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  1. This is great.
  2. Now called the Not so open inn.
  3. Gaffer tape one of the great Mostali gifts to the world.
  4. I have two Praxian pcs in my game who are doing a great job at being Tricksters.
  5. The Rangers return back to their clans, being met by a patrol who informs Kobal that he is to be wed to the visiting Black Shield's chieftain's daughter. No one in the clans knows yet that he married an enemy clan's chieftain's daughter. Whom he let get killed on their honeymoon of sorts. Arriving back they meet up with their families and are summoned to a debriefing of their scouting trip with the Elders. Folk are both pleased and angry, and it soon becomes clear that the bosses of the three clans have decided to put the Red Thorn clan in it's place and now's the time. A war party is gathered and much to the Rangers' annoyance they are informed that they can't take part as their loyalties are in question. The three clans will oust the Red Thorns from the Giant Finger Holes oasis and take control of the access to the Earth Temple there. The Rangers are then informed that instead they will form a bodyguard to escort the Skywatcher clan's Vingan priestess first to Pavis and then to the Pairing Stones for the High Holy days rites and initiations of those that follow both Orlanth and Vinga. They will follow in the rear of the War Party and visit the Earth Temple on the way, collecting and depositing various NPCs and PC's. The Mostali construct will be left as a guardian of the Earth Temple, though many wish to kill the sorcerous monstrosity on the spot.
  6. It was a bound familiar, a Manul cat owned by one of the players. Bloody Mostali, they hate cats, saving their love for Hamsters. The Hamsters explode too, but that's on purpose...
  7. I've run it with the players as the outlaws too. Each way is great fun. But Baboons are the best. I like the suggestion that the Baboons hire the pcs, that makes lots of sense. Plus they get to loot Gringles just like the other groups.
  8. But they are getting fed their own meat. Seems like an easy feed when settling inter-herd rivalries.
  9. What stops the herd men from just eating each other when hungry?
  10. Have them play the Baboons.
  11. I ran the bar fight as a free form introduction to a game I ran. Great fun. There was a whole bunch of trophy Baboon heads on the wall behind the bar, left over from their failed raid on Gringles. At closing their bound spirits all shouted "Time gentlemen." Hell Pits of Nightfang is a particular favourite of mine as an introduction to the game.
  12. Your duck prostitutes have freaked several of my players more than a horde of randy Broo.
  13. .
  14. Not in anything canon though. In my game Hyena is a contactable spirit and some see him as a naughty boy.