantha. It worked perfectly as a bookpress for the booklets I was bringing for the Chant-Along event! :)


    This year I went down with 3 other Norwegians - Linda (my highly pregnant girlfriend) Jaran and Morten (a Kraken virgin). Me, Linda and Morten took the plane to Berlin on Friday and drove a rented car to Schloss Neuhausen, 2 hours north-west of Berlin, where Kraken is hosted. The Shuttlebus brough Jaran and the rest of the Krakeneers, but as it got stuck in traffic we started the convention with some quiet and relaxing hours at Schloss Neuhausen.


    When the ShuttleBus finally arrived, it was time for the opening ceremony which was held by the Kraken head organizer Fabian:


    We had a late night game called "The Omega Option", a Needles and Pins game created and GM'ed by Philip. It was a lot of fun, but due to player screw-up it ended early after about 3 hours with everyone getting sucked out of existence (maybe into a parallel dimension called Universe #1, we'll never know).

    Saturday started early with the game "Carry on up the Kartolin" a scenario written by Pete Nash for RQ6 (in Glorantha), GM'ed by Mark who had just gotten back to gaming after a long hiatus. We played a chaos infested lunar troop and my character was an ogre with the "Cook Sapient Flesh" skill and a frying pan in his inventory. Only heavy GM railroading kept prisoners and other players from my frying pan...


    Later the same day, we had Axe throwing and Bow practice under the guidance of Risto, one of our Finnish friends. No major injuries this year either!


    Then I attended Chaosiums seminar by the name "What's up Chaosium?" hosted by Jeff, Neil and MOB - the contents of which has already been discussed in the forums.

    Ending that day was the Chant-Along-A-Squid - where we chantet/sung/screamed the ancient lyrics of familiar tunes to summon the old and outer gods. It was the best Chant-Along I've hosted so far, but alas, the world is still not overrun with monsters, so better luck next year!


    We ate a heart during the Chant-Along. It looked human. I'm not saying it was human, but I'm not not saying it either. It went down with Norwegian potatoe-spirits.


    Sunday, last full day of the convention, we started with the game "Akkadian Stars" - a science fantasy scenario by Jason Durall, using Magic World rules. Lot of fun! And we survived! :)


    Then we had the pancake wars - Finnish vs. Belgian Dutch pancakes. The Finnish took the victory. It took several hours before I recovered from the huge one I ate.


    Later I had a productive talk with Jeff, Neil and MOB (the Chaosium guys at the Con). We'll get back to this in a few days.

    Closing ceremony Sunday Evening to mark the end of another great convention at Schloss Neuhausen, with the guests of honor in front:


    We managed to squeeze in another game in the cellar - "Folklore" - a new fun game by Pedro Ziviani


    An that was it! Now we have to wait an entire year for more! It comes with my highest recommendations. If you have the chance to attend next year, grab it! ;)


  3. It’s been a few months now since the “Old One’s Returned…” in early June and the only official mention of BRP or MW since has been in Ben Monroe’s tagline: “Chief Operations Officer, Magic World/BRP Guru, Earth Ro-Man”—I wonder if he’s even “Chief Operations Officer” now that the company is a web address? We forumites haven’t heard from him in sometime.

    Since June, I’ve been hoping for some official shout out, even a small one, from Chaosium: “We’re keeping BRP, but (understandably) it is the lowest of our priorities…don’t worry though, we remember all our loyal fans…”. Save for brief flashes concerning Epsilon, Blood Tide and After the Vampire Wars, however,—works that were finished just prior or just after the return of Stafford—nadda. Oh, I realize I’m not on the inside; I don’t know the whole story, and if knew what was planned…I’d understand,but in lieu of a leg-up from Chaosium, here’s what I understand: Gloranthaphiles, Cuthulhuites and RQ6ese got news; BRPians and MWers got nothing.

    Therefore, in light of that nothing: I’m gonna let this out and hopefully lance the boil, because it’s eating me alive, and, as it adds little to constructive conversation, I’m going to do it here on my blog where it can be easily identified as the negative rant of a mad man who can’t keep his angst to himself and ignored as childish petulance.

    Despite “saving” the company, this whole thing has ultimately been a downer. I know Gloranthaphiles or Cuthulhuites are excited and they have a right to be. I, on the other hand, look at my BRP shelf with stuff that stretches back to the 80’s and wonder: what about my loyalty? If I add the investment up, I find I probably could have bought a used car! Yes, yes, I know that the loss of active BRP support doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the titles I have, but, honestly, since the ‘rescue’, my RPG playing enthusiasm has ebbed. Even my Here’s-Barsoom-In-Your-Eye protest has run out of steam. I know it’s because of the disappointment I feel toward the company and its seeming choice to ignore BRP and that such anger is unreasonable. I mean, it even blows my mind that I’m reacting so emotionally, but I just can’t seem to set it and the feelings of abandonment aside. God, do I need therapy?!

