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[441 AD Part A][BoS] In the Midst of Chaos



Character Sheet: Ambros - PK Sheet

images(1).jpg.fa3addadd6557107fa717209e619c663.jpgAs cold weather comes and goes during the winter, many bandits have begun to raid the lands near Sarum as they have prospered under King Constantine. Without a high king many have become restless and bolder than before, as there is no judge to hold them of their crimes amongst each other. Most knights were reluctant to help, as they were worried about what is to come under the new rule of Constants and didn't want to up set the order of things in the current moment. Then there are Knights like Sir Terric, that were missing signs of the bandits all across the lands.


With Sir Terric sticking close to the garrison, he took the time out to mentor Ambros on combat from foot and horse. With Ambros's slow progression, there was hope for the young squire to be a half decent knight. As Ambros slowly began to understand the art of combat, many of the other squires have quite surpassed him, Luca would at least keep the fight close enough that it was enjoyable for both friends. Most times, the two were inseparable and would train together under Sir Terric, while Luca's knight was busy attending to matters of estate.

Rolled a 1 on vassal duty and failed the awareness roll for bandits and then had chores list and rolled for horsemanship and generic.

[Passion Gained]
Loyalty(Luca) 2d6(8)


As spring began to come early this year as the winter has been warmer than usual, Lord Eliot decided to hold the feast early as a celebration for the crowning of King Constants of Logres. Unlike previous feast Lord Eliot will not be hosting this year, as he is attending the ceremony of Constants. While back home in Sarum, Sir Terric has begun taking care of the hosting privileges for the spring feast and in return that meant Ambros would have more duties to take on. As the knights that stayed in Sarum instead of traveling to Londium, started to trickle in and were all greeted personally by Sir Terric. As the knights and ladies finally arrived and settled in for the evening, the servants began to bring out the food and ale for all the guest.

Mossnippet.png.749801fd08d4de3e86955dacf1d6ddd6.pngt of the knights below the salt wanted to hear the tales of Ambros's great exploits in saving the host during battle and took a seat at the end of the table. As he begun to tell the great tale of his exploits at River of Parrett, all the knights around begin to chant his name. As you can imagine the look of Sir Terric's face, when Ambros noticed that he was glaring in his direction. As Ambros turns back to the group of knights, they started passing around the jug of ale and gave Ambros another cup full as they all begin to tell stories of their personal feats from the battle of Parrett. Ambros after finished drinking with the young knights, began to take to himself for a brief moment. 

As he looked around the room, he noticed one of the lords and esquire get into a little bit of an argument. Ambros was able to overhear the conversation, as they were fairly close to the table and as he listened in to their conversation. Ambros was able to make out that the boy was upset as the Knight had to cut his services abruptly as he was not able to afford his cost anymore. Ambros stumbles over slightly intoxicated and spoke up quite quickly and said I can hire the boy for the year, as he pulls the Libra out of his pocket. As he tosses it to the young esquire, the older knight leaves in a state of embarrassments and the young esquires begins to cry. The Tears of sorrow turned quickly to tears of joy as the boy rushes over to thank Ambros.

Ambros: "What is your name"download.jpg.fede97b2d19ad069fb1202a65fb6310b.jpg

Esquire: "My name is Cedric, my lord"

Ambros almost choking his ale and quickly corrects Cedric.

Ambros:  "I am just a squire right now Cedric." as he chuckles

As Cedripretty-young-woman-renaissance-costume-looking-window-property-released-authentic-medieval-castle-france-waiting-192365152.webp.f94f9c172c79cece25db46cd4a24ef26.webpc quickly gives Ambros a look, quickly gets to work on Ambros's outfit. As Cedric is busy at work, tossing and turning Ambros to adjust his outfit, a young lady catches his eye as she exits the feast with her parents. Ambro's becomes overwhelmed with emotions and turns to Cedric. Ambros leans in asks about the lady in question and as Cedric looks towards the door, it was already closed behind them. Ambros brushes Cedric off and attempts to chase after the young lady, when he is stopped by Sir Terric. 

Sir Terric: "Not sure where you are going, but I need you hear to help usher the knights and ladies to there rooms"

Ambros: "I will get on that right now" 

Amrbos with a disappointing look on his face, gets right on his duties for Sir Terric and once he has finished with escorting everyone back to their rooms, he was finally able to head to bed for the evening. While laying in bed, Ambrose's mind ran wild about the young lady as she was a mystery to him.


Based on his feat of last year during the battle, he gained his seat back at table. Rolled App to see if he is able to get a feast cards for  both rounds of the feast. Round 1 was 8 vs 12 App and Round 2 was 11 vs 12 App. Round 1 card was Young Braggarts, which required a Proud roll which I rolled a 6. It was about telling a tale of his exploits. Round 2 was card was personal Valet, and if I wanted to pay 1 lib a year, I would be able to hire him for fashion 2d6+4(rolled 8+4 =12)

[GM Flair]
Wanted to add a mystery to Ambros's life, that might drive him mad to chase her. Rolled opposed vs her App to see if he noticed her and ended up rolling a 12 v 14 App

Garrison Duty

This year was unlike most of the previous years as many have elected to stick close to home as it is still turbulent with King Constants now at the helm of Logres after his father was killed. Sir Terric and several knights were selected to be stationed at Sarum's walls to protect from bandits and attacking tribes. As Ambros slept, he was awoken while being dragged out of his bed, still groggy trying to gain conciseness' as two men dragged him out of his bed and coved his mouth before being knocked unconcise.  

Edited by DMMori


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