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Character Creation



Character creation is as per the Paladins rulebook unless otherwise noted. 

Step One: Personal data

  • Name: Norman name
  • Son number and age: Will depend on the family history and Father’s Class
  • Homeland: Apulia
  • Home: all PK currently live in Taranto, but see Father’s Class for place of origin
  • Culture: Norman
  • Liege Lord: Boemondo of Taranto

Step Two: Family

The PK all have the same grandfather. Roll each PK’s father’s class. If one of them is a Lord or Banneret, then the grandfather will have earned the title and passed it to his eldest son. Otherwise he will have split his domains between all his sons. In general, try to arrange the PKs’ family so that it ties them together. For example, suppose these are the rolled father’s classes:

  • PK1: Banneret
  • PK2: Mercenary
  • PK3: Bachelor
  • PK4: Vassal
  • PK5: Bachelor
  • PK6: Mercenary

PK1 chooses the fief of Castro Minverva (this is a real place) for his homeland. His father will be the eldest son of Ruggero of Castro Minerva. PK4 is the son of Ruggero’s second son, and chooses the fief of Aurocastro (this isn’t!). PK3 and PK5 are brothers, and are sons of the third son (who remained a bachelor knight to his eldest brother). PK2 is the loyal half-brother of PK1 (a bastard from his father’s side) while PK6 is the son of a mercenary knight whose service to the family was awarded with the hand of a daughter of Ruggero. 

In the example above PK1, PK4 and PK6 will be son number 1 and 21 years old. PK2 can be 21 years old (or even older) but will anyway be at least son number 2. PK3 and PK5 will have to decide which one is older (and thus son number 1) and which one is younger. Note that it won’t matter: They will still be all knighted together.

Step Three: Youth

  • Cultural modifiers: +1d3 Energetic, Generous and Valorous
  • Homeland modifiers: +1d3 to Selfish, Just, Prudent, Temperate, and Honor
  • Religious modifiers: +1 to Chaste, Forgiving, Merciful, Modest, Temperate, Trusting

Step Five: Personality

  • Love (Crusades) instead of Love (Charlemagne)
  • Standing (Crusaders) instead of Standing (Charlemagne)


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