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Here is another alien race from Jack Vance's Planet of Adventure series. These unfortunately named amphibious aliens have human servants to help them, called Wankh men. My players started to refer to them as Wankhers, and we fell about laughing whenever a Wankh man npc appeared!;D

Race: Wankh Planet: Unknown


Str: 2d6+8 15

Con: 3d6 10-11

Siz: 3d6+6 16-17

Int: 3d6 10-11

Pow: 3d6 10-11

Dex: 2d6+2 9

App: 3d6 10-11

Move: 8/10 swimming Hit Points: 13-14 Damage Bonus: 1d4 Armour: 3 points of skin and blubber.

Powers: Adaptability: Breathes air and water, and adapted to cold (both minor). Dark Vision.

Skills: Pilot: Spacecraft 60% Navigate 50% Swim 80%

Notes: Wankh are large black amphibious creatures, with a heavy torsos and squat heads from which two black lenses flick at half-second intervals. The legs are short, with splayed webbed feet, and they prefer to stand upright, rarely sitting down. They communicate by emitting chimes from a sound organ at the base of the skull. Wankh perception is peculiar, as their brain works in pulses. They see in pulses and they think in pulses. Because of the pulses of radiation, they need no light to see.

Psychologically, the Wankh are slow to anger and are relatively indifferent to human society on Tschai. They are on Tschai to counter the Dirdir threat.


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