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  1. Unless StepwisePilot is talking about the confusingly-named RQII, which is actually MRQ2, or RQ5 in the sequence of things (there's a lesson about acronyms in there ...).
  2. I've finally gotten around to reading RoH. Very entertaining stuff, and eminently gameable. I wish Cthulhu Rising would get the same treatment.
  3. A long-awaited (and long!) update on the BLUEHOLME™ Journeymanne Rules:
  4. GURPS Ultra-Tech is all you need on that front, maybe with a bit of GURPS Space thrown in. Although planet generation is really just like any other world-building exercise, so maybe not even that. Part of it comes down to whether you like home-brew or published settings, I just prefer the former so I'm happy with Future*World as-is. As far as spaceships go - after decades of Traveller my experience (YTMWV) has been that players just use ships as mobile bases so 90% of the related rules are never used. It's pretty crazy risking your PCs life in space combat. And, hey - Peter F. Hamilton based a whole series of books on Future*World, gates and all, so it's got to be good! Oh, yeah, if you want BRP conversions for Striker! weapons:
  5. I quite like the "sparseness" of Future*World. For example, I only hit my stride with Traveller once I learned to let go and love the sparseness. Reading a lot of science fiction and refereeing by the seat of one's pants can be very liberating.
  6. Weird, I did link to the preview, but it wasn't showing when looking at the forum. So I added the link again, then it showed up twice. This preview link seems a bit twitchy on several forums. In case it disappears again, here it is in text form:
  7. Some of you may be aware that I've been rather preoccupied with my BLUEHOLME™ retroclone for the past few years, which has kept me from really digging into my D100 project, the AEON:engine™ system. The BLUEHOLME™ Journeymanne Rules are an attempt to emulate the Holmes Basic Rules, which were the introduction to RPGs for tens of thousands of people back in the late seventies, but, oddly, remain an often neglected stepchild of the "world's most popular tabletop role-playing game" family. The editor, Dr John Eric Holmes, had an interesting take on the game which gave his campaigns a rather quirky flavour - and that's what BLUEHOLME™ attempts to capture. Examples include rules allowing players to create characters of any type of species from the creature chapter; unique rules which do not appear in other editions (e.g. magic scroll creation, DEX-based initiative, 5-point alignmnet); creatures taken from Dr Holmes's own campaigns like the dreenoi (used with permission). You might wonder why I'm posting about this here on this board. Well, I'm about to launch a Kickstarter to fund the interior artwork for the BLUEHOLME™ Journeymanne Rules, which means that particular project will fade into the background and the AEON:engine™ will slip into gear, starting with the basic AEON:core™ rules. So, it's in everyone's interest to get this baby funded a.s.a.p. so I can get back to the core business of BRP Central. You can see the preview of the campaign here, and leave comments if you think it's crap (I mean that, this is my first Kickstarter and I'll take any advice I can get).
  8. Fix coming up in just a small AEON.
  9. Arrived today, and if I've got mine I assume everywhere else in the world must have theirs by now! I haven't dug into it yet, unfortunately, because I'm a tad busy Kickstarting something and I haven't finished River of Heaven yet. It's on the top of the "next-to-read" pile, though!
  10. Well, I always thought the BGB should have been called Advanced Roleplaying anyway.
  11. Right, and the damage is variable whether the target wears armour or not - it also models whether the target is hit in a vulnerable spot, while variable armour models whether the armour is hit in a weak spot.
  12. It's neck-and-neck.
  13. Another problem is revealing non-obvious armour values willy-nilly without first baffling the player for a bit.
  14. Capital idea, that man.
  15. Always good to get the PDFs and crowd-check for typos before the Chaosium goes to print.