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  1. Two weapon fighting Off hand attack is is Difficult and causes a 2 SR penalty (-10 instead of -8) for the next Action.
  2. Off to the Editor. And then I put it together and boom, put it up on DTRPG. Tomorrow maps and Pre Gens.
  3. So looks like it will end up around 40 pages, likely a little less. About 10 of those will be appendices and such so the meat of it is 30 pages and the rules are very short compared to the adventure.
  4. How can you not like Gringle's Pawn Shop! lol Seriously I know there are some small encounters in Big Rubble, but for one shots not sure.
  5. All the skill use examples need to go into the main body of the rules.
  6. Editing should be done today. Have to add another encounter, but a very minor one. Now if I can finish the maps and pre gens too....
  7. It was a great Podcast. I loved hearing a brief mention about Ringworld; it was one of those I never got the chance to play really. You keep rolling them and I am gonna keep listening.
  8. Revise the Damage Mod equation. (STR + SIZ)/10, round dnown
  9. Editing process in full swing. Looking good so far.
  10. So technically it is done. I have one more read through myself then have a colleague do the same. If all goes well launch day is next Wednesday. I will put it aside today, tomorrow work on the website and other things like a G+ presence etc.. and Friday do my editing. Should have it to my friend by Sunday and... well... Der Tag is almost here.
  11. So while working on various modules for various projects, I have been developing my notes on a module for The City That Thieves. It is nowhere near done but though I would tease it a bit. The Dueling Houses System: Magic World by Chaosium Setting: The City That Thieves Blurb: Fighting between nobles is nothing new in The City. The latest flare up between the dueling houses of Fire Mares and Lost Knight threatens to get out of hand, however and a number of innocents have been wounded already. Looking to stay out of the whole affair has not worked, since The City has dogged your every step. Now you and some companions find yourselves in front of an old priest, praying in a dark alley. He speaks of a lost rose and a dead friend. Feverishly he employs the 'gods' to set things right and spare The City this madness. As quickly as he appeared the fog steals him away and leaves you with a mission, whether you wanted it or not. For 3 to 6 Players
  12. Interesting
  13. So tonight putting in place the beast appendix. Two more encounters to rewrite tomorrow then the last read through and tweak. Should be done tomorrow and ready for Wed... fingers crossed.
  14. Honestly this feels like a cross between WHFP and Rolemaster. It is really for a specific kind of group or when your group just has a taste for something this heavy. I do not think it is bad, but wow does it have a lot of stuff packed into it.
  15. Interesting video they have their. I expected Ramsey Bolton to come looking to flay me.