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Site updates in the horizon



A huge update to the forum software will be released December 21st. It will be a major change, which means the style and all the previous modifications will have to be customized again. A lot of bugs and probably some downtime can be expected. To start after Christmas some time.

I'm thinking about removing the Wiki, as it's very rarely used, and not 100% compatible with the forum. The SEO software will probably also be removed, as the new forum software have something built in. It will however mean that old links to threads will be broken.



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Remove the Wiki? I've just been encouraging people to use it! It might be that it looks so good and 'official' that folks are a bit scared to put their stuff there. But if it were made clear we could & should, and perhaps made it a bit more prominent (particularly SharedWorld), then hopefully it would be used more. How do you think it should (have been) used?

If it gets zapped, where will the content go?

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There's several problems with the wiki. It's not integrated with the forum, so you have to create a second accound there to use it and the formatting syntax is totally different and must be learned before you can add or edit content there. That in turn results in the wiki almost never being used. There's a CMS (content management system) with the new version of the forum software, so I'm hoping that will be suitable to replace the wiki. If so, the current content would be moved there.


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Kill the Wiki!

I find wiki's more trouble to edit than they are worth. Working in HTLM is easier.

As for the software upgrade, what are the advantage of the new software? Is is worth upgrading? It might not be worth the hassle if you/we aren't going to gain something from it.

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