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  1. ... and whose cultural habits clash with our (civilized!) ones. Particularly amusing are two cultures who each think they are the "civilized" one, and the other is a "barbarian" culture...
  2. But IMHO/IME those real-world referents are incredibly useful... particularly to acclimate/accomodate newbies! It's a very-fair point to say that "barbarian" carries enough baggage and mis-connotations to be a WrongBad tag, particularly as a 1-word description of their culture. But I can't throw out the barbarian baby with the rest of the real-world bath-water in abandoning all the useful analogies ! It might be reasonable to include "barbarian" as one of (and not the first of) the tags, such as: "Orlanthi have large urban centers, a diverse pantheon including one deity of sages and knowledge and another of commerce and communication; but their Chief Deity is a storm-god whose violence they prize & emulate, and with cattle-herding & raiding in their rural places, longstanding feuds, paying weregilds &c... you might almost mistake them for kinda-sorta Celto/Teutonic barbarians. Just remember that while "barbarian" isn't 100% wrong (cities, sages, etc) ... it's really not "right" either."
  3. I "liked" this. Where's the "love" button? .... OK, wait, that came out wrong ...
  4. Rolled an 01 on your Understatement skill there...
  5. RULES cannot be (c)'ed -- only the wording. That's why there ARE freely-reusable versions of BRP: people did a re-write of the system entirely in their own words, and placed their wording under some form of OGL/CC/etc license. One could, in theory, re-create the BGB -- every rule and option -- in an SRD'ed version, if you re-wrote it top-to-bottom and carefully combed through to make sure EVERYTHING was worded differently. N.B. -- I am not a lawyer! Consult one before you try such a stunt! Rather easier, IMHO, to grab an existing SRD and use that for the chassis, and import/re-write just the little bits of BGB'dom not included in your core chassis. Also note that (a) you are unlikely to run afoul of anyone's (c)-radar if it's for-personal-use-only (i.e. not shared publicly); and (b) if you can imagine (or if you actively hope for) a commercial published version, note that all the notable BRP/d100 publishers show every evidence of being reasonable about such offerings (either licensing system to author, or publishing that author under their imprint), so you can probably work something out with the publisher of whatever is your favorite flavor of BRP...
  6. I would argue that RQ leans toward granular skills, rather than combat (which is just a specific skill, or suite of skills). It's true that there is some special attention to the "combat" skills in RQ -- e.g. while we can kinda/sorta understand the tenor of a "crit" on a social-skill roll (bargain/etc), RQ doesn't have a specific suite of rules to cover "crit" or "impale" or "fumble" results, outside of combat... Whereas there ARE such rules in the combat context! However, it's entirely-possible (and often-done, in my experience) to have several game-sessions in a row where there's little to no combat. Can be pure-RP if the group likes that, but stealth-and-social skills to investigate a mystery are just as possible as fighting... etc... Remember that HP/location combat is DANGEROUS. Once players figure that out, they usually are pushing their OWN agenda of "let's not go to combat just yet..."
  7. Or you can REALLY freak 'em out & paste a Cthulhu-horror art cover...
  8. Is there any logo or company name on it? Artwork on one side? Color? Other description? Odds are, the "RQ2" GM screen you have doesn't have tables/info you want to use with "Mythras/RQ6" -- but the folks here can probably help you pin down exactly what it is you have (if you care enough to pin it down).
  9. Errrr ... no (ygmv) That "... nothing of importance has been reported..." just means that nothing has been reported... not that nothing important has happened. The Mostali have never been exactly forthcoming and transparent with their secrets, have they? And similarly, the Dark Folk are DARK, remember, and part of the fundamental nature of the Darkness is that it conceals -- what's outside the light isn't known to the light. I reiterate, however: YGMV.
  10. Well, that sounds really REALLY interesting ... I have a GW-esque campaign that I'm working on, but RL has blocked me from getting it to completion & offering to my group. I hope you'll share this project of yours ... sounds like exactly what I want ...
  11. Several, I think. Openquest, Renaissance (itself an OQ derivative), and RD100 all have SRD-flavored offerings, and others may be out there... OQ + Ren. at least are freely-reusable without further licensing/permission/whatever from their respective publisher. Also -- to judge from M-Space and ClassicFantasy (and soon AtVW) -- the Mythras license seems to be set to a non-barrier level of entry. I trust you have seen: http://basicroleplaying.org/files/file/552-gama-world-mutations-weapons-armor-and-my-very-basic-conversion-notes/ http://basicroleplaying.org/files/file/553-more-gamaworld-stuff/
  12. So ... let's drag this back on-topic... Could someone do "sample builds" for the really iconic ships from sci-fi? The Enterprise (both Kirk's & Picard's) The Millenium Falcon Serenity And let's not forget some Bad Guy ships... including the Death Star! Also Boba Fett's little ship. Klingon ships, and Romulan ones. And you can stop sweating in fear: not gonna ask for the Tardis (also not bothering with Discovery One).
  13. Yeah, but it isn't clear WHICH (if any) are 100% by-the-book "starting" (no AppendixH "previous experience" rules) characters; some clearly are not ...
  14. Looks very nice, from the short glance I was able to give it ... Kudos both for the work & for sharing it here!
  15. All forum threads citing BRP henceforth to be tagged "necro" ... And all of us who love BRP are necrophiliacs? And Chaosium who sells it to us are... ...uhhhh... ... y'know, I think this may not be the wisest digression I've ever pursued ...