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  2. Good chance Pavis , not being from the area, did not know about the Devils playground and the Eye of Wakboth. Or thought his magic was powerful enough to prevent it from being a problem. I mean how many people know anything about the Eye of Wakboth? And as for the God Learners and Robcradle , The God Learners seem to consider Chaos a minor threat In the second age , not a real danger. But then the God Learners considered most things a minor threat and felt their magic could handle any problem.
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  4. Word.
  5. Is this fanzine available. There web site directs you to Tradetalk, but I could not find how to get it there. Thanks.
  6. I'm starting an exploitation/gangster film inspired Pavis/Rubble campaign centered on a group of trolls we previously ran through some one shots. Thanks for adding some awful grime Runeblogger, David and MOB.
  7. This is interesting news. I bought a copy of the Chaosium version... based primarily on my enjoyment of Mr. Snead's previous work. In truth, on reading it, I thought it was a bit... undercooked. But I've felt that way about several of the later Chaosium books... like Atomic Age Cthulhu and Astounding Adventures. Not the author's fault I suspect. So I'll look forward to the Mythras version with renewed enthusiasm. If only The Chronicles of Future Earth could have made the crossing as well...
  8. The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic PDF is out: Mike Mason, with Matthew Sanderson and their team have created an essential resource for Keepers of Arcane Lore... spells drawn from over thirty years of Call of Cthulhu supplements and scenarios, including optional Deeper Magic for the most powerful of Mythos sorcerers and monsters, to beguile and confound investigators. The print version will be out later this year. Buy the PDF now, and get the FULL PRICE of the PDF off as a discount if you purchase the printed book on
  9. See pages 156 - 165 of the Call of Cthulhu Rulebook (7e). A bout of madness - real time - lasts for 1D10 rounds followed by indefinite insanity (for losses over 1/5 of Sanity points). The character may suffer from delusions thereafter. The character is not out of the game, and the player controls the character after the bout of madness (and perhaps during it, depending on the situation and the Keeper). I also recommend reading the section on Failed Sanity Rolls on page 209 to understand the difference between 'madness' and underlying insanity.
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  11. Especially given the presence of the Solar Draconic Emperor in the Gods' War game.
  12. Maybe the wall's purpose wasn't to keep the Praxians out...
  13. awesome!!!!!
  14. 1. The grapple check occurs before your grapple maneuver. The roll is to successfully maintain the grapple on them. If that roll fails, then the grapple is broken. 2. Yes, when you grapple you can choose what body part you are grappling against. If you grapple on one of their arms, they can't grapple back. If both their hands are free, then they can grapple back. When that happens, the initiator can block the grapple with his own grapple skill. However, if the block fails then the grapple is reversed against the initiator. The guy who reversed the grapple had to maintain the hold the next turn to do any grapple effects. The way to escape the grapple is if the hold is broken, by a failed grapple maintain check or some of the grapple effects giving the grappled dude a chance to escape. 3. There is no rule for this. However, I allow parrying but not dodging. My ruling is that if you can attack, you can also parry. (This is from the perspective of the guy being grappled.) For the guy who is doing the grapple, I allow dodging but not parrying. Since grappling requires both of their hands, he can't parry any outside attacks. However, he can dodge on the condition that the grab is immediately broken. One thing I did allow once was using the grappled dude as a shield from outside attacks. the player made difficult grapple check followed by a Str/Dex vs Str/Dex Resistance Check to push/pull the grappled guy in the way of an attack. In the end, BRP is a very open-ended game. Once you familiarized yourself with the mechanics, you can just make a GM judgement call on the spot if something arises.
  15. If you buy a print copy directly from us, you get the PDF free of charge as soon as we process your payment.
  16. i definitly am happy!!!!!! i bought the first "After the Vampire Wars" book at gen con and was told i would get a free pdf. never did but i couldnt find the receipt either so i bought a second copy of the book january or february of last year with the idea of scanning it to get a pdf because i dont usually carry physical books i carry a tablet with my gaming library on it. but never got around to it. so hopefully when it is published i can get a pdf of it because i still dont have one of it yet and cant find where to buy a pdf of it lol. im definitly new to mythras but an old player of d100 so looking forward to the direction that design mechanism is going in.
  17. Because it was already defined by the giants wall that walled off robcradle. It was a grazing for the Praxians that they and the giants defended. A better question is what is the relationship between the godlearners at robcradle and wakboths eye. And what became of the godlearners there.
  18. Again, I think you need to re-examine the source material, since it seems to contradict your every point in the above post. Jon makes a very good RW parallel. Religious oppression is not a sign of strength, but of fear. Umbarism and Draconic Yelm were ostensibly destroyed, but that does not mean they were without merit.
  19. (I'm loving mikklings theories) Perhaps Pocharngo is a part of Wakboth, in the sense that he is the aspect of Wakboth's corruption. Now, why did Pavis had to build his city precisely enclosing The Devil's Playground? He could have very well built it just ten miles to the north, and now the Eye of Wakboth would be on someone else's garden... Food for thought?
  20. ... or the guy from Dishdash? @Dishdashgames then. Ive known Colin for years, perhaps this will summon him. He's in New Zealand so I don't know how fast this will work.
  21. Well that'll depends on how Many SAN checks and whether they pass them. I ended up with a character in this situation in a game recently and it was tense, but fun. Beats being dead.
  22. I should note that there is one important/significant change between HQ2 and HQG: in HQ2, low die rolls were best; in HQG, high die rolls are best. My writeup reflects HQG conventions.
  23. It's called Babeester Gor, and they already have the Necessaries - some nice big axes. ;-)
  24. I believe those are distinct, yet probably 'modeled' on the Devil's Hand. Or perhaps they are spawn of the Devil's Hand?
  25. ... or the guy from Dishdash? But that page is (so far as I know) unaltered from the flurry of attention it gained in mid-August 2016 (promising a Feb 2017 release). So here we are, at the end of Feb 2017... In the absence of a release, it seems like time for an update, at least ?
  26. And the other hand is 'The Left Hand Claw' near Snakepipe Hollow? Hmm, maybe not, as 'The Right Hand Claw' is deep within the caves.
  27. So in real time if you role play it out, that player is effectively out of the game for the rest of the session. What if there are still a couple of hours to go - that is not much fun for that player is it?
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