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  1. And it should go without saying that we need the Cradle scenario!
  2. Yeah. The human occupied areas of the Rubble especially could use some fleshing out, as could the major non-human enclaves.
  3. Mammals get too much attention already. Newtlingpak is the way to go.
  4. I was thinking of a mixed species party.
  5. Does anyone have ideas for how Gorantha PC non-humans are statted out? For example, do all Trolls have the Darkness rune? How are species keywords handled? etc.
  6. Maybe they are native to Pamaltela, to compensate for the lack of cereal crops.
  7. I asked about this a few weeks ago on the Google+ community. Ian Cooper replied "We are in layout, but have hit some technical issues with art. We are investigating. Once we have a solution to that, we will have a clear idea if that involves a longer delay to resolve. Hopefully not. Otherwise the book is ready to go to print. Sorry about this. We've learnt from the technical issue, so it won't trip us up again." Link:
  8. So the situation is something like Gloranthan metals sharing RW names, but differing somewhat in characteristics. I must confess that I will miss the term "Storm Buck".
  9. Could we have a link to that?
  10. Perhaps the myth about Orlanth tossing Elmal that torch at the Dawn represents the return of his fire powers?
  11. According to Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes there is no requirement that initiates be nobles, and it is certainly martial. They are obligated to provide the Star Watch, i.e. night patrols. Pavis: Gateway to Danger states "the cult of Elmal is non-existent in the area due to the strength (and hostility) of the cult of Yelmalio." I imagine that Elmal is somewhat more common among the Pol-Joni than it is in Sartar, due to the importance of their horses.
  12. Elmal has Fire, so I'd say yes.
  13. Is Elmal considered a consort in Esrolia? Is Yelmalio, if he has a presence there?
  14. The only reference I can find to these is in the The Celestial Engine scenario in Pavis: Gateway to Adventure. Are they mentioned anywhere else? Earlier in the same work it states that the river is "slow moving and without serious obstacles until above Pavis" (page 59). Perhaps they disappear in Storm and Sea seasons when the river reaches its greatest depth.
  15. The falls are to the north of Pavis.