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  1. Doh. Gimpy's.
  2. What is the building it ends up in?
  3. Hot chips after a night out in Glamour then. Curry sauce or gravy?
  4. Page 63 The weapon master The veteran The Barbarian The remittance man The mercenaries Two Barbarians.
  5. It's why the Wicked Writher rites are so important, in my game at least. The khan uses it to bring fertility to the area and for the clan for the next year.
  6. Borderlands had some pregens I think, of various experience.
  7. Not a veggie I associate with the Bronze Age (i come from Europe) so never thought about it to be honest. My Lunars drink Juniper gin.
  8. Great to hear.
  9. No I am talking about the Orlanthi greeting rituals when one bunch of Orlanthi come across another. Proving that strangers are not dangerous when they arrive at your stead. EDIT: I can't remember where I read about them. There's a mention in the Sartar book under hospitality for example.
  10. Are there any examples in print or can someone give tell me what it is please?
  11. So if someone was riding a Pol Joni horse and not a Pol Joni clansperson would they be safe amongst the Nomads?
  12. What would the Sartar settlers of Pavis county ride? Zebras or one of the many herd beasts of Prax? A mix? They each have their advantages.
  13. Having street names is really handy as are house numbers.
  14. Also by gaining thumbs you are emulating humans, whom you are already superior too. "Thumbs? I have herdmen for that." Only Morokanth that live with humans need thumbs, or heroes that own an iron sword etc. That's when you heroquest and steal some.
  15. How's this going, have the 50 backers come good with their survey?