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Warlock Conversion

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Posted 11 April 2014 - 11:24 PM

Got a player who wants to play a warlock type character, as from D&D 3.5
I worked on this a few hours and came up with the following. Some of this is from Advanced Sorcery, using Deep Magic and Aretes.
Anyway, maybe some of you number crunchers can tell me what you think? Playability? OP? UP?
Thanks for your looking!

Pact Maker
Sorcerers learn magic theough the practice of words of power and gestures. Mages exert their will over the forces of magic. The Pact Makers are spell casters who have taken the easier path to power by making a pact with an other worldly being. Usually a demon, devil, or Deity allied with shadow.
They are granted access to the (custom) sphere of deep magic known as Infernal, which allows them to summon eldritch energy.
This energy can be molded through the use of glyphs, which they have full access to, but start with only one specialty. No matter how the Pact Maker grows in power, he or she may never have access to any other sphere, but the blast can be enhanced through glyphs and Aretes.
The use of Eldritch Energy is a skill the Pact Maker must learn to control and master through use, unlike most mages who wield deep magic. The skill starts with a base of 40% which is also used in aiming the energy for use against others.

Eldritch energy, or Eldritch Blast does 1d6 damage per MP used to fuel the power. This can be enhanced by mastery, as described in the Erete section of Advanced Sorcery and later in this text.

At the time the Pact Maker makes his or her pact, they choose one glyph to specialize in. Other glyphs may be used by the pact maker at a cost of 1 additional MP per shift in the glyph wheel. These glyphs are used to change the effect of the eldritch blast as follows:

Inhibition: This glyph has two possible effects.
One causes the target to make a resistance roll as per Terror Spell from Magic World book. The victim that fails is unable to make any rational use of skills besides dodge or parry for the duration of the spell. If attacked the target receives a chance to break the spells affect equal to INTx1.
Two Causes the target NO DAMAGE but effects them as if Rapturing Touch(Advanced Sorcery) had been cast on them.

Causes the target to make a MPvsMP resistance roll or reduces the targets SIZ and STR by the amount of damage caused from the Eldritch Blast. This reduces DB and lasts for 1 round per POW. Multiple uses of this glyph do not stack.

Summoning: When cast on a skeleton or other corpse that is still intact, this blast fills the remaining shell with an evil spirit that will follow simple commands of the caster. The animation is permanent but a POW-MPx5% roll is required to succeed. Failure requires another roll, this time on the Necromantic Mishaps Table in Advanced Sorcery.

Creation: When enhanced with this glyph, the eldritch blast takes on the form of a wall of eldritch energy up to the casters POWx10 square feet. This is divided between hight, length, and width of the wall as well as distance from the caster it is made to appear. Any creature moving through the wall takes eldritch blast damage every round they remain in contact. The wall may be in any simple shape as long as the POW requirements are met.

Direction: The victem of this glyph attached to an eldritch blast is thrown 1d10 feet per MP in the direction of the casters choosing. If the target strikes a solid object before reaching the thrown range they take 1d6 damage per 10 feet they would have travelled. Plate Armor causes an additional 1d6 damage, as if falling. This use of the glyph cannot cause the target to be thrown straight upwards. If the target is thrown towards a hole, off a bridge, off a cliff, ect. they are granted an AGILITY roll to grab something and avoid the fall.

Enhancement: This glyph allows the Pact Maker to enhance a weapon through touch. The weapon will then do an additional 1d6 eldritch damage per MP bestowed for 1 round per casters POW or until a hit is scored. This also temporarily makes the weapon invulnerable for the duration of the spell, or until a hit is scored. The weapon will glow with a blood red aura while spell is active.

Dismissal: Undead or summoned creatures struck with the glyph attached to an eldritch blast must succeed at a POWvsPOW resistance roll or be banished back to whence it came. This drives the spirits out of animated dead as well.

