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Dear Dethstrok9,

I really like your video, but I think it would be appropriate to give there a reference to my first post in this forum, where I have written all these ideas. I do not claim they are original, but I see you just repeat my points as yours, and add some comments based on the "Color out of space". In the video, you just say "someone" wrote a post on a forum, that "inspired" you. Maybe I am oversensitive, but working in the Natural Sciences field, I pay a big attention to the matter of authorship and intellectual property.

The post I am referring to is in this thread:

Where I have written:


How to make a scenario out of Lovecraft's story? Here is an example algorithm for lazy folk (for free!):

  • Read the story.
  • Identify the mystery/ problem.
  • Identify a set of information that was crucial to solve the problem.
  • Identify a set information that served as a hint to solution, but was not crucial. Assign some skill rolls to the process of obtaining them.
  • Identify who is the investigator (main character(s)). Your players will take his/ her/ their role.
  • What pushed the investigator to solve the mystery? This will be a role-playing hook for your players.
  • The rest of the characters are NPC. Copy their descriptions from the story. Divide information about the problem between them.
  • Prepare handouts, put some information there as well. Was there some handout description in the story (of a book, journal, letter)? If yes, just copy it.
  • Identify the locations, copy their descriptions from the book. They will serve as a stage for your scenario.
  • Identify the main events of the story. Divide them into two groups: those that happen irrespectively from the investigators, and those that can be altered by the investigators. This will build a rough time frame of the scenario.
  • Use stats for NPC and monsters from the free sources that I mentioned above.
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@Tranquillitas Ordinis I will link your post in the video, would you rather it in the description or a pinned comment?


I will mention that while you wrote the original bulletin point post, it was extremely vague to me. Your post inspired me to greatly elaborate on what you wrote, as well as add my own comments and steps. If you did not notice, I removed or condensed many of your steps and added my own. I do not believe I stole your idea or passed it off as my own.

 But I agree a link to the forum post is appropriate, and as soon as you let me know what form you would like it to take place, I will add it. I did use the link when I made this reddit post actually:


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Dear Deathstrok9,

I do not claim that you stole my idea, I am happy that it was used by you, and more people can learn from it. I just like when the sources are provided (especially when I am the source 😄). Either solution (reference in the description/ pinned comment) works, I do not have any preference.


If you did not notice, I removed or condensed many of your steps and added my own.

I would argue on that, I think the resemblance is still striking. If you took a poem and added your commentary after each line, because "it seemed vague" it would still require a citation. But I do not want to make more fuss about that than required, so let me stop here. I hope your channel will grow. Thank you for understanding, and have a good day.

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32 minutes ago, Tranquillitas Ordinis said:

it would still require a citation.

You stated yourself that these ideas are not necessarily yours, and I'm sure I have read similar processes before, although I believe they were for D&D.Your post reminded me of it.

I stand corrected though, you are right. I thought about it further and realized I should have informed you I was making the video and asked if you wanted representation. I apologize for my oversight, and thank you for the support. In fact, maybe we can collaborate on something in the future if you'd be interested in doing so:)

Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

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2 hours ago, Dethstrok9 said:

In fact, maybe we can collaborate on something in the future if you'd be interested in doing so:)

Yes, why not? I am not a YouTube person, but I was considering writing scenarios for the Miskatonic Repository. Even tough CoC is almost 40 years old, I see there is still a huge gap of unexplored ideas on the market. But I could start doing anything earliest after the summer.

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