    What really gets me is that BRP loyalists, like me, are left to wonder and speculate in isolation. I mean, for God’s sake, there are some here who still actively hope for a MW Chronicler’s Companion! Chaosium, couldn’t you offer a mercy bullet…or even throw a we-will/can-no-longer-support-BRP/MW bone as a reward to those who remain(ed) loyal to the company for BRP sake? I would laugh if I wasn’t so frustrated. What the hell Chaosium?! Is the strategy to keep an oar in the water, so if financial tides turn, an announcement can be made that “The long wait is over BRP fans; we really never gave up on you!”? God, the whole driving-off-into-the-sunset spin just makes my blood boil! Far from romantic (the band is back together) or nostalgic (the end of an era), it smacks of an absentee father who suddenly returns home only to grab his things and leave again after some mumbled nonsense about how ‘I’ll always be your dad…’. Yeah, yeah, I know, completely necessary and expedient for Chaosium to survive and completely unreasonable and childish for me to crave.

    Well, if that’s the case, I think it’s high time for me to grow up and lay this foolishness aside. If I must have an RPG system and a company to offer my loyalty to, there are plenty of them out there ready to take my money.

    So…good riddins, dad…thanks for the tadpoles and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    Now, I need to go meet with my therapist.

  4. Then you MUST be brilliant as well! :)

  5. Dark moon Chronicles- setting and info

    here I well post my writings- some very rough of the Dark Moon setting - Chronology and story as well as setting information-

    The Dark Moon Chronicles are an alternate present and future of the end time as it where but more so about humanities struggle to carrie on.

    some part are cross overs - with heavy game flavor of normal but adventures coming from our present time to help save the race of Man kine of Menikine as there called in one setting.

    I have set it up else where on other blog but I well repost it so you do not have to look for it.

    Dark Moon Chronicles.

    so again I am ready to write, I am doing up the Darkmoon Chronicles a muti- gene setting. its horror /fantasy/adventure but it has several tiers.

    Gravequest: secret organization fight the future of the dark moon and its agents and cults as it draws near.

    Baddlands gunsmoke and steam fantasy : the arrival of the dark moon has ushered in a global fight against Laxivon empire and Humans, who have nothing but steam tech to fight the Sorcerors of the old ones.

    Avalaughn the raise of man: Man has been conquered for a thousand years- but some Gods well not let man die out and help to bring heros from the past to the future to fight the Sorcery servants of the old ones.

    Gate City :Sadazar the ethereal byway: In the ethereal drifts a cosmopolitan of exotic species and cultures fighting against the servants of the Great old ones, as they themselves ply the hiways and byways of time and space looting and raiding and Trading for tools and equipment trade goods and food to keep the ethereal city fighting on

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    Ebbene si, ho visto anche io Pacific Rim. E posso prendere finalmente posizione pro o contro il film.

    E mi schiero decisamente con coloro a cui il film è PIACIUTO.

    Analizziamo brevemente alcuni punti che sono stati criticati.


    La recitazione e il tono del film sono volutamente sopra le righe, non c’è dubbio, ma non sono più sopra le righe di un normale anime di super robots. Non ha la profondità di Gundam o Evangelion, ma non pretendeva di averla. “Regge“ il confronto con Mazinga o coi film dei supereroi Marvel, e l’obiettivo che si proponeva era quello. La scena del discorso finale di Pentecost è in stile americano, un giapponese non lo farebbe così, ma non rompiamo troppo l’anima per questi dettagli, eh.


    Forse è un po’ ingenua come trovata, ma la storia del muro sta lì per introdurre un tema assolutamente fondamentale per il genere super robots: gli eroi NON lavorano per il governo ma per un’organizzazione che col governo non sempre va d’accordo, e che si fabbrica le cose da sola. La storia del taglio dei fondi “perché ora i governi vogliono sovvenzionare il muro” è solo un modo per dare un velo di plausibilità al fatto che dei “cani sciolti” abbiano accesso a dei mostri alti 50 metri che non potevano certo costruirsi in cantina. Okay, in Mazinga succede, ma non è mica tanto plausibile. Ecco, Pacific Rim riesce a dare plausibilità a questo vecchio cliché degli anime: lo vogliamo biasimare per questo?


