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  2. Very new into this rules system, and then finding this thread has left me wondering if I have miss-spend my stretched gaming budget on a lemon!!! Not sure I have the time or energy to muck around. Allan
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  4. Not that I know of. I'm not a spreadsheet person, but I've been tinkering with a PDF form to add some calculating intelligence to character sheets. My Java Script knowledge is non-existant though, so I dropped that. Colin Brett did some programming on a (generic BRP?) PC generator, but I'm not sure how it went.
  5. This is great.
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  10. Off to the Editor. And then I put it together and boom, put it up on DTRPG. Tomorrow maps and Pre Gens.
  11. Its the UNIX program that I mentioned upthread. I played with it in the early 90s. Being unfamiliar with UNIX at the time, it was tons of fun trying to run it in DOS! SDLeary
  12. I'm curious about D.M. Ingram's RQ-III NPC generator. I wonder what it was, when it was written, what language, and on what PC. I did have a basic program for figuring out category modifiers, damage bonuses and such for RQ3 for my Tandy Pocket Computer and later for my Atari Portfolio. I wonder just how sophisticated a NPC generator could have been back then.
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  14. It doesn't really matter which spell list you choose. You've mentioned a few others in the past too, like Primea. You could use Dragon Warriors spells, or D&D ones if you want. The main point is you pick some lists from somewhere, and each magical 'skill' corresponds to a list of spells rather than a single spell. I like to use the INT limits too for magical skills. That way there is still scope for learning individual spells. For example, a wizard might have skills in Herbal Magic, Shadow Magic, Acrobatics Magic (those aren't necessarily in Spell Law or anything, they just floated to the surface of my brain) but could still learn individual spells such as Hell's Talons from a captured grimoire. In this case Hell's Talons would take the same amount of INT 'space' as all the Shadow Magic spells. No wizard will ever be exactly the same!
  15. I cannot remember if Newt's version expressed them as a % or not. I don't think so. It was more like having a Runic Affinity gave you bonus modifiers with actions or magic which were relevant to the Rune. From the announcements it looks like Runes are expressed as a % in the new RQ, as they look like they will fulfill a similar role to that of Pendragon's Personality Traits as well as performing Rune Magic. I don't mind there being a skill for such, the earlier versions of RQ had a skill % for it However I remembered I disliked how it was calculated, and also how the game mechanics regarding Runes were non-existant. At least it looks like they will play a major part of the game now, which is logical given that the title suggests this.
  16. Or does it? Instead of Thed and Ragnaglar, perhaps it is Artmal, corrupted by the Vadeli, who gives into chaos. Sedenya the Balancer accepts chaos and opens the Rift, but this time it is in the Far South (e.g. around the Nargan Desert). Pamalt is the one who falls. Chaos corrupts the aldryami and the mass of chaotic vegetation spreads across the southern continent and onto the Spike. Mallia, who is a fertility goddess, succumbs to chaos and gives birth to and unleashes the rot that devours and consumes. Etc. (all very much off the top of my head)
  17. I really don't get the logic of rune mastery. Rune magic is granted by the caster's god. Why should one need to make a skill roll in the first place? I very much prefer using runes as simply a form of classification for the powers of gods and their priests' spells.
  18. Q3 also had a form of POW gain in that characters earned some Divine Magic in chargen. The idea was this was POW gained by membership in a cult that was then spent to buy Divine Spells. If I recall correctly in RQ2 a character could die by spending his last POW point on a spell, even on a temporary spell (Battle Magic), while RQ3 replaced the term temporary POW with agic Points and running out of MPs only resulted in unconsciousness. Without magic or PSI, POW can become a lame duck- especially if you play without Category Modifiers ad or STAT rolls. It probably should be relevant in things like resistance to hypnosis, interrogation and mind altering stuff.
  19. Is there a spreadsheet out there in the wild designed specifically for character creation in M-Space? I'm trying to figure out a particular format that would be nice for both character and ship stat blocks and I am also hoping to streamline the math a bit (even though the characters I'm creating for the book are veteran, experienced characters built on significantly more skill points than starting PCs).
  20. Very cool props to add to an adventure and looks like a fun group to game with.
  21. The soul wind is a power of shamans in the boardgame Nomad Gods With that power the shaman can destroy units in a straight line from his position. I don't remember much more.
  22. Possibly Sandy Petersen's Shamanry Rules?
  23. I wonder if Cakebread & Walton could not work out a deal with Omnihedron Games to release a Renaissance-based version of Omnihedron's Duty and Honour and Beat to Quarters. (It looks like Duty and Honour and Beat to Quarters as a project by Omnihedron as been allowed to go fallow.) No need to reinvent the wheel when one can instead change the spoke structure.
  24. Actually, this indicates roughly 70% suffix, 20% prefix, 10% intermediary. I don't think there is a need for a prescriptive 'rule', in the same way that RW cultures have had variable theophoric patterns.
  25. Huh, interesting. The output that someone gave me way back when was about a ream of 11x17 tractor feed from what appeared to be a 9-pin printer! I suppose they could have used an early version of Ghostscript. SDLeary
  26. It would seem that suffix is the 'rule' then. The other the exceptions.
  27. I'd have to deep-dive in my storage stuff, I'm a packrat...I BET I have it, but I'm sure it's on some backup somewhere. Not like it's useful. From the RQ dailies circa 1993 On a related note (postscript laser printers), I have taken D.M. Ingram's RQ-III NPC generator and used it as the base of a postscript program that generates RQ-IV characters. It's not 100% the same as the draft, and some tweaking for ease of generation had to be made, but it gets the right feel I think. I have almost finished the basic careers, and after that will add the non-human races. The way it works is you edit the global parameters to the way you want, then send the file to your local laser printer. Want another set of completely different NPCs? Send it again. Every sheet is generated fresh. If you are interested in a copy of the file, mail me at BURT@VINO.PTLTD.COM.
  28. I'd say it's what you get when you have Shamans, late nights, beer, and too much pizza. BRRT...."whups, pretty sure another 'soul wind' escaped" "That smells more like a soul wind of death, man, gross"
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