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  1. We're taking the new RuneQuest Quickstart scenario through its paces again tonight here in Bellevue, WA .(Some of the party might know a thing or two about RuneQuest , but the GM for tonight's playtest of 'The Broken Tower' is a RQ and Glorantha newcomer, and doing an awesome job!)
  2. Awesome close up of the D6 shows teeth and tentacles:
  3. OK, Q Workshop might call them "Call of Cthulhu Metal Dice", but given they have fanged mouths surrounded by tentacles, I could see them being used in Krarshti gambling dens all over Glorantha... On Kickstarter now:
  4. The Kickstarter has met its 50K goal, so now the Stretch Goals are being unrolled...
  5. This is likewise the case with the new Chaosium edition of RuneQuest, currently in development. Rules-wise, it is certainly less complex/crunchy than RQ 3rd or 6th editions (it is somewhat more complex than the 2nd on which it is based though, in that introduces runes and passions into the game mechanics.) Which we will also do for the new edition of RQ.
  6. This update shows the stretch goals:
  7. Q Workshop's Call of Cthulhu Metal Dice Kickstarter is live:
  8. Kickstarter is now live!
  9. A few more snippets from Great Winter & Time of the Two Counts about Governor Halcyon, in the febrile period leading up to the Second Battle of Moonbroth: "While momentous events wracked Dragon Pass and the Holy County throughout 1624, tensions continued to simmer in Lunar Prax. The farmers of the Cradle Valley once again enjoyed a bumper harvest, but Governor Halcyon’s insatiable appetite to enrich himself was continually vexed by his superiors’ relentless demands for men, beasts, equipment and slaves, all needed for the Reaching Moon Temple project in Dragon Pass. Though the Armistice of Prax forbade attacks on settled territory, Sor-eel’s abrupt departure with most of the Lunar garrison during the Great Winter tempted increasing numbers of nomad bands to raid along the borders. Vega Goldbreath increased patrols and vigilance in Sun County, so most of the raiders tried their luck in Pavis County or better still the Grantlands, where the Lunar forces were spread the thinnest... ...An increased reliance on mercenaries backfired, when Halcyon var Enkorth reneged on paying them what they thought their due. Even before the Great Winter the Grantlanders had led a precarious existence, and since then suffered at the hands of the governor’s pitiless tax gatherers. The Longspear Slayers and Sir Holburn’s Axe brothers simply took to plundering themselves, forcing Duke Raus and other leading landholders in the Grantlands to raise money of their own to pay them off... ...The nomad incursions grew ever more bold. Late in Sea Season, Duke Raus sought an audience with Count Invictus on his way back from Pavis. He bitterly recounted that when he told the Governor nomads were now riding with impunity through his lands, Halcyon var Enkorth said he no longer had any troops to spare for such an unimportant, far-flung outpost, suggesting if Raus was unhappy he should go hire mercenaries of his own! In frustration, the Duke dispatched a delegation of landholders led by his daughter Lady Jezra to Furthest, there to beg for relief from Tatius the Bright..." (sea season, 1624)
  10. Again, that's why everyone says the Morokanth cheated to win the Contest. And obviously, their herd-men were cheated.
  11. That's why everyone else says they cheated.
  12. Morokanth, like tapirs, have flexible prehensile snouts that can do certain manipulative things, such as strip leaves off branches or pluck fruit. Not as 'handy' as trained herdman though. Apparently tapirs also use their snouts as snorkels when underwater (probably doesn't happen too often with Morokanth)
  13. Yes, but everyone knows they cheated! That's why they still have the digestive tracts of herbivores. I would put it as "It's the only time they do". Most would only eat a token quantity, or the minimum required to stay in good standing ritually. I think meat is just as unpalatable and unappealing to Morokanth in a religious ceremony as any other time.