    Ho letto commenti pessimi sulla scena dei combattimenti per selezionare il co-pilota. Posso sbigottirmi? La scena era azzeccatissima, e diceva tutto quello che doveva dire: a fare a botte son stati bravi in molti, ma solo un candidato riusciva a “leggere” le mosse di Raleigh. E la maggiore lentezza dei movimenti sottolineava questo fatto.


    Sinceramente, non ho capito i commenti sul “potevano usarla prima”. Si vede palesemente che l’arma bianca è meno potente del cannone al plasma o richiede un maggior tempo di preparazione rispetto al cannone o ai pugni, e quindi viene usata solo quando i cannoni sono fuori uso, non c’è abbastanza spazio per prendere l’abbrivio per i pugni o sott’acqua dove non i cannoni non funzionano (in puro stile anime: le armi a energia sott’acqua non funzionano) o i movimenti degli jaeger non sono abbastanza rapidi per fare male con armi non taglienti. La cosa è as-so-lu-ta-men-te plausibile!


    E’ uno scivolone, senza dubbio, ma alla fin fine è una minchiata, gli è solamente scappata un’ingenuità. Probabilmente lo sceneggiatore pensava erroneamente che il pubblico non avrebbe capito una spiegazione più plausibile o più articolata (avete presente quando paragonano l’impronta genetica a “una specie di codice a barre”? Ecco, si capisce che stava scrivendo per farsi capire dal “grande pubblico”).

    Pensate a una cosa: ne “Gli Intoccabili” nella scena in cui fanno fuori Sean Connery a un certo punto si vede chiaramente l’ombra della giraffa (telecamera) sulla facciata della casa. Errore ORRIBILE di regia, senza appello o scusanti. Il film diventa uno schifo solo perché c’è questo errore?


    Dite che è un’americanata? Erm, ops... peccato che Baldios (OTTIMA serie robotica giapponese degli anni 80) finisce quasi alla stessa maniera. Come americanata, ha gli occhi parecchio a mandorla.


    (Nota che potrebbe essere non significativa: questa attrice è stata candidata all’oscar...)

    La Mako bambina è enormemente più espressiva della Mako adulta, lo avete notato? Le scene di flashback sono assolutamente deliziose, un piccolo capolavoro.

    Quello che forse qualcuno non ha notato è che tutti i protagonisti del film sono personaggi enormemente induriti da quello che hanno affrontato, incapaci di sorridere e con in mente solo la battaglia. Cavolo, al protagonista hanno masticato il fratello mentre era mentalmente collegato con lui [qui c’è una citazione degli X-Men, chi la trova per primo vince un PDF del mio gioco di robottoni], e si capisce che Mako ne ha viste di equivalenti! Scusate, che tipo di recitazione vi aspettavate per quel personaggio? Sorrisini scemi perché è femmina, mentre i maschietti fanno tutti i duri? Mi spiace dirlo, ma è un’aspettativa un po’ chauvinista.

    Confrontiamo il personaggio di Mako Mori con un personaggio giapponese “doc”, Yuki Mori (eh già, se non ve ne foste accorti anche il cognome è una citazione...) di “Corazzata Spaziale Yamato” del 2010. All’inizio Yuki fa la “dura”, ma nella seconda metà del film rientra nei normali cliché cinematografici femminili del “cerco protezione”, fino alla scena finale in cui si comprende che la sua funzione fondamentale nella trama era quella di “donatrice di utero”.

    Mako no, tutta d’un pezzo è all’inizio, e tutta d’un pezzo resta fino alla scena finale in cui le scappa un sorriso (leggera differenza con la Yuki della Yamato...)

    Avete notato che la Kikuchi era anche truccata per apparire abbondantemente trentenne, quando ormai non costa nulla levarsi dieci anni con gli effetti di postproduzione? Non è un caso, volevano proprio farla apparire così, vera invece che plastificata. E’ un personaggio femminile “alla Chris Claremont”, forse poco manga ma molto, molto ben fatto. E niente bikini “alla Star Trek into Darkness”, ovviamente.


    E ora, quello che mi è piaciuto.

    Il film è un’ottima rivisitazione del genere “super robots”, ossia robottoni implausibili da non prendere troppo sul serio ma con personaggi che alla fine si fanno volere bene e scene in cui ti viene da fare il tifo per i buoni. Le cadute di plausibilità ci sono, ma a parte lo scivolone del robot “analogico” non sono mai troppo grandi e proprio per il genere a cui si ispira il film è tranquillamente accettabile che ci siano. Niente (ma proprio NIENTE) a che vedere con le cadute nel ridicolo di Independence Day.

