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  1. Yes, there is. It is called "the basic rules" If you check the rules on page 106 and 107, you will see that there are several cases in which you may aim at a specific location, or define a specific location as having suffered a wound, even when you use non-localised damage as the default. The rules allow you to use hit locations as much as you like. You may even use non-localised for mooks and localised for major characters, the game will still work smoothly. There are two or three different ways of using "Aimed Blow" when using non-localised damage, emulating the "search for the weak spot" without having to keep track of location damage. There are two important points that may not be immediately evident from the rules as written and did not fit in the sidebars for reasons of space: 1. RD100 does NOT use the classic approach of BRP where you either have mandatory locations (as in RQ and Mythras) or you have major wounds (as in OpenQuest or Stormbringer). The suggested approach is much more similar to the one used in GURPS, which, in my opinion, with all due respect for good ol' Steve Perrin and his intuition that using a locational damage system feels more realistic, works better. This means that locations are a "tag" applied to the wounds, not a separate entity you have to keep track. Even in the published stat blocks, the detail about the locations is there more to describe armour, not Toughness: toughness is always -1 for legs/head, -2 for arms. 2. Although stats are organised to look like "nothing has changed" to avoid cultural shocks, Revolution D100 actually does not use hit points. There is no "pool" of points that you consume because of attrition, but a threshold beyond which you are actually wounded. Below the threshold, no book-keeping: just lose temporary Strike Rank for the pain, but nothing else. Once you are wounded, you mark the wound, not the hit points you have left: you may even have a 0-point wound. All figures are similar enough that you can easily swap the stat blocks between RD100 and other BRP-based games, but the system works very differently.
  2. ...and before you ask: no, this has NOTHING to do with that other Red Moon.
  3. The Red Moon waxes on the dunes of Imara and wanes on the steel belly of Ashul. Where will the path of adventure lead you? Inaugurating a series of cross-media products based on Alephtar Games' new Revolution D100 game system, this supplement brings the world of the Red Moon Rising web comic, created by the talented Scottish artist Rose Loughran, to your gaming table. Get ready to take the role of ruthless soldiers, daring airship captains, powerful battle mages or brave insurgents in a world of steampunk adventure and human feelings. Will you fight for Imara, for Ashul or simply for your survival?
  4. Yes, the RPG Meeting version is the latest one. Or just print out page 19 of the PDf and you are fine. In any case, here is a download link to the character sheet: Revolution D100 Character Sheet
  5. Yes! They are called "Stunts" and work just like Traits, that is they are "refinements/specialties" of a general skill and your total score in the skill limits the total number of them you can know. Unlike Traits, though, they do not add to your overall % to use the skill but allow you to perform one or more specific manoeuvre that is otherwise impossible to anyone not knowing the Stunt. For instance, the Dual Wield stunt allows you to perform one extra attack or parry at no cost with the secondary weapon. In a Japanese game, the Iaijutsu Stunt allows you to strike and unsheath your blade with a single action. In Robyn Hode, the Swim in Armour stunt allows your hero... well, just as it says, to swim while wearing armour.
  6. In designing the Advanced Combat rules, which are an evolution of the Legend rules (Legend is the OGL ancestor of Mythras, which Lawrence and Peter wrote for Mongoose Pub), we have addressed specifically that point. Like you, some other players, both here and on, have recently highlighted this perceived issue as one of the few "weak spots" of a system which everyone tends to like a lot under most other regards. Of course, there are plenty of people who are still happy of having a combatant perform 50% more actions for a slight difference in characteristics, so it is a "weak spot" only in someone's mind. The big problem we have identified is that the mechanics of "running out of action points" tends to transform a master fighter into a complete "sitting duck" even against a rookie who happens to have a single AP left. Going from "impervious to my blows" to "free target" in a split second is an event you would rather not expect in a real fight. The solution we applied, in addition to the unification of Action Points and Strike Rank in one single variable, was that of applying a substantial Penalty (-30% under standard rules) to all attacks and defences performed without having the necessary Strike Rank to spend. An optional rule allows for incremental Penalties when you defend more than once without having the required SR, for those who want to enforce strict realism at the cost of a little more book-keeping. Acting without Strike Rank also costs Life Points (fatigue), so being outnumbered will also wear you down very quickly. In practice, this solution has proved to work rather well. While you can still take down a better fighter by double timing, there is no guarantee that this tactics will work. Moreover, any combatant can use Keep Distance and Take Initiative at any time in the round to "eat away" at his opponent's Strike Rank, thus making things completely unpredictable and much more dependant on how the fighter performed in the initial exchanges of the round. At the end of the day, it is more often skill, and a bit of luck, rather than characteristic points, which determines which combatant ends the round with unspent Strike Rank and gets an improved chance of landing an unparried blow.
  7. Your copy has shipped two hours ago. Please allow a couple of weeks before it reaches you.
  8. One word: OPENQUEST. That's your beast. Plain and simple.
  9. We got your mail, replying now and fixing the problem (hopefully!). Ah, the joys of customer service!
  10. Card bundle added: US Customers: the cards are now ON SALE on DriveThruRPG. Take advantage! EU/World customers, PAY ATTENTION: this is the last week we can offer shipment at 8 EUR. Shipping prices will soon increase due to an increased postal rate.
  11. I decided to wait until they were here - enough of keeping people waiting after paying. They have arrived today, so keep an eye on RPG Meeting, the bundle will be online in a very short time.
  12. Yep, you got the idea. The intention was to give you an opportunity to span from "slightly lighter than OpenQuest" to "slightly crunchier than Mythras" with the same ruleset. Or any combination in-between. More precisely, "building upon concepts that Newt, Jason, Loz or Peter had already introduced with different approaches". Many ideas, if you look closely, were already there, but sometimes not fully developed. Most (though not all) innovations are just "enhancements of existing concepts".
  13. The key to this point is that in Revolution a Motivation never forces you to act. It is up to you to choose which one to follow in case of conflicting drives: you can make an opposed roll, or go with the one you prefer. Also remember that a Motivation activation is triggered also by a failure to comply: you gain Fate Points for failing, obviously with the purpose of fixing things up through play. In this case, it makes perfect sense that when Motivations are in contrast, the failed one earns you points, too. The rules do not handle the case when you simply give up a Motivation because it is not necessary: if you are no longer interested in exploring that side of your character, just stop activating that Motivation, and warn the Narrator that you will no longer use it, no matter what. Since you cannot (as it happens in other games) be penalised for refusing to use a Motivation, just having it written on the character sheet does not imply anything mechanics-wise.
  14. Ouf... first of all, the majority of the books left in standby have shipped today. The last batch (for Europe) is just waiting for the cards to arrive from the States. After this... well Merrie England:Robyn Hode is in Indiana Ken's caring hands for the final editing pass. Expected arrival time. spring 2017. Wind on the Steppes and Mecha D100 are in the making, but with no ETA yet. And there might be some all-new, exciting titles to be announced soon. We are talking about cross-media products which come with jaw-dropping artwork included, and which we might want to kickstart in 2017 or 2018.
  15. Be careful: NASA stated that there could be water in the liquid state on these worlds, but nothing guarantees that it actually is there. However, being it a Trappist star system, there must certainly be beer...