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  1. Hello Hive! As we were getting close to our maximum storage space, a measly 5 GB, and did not want to pay a lot for an upgrade at IPS, some of the files are now stored externally with Amazon. Please tell if you have any problems with downloads, attachments or images - these are the main files affected. Cheers, Trifletraxor.
  2. I haven't been able to keep it up to date, and all the formatting for the post went haywire some time back. That's why no sticky.
  3. A play-by-post forum would need some dice-rolling mechanism, wouldn't it? The software is hosted with invisionpower, so no third-party software can be added. I think we concluded that other sites do play-by-post better than we will be able to do, and dropped the ball at that last time this was up for discussion.
  4. X pages?
  5. Thanks!
  6. Voted!
  7. Tomorrow? We're waiting!
  8. While editing the list I accidentally deleted it and found to my surprise that the latest version of the forum software does not have any ways of recovering deleted post or threads like it used to do. A month old google cache of the page provided the above backup. Someone mentioned an update to the link. Could that someone please post that again? I've taken measures to avoid more accidental deleting of stuff...
  9. The Gloranthan link list with links to gloranthan content on the web. The grand official Glorantha website on top, followed by by recent activity or very high content sites below, with a list of older fansites certainly also worth exploring below. Links to publications and fanzines are found in the Glorantha Publications thread and have been excluded from this list. Very low activity message groups have also been excluded. Prince of Sartar Glorantha Wiki Glorantha Google+ community David Dunham's Gloranthan Information Simon Phipp's RuneQuest/Glorantha Site Notes From Pavis Back to Balazar The Lore of Glorantha Kalikos - the Finnish Gloranthan Association The Brown Book of Zzabur A Land Fit for Heroes and their Horses Chris Holden's Dan McLaughlin's Halberd Glorantha David Boatright's Hero Wars Page Eetu Mäkelä's The Temple Eiderweb's Glorantha page Gianni Vacca's Timinits & Trolls Gregory Privat's Gloranthan Army Jamie Revell's home page Jane Williams' Glorantha page Jeff Okamoto's Home Page John Hughes Myth-O-Logic Jonas Schiött's the East Wilds of Ralios Jonathan Coxhead's Glorantha board games page Jörg Baumgartner's Glorantha Pages Kethaela Kevin Flynn's Heroquest Kim Englund's Glorantha and RuneQuest Pages Lee Insley's Webguide to the Kingdom of Sartar Matti Järvinen's RuneQuest Glorantha page Nick Brooke's Etyries Oliver D. Bernuetz's Gaming Website Oliver Dickinson's Griselda & Gloranthan Mything Links Collection Patrik Sandberg's Glorantha Page Paolo Guccione's Age of Glorantha 2.0 Staffan Tjernstöm's The Loughborough RQ Campaign Stephen Watson's Kero Fin Steve Marsh's Heroquest Home Page! Terra Icognita Laboratory of Wizard Thomas Gottschall's Telmori's Forest Toby Partridge's Griffin Mountain Campaign Wesley Quadro's Glorantha Site IV Please post in this thread if you find a Glorantha website missing from this list! Note that to keep this thread focused on the link list, all but the latest posts will be hidden after they have been responded to.
  10. That's just a few weeks away!
  11. Added M-SPACE & A Gift from Shamash.
  12. Tempted, very tempted! Reviews anyone?
  13. I've unhidden this one again. While it is free advertising, the Alastor's Skull subforum is for all the rest, and it is roleplaying related. So, all good!
  14. The Ctrl+Alt-click is certainly inobvious, wasn't aware of it myself. I've been deleting quotes by clicking the top gray border or the "click and drag to move"-symbol that appears in the upper left corner, and then pressing delete. Marking it and then trying to delete doesn't work as you say. Second point might seem to be a problem with ChromeOS and the forum software then. Later software update will hopefully fix it.