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[439 AD][Solo Play]The Fall of the Fool



Early Spring 

As the sunsquirea.jpg.b289b5a13b78f752743fa0c870914511.jpg starts to rise and clouds start rolling in and light drizzle begins to fall from the skies. With the cool breeze coming in from the windows being left open from the servants, Squire Ambros appears above the blanks to survey what the weather looks like from his blankets. After a brief moment decided it was appropriate to sleep in, since he is now a squire and not a commoner like the rest of his family. As the morning starts to roll through, you can hear someone yelling for the young squire[Ambros].

As the knight gets closer to the door, the voice becomes mute and nothing but the sound of birds can be heard from the window. Then you can here an echo of door being kicked in and broken, as Sir Terric is standing there with an extremely upsetting look and walks towards the sleeping squire. Ambros laying under the blankets is not only awoken to the door being busted, but also being tossed out of bed. Ambros jumps to his feet, fairly quickly
for someone who moments ago was dead asleep.

Portrait-64.jpg.a4e85ca3584802b9022009afebbfb4b6.jpgSir Terric:  "How can you be late on your first day of training as a squire. You are lucky, I am doing King Constantine a favor by taking you as my squire or you would be kicked out of my service."

Squire Ambros: "Sorry my lord, I thought it would be okay to sleep in as the weather is horrible and I will try to make sure I am up bright and early"

Sir Terric: "Since you missed your first lesson, you might as well head to the stables and start cleaning them for Lord Eliot and the rest of the knights"

Ambros nods his head and gets dress very quickly as he knows he will get into more trouble if he was late cleaning the stables for the lords of the estate. As the day passes by he was able to make the rest of his training with Sir Terric, but this would continue to be the norm for Ambros sleeping in and the door always being kicked in by Sir Terric. After many weeks of the same results, Sir Terric takes off the door as he is getting older and every door is taking a little bit out of him.

Gained: Check in Lazy

Late Spring
 Lord Eliot calls uponsnippet.png.267e7dce79621ff1c72b9f4ac53a20c7.png all within the region to attend the Spring feast as there will be announcements and to take care of the small issues that have arisen over the spring and winter. As all the knights, ladies and squires come from around Sarum, there is a sense of pride and excitement in the air as there have been many rumors circling around. As they begin to take their seats, Ambros was able to make it to the last seat at the table just before sitting on the floor.  Many of the squires, who ended up on the floor to eat are defiantly not pleased that a commoner like Ambros was able to get a seat before there noble blood. Before the feast starts, Lord Eliot stands up and raise his glass and with a cheerful voice starts off with the announcements for the year.Portrait-88.jpg.df6dcc36a2ae5172168bd6ad3a7943ff.jpg

Lord Elliot: "All the rumors that you have heard are true, the High King Constantine has called upon Sarum to ride to Carlion and meet the Irish scum in the battle. Now let's eat"

With the feast beginning, they begin to bring out the food and ale. As the upper tables begin to being presented their food and drinks, after was seemed like ages food finally arrived at the table. Ambros jumps right in and begins to feast out on both food and ale, many would figured Ambros would be full in minutes because of the pace he is eating at. After what seemed to be a fort night for many, Ambros was  just begining to feel satisfied and puts down the goblet. 

As Ambros looked around, many of the ladies and knights were looking at him differently as Ambros has been on his best behavior for a commoner never having this amount of food ever in his life. A thought started to cross Ambrose's mind about serrating everyone of the court, with traditional Irish songs, being worried about causing a strife in the court called upon his hospitality for Sir Terric and Lord Elliot. He stands up and begins to orate a beautiful song about the fields and prosperity. It has seemed to be a favorite as he became the talk of the feast after it was done for several days.

As the morning starts out with fairly good weather with the suns arise with no clouds to be seen. Ambros was able to finally wake up early enough to help Sir Terric, with his horse and gather all the supplies needed for battle and the travel at hand.

Time Jump to battle:
As you look around the field, you can see many knights from around and attempts to make out some the heraldry to no avail. When he comes to from all the excitement he notices his Lord has already entered battle and must maintain concentration if he were to be called upon.  As battle continues, Ambros tries to keep track of Sir Terric as the battle starts to intensifies and after was seems to be an hour, he is able to tell Sir Terric was able to drop the first Irish warrior with ease and continue to make his way around the battle field. Sir Terric was ambushed by another warrior and Ambros begins to tighten up his rains incased he is called upon to help his lord in need. 

The battle intensifies around Sir Terric and he looses sight of his lord for a brief moment, and as the battle seems to be settling down in the middle where Sir Terric was. There seems to be a faint call for Ambros as he slowly makes his way into the fray to find Sir Terric. Ambros begins to gets closer to the last known location, an Irish warrior charges at the young as he is trotting through the battle. Not able to get his sword up in time as he takes a blow from the Irish warrior, but the warrior was not able to penetrate the armor Ambros was wearing. The young squire was able to regain concentration as he was not expecting to be attacked as most warriors would be able to tell he is just a servant and turns towards the warrior on the ground. 

Ambros attempts to throw everything into the swing to just survive the surprise attack and as both weapons clash with each other, squire Ambros was not able to hold on to his sword as it's flun in the mud. As the warrior is about to land another strike on the unarmored squire, Sir Terric charges into the warrior landing the killing blow before turning to Ambros.

Sir Terric: "Gather up the prisoner for ransom then get out of the battle field as you are more of a danger to me then these warriors."
Ambros picks up his pace and throws the warrior onto his horse and rides out of battle in haste before being mistaken as another knight on the field of battle. What seems to be several hours, King Constantine and kin are victories with very few deaths on there side. Where the other side was fairly wiped out and forced to retreat as many of there kin were killed in the initial charge of the battle.

As the knights returned home and the young squires continue there training, in the mean time to break the bleak fall. Lord Eliot has decided to hold a feast before winter to reward all those who fought at the battle and talk about any future plans that are in talk. As all the knights travelled in once more, snow began to fall and most were not dressed for the winter. Ambros had to stand outside with extra coats for the ladies coming in, so they can regain warmth before heading near the fires.

Once they have all arrived for the feast and have sat down at the tables, Ambros was moved up one spot from where he was last sat in the spring. Many believe this was due to his great poetry he sang in the halls as it was the most beautiful Irish song they have herd. Food if brought out and ale is filling the cups as all the knights and ladies begin to chit chat among each other. One of the servants walks up behind Ambros and taps him on the shoulder, while he points to the high table and as he looks he can see Lord Eliot waving him over.

Once he gets to the high table with all the high lords from Sarum, was asked to present another beautiful song or tale for everyone at the table. After two minutes into the tale, Lord Eliot raises his hand while being displeased as a disappointed expression takes over his face. 

Lord Eliot: "We wanted to hear another beautiful song from your homeland, not your tale of the battle of Carlion." as he waves his hand to dismiss Ambros back to the table.

Ambros looking visibly upset sits back down in his seat, while looking to Sir Terric for advice. After a brief moment, Ambros gets the hint that his lord does not want to talk to him after that embarrassing scene that took place. As Ambros raises his goblet to his mouth, his hand is met by a softer hand as she leans into his ear and whispers softly. "Maybe I can help take your mind off the feast for 25d", and as she finishes whispering Ambros rushes over to Sir Terric with a smile on his face.

Ambros: "Would I be able to get a portion of my wages for the year early" While he points to the courtesan near his seat.

Sir Terric: Chuckles with a big smile on his face and tosses him yearly wage early.

Ambros Exits the Feast and that comes the end of 439 AD

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