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[440 AD][Book of Sires][Squire Edition] Victim to Victory



440 AD Ambros Character Sheet


PRE - LUE Winter Phase
Winter began like many others, fairly calm and peaceful to many around Britain. As winter continued, day by day the weather started to take a turn for the worst as it started to come down harder. With blizzards hitting all over the country, travel have become extremely dangerous for many.  For Ambros, it seems to only get worse as he found out the truth about this winter as his horse ended up breaking his lag.

Used a weather generator to figure out what the winter would be

From book of solo's for yearly event - 19 and ended up with bad fortune
for the winter event.  Rolled a 17 and ended up having my horse break their leg.

[PK thoughts]
He would train during the winter as he didn't want to make a fool of himself again because last year at the battle of Carlion. He fumbles his attack and was more of a hindrance to Sir Terric.

Sir Terric looking out for the young squire, gifted him his sumpter horse as Ambros is still his responsibility to keep alive. Many would speculate how the injury happened to his horse, but the truth is that he was practicing his combat from horse back when it happened.

As winter begins to leave and snow begins to melt across the roads, rivers and lakes. The local knights around Sarum, begin their travel towards Lord Eliot's estate for another spring feast. Excitement and joy begin to fill the air for almost every knight and lady within Sarum except for Ambros. With the snow storms and having bad luck with his horse during the winter. It would seem to many around him that Ambros has begun to mope around the estate and exclude many of his duties as a squire.

Wanted to roll Energetic to see if Ambors would make all his training this year and ended up rolling a 19 vs 12 threshold. I granted a GM check here as that is important for any squire that wants to become a knight.

Knighting Ceremony
As everyone begins to enter the hall, two young squires stand alone in the middle of the room, with Lord Eliot sitting in front of them. To many nobles this is just another knighting ceremony, but for the young squire this is the ultimate achievement because one day his family line would become noble blood.knighted.jpg.b1599fc7953b713df5c75e74a433ed5e.jpg

As the two young knights rise after being knighted, Sir Charles being the first to attempt the horse jump landed on his rear as the horse bucked him off. For Sir James, his fate was quite the opposite as he was able to remain in the saddle as everyone cheered him on. As the horse is taken out of the room the servants begin to rush in the tables and set up the for the feast.

During the intermission till the feast starts, all the knights and ladies are gathering in gossip for the year as many have not seen each other. Ambros begins to look around the room, to find some knights or ladies who would be interested in talking. After a brief moment one of the local catholic churches comes around the knights looking for donations. As they reach Ambros, you could tell there demeanor changed as everyone knew he was not of noble blood.

As they were about to dismiss him, Ambros reached into his pocket and grabbed one of the shillings he had left as he tossed it into the basket. The young priest was slightly shocked, but a small smile came over his face as he says "Bless you young squire" as he carries on to the other knights.

[DM Flair]
wanted to add something different to the spring gathering and these new knights may become important down the road and will build them NPC sheets.

[Church Donation]
Rolled a d12 to determine a trait that I wanted to see come up during the feast and landed on Generous vs Selfish and ended up with a successful Generous roll. As a GM, this would be a good time to hand out a check for it.

As everyone begins to sit down at their seats for the feast, to Ambros's surprise his seat was taken by one of the new knights. As he started to panic and began to look around for another seat, one of the servants came up to him and pointed to the floor with the other squires. As unhappy as Ambros was with eating off the floor, this most likely was a result of his failure to impress Lord Eliot with a song last feast.

[House Rule]
I have decided to bring in a house rule for this as the seating should be based on merit and not off a roll. Slowly working out the kinks for critting on the App role as we speak.

Before the food is served, Lord Eliot rises from the main table and raises both hands to help slowly control the noise from all the knights and ladies talking amongst themselves. As he goes on to thank all the knights and ladies for attending another spring feast, Lord Eliot starts to talk about heading West to aid against saxon raiders and we will raise our banners to show everyone that Sarum will come aid when in need.

