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  2. Hi, the German version of the site was broken by software issues that are not easily solved. I've avoided switching it off completely as there's value from being able to read in their own language. It's not easily fixable as some of the underlying software is not longer supported. I will have a look and see if this can be particular issue can be fixed. Feel free to PM me about this.
  3. I just treat them as buffing, to make you seem a bit shinier than you normally would. This works the same way as wearing a corset, push up bra, false eyelashes and makeup, sure you know what has happened but it still has an effect. Some people will say "No way, it's all false" and some people will say "Well, hello there".
  4. I‘m talking about what is currently possible in the core books. Not everyone has access to old publications. There are currently no guidelines or details for an Orlanth or Kolat shaman in RQG.
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  6. The most up-to-date reference is HeroQuest Glorantha. The rules are largely unchanged since Cults of Terror. Illumination is acquired not just through Nysaloran Koans but also through conversations with a Dragon, exposure to the All etc. The mechanical resolution is the same. One mystical experience gives a 1% (cumulative) chance to being illuminated in any given year Different schools have different methods: The Lunars expose people to the All. They see the Cosmos in such a way that their brains melt and flow out of their ears. This is exceedingly dangerous but the lunars pride themselves on the intense experiences they've undergone. The Arkati unite their consciousness with the Gods in sorcerous rituals conducted in secret. The Draconists do many things such as speaking with True Dragons without being eaten. For your Sartarite Darkness Shaman, a fairly mind-bending experience (ie the sort of expereince you get if you fail your San in Call of Cthulhu or watch David Lynch for too long) can lead to a chance of being illuminated. He or she will then be approached by the Warlocks (Sartarite Battle Magicians) who are on the lookout for magicians who are a bit freaked out. They will explain what is going on and give certain suggestions of what should be done next in order to Truely Undesratnd. For a Warlock's mentor, think of a evil genius seeking to corrupt the seeker down a dark path. Although the mentor offers guidance and comfort, there should be a lurking doubt by the seeker as to what is really being offered,
  7. I've thought about this in regards to charm effects in RPGs quite often. I've a question that I've used to bring perspective into this, though: have you ever talked to someone who is so attractive that you know that their beauty and/or charm is effecting your way to interact with them? Yeah, so yeah, you know you've been Charmed, but in most cases it kinda still doesn't matter/help.
  8. There's always a question in fantasy games about when you can use social or mind-affecting magic effectively, if ever. Will the people affected by the magic know about it (either they see you making the magic or they can tell that you did) - and if they do, when will they know and how will they react? GMs, how have you answered this for your Glorantha games? Some rules talk about which casting actions or magical effects are perceptible, up to a point. RQG is clear that rune magic is perceptible, and calls out Lie as an exception, but it's ambiguous about the other types. HQG says magic augments aren't perceptible whereas direct magic might be. I don't think the rules text is important, though. The texts don't give complete answers; it would be easy to house rule if they did; and in any case social stuff always involves GM judgment. I'm thinking about this in the context of Glorantha games in general, but I'm asking here in RQ to make it more concrete. In RQG some of the spells this might come up for are (Spirit) Glamour, (Rune) Arouse Passion, Charisma, Clever Tongue, Detect Honor, Detect Truth, Harmony, Inviolable, Lie*, Mind Read* (the last two have explicit guidance), (Sorcery) Dominate, Logical Clarity.
  9. It also shouldn't be missed that New Pavis isn't lost until 1624; until then, we have unbroken Lunar holdings from Pavis to Corflu, which is certainly sufficient. The river is certainly big enough, since a Giant's Cradle is born in 1621
  10. The wonderful opportunity presented by the modern Grantlands, Corflu, etc. is that it looks like we’ll have a pretty free hand to develop them. Jeff and Argrath don’t much mind what we get up to, as long as the main outlines of their precious Hero Wars unfold on schedule, and they all drop off the pages of history in 1625 or thereabouts. So set your Seven Samurai in the Grantlands, run Corflu as Casablanca, and even build a longer-term future for deviant Lunar faiths in a greatly expanded Red Navy Corflu: these are all fertile ground for fan exploration. Just state your assumptions / points of variation, and work to maximise fun opportunities for gaming (i.e. don’t just say “there was a genocide, those people are all dead, don’t even bother going there”). I have a fairly minimalist take on Corflu 1627 in my next scenario, mostly Scary Wolf Pirates, but it’d be easy to merge that with any or all of the above. Life finds a way.
