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  1. Dracas, if you're looking for legally free pdfs may I suggest you go here: and here: .
  2. If you're not looking at spending too much cash, then OQ is the fantasy rpg. May I also recommend Crucible of Dragons, which is a setting for OQ that you could get lots of mileage out of.
  3. This article looks interesting sciencewise, but don't let it stop you running a game in such a setting.
  4. I forgot. Non rotating planets are going to have some trouble generating a magnetic field. Over a long time even a small star will generate a solar wind that could do some damage to the atmosphere of a tidally locked world, and without a magnetic field this is the most probable outcome.
  5. With the star being so low in mass some of those worlds would be tidally locked, with one side facing the star. If you have a nice thick atmosphere circulating on some of these tidally locked planets you can keep some semblance of warmth even on the dark side.
  6. And if someone could actually find me one in the UK, that I could buy, that would be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
  7. Electric or acoustic?
  8. Sure, it isn't the same Chaosium but you try telling that to MM. Plus I read somewhere that MM sold the rights to some film makers (was it the Wachowski brothers?) that would probably considerably increase the amount Chaosium would have to pay to get a licence to publish YK material. To my mind the most probable route to produce a YK related RPG (in english) would be to do it for Mythras, but Loz Whitaker has already said he isn't into doing that, plus the cost of the licence, et cetera, et cetera, et ceteraaaaaa........
  9. There is a character traits system in the latest Cthulhu by Gaslight CoC supplement. Some of the traits are advantageous and some are not. You can have such afflictions as Scarred which detracts from communications skills, or Social Stigma, or even Shady Past/Scandal. and if that isn't enough you can be Paunchy or Palsied or even Phobic/Manic. Each trait has rules effects.
  10. The Luther Arkwright setting, that the DI publishes, is already so influenced by Moorcock as to be described accurately as "Moorcockian".
  11. I just think that it is total bollocks that Chaosium would revamp, or even go for the Stormbringer franchise again. They had a spat with the author a long while ago and that showed the antipathy between Moorcock and Chaosium. The best company in a position to have a shot at an EC set of supplements to my mind would be the Mythras crew, as Loz Whitaker is both a fan and has written such stuff before. However buying the rights to such a setting might be expensive if Moorcock sold the rights to some film producer or other.
  12. Thanks Stoaty. I need the MRQII Wraith Recon GM Screen, but if I can get it from the UK I'll be happy. It is a pity that stuff is no longer being published for this setting.
  13. That's probably the only thing...LOL
  14. I would have thought the same way you do g33k. But I know that the folks on these fora come from an eclectic and diversely aged group. So I thought I might give it a try. As it happens groovyclam answered my question. Kudos to groovyclam for that.
  15. I am much obliged to you groovyclam! Thank you very much! Merci beaucoup! Arigato gozaimasu! Danke schon!