: This glyph allows the Pact Maker to change the eldritch blast into another element, such as fire, electricity, or ice. This forces the following effects:
Fire: Flamable materials ignite causing 1d6 damage per round for 1 round per MP or until extinguished. These flames burn a hot purple color.
Cold: The target temporarily loses 1 point of DEX for every 2 points of damage. Armor only protects against this at half it value.
Acid: The blast causes the target to be covered in acid doing 1d4 points of damage per round for 1d8 rounds. Armor protects against this for only the first round.
Hellfire: This blast causes any target allied with Light to be bathed in unholy black flames. Taking an additional 1d6 damage for 1d6 rounds. Armor does not protect against it, but Undo Sorcery will cancel the effect after the first round.
Electricity: The target of this blast must succeed at a MPvsMP resistance roll or be stunned and unable to act for 1 round. Armor does not protect against this. Plate armor, standing in water, or if the target is soaking wet they take an additional 1d4 damage per instance. Ie: Swimming in full plate causing +3d4 damage.
Tenacious Plague: A cloud of tiny, magical insects swarms the target, doing 1 point of damage per MP used in the spell for 1d6 rounds. Undo Sorcery will cancel the effect after the first round, as will any large amount of smoke or magical gust of wind.

Eldritch Blast Eretes
Once a character reaches 100%+ in the skill Eldritch Blast he or she may enhance the blasts by choosing one of the following effects per 25% above 100%. Each effect used halves the skill of the caster, but that skill can never fall below 40%. Ie: If a Pact Maker has 180% in Eldritch Blast and casts the blast with Enhanced Damage and Chaining Blast would halve the skill 3 times to a total of 45%.

Enhanced Damage:
Everyt time this effect is picked it adds 1d2 damage to the blast. This does not effect any glyphs attached to the blast.

Chaining Blast: Each of these effects causes the eldritch blast to effect 1 more target per pick, as long as the targets are within POWx10/# of targets feet of eachother. In other words, if a Pact Maker has a 153% in Eldritch Blast skill, 18 POW, and picks this effect three times, 100%, 125%, 150%
He or she could hit 3 targets as long as they are within 60’ of each other. 180’ (POWx10) divided by three targets for 60’. Each target is rolled for seperately and if one is missed along the line of targets it breaks the chain, ending the spell before hitting the next.

Dragon Breath: This enhancement allows the Pact Maker to shape his or her blast into a cone shape 20’ long and 10’ wide at its apex. Every creature in that area of effect feels the effects of the blast and any glyphs attached to it. Each time this effect is picked it increases the size of the cone by 5’

Quicken Blast: Each pick of this effect causes the casting time to be reduced as if the caster was spending 1 less MP. This can never reduce the casting time below 1 round if their is a glyph attached, but could allow for multiple Eldritch Blasts. If the vanilla eldritch blast is quickened (no glyph attached) the Pact Maker can cast multiple blasts with only a -20% penalty. Each additional pick reduces this penalty by 5%.

Hells Fury: Picking this effect makes 1 die of damage do maximum damage every time its picked. Ie: if the Pact Maker has this effect and casts a 4 MP blast for 4d6 damage, the damage changes to 6+3d6.
If the Pact Maker picks tis effect twice under the same circumstances, the damage would be 12+2d6. Only MP used to generate the blast counts towards this, not MP from adding glyphs. Also on a special or success the maximized damage is not multiplied, only the remaining dice. A critical success has no additional effect besides maximizing all the damage.

Temepest: This effect causes the Eldritch Blast damage to be applied to everyone in a 10’ radius around the caster.+10’ per every time this effeft is picked. No too hit roll is required but the use of the skill must still be rolled. Any effects, besides the blast damage, that allow a resistance roll allows all targets in the area of effect to make iindivual rolls.

Eldritch Doom: This is similiar to Tempest, having the same radius, however the Pact Maker can cast the spell to take effect up to POWx10 feet away from the caster. Moreover, the caster has great control over who is affected inside the area of effect.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Posted 12 April 2014 - 06:07 AM

looks good so far!