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  2. I was thinking there might be explicit "berzerk" rules (i.e. 100%-offense no-parry/no-dodge), which are trivially available to StormBull & ZorakZoran & the like, occasionally to others, but tie into the Passion rules, both as a possible Fumble result and as something to try for when the player wants...
  3. Isn't this in the style of Hillfolk? In that game relationshipmaps are quite handy.
  4. This is... unexpected. Indeed. How did Mularik arrive at that skin coloration? A consequence of Arkati heroquesting? We have at least one heroquester changing his skin color, Belintar (starting with blue, later wearing bronze).
  5. R-Maps is an idea that I first saw enter gaming via the "indie" gaming environment a while back... maybe 15ish-20ish years ago. Ian's link in the OP says they came to us via the Japanese RPGs in the 90s... I know they are big with business-wonk types, and some fiction-authors use them; but I'm not sure where the concept originated, or how much cross-contamination there ahs been between the various communities. === From an RPG perspective, they do that concise "picture worth a thousand words" capture of complex social situations -- a multiplicity of relationships between multiple individuals and/or groups. Sometimes they can reveal stuff like, "whoa, why doesn't THIS person have a deep history with THAT group? it's so clear... they MUST be related!" This can lead to a deeper, more "real" feeling to the setting and/or character(s). Sometimes they help the GM figure out what would happen (what would the NPC reaction/motivation/etc be) in a tangled/complex situation; sometimes they will highlight that the choice may be an agonizing one. A quick Google (for the source/origin of r-maps, which I didn't find) found one game-designer who was playing with the idea of having the WHOLE character-sheet as an R-map: the PC is defined as who they are in relationship to people & groups around them. === To answer Ian's OP: I haven't used them explicitly, though I like the idea and they seem cool! But so far, I haven't felt that r-map creation got to the top of my game-prep "must do next" list -- there are all manner of things one COULD do for game-prep; NPC sheets, maps, cool/evocative props, etc etc etc. I don't have enough time to do as much prep as I would LIKE to do, and r-maps have never made the cut. Sometimes, NOTHING makes the cut -- I run the game off of what is in the back of my head. I have found the "nothing but what's in my head" games can be just as strong as the lots-of-stuff-on-paper games... which honestly doesn't encourage me to go deeper into my "game-prep to-do" stack.
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  7. Tablet 5 I'll let that monstrum stand for itself. Most of the Copper Tablets consists of very small changes in a static cosmos. Tablet 5 introduces the surface map of Murharzarm's Dara Happa. Cities are symbolized by Ziggurats. Each city on the outer circle has one of the planetary sons of Yelm as the orb hovering above the tower, bathing the city below with their light and magic. Possibly with their wisdom, too, as far as that goes. Two towers on the inner circle don't have a Planetary Son. One can be assumed to be Raibanth, situated beneath Yuthubars, participating in Yelm's direct glory, and elsewhere mentioned to be protected/blessed by Raiba(mus). The other ziggurat is absent from Glorious ReAscent (for Murharzarm's period), but might be located at Yuthuppa. (In which case Herustana's Hill could have been a water-worn former ziggurat.) Derdurnus hovers above an inverted tower/ziggurat/step pyramid. I know only one such edifice from Pelandan mythology, the descending pyramid of Dezarpovo. However, Spol is located in the northwest of Raibanth, not the southwest. Derdurnus as master of Brilliance should hover above Suvaria, and the Tablet sort of agrees. It is possible that the position of the descending pyramid is an error in the pictures, or we are missing some sinister myth from Suvaria. Opinions?
  8. It was a series of simple contests, yeah. It was a gencon game that David Scott took over GMing from Jeff on short notice, so I suspect that he may have been winging it and ended up with a slightly more... classic play flow
  9. It burns because it floats!
  10. Die Chaos Spawn! Oh wait, I'm a Humakti
  11. that is a great instance for a Passion roll, even a fumble could send a PC off into a careless frenzy...
  12. I have this idea for a science-fantasy campaign, very GammaWorld-esque, which I plan to run using BRP (of some flavor; but straight-up BRP is a leading contender). I hope and expect to use quite a bit of this material, so THANKS!
