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  1. Yes! So it shall be the Moon rune! It seems that every cult has actually its own answer
  2. How do you manage situations where the adventurer's action is in contradiction with one of his motivations, or at least makes the goal of the motivation more difficult to reach? What if the action complies at the same time with another motivation ? How do you manage opposing motivations (it may not be obvious at the time the motivations are chosen, but later on in the game)? In which condition can one give-up one motivation, even if the goal -if any- is not reached ?
  3. same for me.
  4. If disruption were working on non-living items, it would not by-pass armor but break it instead.
  5. In a future edition, you may write it in the powers Chapter, "overcoming an unwilling target", p.174
  6. or one or two Master Mind boards.
  7. So let’s say a sorcerer wants to cast a Hinder spell at a PC. At SR = INT, it starts a conflict with his WIL / Willpower. The PC resists with CON / Endurance (or any other suitable Trait), and has no reverse power. The target can only resist and never rolls for effect, so can try every time to gain a bonus bead and use it for his defense roll. For example, in our case, Run, or Willpower, or why not by rolling against a Motivation (“my beloved is being abducted !”. Since the caster (the Narrator) MUST roll for effect if the PC does not, or even just to apply the power, he cannot accumulate bonus : this is a big advantage for the PC, as long as he finds some Traits to gain a bonus bead, isn’t it ?
  8. Powers with the Overcome Attribute: the caster must start a Conflict matching his WIL vs. characteristic as stated in the power description. - Can the target roll for effect ? - are other Traits usable for support beads ?
  9. What about using the word "Discovery" (how exactly is better left to native English speakers...). Isn't it what the QuickStart is aimed at ?
  10. Armour has a coverage value, either on a hit location if you use the rule, or for the overall armour if not. The unit die indicates which part of the armour (not of the body) you hit. This is the totally unofficially called by myself "chainmail bikini rule". As option you can roll 1d10 for it, but this unnecessarily increases dice rolling. Do robots have Life Points ? One of the side bar comments says "Some types of monsters do not have Life Points at all." I think robots follow the same rule as items, where hits reduce the toughness until 0 instead of reducing Life points, which disables the item.
  11. Question about javelins: does the Trait Javelin allow to use it as Close Combat and Ranged Combat, or do you need 2 Traits, one for each ?
  12. I agree with Iskallor. What if you miss your roll ? Do you commit heresy ?
  13. errata

    p. 214 (natural weapons), the reptile's tail has the bash effect, p. 217 (crocodile) the tail has the stunt effect and 225 (Dragon) the tail has no effect. Is that normal ? p. 114 Aimed Blow "Damage (effect for melee, advanced for ranged)" should read "Damage (effect for melee, advantage for ranged)"
  14. I had the same experience in Mongolia. Salted milk tea was ok, fermented milk (it was mare milk) was awful. I was fortunate enough not to be offered mutton eyes, which is a way to honour guests. It is also reported that ancient Nomads used to take some blood from their horse, fill a dried intestine with it and cook it. It is not certain that it is true, but it is colourful enough to be introduced in Prax. In those countries, scarcity is the rule and people learns not to waste anything (just not like we, decadents westerners !). These are good examples of how could be the daily life in Prax.
  15. I've seen this in Mongolia. They did not rip the aorta open but pitched it instead. And the opening, bellow the thorax, was just big enough to let the arm go inside, almost up to the elbow. It seemed that this was the best way to kill a beast when you want to keep the blood and have neither a big pot nor a tree to hang the beast, so I would suppose that the Praxians do a similar way- This the case in my Glorantha, at least.