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  1. You have to have voted in your city council elections to call yourself civilised.
  2. Polestar Mountain in the Celestial Eagle Hills just north of the snow line is well known. I'd like to think Praxian Stargazers make Expeditions there every few years. Do Praxian Stargazers have any 'understanding' with ancestor worshippers of the Starlight Ancestors amongst the Pentans? Most of the well known pole star functions are viewed through Dara Happan or Theyalan lenses (generalship, night-watchman) is there more of a counter-chaos / star captain bent to the 'things he can help with' for praxians?
  3. One of the Octamony Mostali types (lead?) can animate Jonanti from carved rock, but maybe Flintnail was hoping for improvements to the techniques by working with Pavis. I think it's unconfirmed whether Flintnail is an avatar/relative of Isidilian or not. I think the rumour that the two might be the same/connected was official, but I'm not sure
  4. Is it still the case that Mostali are not descended from Grandfather Mortal? I guess that doe not preclude them having a strong tie to the man rune (if it walks like a duck and cusses like a duck etc.). Mostali used to decry how rock had lost it's life force since time began, saying that god-time rock was more like truestone. did Flintnail already have all command of the processes to animate a faceless stone statue or did he collaborate with Man-rune specialist Lord Pavis to (re)awaken life in some stone as an experiment towards accelerating ultimate world machine repair?
  5. Maps.... Here, take my gold
  6. Dara Happan purists insist on gravy, but most people go for the curry sauce and be damned to the Carmanian cultural influences.
  7. That's why trolls are so hungry.
  8. The reference I was thinking of is the Black Eater as well. Troll Pack Uz Lore (AH p14 sidebar) - A Trollkin Philosophy We believe in the Black Eater. It is the truth of the world, and we are its victims. There is only one thing that rules us and that is the Black Eater... Don't ask the Uzko to explain the Black Eater, they know nothing of it, for the demigods and the Uzuz hid the secret. Only we know, who are cursed of all... it is, and it devours all of everything beginning with us.
  9. Didn't the Dark Eater have something to do with the Trollkin curse?
  10. I like the different colours used on different building, and its afternoon shadows are a nice thought, but in my opinion they're iffy on one-storey / two storey status. The second storey bordure notation in the original maps is no longer in the key, and this seems to have caused confusion in some areas (for example, the lunar barracks looks to me like a medium sized one storey building in a walled compound, not like a large two storey building with a third storey extension at the front, and the second story of Eskos's Stable has become a courtyard).
  11. Does anyone know of a map of the immediate vicinity of New Pavis that covers more of the area to the northwest? Ideally something about 5 times the scale of the New Pavis map, with more of the river bank contours upstream and downstream. Are there any Big Rubble maps with line contours?
  12. That's a great image, the Morocanth crafter ring all paired up babbling "left a bit, down a bit, That's it, go! Oh very nice, now, give it a quarter turn and start again,,,"
  14. An unhelpful blank from me but I'm commenting to show my interest... Unnamed street 1 - No idea (I've been calling it Horsehead Lane because it's on the far side of Sun Court from Horseleg Lane Unnamed Street 2 - No idea (I call it Foreman Court) Unnamed Street 3 - No idea but it's a good candidate for Third Street Unnamed Street 4 - No Idea (I treat it as an extension of Safe Way) Is there a name for the next street northwest (H30/H33 H35/H34)? Unnamed Street 5 - No idea (I like the name Vinegar Alley but that's just my sense of humour) Unnamed Street 6 - No idea (I call it The Cloisters which may be inaccurate because it's not closed off, Temples can house priests and guests in there) And what about the un-numbered building between the Guild Hall and Erigio's, In my references it's not part of Downtown or Public Quarter
  15. As we are about to ride into Garhound for (I think) the first time, our illustrious GM mandates I post this "Menacing appearance out of the desert" bit of film-flam.