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    Got interested in RPGs sometime in 2014, then my dad gave me his old copy of Runequest 2 so I wouldn't kill my wallet buying D&D.
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    A 4 player RQ2/Classic campaign in Glorantha (3rd age Dragon Pass).
    A solo campaign for my brother using D&D 5E in a non-specified generic fantasy setting.
    A TfT game run by my brother with two other players, set in a generic fantasy world again.
    A Hero Wars game for 3 people in the 2nd age Empire of the Wyrm's Friends in Glorantha.
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    A bit of a geek, amateur writer, enthusiastic gamer and Gloranthaphile.
  1. Duckpak.
  2. Tin. Lead are plumbers.
  3. I have a few things written up for a fan supplement I'm making. They could be potentially useful: Generally speaking, all races have one rune which unites the species as a whole, and usually must be possessed by all members if they wish to be considered "normal". These are: Uz- Darkness Elves- Plant Mostali- Stasis Beastmen- Beast Triolini- Water Chaos (cuz why not)- Chaos Dragonewts (if you're weird like me)- Dragonewt Additionally, all races possess a cultural keyword that doubles as a racial keyword, I.E. Stinking Forest Aldryami, Nidan Orthodox Mostali, Redstone Uz, Dragon's Eye Dragonewt, etc. Some races do have special rules associated them, namely the Mostali, Aldryami, and Dragonewts. These are outlined below: THE MOSTALI Runes The elemental rune of a true Mostali of the original eight metals depends upon their caste (or vice versa). The rune in question is linked to the runic metal of that element. Gold- Sky . Silver- Moon / (Sky .?) Quicksilver- Water Tin- Sky . Lead- Darkness o Brass- Air (maybe sky because of their job?) g Copper- Earth e Rock- Earth e Clay Mostali, the "Dwarves", are a bit different. Clay Mostali, though they technically belong to one of the eight castes, their elemental rune is less rigidly defined due to their inferior nature, and the rune of Earth is the most common element possessed. A Mostali’s second rune is always stasis. This is the rune through which they perform magic and follow the way of Mostal the Maker, and those who don’t have it are lucky to simply be branded as Dysfunctional Heretics. The unlucky majority are “retired from service”. For their third rune, most Mostali take Law, though it is really only required if they are Tin, Quicksilver, or Silver. Some dwarves possess the rune of Death instead, and these are what are grouped into the Iron caste. Magic Mostali practice a form of magic which is similar to Sorcery, though it is more commonly based of of the Stasis rune, not Law. Another peculiarity is that since the Mostali believe that Form came before Energy, their spells are more similar to alchemaic formulae for crafting than a Malkioni spell. For instance, where a Rokari Wizard would command the truth rune to make a person incapable of lying, a Mostali would imbue a rock with Truth to make a lie detector. Each caste has a single Grimoire - (unfinished)
  4. I'm personally hoping they'll go through with some of the stuff they promised in RQ2 back in 1970-something: the Aldryami Campaigns, the Mostali Campaigns, etc.., Alternately, I would accept the Mostali book promised in Anaxial's roster, or any elder race book for that matter.
  5. I find that HQ2 doesn't work for a very long term campaign as character sheets are cluttered up from more abilities and heroes begin to get a bit ridiculous in power level, though I think it was far worse with HQ1. On the topic of a magic system, you could adapt the Gloranthan ones, possibly, or, IMO, a better option would be to just have magic powers as parts of keywords or abilities. I know that there are some guidelines and suggestions in the rulebook, so you should probably check those out as well.
  6. @MOB So will the QS include char gen rules or will we have to stick to the pregens? Also, could you give us a broad overview of what rules the book will be covering?
  7. This I what hapens when you give a bunch of wannabe Godlearners a question.
  8. Cool! Though personally I would have preferred a 2/classic sheet.
  9. I remember reading somewhere that Pavis and Flintnail were planning to bring back the Green Age and/or Genert's Garden around the city. I also heard that Pavis and Flintnail have access to/reside in the Green Age, and that this has alowed the Pavis dwarves to produce living stone.
  10. I remember in RQ6 I invented a devious disruption/curse combo. The disruption is technically a negative spell and the curse would either insta kill or inflift unhealable damage, depending on how you imterpreted it.
  11. @g33k feet as in length.
  12. I know that the RQ2/Classic description says that it disrupts the molecules of the target. To me this means that it doesn't destroy them, just rearanges them, causing extreme pain.
  13. I would recomend copying & pasting what @jajagappa said and then printing some copies for your players.
  14. I second this. I read the topic title and thought that my Glorantha had just been given a smack upside the head.