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  1. If they ask the correct question give them the information without a roll, there's no point in putting a road block in the scenario. Only if the NPC has an antagonistic mindset should you make a skill check (7e core rulebook p93) . If they fail to ask the correct question then your scenario needs to take into account the three clue rule - put the same clue in three or more places to make sure the investigators get it. Idea rolls are often the best way to provide some sort of clue to where the investigator should look or ask a question or even guidance on what sort of question to ask. If the players get stuck then call for Idea rolls and provide information to help them make a decision.
  2. None. Basically CoC is about investigating mysterious things and involves searching for clues to unravel the mystery. It's not about getting into fights as usually you die horribly when attempting to fight anything other than human cultists. The characters can have any amount of dynamite and tommy guns but that will not be of assistance in discovering what the mystery is. CoC is all about creepy things going on, finding out what is causing said creepy things and then not being able to do much about it. You can't tell the authorities or you are likely to be locked up as insane. The better sessions do not involve actually showing the monster, more describing it's effects or what has happened when the investigators come along later (note that word Investigator, it means you investigate not that you move from fight to fight). If you want to move your players along then put them under time pressure so they don't sit around discussing clues. Have things happen according to a time line that doesn't depend on the Investigators. A happens and the investigators start investigating. If they sit around then B happens and C happens and before they know it things have gone to shit and the world ends because they did nothing. Keep interjecting things that have happened to friends and people they love if they won't get off their butts and actually investigate proactively.
  3. RW probably feel that Chaosium should pay them to develop the material as there are so few people paying for a BRP product there plus Chaosium has deprecated BRP and it's not anything they, Chaosium, are pursuing currently. They've specifically stated that their focus is on RQ and CoC to continue getting the company back on a realistic financial footing.
  4. If there's tentacles then I'm not even going to be there. See that cloud of dust on the horizon, that's me. But I really only need to run faster than one or two other characters.
  5. Yes, I meant Dodge can have points from PI points spent on it. Personally I'd go with using Fight Back in almost every instance as I can then cause damage both on my turn and on my opponents turn. Running away is still the best option in almost every case but if I should be caught then getting the combat finished as fast as possible is the best option as far as I'm concerned. Dodge is mostly useful when diving for cover if being shot at.
  6. Not sure where you're coming from as average DEX will be about 52% making 1/2 DEX 26%, not too shabby. Personal Interest skill points (INTx2) can be spent on DEX as well if you feel that 1 chance in 4 of avoiding an attack or diving for cover isn't enough. See Personal Interests on p36 for more about skill points derived from that source and how they can be spent. Cthulhu Mythos is the only skill which cannot have Personal Interest points spent on it at character generation.
  7. I believe Loz has already posted that The Design Mechanism has no interest in a Moorcockian IP setting.
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  9. Typical reaction from a player who is not used to CoC. I won't say the whole point of a horror game is not to feel in control but it's really part of the genre. Give them dynamite and tommy guns and they'll feel in control mwahahahahahha. No, sorry, they'll only feel in control until the next big bad comes round the corner and they find out that dynamite and tommy guns avail them not but running like F*** is a big help. If the player persists in not being comfortable then I guess a horror game is not for them.
  10. Grab the 7e quickstart and you'll see most of the changes. It's mostly change to 100 base stats from 3d6, drop the resistance table and changes to simplify combat. You can bring most old scenarios up to 7e by multiplying stats by 5 and picking nearest current skill (they've changed a bit over time since 1e). Changes_to_CoC_7e.pdf
  11. I believe that a 7e spell book is coming that includes all the spells (including Attract Fish) but the spells were reduced in the core book as they are mostly used by adversaries not players. Based on your comments about HP and support 'gangs' I suspect that you run a game that resembles a western gunfight more than a horror game. I suggest Pulp Cthulhu would be a good buy for you to use with your players. Pulp Cthulhu has a Luck mechanism that will allow Luck spends that tally with your use of Fate type points. BTW the Masks referenced are 'of Nyarlathotep' it says so in the tile. The various avatars of Nyalrthotep are the Masks referred to.
  12. Hit the print icon then choose the Foxit PDF printer in the drop down menu for where to print..
  13. You may like to rave but honestly Chaosium/Moon Design needed a hefty influx of cash to keep Chaosium going and apart from getting costs under control they had to generate revenue to play for CoC 7e and the ongoing revitalisation of the company. Getting the HotOE and 7E Kickstarters was highest on the agenda and funding those as well as the development of RQ4 needed a lot of cash and the Classic RQ KS (much in demand from grognards) was the way to satisfy a need and get some of that cash. I believe that the new Chaosium team put in about 1/4 million dollars to get the company out of it's immediate hole and needed to recoup that as well. I, for one, acknowledge our new tentacled overlords Ia! IA! Cthulhu Ftagn.
  14. BTW I believe that certain names in the Conan IP are currently not public domain so it's not like you can just pick that up. Might need to check with the Howard estate to be absolutely sure. It's like Burroughs IP, I believe the Burroughs estate keep a tight grasp of anything that will make money.