    La trama del film non si rifà ai cliché narrativi americani, ma proprio a quelli giappo, in cui si entra subito nel vivo dell’azione dopo una breve e – ebbene si – anche un po’ stiracchiata spiegazione del contesto. L’importante è che la spiegazione sia accompagnata da belle scene, e sinceramente la scena della prima battaglia che precede il titolo è molto emozionante.

    Anche il tono generale della narrazione è paragonabile a quello di alcuni anime. I personaggi sono molto, molto induriti e vivono in un loro mondo personale di rimpianti, rimorsie e ricordi dolorosi in cui non lasciano entrare nessuno, per finire poi al centro di applausi da stadio dopo avere fatto a botte col mostro di turno. Le ambientazioni della base sono stupende, tutto è rugginoso e sudicio a sottolineare quanto poco di emozioni positive sia rimasto nei suoi occupanti.

    I due professori poi sono... si, l’equivalente delle figure comiche degli anime (Boss di Mazinga, Don di Jeeg...), ma sono anche molto ma molto simpatici, e ti strappano qualche seria risata. Ammettiamolo, si sta in ansia ogni volta che rischiano di essere mangiati da un Kaiju o di finire col cervello fritto. E la rappresentazione di Hong Kong è fantastica: pare la Hong Kong del Deus Ex originale, a un certo punto ho sperato che al posto di Hannibal Chau spuntasse Tracer Tong... peccato!

    Insomma... si poteva fare meglio questo film?

    Si, si poteva, ma Del Toro ha comunque fatto un ottimo lavoro. Applausi e un 9 pieno.

    E comunque, diciamocelo francamente... nessuno ne ha davvero capito nulla.

    Pacific Rim non è un film sui robottoni.

    Pacific Rim parla di SCARPE!

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    I received my PDF copy last week and eagerly await my print copy to arrive. I have yet to read the book from cover to cover but I absolutely LOVE what I have seen so far. Every time I skim through it I find another thing that absolutely blows my mind. This is easily my favorite book to come to BRP since the BGB.

    Fantastic! ;t)


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    I've recently started blogging again about my developing Celtic-inspired campaign. Here's the newest update:

    The Green Lands - Part 1

    And so, about my campaign.

    Something I realized some time ago was that, for my purposes in developing the settings, I needed to write (originally three, but now) four books. Basically, I needed to organize my thoughts about the campaign setting, and put it all down in b&w, in order to build it into something special. I needed the skeleton.

    Really, it was a bit like going back to the earliest days of my RPG experience. When I read the DMG et al, it was like having a launching pad for my imagination. I couldn't wait to get out there and discover my own worlds.

    Besides, I needed to settle and fix in my own mind how all the rules would fit together. It also gave me something to give my players. When the campaign (finally) gets under way, I'll be telling players - get the big BRP book, the Magic Book, and I'll give you pdf's of the rest.

    I'm not going to post the four books online, as there's too many copywrights violated - but I'm more than willing to summarize them and post excerpts. And so...

    The first book is the Player's Book. It's meant to have all you need to get a character up and running and provide necessary info on how the rules will be used. Here is the introduction I wrote for it (thanks to Greg Stafford, from whom I stole some phrases:

    Welcome to Green Lands, a campaign setting for Chaosium’s Basic Role-Playing system. The Green Lands setting is inspired by Celtic mythology and history. Note carefully that I say inspired. What that means is that it does not, in any way, attempt to be consistent with the world of the historical Celts or Celtic mythology in general. It is a fantasy world inspired by those sources. The druids of Green Lands are not the druids of Celtic history. The cultures are not the cultures of the ancient/medieval British Isles or Europe. It is hoped that this setting captures the feel and spirit of Celtic myth. That is the goal. Seek not for historical versimilitude within these pages, o best beloved. You will not find it. I make no bones about what are probably obvious influences. The three cultures are clearly based on the medieval/ancient Irish

    (Chaosium’s Pagan Shore for Pendragon gave me the foundation for describing this culture), the Picts (again, drawn heavily from the depiction in Chaosium’s Beyond the Wall, which was also based on the Picts of Robert E. Howard’s stories of Conan and Bran Mak Morn), and the Saxons (again, Chaosium’s Saxons and Vikings! were the models here). GURPS Celtic Myth also helped shape a lot of concepts. As did the Glorantha setting for RuneQuest, from which many ideas were drawn. Other influences include Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Mists of Avalon, A.A. Attansasio’s Arthurian trilogy, Morgan Llewellyn’s historical

    novels, Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain books, Evangeline Walton’s novels based on the Welsh Mabinogion,

    and films such as “Excalibur” and the recent “Secret of Kells.”

