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  1. Speaking of Mostali, how much do we know about the Mostali at the Mostali Graveyard, besides that they are chaotic?. I was thinking Than Ulbar is the nearest thing to a City in the waste, but chaotic are not known for building much of anything, let alone a city. Could Than Ulbar have once been a Dwarven Stronghold that fell to Chaos and the Mostali of the Mostali graveyard are a remnant that was corrupted ? And perhaps the chaotic Mostali form enough of a portion of Than Ulbar population to enable it to function as a city. Might point out the nearby plateau of Statues is also something that could be Dwarven made in the God Time.
  2. My two cents on this old thread. I would run pure strain humans as more civilized and start out with access to more skills and better equipment. Or in other words Pure humans live in settlements that try keep learning and technology alive. Mutants come from roving bands close to what ever caused the disaster that caused civilization to fall and while they have good survival skills live an almost stone age life. Mutants could say later learn to read and write and later learn other advance skills but it of course would take time.
  3. Might point out many of the Lunar settlers where in fact worshippers of the Solar deities. A Lodril Worshiping Farmer could run and seek protection at the Sun Dome Temple. And at this point Prince Argrath would not be interesting in upsetting The Yelmalions so would allow them to seek refuge. Also there the Trolls to take into account. Trolls are encouraged by Kygor Litor to own non troll slaves to show the superiority of Trolls. But not many people are willing to sell Humans to Trolls as slaves . I can see a few Unscrupulous Agan Argar merchants offering to "Save" some Lunar settlers from certain death if they place themselves under their "protection". Of course that might be fate worse then death.
  4. Let me start by saying I am still disappointed that herdmen no longer look like Linda Harrison( Nova) from Planet of the Apes, but then they say YGMV :=) But I think one of the biggest difference Outsiders would not be able to understand about awaken/ Intelligent herdmen would be their loyalty to the Morokanth tribe they lived in. In my opinion an Awaken herdman or herd beast has an inate understanding of Waha covenant that exceeds that of the average Tribal member and understands everyone place in that covenant. So they are not upset when they see a Herd man or herd beast get slaughters as they understand the reason and need. Might add in my game awaken Herdmen tend to be highly respected craft men among the Morokanth, too valuable to risk in combat. That thumb sure helps when it come to sewing leather armor or making weapons.
  5. For me I liked to start players off fighting things like weapon snakes(Too bad some later editions did not have them) and ruble runners. The second mission I sent my players on was to retrieve some sheep that some how ended up in a neighboring Clans Pasture after the two children( One the little sister of one of the players) that where watching them got beat up. They where told to retrieve the sheep, teach those heroes you should not to beat up kids but not to kill anyone or start a blood feud . I wanted my players to learn that in Runequest you don't always need to fight until the other side is all dead.
  6. IN my opinion BRP is very easy to teach new players but it is harder for a GM to learn how to run a proper game. Mostly cause combat so deadly and a New GM can kill of a party unless he very careful. The GM has to learn how to pull his punch or he going to have a TPK , even if the players do everything right.. 6 Militia men with heavy cross bows are no threat to average Party in a D&D game. In BRP they can kill off a party of experienced characters with just a tiny amount of luck . Toss a Great Troll who just starting out and has only 30% chance with his maul at the players and some one might end up as a smear on the ground.
  7. Was told he has armor enchanting 4 on all hit locations
  8. Besides Gas light , anything from the Western supplements like Aces High Or Western Fire arms(Free in the site download area) can be Helpful as it is in the Same time period .
  9. For the record , as a GM I would say disruption worked on anything that normally had power and did not work on things that do not have power.. Mostly as a game balance. I can see casting disruption on an Undead or an elemental even if they are not really alive. as sometimes that's the only thing players have to fight some monsters. But I cannot see a Lunar Centurion getting 50 Hoplites together and casting mass disruption to form a hole in a castle wall.
  10. Speaking of Disruption, has any other group had players make what we call shotgun Wands? A shotgun wand was made by enchanting 6 or more disruption spells on a wand and then using the Link condition from RQ3/ Magic book so you cast them all at once. Getting hit with one disruption spell is annoying, but getting hit by 6 tends to get peoples attention.
  11. Good chance Pavis , not being from the area, did not know about the Devils playground and the Eye of Wakboth. Or thought his magic was powerful enough to prevent it from being a problem. I mean how many people know anything about the Eye of Wakboth? And as for the God Learners and Robcradle , The God Learners seem to consider Chaos a minor threat In the second age , not a real danger. But then the God Learners considered most things a minor threat and felt their magic could handle any problem.
  12. Think we al should understand animals in fantasy games are much different then animals in real life. If nothing else they are far more aggressive,e seems to need to eat less( As there seem to be more large carnivore per square mile then could be supported on Terra) and breed faster . The fact that Praxian animals can be trained to take a rider shows they are different then Terran Animals as most animals on Terra cannot be trained to do so.
  13. Borderlands and beyond has 8 pre rolled characters.
  14. Play Gringle Pawnshop in reverse. Have the Baboons hire the players to get their stolen heirloom back . You can also change Gringle then to n Eytries Merchant if people want to continue playing. Also can run some stuff out of Borderlands. Recently I had my player deal with an Anklyosaurus that was calmly munching on the crops of the Weis Village. They had to think their way out of that one as Dinosaur is not aggressive but also almost immune to any attacks they could make
  15. All the above are wrong . Illusion is the Rune that connect everything because without Illusion none of us would think we where.