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  1. Thanks for the cult description.
  2. We have played this myth also as a mundane world heroquest. Maybe next year it will be a full scale heroquest with multiple players on each side and the forces of summer as a primus motor.
  3. Let's start yet another topic. Has anybody written Lanbril myths or heroquests? One of the PC's in my campaign is a hero of Lanbril. Because of the preferences of the player, our Lanbril is firstly a thief and secondly a murderer (we have the Black Fang in Pavis, but they are amateurs compared to this PC). This is not canon, but the player likes to kill people in the game...a lot. That's why Black Fang myths are also appreciated. We have already converted Steve Maurer's Black Fang's temptation quest (http://www.nikkeffingham.com/runequest/hqbfb.htm) to a Lanbrili myth and played it.
  4. Ok. Was Kalikos a star captain before taking his place as a pillar god? He saved stars by taking his place and not allowing the Sky Dome "to hit the floor", right? What would be his powers as a pillar/fire god? I understood that the red rock was before lunars because: Sent by Kargzant to defeat the Hollri with a fiery spear and red roc
  5. Thanks for the extensive answer. I think I have all the references you mentioned and stilI, after many years, I don't remember reading half of what's in your post Sometimes it's really hard to have a comprehensive picture, because there's a lot of little snippets of information about Glorantha (especially before GtG) scattered to dozens of books/fanzines. The story about Valind's efforts against Dara Happa might come very handy: the PC is trying to bring real winter in Prax and obviously, Sun County will be maybe the fiercest fighter against it. I appreciate all the information, thanks!
  6. Has anybody written Valind myths or heroquests? I'd appreciate any ideas...
  7. I have a Valind hero as PC in my Pavis/Praxian campaign. Yes, it's a weird place for a Valind worshiper. Originally the character was transferred as a refugee from the previous campaign we had. He has already brought tougher winters in Pavis county. There are quite many who don't like this. This far the Valind PC and the other PC's have crushed all the resistance being maybe the best fighters in the area. The Valind PC has planned to bring a real winter in the area and there's going to be quite big players against this plot. Therefore I would like to know more about Kalikos in general and the myth where he kicks Valind's ass in particular. I have the GtG (also KoS), and there is some information about this, as well as in the glorantha.wikia.com: Foe of Winter. Associated with the North Star. Sent by Kargzant to defeat the Hollri with a fiery spear and red rock. He chased the Ice Palace into the Underworld and did a leaping dance of victory. He lived in the Palace of Kalikos. Has somebody actually written the myth? What is the red rock carried on the Kalikos boat (GtG)? What are the mythical roles of the quest? He is associated with the North Star but his palace is in the Underworld? I don't quite understand this. Leaping dance of victory? Who was Kalikos, a hero or a god? What would be his runes? Fire rune obviously...but what else?
  8. That's because of some social relations in the campaign. One PC (now former PC) is a very influential basmoli shaman. He isn't very fond of about bringing Tada back There are some alliances and promises made, and they would be broken if Tada is to be awakened. Thanks for the last reply. It gives some ideas about how to proceed.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I have to say that I prefer metcalph's answer. In our campaign, that approach would generate better play in current situation. Or maybe we use a solution somewhere between the two approaches...
  10. Ah, I thought I read about the Hand of Devil from one of my own books. That Codex is in my bookshelf, thanks for the reference. How dragonsnails and gorp are parts of the Devil? Bullstich and gas I understand. I have to order the Nomad Gods.
  11. Thanks for the comprehensive answer soltakss. It gave me some ideas. What about the relationship between Orlanth and Genert? I know the myth Initiation of Orlanth from King of Sartar. In that myth Genert the Giant was one of the bad giants who threw Orlanth and his brothers to different pits. My PC is a hero of Orlanth who knows the myths to go to Green Age among other things. He would be the primus motor (of course he's not trying to do it alone) in bringing Genert back. Are there any mythical problems in that? Soltakss, what happened in your campaign after Genert was remade? By the way, my character's plan is not to awaken Tada in he process.
  12. I think Pavis County is ruled the way it was done during the reign of Dorasar. Pavis itself is ruled the way it was done during the reign of Pavis.
  13. Hello, we have quite a heroic campaign going on and I think we'll have "a competition" between PC's and chaos bosses of Tunneled Hills in the future. The PC's try to remake Genert and the other side is trying to stitch together Wakboth the Devil. Hero Wars certainly are here... What would it require to wake/remake Genert again? There was some discussion about this matter in another thread. His bones (or Copper warriors?) are the Copper Sands, hyenas ate his body, some of Genert's magic is still active. What else is there? What would be the result of this kind of project? Genert has obviously lost some of his powers along the way (after all he was destroyed). I'd appreciate some ideas/information.
  14. I'm interested about the known pieces of Wakboth and where they are located. Obviously, there's some parts under the Block and maybe some scattered around the Devil's Marsh. I have the RQ Adventures Fanzine #3, which has information about Devil's Marsh and the Block, but it's unofficial publication. And yes, I have the Guide also. The Eye of Wakboth is under the Devil's Playground in Pavis. I remember reading about the Hand of Devil, but I can't find the reference. Are there any other parts and if, where are they?
  15. Actually it seems to be the fourth time I write here...