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The Belly of The Beast

Lord Shag


Trying to remember which movie i last heard this line from the title of this blog post), i think it was a comedy. Well its been a busy weekend! Some good news and bad. Firstly lets have the bad. I have stated that I wanted to get this puppy out sometime this week. I'm going to have to push this back to probably sometime in April. The reasons for this are (this is the good news) is the extra play testing i did on the weekend went so well that the quality of the input from those sessions is worth taking the time to reproduce in the rules.

Most of the issues arising were quite simple ones like unclear expression of rule concepts and so on. I know that some will gnash their teeth over this delay but i can assure everyone its worth waiting to incorporate the changes. My goal is to put out a good quality product thats going to be a gift to the BRP community and i personally want that gift to be used and enjoyed and not marred by gibberish prose.

I did have other reasons for delaying which include a teenage daughter with a dislocated knee and both a full-time Bachelor of Laws degree and job bearing down on myself. So for those fans (like threedeesix) my apologies. If you like deesix, i can chuck you a consolation chapter from the first version - just PM me.


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