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  2. We're taking the new RuneQuest Quickstart scenario through its paces again tonight here in Bellevue, WA .(Some of the party might know a thing or two about RuneQuest , but the GM for tonight's playtest of 'The Broken Tower' is a RQ and Glorantha newcomer, and doing an awesome job!)
  3. I did actually. How odd.
  4. The thing I love about a roleplaying game is the ability to tell stories in it. Some systems are explicitly built around storytelling: the Chronicles of Darkness and its satellite settings are billed as "The Storytelling System." I am finding Mythras better suited to general storytelling than an awful lot of contemporary roleplaying systems. I found myself wondering why this is so. I can think of a few things that stand out. Character Generation: Your characters are not constrained by class. Some farm boy could grow up to be a sorcerer, sure: or he might find a calling as a physician, alchemist or entertainer, and seek out adventure according to his skills and gifts. Connections: Your character is not alone. Unlike, say, Traveller, where your Travellers can leave all your Allies and Contacts behind with the next Jump out of the system, your connections are never far away in Mythras, because what is implied is that your Adventurers have to come back to their locus of operations if they are to advance with their people. Speaking of people ... Cults and Brotherhoods: Your characters really are not alone. There are Cult and Brotherhood memberships, as well as duties and responsibilities, to take care of. It looks as if half the time, the Adventurers are doing the classic dungeon crawling, and the rest of the time they're learning, reaching, advancing or deposing scheming Rivals, or warring against rival Brotherhoods out for the same goal as the Adventurers' faction. Those are the three that stand out. How about you? What makes Mythras outstanding for you?
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  7. I think a big issue on your preference on this is do you prefer crafted/decided or rolled/random characters. I'd hate to go through the character creation system with a concept and then have the concept thrown or destroyed by a random dice role towards the end. My preference almost always veers towards player choice especially when it concerns their characters, which are there one vehicle to affect the story. I can see how random generation can be a source good ideas and concept generation, but also can see how if rigidly applied could detract from players gaining.
  8. You get the pleasure of confronting Arrquong, Lord of Despair, the Harbinger and Gatekeeper of Chaos, and guardian of the entry place of Chaos to Hell. If you fail, well, no one will ever know as all memory of you will be erased as you are sucked into the Void or transformed by Chaos into something unspeakable. Only Boztakang is known to have done so and succeeded. He ripped the secret methods of destroying chaos from Arrquong.
  9. Radical idea: Instead of using scores in Order Balance Chaos as positives, use them as negatives. Zo a Order score of 0 means the character is generally devoted to Order, 50 means they can take or leave it, 100 means that have really torqued the forces of Order off. So as the character gains points, the hand of Fate begins notice that they are falling away or avoiding the winds of Fate so one force or another will snap them back. Say every time a character gains 10 Points in O/B/C this generates an Incident or Foe designed to turn them back. That is a very basic idea and (obviously) needs fleshing out but using the current system. Could also do something like, there is 100 points total, each starts with 0 or 10 points or some such, with normal gaining and losing. Yet each time the character goes over 50 points in one of them then that triggers the Incident or Foe.
  10. Quick question regarding Alone Against the Flames. I know it's a choose your own adventure type of supplement, but I am wondering if it is somehow playable as 1-on-1 game, where I would play as a keeper with another player?
  11. Welp...that does it! All stretch goals unlocked now and only 15 hours remain to get in on the action. Not a bad bundle at the buy-in price: Two hardbacks of core rules and two hardbacks for setting/adventures (one is a large campaign), slipcase for core rules, large 4-color map, character sheets, GM screen.
  12. Gorgeous artwork : ) Very much looking forward to this. How long do we have to wait?
  13. I was wondering if some one could post a starting character using the standard character sheet. There is not an example in the manual and I would like to see how it looks, especially the weapon and shield section. I am used to Elric!/Stormbringer's skill distribution and I feel like I may be missing something.