    So, what we have here is an iron-age world, a pagan .world where men have carved kingdoms. from the wilderness, fight with sword and spear and worship many gods; a magical world with. mysterious sources of power which can be. wielded by the brave and talented, and where. strange creatures, forces of dream and nightmare, lurk just beyond the pathways of men. The wild places are filled with monsters. Ancient powers hold sway over ancient territories. Anything might happen.

    You can view this post in its original context here.

  6. [h=3]OpenQuest.jpg[/h] The short answer;

    "Open" vs "Class"

    The Long Answer (explained);

    As Newt Newport mentions in his introduction to OpenQuest's rule set, the "Open" in OpenQuest refers to the ability to create fantasy settings and characters in a completely unrestricted manner. This is in distinct difference to Mr. Leary's approach to the genre with "Classic Fantasy", a Chaosium monogram. Classic Fantasy attempts to model Dungeons & Dragons directly to the Basic Role Playing D100 system.

    Both authors accomplish their goals well and demonstrate how well Basic Role Playing (BRP) responds to "Homebrew" creation and game play.

    Leary hews closely to the Dungeons & Dragons cannon by first identifying the types of characters players are able to play. A characters "Class" is all enveloping in the world of Gygax,its game function mainly concerned with resolving the characters combat interactions and whether or not the character survived the encounter. Each class has the requisite limitations which define these capabilities as compared to those of other classes. A players choice of race also carries the same net of limitations which further narrow the scope of capabilities, and therefore define the player character.

    CAH0383a.gifNewport's fantasy mash up, on the other hand, begins character creation with a brainstorming session, requesting each player to come up with a character concept. As the author explains; "A character concept is a one sentence summing up of what the character is all about." The rule set continues on as a guideline in how to translate the character concept into your fleshed out character sheet. I love this type of game experience myself where the initial player character, while not all that powerful yet, is still a product of my imagination. I was quickly able to come up with intriguing character concepts off the one sentence rule. It started to become a game of interest and brevity; Disturbed Wizard, Searching Sailor, Cashiered Ranger, Disgraced Warrior, Hunted Magician, Retired Gladiator, Etc... If you are manic about gaming all the best aspects of fantasy found in literature, or being open to new inspiration you can do this well with OpenQuest

    But if you are looking to go Gygaxian, you should go with Classic Fantasy because, well, Leary has already gone through the trouble of converting the standard classes, races, and spells. A lot of hard work, I assure you. Unlike Dungeons & Dragons retro-clones, launching a D&D campaign with BRP's Classic Fantasy does allow much more in personal customization of your character class, mostly do to the use of a skills list, and the players characters are more robust overall. Running some friends through TSR's B10 Night's Dark Terror proved Classic Fantasy characters can chop through goblins and minor undead well. Proper tactics assure swift death to surprised opponents. True to BRP form, once these tables are turned on players, swift death can ensue. All in all, Classic Fantasy will give you a great D&D game without the garbage mechanics of Old School, retro or otherwise. Those who do not like a d100 system should not even bother.

    And that is why I use OpenQuest. If you are looking for a great system for your own fantasy creations, classic or otherwise, OpenQuest gives you the tools to go right at it! It does put more weight on the Game Master. The GM will have to be invested in the brainstorming session during character creation with the players. Or the GM can offer pregenerated characters. Either way, it means more hands on time by the GM. For me, this takes the form of ripping off literary sources, as well as available game aids to create classic fantasy adventures.

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    In BRP there is less need to create endless reams of new monsters. Cos the monsters are usually people too!

    Any intelligent or even semi intelligent creature may be a cult member, and layering a cult spells and items and stuff all over one broo or orc makes it quite different from the next one.

    Another thing to remember is that any BRP creature grows with experience just as a PC. So again your orc, who may be a cultist in a death cult, maybe 25-30 years old, and will have experience and skills to reflect that, not to mention spells and magic items. He may also be utterly different from another orc from a tribe that worships the moon, tends to have madness spells and a propensity for using spears and arrows, and wears lunar silver armour..

