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  1. That is of course: Joseph Campbell's "Hero with a Thousand Faces"
  2. Anyone know who Fadakiko is from "Fadakiko's choice" on the Early Storm Age map in the HM book? Looks Like his Rune is a combination of Law and Illusion?
  3. I would say Infinity... understanding that all are linked is a realisation of the All
  4. Would I be right in thinking that on Reaching Moon Day the magic that maintains the Glowline is refreshed with sacrifice. The rites begins at dawn, and continues all day and night, culminating before the next Dawn. Does ayone know or care to speculate what these rites look like? Who performs them? what do they sacrifice? what does the magic look like?
  5. Mea Culpa I see what you mean about her mastery
  6. I am not so sure on that as she is powerfull even to be mentioned in KoS in the final assault on Whitewall ...she is the one that crushes the Heart of Orlanth hidden under Whitewall I am tending to think she is Illuminated at the very least
  7. Erianda the Red /ot A Lunar magician and assassin from the grim land of Spol, Erianda is a member of the Lunar College of Magic and a loyal follower of Tatius the Bright. Does anyone care to speculate or know which regiment or part of the Lunar Collge of Magic she is part of?
  8. Darius... I feel really sorry for you, you either can't or choose not to embrace Mythopoeic Thought...either way means you are missing out on fully embracing and enjoying Glorantha or for that matter RPGs in general....seems you would rather spend time arguing in a thread than creating something which enriches Glorantha and the enjoyment of it by yourself and others. It Makes me wonder if as a narrator you patrol the play of your players ot those you play with in games ensuring they are all adhering to some notional consistent attitude. I really pity you if this is how you live your life in general.
  9. To reiterate what I said earlier in this thread... The discussion of this issue as with many others in the forum suffers from contributions that are lacking in Mythopoeic Thought. There often seems to be those who are unable or unwilling to tolerate seeming contradictions in the mythology of Glorantha or various attempts to create modern "universal" thought paterns ("Rules") and impose them onto mythology.
  10. I know of at least one Lunar who has been and is in Fonrit from the early/mid 1620s :)...Kythra Menna
  11. I picked out this sentence to ask some questions... 1. What did Sartar do to make ammends for humans doing it, or did the dwarves just forgive them? 1a are the dwarves still hostile to some of the humans of DP for these past deeds? 2. Are we to assume that Kings like Jan Ironclad enslaved dwarves to make his city for example? 3. Did the Vingkotlings steal sacred dwarf rocks and incorporate them into city defences or religious sites ?
  12. Excuse me if this has already been said... I read some of the statements here and they seem to reveal to me a fundamental misunderstanding of culture/anthroplogy of what being "dead" is... just like some will say to another "you are dead to me"...the person is still breathiongh heart beating so not "dead" but dead to the othger persona non grata....or in some cultures individuals remove themselves from the village or community and are said to be dead, or they sever links to family and kin and are seen as dead (humakti?) and treated like it... so those that go ino the Underworld include the "real dead" and those that are said to dead to their community or treated as such (including i would argue heroquesters) who on return must undergo a welcoming back to the world of mortals (even though thy are not actually dead and still alive, they are seem as being dead until they do this) so also ... you can be "dead" in the underworld but still die in the underworld ("really" dead)..
  13. If I may , I would make a simple comment on this discussion as it seems to be apropas and an example of many previous and exisiting discussions on Glorantha. While it may be "easy" or for some "fun" to be critical of the creative work of Glorantha by authors I am not sure how it contributes to the enjoyment of Glorantha as a gaming or literature world. I find myself literally shaking my head in uncomprehension of debates that poke at the creativity of authors about Glorantha.... Surely those that wish to engage in such arguments and negative assertions would contribute more if they were to at least attempt to make a creative contribution to the collective understanding and explorations of Glorantha?
  14. So...given we all know about the snippets on the centaurs from KoS....some died out in the Grear Darkness and some survived again how did those that survived do so...did they have a culture hero? and what about the other beastfolk? did the fox women, satyrs, and bugheads and others have their own culture hero?
  15. Would anyone care to speculate how the minor elder races of Dragon Pass, notably the centaurs and the beastfolk survived the Great Darkness...did each have their own culture hero who fought a version of the IFWW battle for their race?