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  1. How much did it cost to have it hand delivered? I didn't see that as an option and would have sprung for it. I'm in the States. Oh, I should mention that I did receive my copy and it looks pretty awesome.
  2. Adding new spells just takes experience with both systems. Simply compare existing spells and extrapolate from there. As for Explosive Runes, see the Rank 3 Arcane spell Fire Trap as a baseline. Rod
  3. Right now, yes. However I own every issue of Dragon magazine and will be sifting through them for more ideas soon. Rod
  4. For the record, the Classic Fantasy Unearthed Companion will be including a number of NPC Classes that are typically of an evil nature, the Assassin, Anti-Paladin, and the Witch. As well as spell casters common to the primitive humanoid races (orcs, goblins, gnolls, etc) such as the Shaman and Witchdoctor). Rod
  5. Yes, because of fumbles, criticals, non-escalating hit points, etc., there will always be a chance of death in any BRP derived system, and Mythras is no different in that regard. But not to the same degree as the poor wizard vs. house cat noted above. Nor should it be. Laws of averages says that wizard should die in the initial attack when fluffy makes his move. However, I think we can all agree that may be just a tiny bit unrealistic. That's not to say that small creatures cant present an exciting challenge however. Because a lot of new players look at the damage potential based on dice when gauging the deadliness of creatures when first coming to Mythras, before they have really learned the intricacies of the system, they sometimes see small creatures as being a non-threat. However If I may be so presumptuous as to quote myself. Classic Fantasy page 190-191 has this to say on the subject. So, yes. Small creatures can be a threat to a character of any skill level in Mythras. And Classic Fantasy is no different in this regard. However, when fighting a single mundane critter much smaller then yourself, the odds will always be on the side of a player character. Rod
  6. Hi Michael. I want to point out that a starting Rank 1 Classic Fantasy character is actually more powerful than a starting Mythras character, all things being equal. After all, characters are designed pretty much the same way up to the point where the character is given class abilities. So saying that a Rank 1 character's chances of survival are remote, is pretty much saying that a starting Mythras character has a remote chance of survival. I'm sure there are plenty of players that can confirm from actual experience that this is far from the case. Yes, combat is dangerous in both Classic Fantasy and it's parent system, but a judicial use of skill, tactics, and luck points will easily win out. Plus, if you think Classic Fantasy is deadly at low rank, think back to 1st edition AD&D with its level 1 characters. 1st level Magic-User: 1d4 hit points. House Cat: 1 attack: 1d2 damage. If that hits he'll also rake with his hind claws for another 1d2 damage. I'm surprised anyone ever reached level 2. I know that as a DM, I typically cheated to help keep my players alive until level 3, then they were on their own. Oh, and no house cats. Rod
  7. Mythras Classic Fantasy has rules for all of these including... A chapter on the Cosmology of Classic Fantasy, including rules for many different planes of existence. Rules for ethereal and astral travel by both spell and magic items. The ghost as a creature that attacks opponents by becoming semi-material. Several spells dealing with the summoning of both mundane and otherworldly creatures. Edit: I do want to point out that Classic Fantasy is very D&Dish, so 'might' not work for all campaigns. However, as the terms your using are also kind of D&Dish, it might work for yours. Rod
  8. I would love me some Judge Dredd.
  9. Hmm, I wonder what might have brought about that change. The world may never know.
  10. Well, as I'm the only writer working on the Companion, its a prison of my own devising. I do have a number of playtesters however, and they are all under the affects of an Intensity 8 Mass Charm spell. They really think they enjoy re-reading the same chapter every time I rewrite it. Rod
  11. Yes, there is a map and information, but nothing released yet. Greymoor will be fully detailed in the Unearthed Companion, plus you will be getting glimpses of it in the upcoming adventures, as I worked with each writer to make sure the adventure fit in Greymoor, while remaining as setting neutral as possible. Rod
  12. They differ. I had already written up Classic Fantasy psionics before I had seen the Luther Arkwright version. Rod
  13. Plus a 'kick-butt' monster to use said psionics.
  14. I went up North to visit my family for Thanksgiving and visited the local comic/game shop to see if your book was out yet.  I found it right away and have been reading it as time allows.  I found it a wonderful product and look forward to seeing more of your work in the near future!!

    1. threedeesix


      Awesome. Glad to hear it. You might want to download the free Mythras Imperative rules as it is the bare minimum at only 32 pages necessary to get the most out of Classic Fantasy.

      The link is... Mythras Imperative.pdf

      Oh, and you may get a kick out of this excerpt from the upcoming World of Greymoor setting:

      The Elven Kingdom of Lorendel
      An ancient elven domain made up of the entirety of the Lorendel Forest, the last great kingdom of the elven nations. The forest is dotted with long lost elven ruins, many held sacred by the elves, and off limits to outsiders. The Sea of Lorendel, a vast lake more than 120 miles across at its widest, sits within its southern border, frequented by trade ships from outside the kingdom on their way to the docks at Loren, the nation’s capital. Under the rulership of Queen Tashana, Loren has become one of the most beautiful and greatest of the four elven cities and countless smaller towns and villages that lay scattered throughout the nation.

      Great hearing from you,


    2. Tashana


      I definitely can't wait for this to come out and thanks for the link for Mythras Imperative.

  15. And well deserved Clarence, I finally got my copy in the mail and have just yesterday started reading it. Fantastic job, you should be proud. On a side note, can you describe an X-Fighter and a T-Fighter so I can better visualize them? And What's a Falcon? Love it. Well done. Rod