    As always, keep the opposition much weaker than the PCs, so a part of 4 PCs may go up against 4 orcs, 3 of which should be crap, maybe 25% in weapon skills, and minimal armour, maybe 1 low powered spell between them. The 1 who is good, can be at the same sort of experience and skill mix as the PCs, but with interesting spells or one nice item. The PCs wil kill the cannon fodder and you decide as a GM if the tougher guy stands and fights or runs or offers ransom for his life if he surrenders.

    Now, dumb monsters.. look at previous examples in the rulebooks you have, or some of the older BRP books, or maybe Monster Coliseum for RQII/Legend.. and these critters that are non sentient will be more instinctive, their stats and skills are always the same, and you can model their funky 'effects' from spells or powers (but they're probably not magical).

    When converting a D&D monster, be very very careful. A critter built from BRP can be lethal, but also a direct mapping of D&D skills and powers to BRP can make for a TPK! So.. best to get a feel for the system and your players before making a new critter, just tweak the BRP ones for now.

  7. Work on AEON Quickstart continues apace. This edition of AEON will introduce the basic rule system, including character generation, mechanics, skills and combat; anything needed for the players to get into the game and run their characters without reference to the core rulebook. Best of all is the price: the AEON Quickstart PDF will cost a grand total of $0.00.


    AEON Quickstart will not include previous experience, magic, creatures, treasure or interior art – for these, you will have to refer to the core rulebook. However, it will include a copy of the AEON Logo Licence agreement, so prospective licencees can see what is required (and it’s not a lot) if you want to produce an AEON-compatible product or fan work. Remember, AEON is not an Open Game Licence product, and AEON Quickstart is not a System Reference Document. However, the licence couldn’t be simpler and you will find that, in many ways, it allows you to do more with AEON than the OGL would.


    As for the estimated time of arrival … well, Christmas would be nice, though it looks like things might just overrun a tad and a smidgeon. But keep an eye out for the D100II SRD v1.2!

  8. Just at Marseilles airport, waiting for my long flight home after a very pleasant few days at Chimériades.

    I flew in on Friday morning, having set off at 2300 Thursday night to find that my mobile phone had no roaming set up - Thanks Virgin! Eventually I got my lift sorted out and got to Andrew's house where we looked at figures and I met Steve, the modeller. We talked for a while, took a last minute look at the rules, prepared a game board for the con and had a lovely meal. Eventually, we set off about 1630 and drove through the absolutely beautiful Provençal countryside. I was a bit disappointed to not see any Occitan signs, but apparently Provence is nowhere near as bi-lingual as, say, Catalonia.

    We took about an hour and a half to get there and the venue looked the part - a lovely French castle. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming, as seems to be the case with all the 3 day cons that I go to. Accommodation was similar to Stahlek, with bunk beds in dorms, and as last arrival I got the top bunk with the longest flight of rungs I have ever seen, or at least it seemed that way to my poor old bones.

    Friday night was spent socialising and eating/drinking. I would have liked to have played a game,but there didn't seem to be any around and I was shattered. I went to bed at about 2200 and was woken at 0200, 0300 and 0400 by the SNORE MONSTERS - you know who you are!!! Eventually, I dug out my pair of ear plugs and got to sleep.

    Saturday, I got up at about 1000, thinking I had missed breakfast. After a shower I wandered down and they were still serving! The French are certainly civilised. After breakfast, i finished off my morokanth costume for the Prax at War game and headed off to the game. When I got there, I thought that nobody else had come in costume, so I felt an idiot. The hands lasted about half an hour until I took them off (no thumbs is really awkward) and the head about an hour as I couldn't see or hear properly. Had fun in the game, though, especially when I trumped the baboon's claim to have one of his victory conditions - his face was priceless. Afterwards, we socialised, drank, talked and ate, but no games seemed to be played. Just before I went to bed, someone asked if I had seen the Game Signup Board. "What Game Signup Board?", I asked! What an idiot.

    Sunday morning, I got up bright and early, about 0800, showered and rushed to breakfast as I wanted to help Andre set up his miniatures game. Breakfast wasn't open yet!!!! Then someone asked if I had forgotten it was Daylight Saving Time. Of course I hadn't as I had told my wife to change the clocks. Hadn't changed my phone, though. Idiot 3. Played the miniaturesw game and had a lot of fun, even though the prize was cruelly snatched from me by a Great Troll who should try out for the Sazdorf Trollball Team! Couldn't find any English speaking games and decided my French wasn't up to a French game, so socialised a bit unt6il Greg took pity on me and asked me to play in a game of Broos vs Ducks. As the ducks had been my adversary in the earlier game, I readily agreed and we had a very fun time until my giant rhino broo was duffed up by a combination of weaker lesser broos. Two of us ended with null points, Paolo declared victory with 5 points and the chap in the corner who hadn't fought anything counted his hoard of sheep and pigs and said 10 points! Socialised and chatted with various people, said about the SNORE MONSTER in out room and was told that there were 3 on Friday, but one had stopped. I had only heard 2 and had put on some snoring clips on Saturday night,so I wonder who the third was!!!