                                                              After Lord Eliot finally sits down in his seat, the servants begin to bring food and ale to all the guest. This time around Ambros was not as hungry as last feast andLordEliot.jpg.86992b411f84004ba94f2a3ecfc7e380.jpg was very temperate this time around. As the young squires on the floor begin to converse during dinner, three young children rush over to Ambros and tap him on the shoulder. As he turns his attention to the three kids, whom seem to not be older than seven. They ask Ambros to tell them stories of fairies and fey from back home, with a smile that overcame his face as he obliged the young lords.

After several minutes, the kids run off screaming and crying as Ambros was left quite confused, so he began to go back to the squires and conversate. After what seemed like ages, two knights come up behind Ambros and asked him why he would tell them stories of fey coming to snatch kids to eat them. It was clear to all around that these two knights were visibly upset with the young squire. As the kids came running and crying to them for comfort in which had ruining their dinner. As Ambros turned back to the other squires, they were chuckling at him.

As dinner began to come to a conclusion, some of the squires got up and asked Ambros if he wanted to play daggers. With excitement, Ambros said "yes" as he leaped up from the ground patting off the dirt from his good clothes. The group of them head to the yard with their shinny daggers, but Ambros not having one had to steal a kitchen knife from the servants.
As they begin to toss the daggers at the wooden door, all of them except Ambros was able to stick a dagger. After several minutes of horribly failing Luca, one of the other squires comes over to help teach Ambros the art of dagger throwing. After a brief moment, Ambros attempts to throw the dagger, but as he does he forgot one of the most crucial steps and that was opening his hand completely. As it slices the inside of his hand, Luca rushes over to tie it off. After they were able to stop the bleeding, it was time to retire for the night as all the squires became tired from all the fun.

[Feast Events]
rolled the App which was successful, so I drew cards from the deck(d154) and ended up with the following cards - story time and daggers and failed both rolls. So used DM creativity to for the story time as it was just a fail and the daggers had a result from the fail.

With spring coming to a close and summer weather creeping in faster than expected. The knights have gathered at Sarum to begin their march west to aid against the Saxon raids. As they finally Approach the field of battle, you can see the field is more of a river with trees growing taller than the manor and small spots of clearing where most of the clashes would hope to take place. Amrbos and the other squire are in the rear as they are considered servants to most combatants and should not be attacked at all.

[Combat Mechanics]
Slowly learning the Battle Mechanics from BoB2 and 6th, so decided to use the regular combat mechanics. Where it is contested rolls and modifiers based off of 5.2.

As the battle starts Ambros's eyes can't be kept off Sir Terric as he needs to remain vigilant and concentrated at all times to be able to hear his name being called. When Sir Terric finally enters combat he his met by a decently sized Saxons with tattoos covering his whole body.

 As Sir Terric was not in the first line, he was not able to charge into the frey. Once Sir Terric and the tattooed pick met in battle they started to clashes their swords, as many knights would expect Sir Terric was able to land the first blow. With the first strike coming across his chest, it opens a small wound as blood begins to poor. It would seem to many around this was an unfair advantage as Sir Terric was able to defeat the Saxon after landing several clean attacks in before the tattooed Sax drops unconcise.battle.jpg.73458f5e192d29e8581356e91b389011.jpg

Ambros's ears perk up as he was able to hear his name being called by Sir Terric. Unlike last time, he proceeded with caution through combat as to make it known he was a servant. He was able to reach Sir Terric without conflict this time around, which was quite a relief for the young squire.


[Squire Roll]
During combat, you can call for your squire(6th) to gather prisoners for you. Sir Terric was able to call upon Ambros successfully here in this instance.
[No Conflict]
Since Ambros would take cation this time entering into combat, I set a Threshold of 16 and rolled successfully to avoid conflict here

Sir Terric: "Take the prisoner back to camp for me now and be cautious when leaving"

Ambros nods in agreeance and with haste rushes to pick up the tattooed man. As he made his way out of combat, he turned to look back at Sir Tarric and saw that he was again in combat against what looked like to be a commoner with a pitchfork.

