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The Beetle has left the Hive...



The travelling beetle will be leaving home tomorrow, heading west for warmer climates in South America. First there will be trekking in the Central Andes and then there will be diving in Los Roques. I'll be back 8th of August, and first order of buisness then will be to get a new internet provider, as my current one has been extremely unstable lately. Then I have Eternal and Continuum reports to write up, and tons of stuff to improve here in addition to work to be done on d100rules. Hmm... There's to few hours in the day. Maybe I should bring some "stay awake"-chewing leaves from across the pond? Anyway, hope that you'll all be here when I get back and that the hive still stands. If not, I've made some very accurate blueprints to recreate the current conditions here today. A good summer to all of you!



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