    Charlie's barbecue was tasty, but I had to queue for almost an hour for a second portion, which tired me out just enough to send me up to bed soon afterwards.

    Monday, got up at 0730, showered, went to breakfast and Phillippe had kindly organised me a lift to Aix railway station. Said my goodbyes and waited to go. Christophe Badista (I think) had offered me a lift and I got chatting (sort of) to him and another chap who had both been gaming until 3am the night before. He was the most enthusiastic gamer I had seen for years and reminded me how much roleplaying used to burn inside me in my younger days. It also made me feel so, so old. Anyway, we had a pleasant trip in the car for a couple of hours (I didn't realise it was so far) and eventually made it to Aix TGV after passing tghe same road 3 times. The other gamers helped me find a ticket for the Shuttle to the Airport and showed me where to go and I made it with hours to go.

    So, here I am, waiting for my flight in 3 and a half hours.

    Did I enjoy it? Yes.

    Was it the best/worst con I've been to? No.

    Would I go again? Maybe, if I could get a cheap flight.

    Worst thing about the con? The SNORE MONSTER (excluding myself, of course, as I didn't hear the 3rd one).

    Best thing about the con? The oh-so enthusiastic gamer. I never caught his name, but hearing him talk for, what, 3 hours really made my day.

  9. Latest Entry

    My latest game setting is a post apocalyptic mutant filled superhero game, set on a new continent called Pacifica. The creation of the continent by a geological anomaly caused huge changes to the planets weather due to large scale vulcanism and the dumping of dust and sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere. A limited nuclear war has raged due to the famines caused and attempts to annex resources to build arcologies for the remaining populace to live in. The date is 2060, and Americans fleeing the radiation in their blasted country have created a new city on the continent of Pacifica. But the new land holds secrets of its own.

    And why is the superhero cyborg known as Kron weaving a huge sphere of carbon nanotubes around a nuclear weapon? Is the Tech Guardian priesthood being infiltrated by some dangerous cult? And will Neo Nihon be able to defend itself against the huge reptilian monster when someone has stolen the megamecha that is their only line of defence? (Thanks to Seneschal for his sentai team write up, it came in handy). Who stole it and why?

    I'd answer these questions but my players would read them and it wouldn't be fun playing in my game.;-D

  10. In this morning stroll through Engadget I came across two stories that related to the science of Rubble and Ruin. When I wrote R&R I was trying to take modern science as seen from my perspective as a professional scientist and project to a near future where everything was cranked up to 11.

    For AI brains being used to “man” automated weapons systems I give you

    Of more interest to me, R&R has a “fantasy” element of nano-psionics. This was intended to represent some new discoveries coming out of the Second Global War that could not be predicted from our current vantage point – the idea being something like asking someone in 1910 to predict the atomic bomb. There were probably people thinking in terms of both big bombs and unlocking the power of the atoms, but I don’t think anyone had a clear idea of how it would be done. Likewise I don’t believe anything like nano-psionics will appear in our future, but I do believe there will be things we have yet to think of. Still, it was interesting to see that people are using tattoos of subdermal nano-particles to create biomonitors. See this link:

  11. Well its been quite awhile folks and I am entirely to blame for that. I won't bore people with the details except that I am on the move again residence wise, not as far as last time but a decent distance nevertheless. I had been hoping to finally upload BRP Star Wars in the next few weeks but I am going to defer once again. It does pain me to do this since I detest nothing more than vapourware and all sorts of needless spruiking and its partly due to my sensitivity to this issue that I am uploading a BRP conversion of Harnic beasts for our cohort of fantasy gamers that I have worked on to at least prove that I am actively working on stuff and not just a bag of wind! Rodney better known as our beloved threedsix from the forums can testify to my seriousness in regards the BRP star wars project since so far he is the only other person who has seen a working copy of it, albeit an earlier one.

    During this summer the current version 1.2 has seen a fantastic amount of play testing from within my RPG group the problem is that the more i ran the games the less and less I was happy with the conversion. It just lacked that star wars feel that I wanted it to have and the more I played it the less i liked it. Considering that i have been working on this for a good 18 months this was somewhat of a bitter realization that I disliked my own spawn. Consequently the other night the group had a meeting and we discussed some ways to get some zip back into the conversion. A popular alternative was to mine the old d6 system for some inspiration. I have been busy doing so and I have identified some possible ways to bring some concepts from that system into the BRP system.