  11. This is one great mystery I have also been pondering! 😮
  12. Prove to me that they can’t get renegade Lunar sorcerers to modify Glowline tech and create a force-field dome over the Port o’Corflu, helping it survive the Flood. I’ll wait.
  13. I just checked this thread out of bored curiosity at work... And now, Smiorgan, you sold me, gotta buy it (it's only $7 )
  14. Not necessarily. All they needed to do was to get from Corflu to Karse. They didn't need to be particularly strong or seaworthy for that single voyage. Also, the Lunars get Water Elementals through the Young Elementals, so they could use them to shore up any shoddy ships.
  15. Secrets of Dorastor has a chapter on Illumination, with new powers. There are many ways to Illumination, all of which involve gaining, increasing and rolling an Illumination skill. You can gain or increase the illumination skill in many different ways, some examples of which are: Answering Nysalor Riddles Performing certain deeds (For example, touching all the walls of the Puzzle Canal) Participating in certain events (Some mythical events automatically increase Illumination) Watching certain Mystery Plays performed by Illuminated Entertainers Being quizzed by Lunars in sacred rituals Talking to an Illuminated Master Contemplating the secrets of Illumination (Research) Soltak Stormspear, one of my PCs, became Illuminated by meeting Nysalor on the spirit Plane and gaining 1D6 Illumination, he rolled 4, I think, then rolled it the next Sacred Time, so he didn't need to answer any riddles. I don't bother with thinking up Nysalor Riddles, I just get Players to roll the skill. Some GMs would prefer to think of riddles and answers. I seem to remember some examples in very old threads, perhaps the Gloranthan Digest. As to a Darkness Shaman gaining secrets of Illumination, perhaps the shadow mages from Secrets of Dorastor might be a way in. Arkati hold the secrets of Illumination, too. also, don't forget Xiola Umbar's secret of Light Within, which is a school of Illumination. They might be natural ways in to Illumination.
  16. The game is comparable to Classic Fantasy (I mean the original BRP edition, not the Mythras one) and to Magic World. And my first impression is that, for my tastes, it compares favorably to both. It has definitely some D&D in its heritage, but does not go overboard to emulate D&D in BRP as Classic Fantasy did. As for Magic World, Toxandria has better layout, and manages to be its own thing, while MW was lost somewhere on the way from a hack of Stormbringer and RQ and a game with its own personality. Ironically, with its skill based magic system, Toxandria is closer to the original BRP Magic World.
  17. g33k

    What is canon?

    It's useful that the fandom has at least a rough concensus about canon, though... enough that they're sharing the same frame of reference when they argue about it online.
  18. It IS ridiculously cool... but part of that, IMHO, is that the details are NOT universal, but particular to the character. Reach out to the artist and find out how much for a similar sheet, but with details (runes, color-themes, etc) specific to YOUR character...
  19. Mysticism has never been developed much as a system. So there's not a lot to work with here. Illumination is about breaking out of the straitjacket of your worldview. So his illumination should come from things that contradict his worldview. Where doing the 'right' thing in his worldview isn't the right thing. If he finds his way out of his straitjacket, he will reach enlightenment. If he is a Darkness Shaman, he will have to confront the limits and flaws of the Darkness and Shamanic viewpoints. What those are will depend on your campaign. To give a standard Orlanthi example, if I had an Orlanthi warrior who sought enlightenment, I'd confront them with situations where 'Violence is always an Option' and 'No one can make you do anything' are making things worse. They would need to learn the limits of their current POV to break out of it into illumination, like being presented with two clans feuding to the point of slaughter because people disobeyed the clan authorities and took private revenge.
