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Will be a complete Solo play attempt using a combination of rules for Pendragon.

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[441 AD Part A][BoS] In the Midst of Chaos

Character Sheet: Ambros - PK Sheet As cold weather comes and goes during the winter, many bandits have begun to raid the lands near Sarum as they have prospered under King Constantine. Without a high king many have become restless and bolder than before, as there is no judge to hold them of their crimes amongst each other. Most knights were reluctant to help, as they were worried about what is to come under the new rule of Constants and didn't want to up set the order of things in the curre

[440 AD][Book of Sires][Squire Edition] Victim to Victory

440 AD Ambros Character Sheet   PRE - LUE Winter Phase Winter began like many others, fairly calm and peaceful to many around Britain. As winter continued, day by day the weather started to take a turn for the worst as it started to come down harder. With blizzards hitting all over the country, travel have become extremely dangerous for many.  For Ambros, it seems to only get worse as he found out the truth about this winter as his horse ended up breaking his lag. [Weather] Us

[439 AD][Solo Play]The Fall of the Fool

Early Spring  As the sun starts to rise and clouds start rolling in and light drizzle begins to fall from the skies. With the cool breeze coming in from the windows being left open from the servants, Squire Ambros appears above the blanks to survey what the weather looks like from his blankets. After a brief moment decided it was appropriate to sleep in, since he is now a squire and not a commoner like the rest of his family. As the morning starts to roll through, you can hear someone yelli

Pre-Lue to the campaign

Starting the year 439 AD as Ambros becomes of age to become a squire, he has been assigned to Sir Terric. He[Sir Terric] was one of the last knights to try and turn him away as a squire since he is coming from common blood, but Sir Terric did this as a favor to High King Constantine. Many believe this is a huge mistake to allow an Irish commoner to become a squire no less a 7th son to join the ranks. There have been many rumors on how he attained squire hood, but will the truth come out before h


DMMori in Solo Play

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