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Stormbringer 5.5 edition?

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Radical idea: Instead of using scores in Order Balance Chaos as positives, use them as negatives. Zo a Order score of 0 means the character is generally devoted to Order, 50 means they can take or leave it, 100 means that have really torqued the forces of Order off. So as the character gains points, the hand of Fate begins notice that they are falling away or avoiding the winds of Fate so one force or another will snap them back.  Say every time a character gains 10 Points in O/B/C this generates an Incident or Foe designed to turn them back. 

That is a very basic idea and (obviously) needs fleshing out but using the current system.  Could also do something like, there is 100 points total, each starts with 0 or 10 points or some such, with normal gaining and losing. Yet each time the character goes over 50 points in one of them then that triggers the Incident or Foe. 

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