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Fudging rolls, cheating?



Well, this is what to say to those who feel changing game elements is cheating or dishonest. All of this about whether or not fudging die rolls or other game components is cheating is completely subjective. This is my personal TTRPG Game Master Advice, and it's not a popular opinion. If you are always a player, maybe think twice before watching this one:)

Also attempting to get more people to join the hive mind of the BRP forums. We are all Us.

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I am with you on that! :)
Though, personally, I don't fudge rolls, I fudge stats! :P 

But  this made me wonder if CoC Luck points (where you get like 50 of them to trade point for point to affect skill roll) build better dramatic tension (as they go down) that an other rule where you got like 3 or 4 of them to make a reroll....


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