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About this blog

We just finished streaming part 1 of our playthrough of the Miskatonic Repository's "Raid of AREA 51 Time RIP - 1" scenario. If you don't mind idiocy in turning on the light or murder hobo characters, come check it out on my new channel!

Keeper: Daniel Profeta

Players: Stephen Korey, Charlie Schwebs, and Justus Black



There is a secret to finding this channel. Thou searchers of arcane knowledge must go onto YouTube and search "Dethstrok9"...


Beware of what you find.



Entries in this blog

Needful NPCs

Do you agree with this concept? It basically says narrowing down your focus will allow you to make deeper characters.



Stuck Inside?

Here a new list, which was inspired by the very things you guys brought up in my thread on how the virus was effecting your games



Cold Front LIVE part 2

Hello again hivemind, I have some news about Cold Front and my channel. https://danielprofetagetsa.wixsite.com/legion This link connects to a website I just created for my channel, here you can see all types of cool news, and links to all our current pages and projects. You will also find some event info for Cold Front LIVE, Part 2!  This follow up stream will begin at 5 pm EST on Saturday, February 29th 2020. You do not have to have seen the last to get into this one, but I would



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