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  2. According to Plentonius, Shargash has never been anything but red - it's already in the name, "shar", which also is the color of the southern direction in the gradual darkening of the four Guardians of the Cardinals (white - yellow - red - black). That's a very convenient argument, but doesn't really explain the green city, or Alkor the Green. Plentonius loves convenient arguments, and may have adjusted the dates of reigns of previous emperors to fit his schematic, making the Ten Tests of Khordavu a convenient change of age. And the arrival of Teelo Estara adds another appropriate 1000 years - coincidence, or an opportunity to legitimize their coup discovered by Irrippi Ontor to lend them some extra sympathetic effect? Or perhaps they were pre-empting some "Yelm is really Idovanus" stunt some Carmanian cabal had prepared for 1221?
  3. It's fascinating but I think can imagine how it could work. Boxed sets will feature all the basic rules and offer a parallel entry point into the game. People interested in emulating Randolph Carter could just pick up the Dreamlands starter set before buying fully into the Cthulhu rpg. After all, Dreamlands are quite a separate thing also in HPL in tone and content. Veteran players would still pick up the starter box to get a beautiful Dreamlands map, more scenarios and more dice (you always need more dice). If I have understood correctly the main Dreamlands book will expand not only with more scenarios, more critters etc. but also by exploring different tones and different ways of incorporating the Dreamlands and dream themese into a regular Cthulhu game. So I guess one could imagine a buying trajectory like that: Dreamlands Starter -> Dreamlands Book -> Cthulhu Corebook. But that's pure guesswork. For Gaslight. I imagine the starter set will be focused on Sherlock Holmes against the Mythos, which was a theme in the very first edition of Gaslight. And it will feature a beautiful map of London. Again, I know nothing: that's pure speculation.
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  5. It's the last weekend of the "Christmas in July" summer sale: DriveThruRPG prices go back to normal on Tuesday. Don't miss out!
  6. It's the last weekend of the "Christmas in July" summer sale: DriveThruRPG prices go back to normal on Tuesday. Don't miss out!
  7. Updated again on 31 July 2021: now contains 540 titles. There's a lot of new scenarios coming out now the Storytelling Collective's summer workshop is over: check it out?
  8. Fascinating! I'm relatively new to the hobby, but in what I've been able to study its history, I can't recall dual starter / sourcebook box sets being made that way. I thought the Runequest Sartar Set was going to be just a Starter Set, for example. Sounds like a smart move, since this way veteran players with the rulebooks will still be interested in these products. I guess my doubt then would be if that means hardbacks aren't going to to be made for those products, and if they are, how much crossover could they potentially have. Excited either way!
  9. I believe that is the wrong way to frame the question. It's not necessary for the universe to consciously calculate area or to tell you in words if you ask. I have a counter-example for you to consider: Buoyancy. How much weight can you put into a boat or on a raft before it sinks? it is possible to compute volume and weight, calculate density, and answer the question. But the universe is not doing that. Density is a human concept, invented so that humans can predict what the universe actually does. We can have a rule on buoyancy that gives a density formula. We might have such a rule in RQG if the issue came up much. But in the absence of such a rule I wouldn't allow a player to load a canoe to the gunwales with lead and float down the river standing on it. (The issue of how much cargo - does come up: it came up a few days ago in a RQG game i am in, how much cargo can I get into one wagon and on two pack animals, or do I need two wagons? The GM told me it looks like I need two wagons.) In the case of Warding or Market, we do have a rule that says there is a limit to the spell's area of effect and here is how to calculate that limit. That's just saying there is a magical-natural limit,and it's knowable for game purposes. It's not saying that the universe is consciously doing a calculation and will give you an answer in words. The canoe either floats or sinks, the warding either works or it doesn't. The universe will be consistent in both cases. It is possible to calculate the result in both cases. But before people could calculate buoyancy, the boat still sank or floated.
  10. I feel like I may not have been believed for my previous post. Indlas Somer Lord of the Endless Surf Born the very hour that the Sun first appeared in the Sky at the Dawn, Indlas Somer found a new world of oppressive rules and stifling traditions. He rejected the depressing vision of the dogmatists and the judges of morality, and sought a life of hedonism and enjoyment. He quested mightily, and succeeded in carving his own place out of the world: a place for friends and celebration of the good things Life has to offer. Members of the cult enjoy fast chariots, loud music, a festival around a roaring fire on the beach, and all sorts of indulgences. Indlas lived for the moment, never thinking of tomorrow and forgetting yesterday, generally out for a good time, and subject to no rules except his own, and he expects his followers to follow suit. Entry Requirements: Must be willing to embrace hedonism. Abilities: Dance, Find Food and Drink, Mythology of Indlas Somer, Ride Chariot or Ride Horse, Sing, Swim. Virtues: Hedonistic, Musical. Affinities: s Live Fast (Comfort Song ritual, Heal Quickly, Instantly Start Fire, Never Stop Moving, Nullify Restraining Magic) ` Rider of Waves (Command Giant Clam, Command Water Daimon, Hold Breath, Never-ending Breaker, Ride Wave, Summon Sharks, Summon Water Daimon ritual) j Freedom (Dismiss Daimon, Dismiss Essence, Dismiss Spirit, Escape Capture, Knock Out) Other Side: Indlas Somer never thought about the future, and his followers follow suit. Worshippers: Hedonists. Other Connections: Indlas Somer has fought for and against many gods from many pantheons.