  14. I really like this idea. How to implement it is the challenge, especially, as I previously mentioned the BRP has no way of reinforcing play outside of the social contract (barring the Sanity rules). Does this mean a Young Kingdoms game should actually be based on the Fate system or the Apocalypse Engine? No, because then you lose the other aspect of gaming from such proscriptive mechanics - that being freedom of character. As you say Reign, the characters need to have the illusion of free choice, but the reality is that are but puppets (played by unseen hands) of some unknowable Passion Play. This is why I like to make my adventures challenge the players beliefs and concepts of change - you don't need mechanics when your players are arguing about whether they should kill an NPC or no based on the fact he may, or may not, kill innocent people the future*. I guess this is why I always see the Balance as a fulcrum (as I've previous raised in other topics), much like the Passions system is in Pendragon. But how to translate to a 100% system is quite a bit harder than I first imagined... Marcus * - This was the premise of one adventure I once ran.
  15. If you are going further you are going beyond the myth of the Star Heart and into the realms of experimental heroquesting.
  16. Sure - Umath uses the harp of harmony in battle against the Predark, and emerges victoriously. Shargash fielding drummers will be a way to instill fear in normal deities, and a wall of sound and thunder would have been a real weapon. (Sounds a lot like a conflict simulated in Heroquest rather than gritty realism and RuneQuest... but this is the Godtime, where gritty realism was not part of the reality.) What happens is that Shargash fields a previously well proven force against the invader, and the force is washed aside without even a struggle. Heortling Mythologies describes the Humakti legion along similar lines. Godtime combat probably has a lot more choreography and flashy moves than weapons hitting body parts.
  17. ...and before you ask: no, this has NOTHING to do with that other Red Moon.
  18. You have to have voted in your city council elections to call yourself civilised.
  19. The Red Moon waxes on the dunes of Imara and wanes on the steel belly of Ashul. Where will the path of adventure lead you? Inaugurating a series of cross-media products based on Alephtar Games' new Revolution D100 game system, this supplement brings the world of the Red Moon Rising web comic, created by the talented Scottish artist Rose Loughran, to your gaming table. Get ready to take the role of ruthless soldiers, daring airship captains, powerful battle mages or brave insurgents in a world of steampunk adventure and human feelings. Will you fight for Imara, for Ashul or simply for your survival?
  20. @soltakssAs I said on in my post on Sunday - That there is no evidence of Dragon magic in the city is different, it was clearly there from the start. I forgot about Sun Dragon though...
  21. Zorak Zoran and Xiola Umbar are well-known Darkness deities who have no inherent Fire/Sky relationship. It also seems that Styx, who is not quite Water yet, but nearly so, has a distant connection with Annilla, and might be closer to Sky deities.
  22. Sure, Pavis doesn't have any draconic powers. But the Sun Dragon cult is present in the Big Rubble, the Dragonewt Dream specifically smashed the leaden seals on Wyvern Gate and entered the Big Rubble (something that, to me knowledge, they didn't do elsewhere) and dragonewts set up a dragonewt temple in the Big Rubble. So, there is definitely something important, from a draconic point of view, in the Big Rubble.
  23. ... and whose cultural habits clash with our (civilized!) ones. Particularly amusing are two cultures who each think they are the "civilized" one, and the other is a "barbarian" culture...
  24. But IMHO/IME those real-world referents are incredibly useful... particularly to acclimate/accomodate newbies! It's a very-fair point to say that "barbarian" carries enough baggage and mis-connotations to be a WrongBad tag, particularly as a 1-word description of their culture. But I can't throw out the barbarian baby with the rest of the real-world bath-water in abandoning all the useful analogies ! It might be reasonable to include "barbarian" as one of (and not the first of) the tags, such as: "Orlanthi have large urban centers, a diverse pantheon including one deity of sages and knowledge and another of commerce and communication; but their Chief Deity is a storm-god whose violence they prize & emulate, and with cattle-herding & raiding in their rural places, longstanding feuds, paying weregilds &c... you might almost mistake them for kinda-sorta Celto/Teutonic barbarians. Just remember that while "barbarian" isn't 100% wrong... cities, sages, etc, so it's really not "right" either."
  25. Lanbril is supposed to have stolen from his kin and then been banished by Orlanth. A hero quest where he is able to steal some powers from other Orlanthi deities and then is banished when eventually caught?
  26. I'm currently sorting out what I'm doing with OpenQuest. In short its probably heading towards a 'refresh' later this year, so until I've sorted re-publishing OQ Basic's in print is very low on my to-do list
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