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Advancement Options

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Posted 22 May 2014 - 04:57 PM

Here are some alternate rules I have been tinkering around for character advancement in Legend.

Skills derived from Profession and Personality Types
The advancement for these skills is 1D6+1 rather than 1D4+1. If the improvement roll is failed the character gains 2 points in the skill rather than 1 point.

Taking the Average
Rather than rolling for skill points after a successful advancement roll the player can choose to take the average. If the roll is 1D6+1 the player adds 4 points to their skill, if the roll is 1D4+1 the player adds 3 points to their skill.

Automatic Advancement
There is no need for the player to make a advancement roll for their character. It is assumed they automatically succeed.

Skill linked Attribute Advancement
When a character reaches a certain % in a skill one of their attributes associated with the skill goes up as well. When you reach 75% in a skill choose one associated attribute and increase it by one point. When you reach 150% in a skill choose one associated attribute and increase it by two, or chose two associated attributes and increase them by one. For example a character increases their Sword and Shield weapon style up to 77%, they can either add a point to STR or DEX.