  13. A HeroQuest scenario is a Cameo for about any other system. You need to decide which characters you want to stat out, and how detailed, and which rolls you are likely to use to solve a conflict.
  14. This would not be my choice for RAW in a RPG. It strikes me as turning the PC into a piece, to be played for optimal advantage; it is NOT my experience that people often act that way. As always: YGMV. (otoh, this strikes me as a fine instance for using Passion rules; and having a Passion involved in declaring an all-offense or all-defense combat strategy seems a very fine idea!)
  15. The weekly discussions relating to the Guide have highlighted the alien nature of the Elder Races. I've always stuck with humans as PC's in my RQ games as there is enough cultural diversity for me in Glorantha. Broken dwarves, aldryami scouts, exiled dragonewts not to mention all the beast men offer interesting role-playing opportunities. However I often found that as written in RQ2 they lacked a truly alien appeal, they were the same as human but with a slightly different Characteristic spread and perhaps an aversion to iron. They really were no different than elves & dwarves from D&D. I hoping that RQG addresses this but I though I'd like to through it out to the community too. So, what have you done in the past that worked or not when having an Elder Race PC? Also, has anyone ever played an entirely Elder Race group?
  16. I came across them for the first time in The Coming Storm, and I don't really understand them (particularly their benefits).
  17. Ah ok thanks - So its more a case of Sartar Companion being the accompanying (essential) book to Sartar KoH. Useful as an addition to Coming Storm/eleven lights, but not essential?
  18. So, basically a series of examples of play in different genres to illustrate the rules. For the (extremely small print run) German edition the HQ2 rules were translated, and a book of HeroQuest scenarios for all kinds of genres is about to be published. If these had samples of play, we would be there, I guess. I don't really see a need to produce a new version of HQG, except maybe with a different cultural focus (something else but the Theyalan area). HQ2 mainly needs better samples of play, and I think providing these along with scenarios might be a way to go.
  19. Might be worth noting on the errors page.
  20. Not really: Sartar KoH is both a sourcebook and a campaign. Companion describes more several important locations, provides extensive and exemplary encounters, and contains several adventure scenarios. They are in fact a big book cut in two volumes. For more details, you can check &
  21. is it possible to have an idea of the workload to convert it to RQG? I never played Heroquest Glorantha and I have only the RQS.
  22. Confuse them with kindness... Have them treated with some level of respect by well meaning souls who do not question there disguise. Give them the opportunity to serve or save these individuals but in doing so will aid the agenda of empire. a nice humanity vrs philosophy & prejudice moral dilemma
  23. Adding CO$_2$ will not block the problematic UV rays. You need oxygen for that, which has its ozone allotrope. You could use a UV absorber other than oxygen, I guess, but whatever else you might choose, I'll bet you shouldn't breathe it.
  24. Yes. One of the triumphs of Mythras is that its modeling of combat makes spears and shields powerful, instead of "inferior weapon and +1 to AC".
  25. Thanks - So if you wish to flesh out Sartar/Dragon pass further, the Sartar Companion would be the helpful complimentary guide to the coming storm/eleven lights. I wasn't sure how these books worked with each other. So Sartar kingdom of Heros is a separate (huge) campaign, and the Sartar Companion is more a guide book to Sartar that would compliment either the Coming Storm or Sartar Kingdom of Heros?
  26. Out of curiosity, was this Extended Contest or "series of simple contests" (as the say)? Apparently it wasn't a single simple contest. What led you to use selected method?
  27. Page 9 “Decide how events unfold ‘off-camera,’ and present those in turn to the players.” Depending on how sensitive readers are to using modern terms in a Bronze Age setting may be change this to: “Decide how events unfold ‘off-stage,’ and present those in turn to the players.” Page 10 The idea is that you can use these outlines as a framework to run adventures in any year of the campaign[full stop] Although you can use these at any time, Page 13 Larnste’s Table (page XX), Old Wind please add in the relevant page numbers I’ll avoid any further mention of this as you know how to Find "XX”!
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