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B10 Night's Dark Terror AAR, part 3



The party sets out three days later after the new young stallion is born. They do not now have the luxury of riding on horseback. Pytor refuses to lend any more to the PC’s. The journey on foot takes five days as they skirt the edge of the Dymrak forest. This is to avoid being spotted on the open plains to the north while keeping as much distance between the party and the goblin horde.

Upon arriving on the rocky hills where the tombs can be found the party examines the portals on each. They all appear to be blocked up with a stone door sealed in with mortar. Choosing the tomb of the warrior they look for traps before chiseling away the old mortar. The PC’s do not intend to let the terrible visions inflicted by the evil presence of the tomb turn them away from their labor. Once inside and they resist the stench of death the PC’s penetrate the length of the tomb and confront the two weirds. Successfully turning the undead terrors, the cleric strides forth and claims the silver tipped spear gripped in a statue of human warrior. This propels the globe wielding fiends at the rest of the party who have fun engaging the elusive shades. The battle is over quickly though. The characters combat skills so far have kept them from serious harm. They return to the outside, and rest for the night.

In the morning they tackle the next tomb entrance. This one leads them to a crystal coffin containing a mummified corpse. The presence of the PC’s and the close inspection in which they give all the frescos is too much for the starved ghoul and it leaps out at the characters. It is brought down under a flurry of sword strokes leaving the ghoul in shreds. The crystal coffin is shattered without trouble and the jewel encrusted mace. Successful incantation of a perceive spell reveals the ancient weapon has magical properties.

This leaves one more tomb to be braved. Close inspection reveals an additional entrance from the main. Upon receiving the seductive and pleasant visions delivered by the unknown enchantment the PC’s decide to proceed through the newly discovered secret door believing it to be the “safer” of the two choices. Once inside the damp, rough hewn chamber beyond they are immediately set upon by the living statue guardian inside. The acidic ooze which spills from the creature manages to ruin a spear and a broadsword before the creature is reduced to an acidic pool. Reaching the finished stone chambers beyond they come across the last weapon in which to provide the edge they need, the Huntsman’s Knife. An enchanted, silver edged short sword worn by rangers who fought against the were creatures and demons in the beast lords dark armies. After realizing they had avoided any traps by entering the tomb from the secret entrance the party retreats back out the way they came. Standing once again in the daylight the characters agree to rest and discuss their next move.

The elf princess will want to eliminate the were-beasts so as to secure the release of her father’s new stallion. She holds no illusion that Pytor will not give up the new born without the return of his livelihood. The cleric would like to inspect the room in which he retrieved the mace and the mummified remains of the body which held it. His scientific interest has been piqued. The writing on the mace is entirely foreign and the mummy had unnatural physiology which he had no time to examine in any sort of detail. The fighter is concerned for the safety of Sukiskyn steading and wants to know what to do about the goblin horde at large. He is extremely anxious to return and see to the homestead’s defenses. The ranger will want to see the centaur’s task completed as quickly as possible. He wants to get the princess back to Rifflian as soon as he can. Baby horse or not.

What does the party do?


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