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About this blog

We just finished streaming part 1 of our playthrough of the Miskatonic Repository's "Raid of AREA 51 Time RIP - 1" scenario. If you don't mind idiocy in turning on the light or murder hobo characters, come check it out on my new channel!

Keeper: Daniel Profeta

Players: Stephen Korey, Charlie Schwebs, and Justus Black



There is a secret to finding this channel. Thou searchers of arcane knowledge must go onto YouTube and search "Dethstrok9"...


Beware of what you find.



Entries in this blog

The Raid Begins

The journey got off to a rocky start when the 3 fools met in MacDonald's for a planning phase. The session quickly spiraled downhill for the players as no one could find the light, and nothing they did mattered. They also killed everyone they came in contact with... The horror began with jokes and ended in ironic terror as minds were blown and games were metaed. Join us again next Saturday for the second (likely final) part to this tale. You will evilly laugh at their futile and feeble atte



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