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  1. Borderlands and beyond has 8 pre rolled characters.
  2. Play Gringle Pawnshop in reverse. Have the Baboons hire the players to get their stolen heirloom back . You can also change Gringle then to n Eytries Merchant if people want to continue playing. Also can run some stuff out of Borderlands. Recently I had my player deal with an Anklyosaurus that was calmly munching on the crops of the Weis Village. They had to think their way out of that one as Dinosaur is not aggressive but also almost immune to any attacks they could make
  3. All the above are wrong . Illusion is the Rune that connect everything because without Illusion none of us would think we where.
  4. In page 41 of Borderlands and beyond it mention Morokanth bury the hand of a Herdman
  5. Seem we all want to go hunting tail to eat. We better to stay clear of Waha followers then..
  6. If you can find a copy, Shadows on the Borderland is a set of Missions I like. The first Mission is a detective story as the bad guys are trying to lay low and not fight(But will eat you if given a chance)
  7. Ever try Kare Kare , peanut butter and Ox tale soup, yum. So how much of the tail do you need to bury for the peaceful Cut?
  8. Might mention its possible to MOVE other scenarios to Pavis. I moved Apple Lane to a small village Outside Pavis with no problem.
  9. Most likely from a Friendly tribal Shaman. Shaman can catch spell spirits to teach their followers and Although there might be a cult that prohibits Harmonize, I am not aware of one at present.
  10. Well what if you can make Cult time commitment overlap. For example you have a Issaries Priest/Argan Argar Initiate who spends his time trading between Trolls And Human. The time spent trading could go to the time needed for both Cults. Or you could have an Orlanth Rune Lord/Storm Bull Initiate warrior who spends his time bashing in Broo skulls. Both Orlanth and Storm Bull would consider that time well spent.
  11. My two Bolgs. Belonging to Cults should be "role played" not "Roll played". For a High Holy days Of a community Cult ,say Ernalda I can see everyone joining for the day of celebration but receiving no benefits or restrictions .You join for the day to strengthen the community . And of course everyone becomes a lay member of Issaries on a big Market day for the same reason. And the Gods are not Dumb. They recognize the need for people to join other Cults on certain days to strengthen the community and will not punish their worshippers or make unreasonable demands on people joining for a day to celebrate a Festival. Unless of course they are enemies or such. Joining two cults as initiate or higher should also be role played. . Why would a Storm Khan allow a Issaries Priest become an Initiate.? Perhaps the Storm Khan watched the Merchant Priest do a major smack down on a Chaos Abomination and was impressed. And the Priest trade route goes through Chaos infected areas so both sides have something to gain. There should be a reason why some one is allowed to be in two cults.
  12. Guess you have not seen a Picture of the High Priestess at the Earthshakers Temple.
  13. Even with the Half free the Thane could inform the a member of the lower class her choice of Jobs are working inside the Manor House and sleeping on clean linen( But not alone) and eating good food or tending the pigs and sharing their meals.
  14. I can see a big fight now between Babeestor Gor and Stormbull worshippers on who gets to Torture and kill a rapist. I wonder if a human serial rapist would come to the attention of Thed and be drawn to join a group of nearby Broo or even start to turn into a Broo
  15. A guess on my part , but I can see the Lunar Empire hiring a fleet from who ever had a ship to spare or rent out instead of building a Fleet to attack Karse. The Lunar Empire Fleet could have then come from the Easter Islands, Teshos, Wolf and Vormain Pirates , Fronit, and even Troll ships from Jureastela ( Hired by Blue moon Trolls). It would be far cheaper and faster to hire mercenary ships then build a fleet from scratch.