With Sir Terric now in the mitts of battle, he was able to slay the herdsman with ease as he was an experience knight. It would seem Sir Terric had been blessed by the gods on this day, as he continues slaying foes left and right. Till he made his way across the river and was met by two equipped Saxons on the river's edge. Sir Terric was able to counter attack successfully, by landing two clean slashes on both men. The one seemed to take the brunt of damage.

From where Ambros was waiting, it seemed like the clocked stopped as the three men were battling for ages. As all three were landing clean blows but not many were able to pierce the armor of the other. As Sir Terric started to looked overwhelmed from Ambro's position, he moved his horse one pace forward as he squeezes the rains in his hand.

Luca was able to tell that Ambros was thinking of doing something stupid and pulled Ambros back in, by telling him harshly fall back now before he did anything stupid. Ambros being hard headed most of the time, seemed to listen to Luca and moved back in line with the others as he waited on Sir Tarric.

As combat continued to intensify, fog began to roll in over the battle and visibility was very low.  As the fog clears and most of the combat has finally moved to the otherside of the river completely, Ambros was able to here Sir Terric call for him to retrieve his horse. After couple minutes, Amrbos was able to retrieve the horse and bring it to the rear.

Sir Terric was able to finally able to slay the one armed Saxon, but then to be slashed down by the other. Ambro's blood began to boil over and called upon his honor for Sir Terric. Ambros charges in with a blind furry to try and save Sir Terric, as no one else would want a squire who let their lord die. As he charges in on the unexpected warrior as he lowers his weapon and charges.
Ambros was able to land a clean charge on the Saxon, and tried to attempt to control the horse in mitts of battle to gain some distance on the Saxon. To no success, the Saxon was able to close in on Ambros to keep distance to a minimum amount.  Ambros knows very well, he is quite out matched and calls upon his love for family as Sir Terric has been like a father figure to him.

Ambros not quite as skilled as the armed Saxon, gets smashed hard across this face. As he comes to from the strong blow, he notices some blood trickling down his face as that attack made it past his armor. As he tries to regroup his thought he takes another strong hit across his chest this time, but luckily for Ambros it did not pierce his armor. With all his might Ambros was able to land a blow against the Saxon and knocking him unconsciousness as Ambors's blade was able to make it past the armor.
After a brief moment, Ambros comes out of shock from his first killing as he looks down and notices Sir Terric laying in the mud face up without his helmet on. He jumps quickly from his horse, and was able to apply first aid to keep him from bleeding out and be able to get him back to camp to be taken care of. It seems the Saxons start to rush back into the forest from once where they came from as Lord Eliot and kin were able to push them back. You could hear all the cheer's and excitement of the men, while they were at the camp tending to Sir Terric.

[Checks Earned]
Reckless for rushing into battle like a dummy while being under qualified to hold a sword.

As the knights finally returned home to their wives and children, Ambros was attending to Sir Terric's every needs as he was still injured from battle. As feast fall comes a near, there seems to be a weary feeling among the older knights as a royal rider was seen approaching Sarum several moons after the return from battle. Lord Eliot did not seem like his self and many rumors began to spread among the knights till Lord Eliot called for a meeting of Knights.

Once Lord Eliot began to talk many of the knights began to weep as news of High King Constantine was slain by his own personal royal guard. Many speculate it must have been the Silchester knights as they made up most of the royal guard, while others blamed the picts that raided the castle. Ambros visibly upset leaves the room, before he explodes in court.

As he makes his way outside to the garden begins to curse the Picts for slaying a man he adorn and swore fealty to before becoming a squire. The small wound on his face, not quite healed from battle begins to bleed a little and he begins to make his way back into the feast as one of the servant girls notices that he is bleeds and tends to the wound. After was seemed like a short moment turned into an evening his Ambros's chambers.

[Passion Gained]
on the passion table from Book of sires you have three options, suspicious silchester, hate Picts or no passion gained and ended up rolling hate Picts.



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