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The Pursuit of Perfection Never Ends



We have been trying to create the Perfect RPG for over forty years now. Through new ideas, changing needs and expectations, and a socio-technological boom that allows many of us to jump into that pursuit, game designers in corporate offices, home work places, and nerdy basements have been seeking that ONE system to rule them all (apologies. to Professor Tolkien). We have never found that system and likely never will, but that won't keep various people from trying.  Including myself. 

People change and people want things their own way and to leave their own mark upon legacies. It isn't a betrayal and there isn't anything wrong with it.  Admittedly some handle it better than others, but overall we feel threatened by change almost as a knee jerk or allergic reaction. There is nothing logical to our reaction, but there is a great deal of emotion. I think that is fine but it makes for grumpy customers from time to time.....

Obviously I am speaking about the recent RQ6/RQNext revelations. Some folks are elated and some are angry and some are passive aggressive and I get it, I really do. It can be exasperating because to the player these are games and settings we are passionate about. Well us designers are passionate to. No one does this to get rich but if you are in some kind of business, you need to do smart things to make money. Business vs. Art.

So stay positive. This too shall pass.

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I think it's naive to believe there's a single system "to rule them all". It would have to be mechanics free with complete customizability. What I think is beautiful others will find either too crunchy or not crunchy enough. Round and round we go. :)


Grab a system comparable to what YOU want, house rule and adapt as you see fit, shaken not stirred, enjoy.

What people are upset about (IMO) is actually finding and loving THAT system only to find support for it is lacking, non-existent, or recently pulled out from under them.

Their "soul mate" has found another love and all they (we) can do is think "WTF is so great about this other person? Oh...they make more money."



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