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  1. Or does it? Instead of Thed and Ragnaglar, perhaps it is Artmal, corrupted by the Vadeli, who gives into chaos. Sedenya the Balancer accepts chaos and opens the Rift, but this time it is in the Far South (e.g. around the Nargan Desert). Pamalt is the one who falls. Chaos corrupts the aldryami and the mass of chaotic vegetation spreads across the southern continent and onto the Spike. Mallia, who is a fertility goddess, succumbs to chaos and gives birth to and unleashes the rot that devours and consumes. Etc. (all very much off the top of my head)
  2. Yes, but that mixes Carmanian/Pelandan names in, which would generally not be found in DH.
  3. Correct, -davu, -elm, -estyu all appear as suffixes. You have to be careful which you might use though. For instance, no part of the names Lodril or Mohenjar or any other 'worker' god would ever appear in the name of a noble, but quite likely in the name of a commoner. If you look at the alphabet in Fortunate Succession, there are a group of four prefix letters (unclear whether there is any sound associated) that denote actual divine, heroic, or demonic status.
  4. I think it is a much broader tradition and provides popular entertainment in many cities and is one of the forms provided by Donandar and the Puppeteer Troupe. There's certainly indication of its presence in Esrolia and Nochet with the drama of Arkilia the Sad Lady. Such popular entertainment would have a lot less focus on mythic events though (given their religious significance) and more on heroic tales or famous/infamous rulers (e.g. in the Empire it might be the Tragedy of Jannisor or stories of Parg Ilisi, in Esrolia the stories of the Adjustment Wars or the False Imarjarin).
  5. That might depend on whether the Crimson Bat stopped by for a snack either in its journey to and from Quackford or enroute from the New Lunar Temple to Wilmskirk in early 1620. The Always Open Inn is unfortunately very close to both routes.
  6. Assists are the method by which one player helps another. Augments are the method by which a player helps her/himself. You can only assist if you are not otherwise engaged. Assists do not replace augments. Example: Aren is fighting a Hell Hound. He uses his Thane 1W as his base ability to fight and augments using his Fire keyword at 2W to create a flaming spear to drive back the foul beast. The Hell Hound is a Very High Difficulty, so this will really tax Aren to defeat it. The healer Sareranalda is watching the fight and realizes Aren needs help. She casts her Heal Wounds at 1W upon him as an Assist with a Moderate difficulty. Note that successful Assists reduce the points against the target (i.e. if Aren has taken 3 points against him from the Hell Hound, and another Minor Defeat means losing the fight, then a minor victory by Sareranalda in her assist will remove 2 points from Aren's total, bringing him back to 1 in the fight).
  7. I only find that reference in the Dragon Pass Gazeteer, not in any of the Sartar-related material since then (which include the Runegate, Duck, Creek, Jonstown, and Boldhome Inns). It wouldn't be among the inns in Grazelands or by Wintertop. The main event in 1618 is the destruction of the Dundealos, so the Always Open Inn, which is near their territory seems the most likely in my mind. (But it could be something recorded in a house campaign noted in TotRM.)
  8. I'm not aware of the name appearing anywhere else, but the rune looks like what you note.
  9. There are three standard male name endings. One of which is unsounded and would be the logical ending following one of these divine suffixes.
  10. We all know the gods play dice. When Arachne Solara with her rune of Fate sits to play the cosmic game with the Invisible God and his rune of Law at the Infinite table, they toss the dice, call on Luck, and move the pieces in the never-ending Gods War.
  11. This is the correct phrasing. As a player, you want to push your opponent to 5 or more RP's.
  12. Yes, it is used for both Group Simple and Extended Contests. No points are given out for a tie and the current totals remain the same. There is no need to 'break' such a tie. In an Extended Contest, you simply have another round and both sides roll again. In a Group Simple Contest, a tie at an individual roll level has no impact on the final result. For a tie at the group level, either the players can use a HP to boost the result and give themselves a Marginal Victory, or you as GM can determine what it means for the result to be a draw.
  13. I tend to be very selective in my Lingering Benefits or Penalties - usually only as a result of some Extended Contest, and not even all of those. Why? Well, with a Simple Contest, the result concludes the interaction and you immediately get the benefit or suffer the consequence, so I don't feel a need for some aspect to linger. An exception might be during an actual HeroQuest, particularly if there is some chance that whoever you defeated (or defeated you) will return in some subsequent interaction at a different station, or that the result allows you to carry something forward to the next station.
  14. I have filled the position at this point, but can keep you in mind if any further spots open up.
  15. Here's what I do, which seems to work out well. 1) every character gets 3 HP's at the start of a session. They can use them in session to bump results (90%+ of usage), cement relationships (occasional), and in some rare cases add a new ability. 2) at the end of the session, if they have any HP's left they can use those to increase an ability or keyword or cement a relationship. Most are lucky if they have any HP's left at the end of the session - success in the Finale almost always requires HP expenditure at a dramatic moment. So, given that it's rare to have any HP's left at end of session, I provide them opportunities for experience based on their experiences during the session. I track when they achieved Complete Victories and when they had natural Criticals on ability rolls. I then give them the choice of raising one or two abilities from those abilities where they had such successes. I try to keep it balanced though so those who have HP's left may only have one or no other options while those without may get to choose two. For example, these were some of the results at the end of my 4th session after the heroes had saved a party of Healers from the Bad Dogs (Hell Hounds): All Add: Relationship with Serarernalda 13 as a new distinct ability Add: Foe of the Bad Dogs 13 as a new distinct ability Beorht Choose one of the following: Increase: Spear and Shield Combat by +1 OR Increase: Heirloom Spear by +1 1 HP used; you may apply remaining 2 HP as you wish Dyrrkind Increase: God-talker by +1 Choose one of the following: Increase: Sword of Death by +1 OR Increase: Perceive Hidden Winds by +1 OR Increase: Thunder's Voice by +1 2 HP used; you may apply remaining 1 HP as you wish Harrik 0 HP used; you may apply remaining 3 HP as you wish