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Modern Mythras - What Else Do We Need?

Alex Greene


The end of this series of Modern Mythras is upon us. I can feel it.

It's just today, May 27th, and the four Saturdays in June. I'm taking a one week hiatus on July 1, the day after my birthday. Incidentally, I'll be taking a one week break from all of my blogs from that day, including The Spiral Room on Wordpress.

Just asking for some feedback from you tonight. What would you like to see included in, among other things, the Mythras Encounter Generator? More cops - uniformed, Detective, Specials, SWAT? Feds and DHS? Medics - specialists, consultants? Civilian Detectives (private investigators, bounty hunters, amateur sleuths)? Spies (private, government, contractor)? Or more ordinary people - artists, sports stars, journalists, criminals?

Next week, we launch into Gamesmastering modern Mythras games.



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