  11. For our Chaosium Interviews series on YouTube, James Coquillat talks to Chaosium's art director Jaye Kovach about the art of Art Direction and her experience in the field.
  12. Who needs ancient Greece. Just look at some of the border artwork on the Bayeaux Tapestry. Or Bolsover Castle; https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2000/jul/03/maevkennedy The water wasn't running July 2002 when I took these (Hope the links work for you all -- the server is a mere Raspberry-Pi and my uplink isn't that fast; I don't really know if others can see the web-server even given that dynamic DNS service. The router firewall should be routing port 80 to the server; I don't have a certificate for HTTPS). Main Fountain "Rude Beasts" (there are four in total, I'm only linking to two) Rude Beast #1 Rude Beast #2
  13. God-talkers are, in the RQG description of them, maintainers of shrines. So cults that have god-talkers are ones that are likely to have rural shrines rather than concentrated temples. Which to me suggests a fair number of spirit and hero cults rely on god-talkers.
  14. Most cults will not have God-talkers. Generally God-talkers function in more rural clans where there is a need for someone to talk on the role of priest on a part-time basis (i.e. they still have their other work to do). They are typically part of the largest cults, i.e. Orlanth, Ernalda, perhaps the Grain Goddesses, who have a broad presence throughout the land. With cults like Humakt, they generally have a temple in either: 1) a central urban location that can support a number of warriors devoted to fighting (and serve as hiring halls for those who need mercenaries); or 2) a large, mobile regiment dedicated to fighting. Humakti priests are effectively Rune Lords - martial captains who organize the warriors both for fighting and for worship. There's generally no need for God-talkers in such a cult. However, you may find for a given cult, you want to have or introduce such a role, and can certainly do so.
  15. In the regimented society of a Humakt temple/military unit, I see God Talkers as Lieutenants filling the rank structure between Sergeants (Initiates) and Captain Runelords. As an Ex military guy it makes perfect sense. They would mainly take care of anything the Captain doesn't want to deal with. Captains are important men and cant be bothered with spending a week doing spell training for one warrior. Do you want the Captain of the Guard teaching First Aid to the new guys or guarding...who ever boss man is? Well that is my take anyway.
  16. I have yet to read the blog post, but you’ve already given the best news.
  17. On windows machines do a search for the program CharMap. It has been in every edition of windows since 3.0. It will show you all of the extended character sets for all of the fonts. Also a lot easier than trying to remember if Alt-0232 is an e with an accent aigue or grave.
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  19. YGWV. If you want them, have them. Who can possibly say how the Humakt cult has evolved in different places and at different times. You could have fun with Humakti from one area encountering a wandering Humakti God talker. Each of them stridently convinced the other is doing it wrong.
  20. My Glorantha replaces Orlanth with Indlas Somer, so it isn't heretical but rather it is the Most Correct Glorantha, the One True Glorantha of which all other Gloranthas are just shadows.
  21. Well, for that matter, there's a definite order in the discovery of colors and their distinguishing into different color terms within a language and it goes like this: Light and dark -> White, red, and black -> White, red, green/blue or yellow, black -> White, red, green/blue, yellow, black -> White, red, green, blue, yellow, black. (And then brown, then orange, pink, purple, and grey in any order, followed by the arrival of relativized color words). So perhaps there is still some evolution yet to happen. We're currently in stage III, moonswise...
  22. "If you consider the ancient Greek legends..." Actually if you just consider the Real World history and the archaeology. For example in at least one city, displaying phallic symbols (sculptures) outside your house! That's definitely farther than any of us would go in the Real world today. https://www.mykonosgreece.com/the-phallus-phallos-in-ancient-greece/ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/259468154_Penile_representations_in_ancient_Greek_art So no, an unvarnished display of ancient Greek legend OR reality would not be acceptable for a juvenile audience today.
  23. Footage has been found that proves dwarven meddling caused the Sunstop!
  24. Yes. Note that Humakt doesn’t have Priests either, and a God-Talker tends to function as a lesser priest.
  25. real trans people (me) have already said comments on this discussion make them feel horrific and dissected Sandy's comments are gross, as well should we next talk about genitals? that's where this conversation always ends up, so why not skip there now? I've been living with this since before 9/11 and you'd think I'd be used to the dehumanising way people talk about trans people and trans children, but no, I never ever do get used to it.
  26. This is Glorantha. All attempts to make major changes to the world just end up causing mass death, so yes. Heroes have the power to change the world but if they use that power, they only break it more.
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