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  1. Because it was already defined by the giants wall that walled off robcradle. It was a grazing for the Praxians that they and the giants defended. A better question is what is the relationship between the godlearners at robcradle and wakboths eye. And what became of the godlearners there.
  2. ... or the guy from Dishdash? @Dishdashgames then. Ive known Colin for years, perhaps this will summon him. He's in New Zealand so I don't know how fast this will work.
  3. http://www.skirmishsangin.com/glorantha/ @MOB may be able to comment.
  4. Maybe, given Lords of Terror says: Perhaps that's how the hand is still animated - by Pocharngo still being present in the world.
  5. Sure, I don't see why not. Naturally she would have a small cult. Maybe a daughter of Ernalda and Eurmal. Go wild, it's your game.
  6. I realise that Auroch is derived from Urus and uri, but personally it doesn't matter to me. I was just repeating what I remembered. It doesn't change the Gloranthan meaning.
  7. I've had a look for other references to this. It was part of the original Middle Sea Empire manuscript, but there's no further info. I'm going to treat this as an Agimori spirit due to how the name looks.
  8. I'd missed this - thanks for pointing it out.
  9. Here are the parts that I would write the adventure around: The Mould Firstly the location of the cave which is the mould for Genert. I'm not sure if it is finished, who made it, or how. I do know it looks like: https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/beautiful-sand-rock-cave-water-erosion-red-eroded-wind-inside-mountain-antelope-canyon-arizona-usa-70279876.jpg https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/beautiful-sand-rock-cave-water-erosion-red-eroded-wind-inside-mountain-antelope-canyon-arizona-america-usa-grand-canyon-76664953.jpg http://www.strangedangers.com/images/content/147862.jpg Perhaps it's natural, made by Storm Bulls winds and the Wicked Writher. The Skin Hyena skins are already here, deposited by the desert trackers and others involved. The Body The Copper Sands aren't his bones, but his body. They will fill the cave. The Vital Force Hyena vomit, a spiritual reemergence of the consumed Genert. Important Body Parts The Incorruptible Eye of Genert. This largest surviving piece of Genert is said to have had sight beyond mortal ken. Tada's loincloth - The fertility of the Genert's Garden. This is of course a euphemism for Genert's genitals. Heart - fate unknown, but something cool should take its place if it can't be found. The Team The PCs! I don't think the Oases Folk, Issaries cultists, Tada (minus genitals), Praxians are needed. But they would certainly add colour. As I said in the other thread - What could possibly go wrong with remaking a dead god :-)
  10. The key part is So dragonsnails: Gorp: Gorp would seem to be half-digested portions of the polluted river. I realise that Pocharngo is the Gorp God, but gorp have more than one source. Interestingly Pocharngo has a rune spell called Spawn Crawling Hand, which sort of echoes the Devil's Hand.
  11. He was born that way, arriving in Genert's Garden looking like that. Nothing to do with Prax or Uralda. I don't think it means Primal Ox in Glorantha, it's just the way Greg came up with the name. Urox and Storm Bull are synonymous with big guy with bull head. Likewise he manifests in this way across Glorantha. KefTavar and his son Bisos clearly being another one of his bull forms.
  12. The parts of the devil are listed in Nomad Gods: The Devil's hand - the only physical portion left, outside the block's impact area. Cacodemon - contains some of the devil's intelligence the other parts are the half digested portions of the river, overwhelmed by the chaos, so that the chaos continues to exist: Dragonsnails, gorp, bullstich and gas. you should be able to buy this soon as it's part of the Khan of Khans kickstarter - @MOB? For the eye of Wakboth, its in the devils playground adventure as others have mentioned.
  13. There are two sources of Minotaurs, delecti stitching beastmen together and the offspring of Storm Bull. We're talking about the latter. First, IIRC Greg's naming of Urox comes from UR (primal, first, original, etc. ) and Ox. The origin myth of minotaurs is in Wyrms Footnotes #12 So unless there's a source I missed, Eiritha is not their grandma. Minotaurs have the head of Storm Bull, look at the Nomad Gods art for examples. These are the Founders. They are the sons of Storm Bull that came to Genert's Garden and married Eirithas daughters, giving rise to the tribes. So no conundrum with me either.
  14. I like the idea of an intelligent Herd-man who is an Eiritha shaman who has Morokanth assistants. Her storm bull husband could be an intellegent bison and her children would be Herd-men looked after by her Morokanth assistants (assistant shaman). Occasionally she'd eat one of her children, but mostly she'd eat other Herd beasts (as per RoC intellegent Herd beasts don't oppose the eating of their kin - it's the covenant). Her husband would only eat their children in sacred rituals, as he couldn't digest them otherwise. She could have bison children only as a result of mating during a sacred ritual as normally children are the same sex as the mother. It's also possible to birth an intellegent Herd-man as a result of mating during a sacred ritual, but not an intellegent bison (you can't do both unless you're really powerful).
  15. Yes and certainly. Almost all become initiates of a spirit society (as per RoC). Cows join Eiritha with a few becoming shaman/priestesses at the Paps. Bulls are slightly different. Most join Waha or Storm Bull (or in the case of the sables, the Hidden Ancestor), with a few becoming khans or shaman at the Paps. You could always go for the silent g or k in front of their names :-) gsables, kmorokanth, gbison...