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Modern Mythras - Gamesmastering

Alex Greene


This blog will be wrapping up the whole Modern Mythras thing with a look at Games Mastery.

The GM's Role

You, as the Games Master, have an enviable task ahead of you. Your job is to come up with a world for the characters to inhabit, enemies to oppose, and a story to keep the players engaged. You are also, as the responsible host for the game, tasked with keeping the players occupied and working together to maximise the shared sense of enjoyment and engagement around the table.

Tough row to hoe.

Mythras Core Rulebook

The Games Mastery chapter of Mythras, pages 278 - 293, provides a pretty comprehensive guide for Games Masters. But the next few weeks will focus on the unique challenges facing Games Mastery in a modern setting.

We will be looking at:-

- Players

- GMing the Modern Setting

- Modern Challenges

- Settings and Final Thoughts on Modern Mythras

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