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Ruminating on Magic Options for Stormbringer/Elric!



Say you have a practitioner of earth elemental magic in the Young Kingdoms. How would you go about simulating the ability to manipulate plants. Particularly, is it spell casting to raise a wall of brambles to choke, and constrict your opponents, or is it elemental summoning with simple to elaborate ritual of various lengths?

I'm trying to put together a human magician of the Young Kingdoms whose skill set is a combination of earth elemental magic, and is knowledgeable in the making, and using of potions. He would know earth lore, potion lore, and wilderness lore I imagine for the bare bones skills.

His path to wealth could be made supplying poisons to the brisk assassination business of the city. Having trouble being satisfied with my current conceptions of this working together. Maybe it is because there are too many possibilities?

Any, and all suggestions welcome


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