    The dilemma is and this is the crossroads bit, is that its quite a bit of work to do those changes and I am kinda wanting to throw in the towel more than make them and just go back to playing d6. So I am thinking, thinking and thinking as to what to do. Even though I am unhappy with aspects of 1.2 and its still a bit rough in parts I might upload it anyway and see what people think. Let me know, and enjoy the Harn conversion.

  12. *I am listing games, not individual books

    Against the Darkness TableTop Adventures

    All Flesh Must Be Eaten Eden Studios

    Ancient Odysseys Precis Intermedia

    Angel Eden Studios

    Army of Darkness Eden Studios

    Atomic Highway Radioactive Ape Designs

    Barbarians of Lemuria Beyond Belief Games & Cubicle 7 Entertainment

    Basic RolePlaying Chaosium

    Buggin' Deep7

    Call of Cthulhu Chaosium

    Colonial Gothic revised Rogue Games

    Conan (only a single supplement) Mongoose Publishing

    Conspiracy X 2.0 Eden Studios

    Coyote Trail Precis Intermedia

    Dark Continent New Breed

    Dead of Night 2nd Edition Steampower Publishing

    Dicey Tales Evil DM Productions

    Dogs of W*A*R Beyond Belief Games

    Familiars Ganesha Games

    Fudge Horror: Vampires ComStar Games

    Ghostories Precis Intermedia

    Ghosts of Albion Eden Studios

    GURPS 3.0 revised Steve Jackson Games

    Hard Nova 2 Precis Intermedia

    Hollow Earth Expedition Exile Game Studio

    Horror Show Bedrock Games

    Hunger: Zombies Must Feed Precis Intermedia

    Hyperborean Mice Kiz and Jenn Press

    Kindred of the East White Wolf

    The Laundry Cubicle 7 Entertainment

    Legends of Steel Evil DM Productions

    Mean Streets Precis Intermedia

    Monsters & Other Childish Things Arc Dream Publishing

    Mouse Guard Archaia Studios Press

    Mythic Russia Firebird Productions

    OpenQuest D101 Games

    Shadow, Sword & Spell Rogue Games

    Star Trek the Next Generation Lost Unicorn Games

    SUPERS! Beyond Belief Games

    Terra Incognita Grey Ghost Games

    Terra Primate Eden Studios

    Traveller Mongoose Publishing

    Two-fisted Tales Precis Intermedia

    Thousand Suns Rogue Games

    The Unexplained Carnivore Games

    Unhallowed Metropolis, Revised Atomic Overmind Press

    Vampire: the Masquerade (+ supplements from several WoD lines) White Wolf

    World of Darkness 2.0 White Wolf

    Wraith: the Oblivion White Wolf

    Wild West Cinema Spectrum Games

    (pre)ordered or planning to order:

    Earth AD.2 Precis Intermedia

    Eldritch Skies Battlefield Press

    River of Heaven D101 Games

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    While the title Pendragon would be more appropriate it has been already taken. In fact so has Age of Arthur .... Warhammer Ancient Battles.... I would like to create a BRP game for the Gaming of a fantasy based Dark Age post Roman Europe/British Isles, Hibernia, Amorica. Loosely referencing the Bernard Cornwell fictional series.

  13. New cybertech palm scanner BRP character sheet this is a unfinished version i posted on deviant art.

    So far only front is started, it looks good but its not the most practiclecharacter sheet, skills and other info will be on the second sheet.

    i know we dont really need it persay and its not as practicle as a full on stat sheet with no graphics!

    let me know what you think!

  14. I've never quite understood the whole blogging phenomenon.

    I sort of understand the idea in relation to people with something to say, or a specific product to promote. And I can sort of see the role it would play for people who make a living from writing, as a way to keep their hand in. But I've never really understood either the fascinating with general blogs, or quite how some folk manage to maintain momentum with them.

    Since "maintaining momentum", especially in the face of my day jobs rapacious desire to consume my time and energy, I'm starting an experiment with the blog facility here at BRP Central. I'm going to try and post regularly, on (at least vaguely) BRP related topics.

    Hopefully it'll get me in the habit of writing a bit more regularly...

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    does anybody out there live at or near the tri-city area in Southern Ontario (Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph)? I'm looking to join up with or start a group. Anybody...Anybody...Bueller...:confused:

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