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  1. Uh, no, not really. While modern banking came from this, there were lending institutions that existing back in the ancient era. "Credit" existed long before that. In fact, it was an easy concet to accept back in the days where most transactions were done without money. And while compound instrest might not have existed as such, the idea of interest on loans did exist, as was the concet of increasing payments for falling behind. I think that is actually how compound interest got started. For example, lets say someone has a loan out for 100 coins with 10% interest (payment of 10 coins just to break even). He misses a payment, and the value of his debt is increased by the amount missed (10 coing) and he know owns 110 coins. While technically not considered compound interest, the effect is identical.
  2. Thanks. I wouldn't mind paying a nominal fee for a hard copy, but I doubt my FLGS will have the Quickstart. I'm in D20 country.
  3. Thanks. I wouldn't mind paying a nominal fee for a hard copy, but I doubt my FLGS will have the Quickstart. I'm in D20 country.
  4. How hard is it to set up Roll20? Specially, are there issues getting through firewalls. I tried another program for running a game on-line (Screen Monkey) and no one could connect. I could connect through another PC locally, but no one could connect who weren't on my network.
  5. Is the Quickstart going to be available as a PDF for download somewhere? I'd hate to miss out if my FLGS runs out of copies on FreeRPG Day.
  6. It depends a lot on both what type of firearm the character is trying to bring in and who they are and to whom they are connected. For instance, it is going to be difficult, if not impossible for someone to bring over a Thompson submachine gun. However it probably wouldn't be all that unheard of for a rich industrialist with contacts in the aristocracy to bring over a Holland & Holland rifle for hunting.
  7. No, there isn't. could adapt the Super Power rules from the core rulebook into Cyberware. Basically just build an item with powers that do what you want. Another possibility might be to port over cyberware from another RPG (Cyperpunk for example). It's not all that hard to do- it's mostly translating values into the BRP equivalents. You could probably use SAN to handle Humanity loss, if you wanted to. For example, if a cyberware concealed pistol does the equivalent damage of a medium pistol in one RPG, it should do medium pistol damage in BRP.
  8. What often happens is that early on, the newbies tend to defer to the "experienced gamers". Then once they see how THAT works out, they decide they couln't do any worse if they made thier own decisions. But there tends to be a window where they are vulnerable to suggestions from the vets. I recall one campaign where I chastised a new player for constantly listening to one of the "more experienced" players. I told him that if he absolutely had to listen to one of the other players, why he have to pick the guys who kept getting killed every other week? Why not listen to one of the survivors instead?
  9. Couldn't you just chalk the cuteness up to an artist's interpretation of the species? Kinda like the Disney version. Or were there things in the rules where the cuteness stuff played a factor? I wonder how much of "critter aversion" might be due to cartoons, especially the classic cartoons from the 40s and 50s?
  10. Im not claiming that you did. I'm just saying that I think a GM really needed a bit more to be able to run a campaign with it. WoW was fine for a one shot or a short series of adventures, but, IMO, needed more to sustain a campaign. Yup. they used gates. A clever GM could have pulled out the stats for modern day equipment from Superworld World and come up with a decent SG-1 type campaign. A really clever Gm could have adapted the Superpower rules into item creation rules to handle tech.
  11. Yeah, some of the decisions and assumptions made ended up being kind of odd for a generic SciFi game. One of which was that enerfy weapons weren't that great and that slug throwers were still the sidearms of choice. Yeah, probably a case of underestimating PC potential and development. Not that surprising considering that back when Traveller was written any computer with any real power was a mainframe, and it wasn't even as powerful a a typical smart[hone of today. That depended on if you were using the advanced chargen. The basic characters form the first three books had more useful skills, but not as many. I agree. I have been kinda of working on something along those lines off and o. IMO it's not all that difficult to come up with a tool to adjust the tech rules to the setting. There are a few systems that have supplements that allow them to do so. Stuff! for EABA is one of my favs as far as that goes. I find that the difficult is is coming up with such a tool that fits in with the stats and data that already exists for an existing RPG, such as BRP. Often design dechasions chosen by an author can cause difficulties- and it's often the "throw away" decisions that can cause the most problems. For example, it would be very easy, from a game design standpoint to work out vehicle stuff such as acceleration based on the thrust to mass ratio. Now this in turn would be very easy using the SIZ table (i.e. Thrust to Mass ratio is STR-SIZ.). Now STR-SIZ is pretty simple, right. In the old Superworld RPG, we could do just that. Nice and simple. But, because the designers of RQ3 (actually the same ones as for Superworld) chose to have the SIZ table progress at a different rate at the very high end (over SIZ 88) in RQ3, and since every SIZ table in every BRP related game stems from that table, we can't do that anymore. But' it not like we every really use SIZ scores that high in any sort of meaningful way other than Hit points and DB, anyway. But it does shut down that approach. A pity since a lot of tech stuff, like range, damage, power, speed, etc. could be very nice to manipulate and work with if they could be put on some sort of universal scale. And sometimes it's not so much a case of balancing them, but dealing with how the will impact on each other.
  12. So then why not dump WoW and just build from the ground up using the 16 page BRP book? With WoW It was that, IMO, you needed more that what was provided to sustain a campaign. I'm not talking about setting stuff, but gear, rules and such. For instance future world had nothing to cover spacecraft of anysort, heavy weapons, and was pretty sparse with vehicles and equipment. I don't think it even had any sort of vacc suit. Whereas Classic Traveller covered all the bases as far as a SCi-Fi campaign went. Any of the WoW ""Worlds" could be fleshed out by an experienced GM, who could add anything he needed or wanted. But in practice it was a lot easier to simply port over what you wanted from other Chasoium RPGs, or even just use those other RPGs sans setting. It wasn't that big of a difference between Magic World and Stombringer, for instance. So a GM could port over other items, armor, weapons and such, and use the relative pricing of items to work of a reasonable price in MW I did just that for a player who wanted a weapon that wasn't listed. Likewise things like lance charges, skill training and practice all ended up getting ported over for players who were used to being able to do those sorts of things. Interesting. I don't believe I was ever aware of this. I'll have to do a little web surfing.
  13. Yeah, but the problem with most of the WoW boxed set is that while it is enough to start playing, it really needs more to sustain a campaign. Future world more so than the others. Every time I started a game with a WoW book I ended up moving the characters over to a more developed RPG (RQ, Stormbringer, Superworld boxed set). What is that?
  14. Except a cuirass shouldn't be flexible. At least not that type of curiass. It's still a nice cover though.
  15. Superworld had the basic framework for them, and a buch. While it was geared toward Superhero characters, it could be adapted to other settings.