  20. The more I think about it, a successful Lunar assault on Karse seems very odd. How much naval experience do the Lunars actually have? They're a land empire with only one major coastal zone, so it seems unlikely that they have a lot of experience with naval combat. And their naval skills would mostly be suited to rivers and an inland sea, rather than the most roughly conditions of the Homeward Ocean, so whatever naval forces Karse had available to it would seem like they would have the upper hand in terms of the fighting conditions and experience. The Lunar navy can't have been very large, given the problem of trying to build ships in a region that has little lumber---how large a navy could the Empire build at Corflu? The Lunar army can't really get to Karse very easily, so their prowess at land combat doesn't help them. They're way far from the Glowline, so their magic is going to be hampered. They probably couldn't bring the Bat to bear, simply because they would have the trouble of feeding it on the way there. So how did the Lunars pull this off?
  21. I guess I see moonbeams as being passenger vessels much more than cargo vessels. There can't been that many of them and they probably take a lot of magical resources. And warships take a lot of lumber.
  22. I recommend the King of Sartar book if you haven't already read it, it teaches a lot about the universe, and it's a really good book, and it's on sale. Also I too had the same problems with the webcomick both in Android and in windows.
  23. In the campaign I'm running one of my players has, through a heroquest, started on the path to illumination. The character is a sartarite child, and a darkness shaman, so he does not know anything about illumination besides what orlanthi propaganda states, and as such it's very difficult for him to directly go looking for info on illumination. As such, I was thinking of gradually introducing illuminate things through the campaign, but all I have found about it in books was a short text about the Nysalorean Riddles in, I think, the Cult Compendium, but that method looks very impersonal and not really linked with character development, and it requires a lot of work from the GM as the examples it offers are almost non existent. So I was wondering if any of you knew about some publication where this issue is adressed, as I'm sure it exists, or have any tips (like some real riddles the player has to answer or some mini-adventures that happen in dreams or something of the sort that does not rely solely on dice) (I was debating between asking this question in the illumination post or making a new one but as I didn't want to seem too off topic I made a new one, sorry if it should have been the other way around) (Sorry also for the bad english but it's very late here)
  24. I can replicate this behavior on a Chromebook (Chrome browser + ChromeOS - current version (at least, no upgrades seem to be pending)) . Also USA. @Jeff can you let Kalin / whoever know?
  25. That's an invitation to Heroquest to save it if I ever saw one.
  26. Full statement: Player: “I’m going to punch the guard, then run for the open door.” Keeper: “ The guard is going to try to grab you. Roll your Brawling skill.” Which is elaborated on by: "Notice how the request for a dice roll develops out of what the players say. In the first example the goal is to get past the guard, and the punch is simply a method of achieving the goal; damage may be in inflicted as a consequence, but the Keeper uses the dice to judge whether the maneuver is accomplished." The paragraph is illustrating Players and Keepers giving a general overall pre-action description of what they intend to do in the encounter, not the round by round execution of that intent. Before getting down to round by round action, the overall intent needs to be established so everyone one at the table understands what is happening. In this case the Keeper starts the action by having the PC go first and try the punch. [player action] My guess is that the next action will be the Guards attempt to grab the PC modified by how successful the PC's punch was [NPC action] After that the next player action would be to flee if the Guards attempt to grab failed, or something else if the Guard succeeded. General statements of intent establish a broad idea of what the Players wish to attempt and how the NPC's [Keeper] plans to respond. Just like in D&D. The PC Fighter is facing 20 Goblins in a dungeon. Fighter: I advance into the narrow part of the corridor so they cannot flank me and kill the goblins. DM: The Goblins swarm forward and attack. That does not mean that the Fighter gets to move and immediately make 20 attacks. He will get to try to move into the narrow part first and then make his first attack. Then they will cycle through however many rounds as it takes to end the encounter. And I really wish I knew why this forum randomly forces posts to be double spaced for no apparent reason.
  27. And probably doesn't need to be. I think that's the opportunity for GM's - not all needs to be so tightly locked up that it can't be boom-and-bust town in one game, abandoned "naval" facility (complete with Watchdog) in another, and ne'er-do-well backwater in a third. Nothing like the arrival of a dragonship to get attention!
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