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  1. Yea, the lack of classes is actually something that I really noticed recently as a strong point for myself. Previously, I had recognized that I hated multiclassing in D&D, but sort of weirdly chafed under classes. I realized that what I wanted was more fine grained multiclassing, to the point where the class was almost irrelevant to the character - which is pretty much exactly what Mythras does. Another part of it for me is combat, but specifically special effects and, oddly enough, shields and spears. SEs allow me a host of "powers" that make logical sense, and are not locked away in a class. They let any of my characters control the flow of combat without any special restriction. Shields and spears are mostly because they get a fair shake. the comparisons to D&D are poignant to me lately, as my group just switched to it since I was unavailable to DM Mythras regularly. I picked a wizard to play because it has enough knobs for me to fiddle with, but I still wish I was playing Mythras a bit
  2. I did actually. How odd.
  3. I wonder why my font size was inconsistent here. I don't even think there is a font size adjusting option!
  4. Unfortunately not an option on the iPad in either acrobat reader or PDF expert. I think the problem here is less about zooming and more that the font is "dirty" for lack of better words. The letters have deliberately rough edges, they are not perfectly regular thickness. This isn't a problem if you are looking at it above a certain size (likely reader and conditions dependent), but once you go below that, things become quite indistinct. They are rendering correctly, but that font is designed for larger print. You mention the math, for example. The subscripts are particularly hard to distinguish at small size, but are perfectly acceptable when I zoom to the point where the document is single column size. Truthfully, the length of the subscript is more of an indicator that it is different and one should focus in - the letters are not very distinct at all.
  5. Picked this up. I likes me the graphs I would recommend a change in the font. That particular one is not easy to read on my iPad in PDF expert. I happen to have Mythras and Monster Island open as well and it is definitely the hardest to read of the three.
  6. A book if "how to tweak the system do perform a particular style of game" would be useful actually.
  7. Your talking for like a hexcrawl where there is an adventure in a hex sort of thing, not the battletech style hex map where a hex is 10m or something right?
  8. Excellent news. Will this be more hard sci fi or more space opera?