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  3. And here are the tribes:
  4. Amad: The smallest and poorest tribe in Sartar, the Amad are rugged frontiersmen whose settlements are in the shadows of Dagori Inkarth. A member of the Alone city ring, the Amad are remote and isolated even by the standards of the Alone tribes. They settled this area after being exiled from Tarsh following the Battle of Grizzly Peak in 1582. Like all the northern tribes, the mother tongue of the Amad is Tarshite, not Sartarite. Population 2000. Centered on Amadhall and Amad Trail area. Bachad: The leading tribe of the Alone city ring, the Bachad are one of the smallest and poorest tribes in Sartar. They settled this area after being exiled from Tarsh following the Battle of Grizzly Peak in 1582. They control much of the agricultural land in the Hidden Valley. Like all of the northern tribes, the mother tongue of the Bachad is Tarshite, not Sartarite. Population 3000. Centered on Alone and Hidden Valley. Tres: A member of the Alone city ring, the Tres are one of the smallest and poorest tribes in Sartar. They settled this area after being exiled from Tarsh following the Battle of Grizzly Peak in 1582. The Tres are mostly pastoralists, herding sheep and cattle in the hills of the Far Place. Like all of the northern tribes, the mother tongue of the Tres is Tarshite, not Sartarite. Population: 2500. Centered on Alone and Erenia's Trail area. Alone itself has a population of about 1000 and covers 15 hectares. It is low density, many abandoned buildings. City was built for 2000-2500 people. A few locations: Solitude Street Uleria Temple Orlanth Temple (Rex) Ernalda and Maran Gor temple
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  6. Please correct me (gently) if I am wrong, but to me the objects of subcults are akin to saints. Take for example St. Michael. The same St. Michael is revered by the Catholic Church as well as the Greek Orthodox Church. As well as in the Torah and the Quran, etc. etc.. So to me subcults for the same gloranthan hero/demigod could exist even across different cults. If they don't exist, I don't mind either way. Could a subcult exist outside of the main cult? Why not! If the subcultists decide, that there gods teaching is not in line with the main cult anymore (brought to you due to some nefarious heroquesting by a bunch of Lunar Heroes), they just pack up and go (after some heavy religious and probably civil uprising).
  7. The requirements have changed to reflect the upcoming gods book. and updated on the website
  8. The requirements to found a new temple have changed to reflect those in the upcoming Gods of Glorantha. RuneQuest Glorantha page 282: replace with Answer added to Q&A
  9. This still leaves the tribal Yelmalians among the Aldachuri and the Dinacoli. Coming from Saird, these tribes possibly have been converted from Elmal for significantly longer while remaining Orlanthi rather than striving to imitate the Dara Happans - why else would they have fled from the Conquering Daughter into Dragon Pass? The Aldachuri accepted dissidents from Vanntar, possibly about some of those policies which make Vanntar into a variant of Confederate Louisiana.
  10. I am looking at the cult writeup that will be in publication 2020. It is remarkably similar to the cult writeup from Cults of Prax. The details and facts are in the society of the Sun Dome temple in Prax, and not the cult itself. The Dragon Pass Yelmalio cult is far more connected to the rest of Dragon Pass (although still aloof and disdainful of others). Which shouldn't be surprising. The old Elmal cults realised that their god is more than just a minor sidekick of Orlanth to be squeezed out in the conflict between Orlanth and Yelm, and is the god that protected humans from Darkness, freed the humans of South Peloria from the trolls, guarded the elves and forests, and remained independent and proud despite the selfish wars of Air, Cold, and Darkness. They realised Elmal was another name for Yelmalio, the god of the Sun Dome Temples and founded their own Sun Dome Temple with the support of the Prince of Sartar. They defeated the Kitori and bound many of them to the Earth instead of Darkness. They now form an independent tribe, who defend the Light in Dragon Pass.
  11. Apart from that crazy dragon outline that was supposed to become the new dragon (one of the oldest "secrets" we learned about the EWF), becoming a dragon as individuals or groups appears to be the main goal of the EWF. Obduran is the only Orlanth-worshiper who managed to become a dragon and then to ascend even further. Ingolf had been pretty far on the way when he stumbled and used his draconic powers in an entangling way. Most of the leaders on the Third Council were "short cut" practitioners like Isgangdrang, whose method was a variation on the Immanent Mastery path. The Dragon Sun emperor of Dara Happa may have been a more conservative mystic, and Lorenkargatan/Labrygon and his goals remain a mystery. Great Lord Burin apparently was mainly interested in becoming a force of war, similar to Drang the Diamond Storm Dragon, the Great Dragon shape of Isgangdrang. Great Dragons were similar in shape and magical power to the True Dragons, but unlike those they weren't transcendental beings. It isn't quite clear to me whether the EWF ever fielded True Dragons or just Great Dragons (physically transformed mystics, or possibly entire mystical schools). Their enemies probably didn't care either way, in victory or defeat. King of Sartar mentions schools that advocated a communal ascension to Dragonhood, and if there were dragons born from the EWF who participated in the Dragonkill, then I will assume that these communal approaches must have been successful as they weren't exterminated in 1042. (Or alternatively, they were forcibly ascended in the mass utuma of 1042.) Or they were dragons born into a human shape whose limits they overcame by meditation etc. Godunya did teach in and meddle with the EWF before returning to Kralorela to deal with Shang-Hsa MHNBC.
  12. Let's start with some details about the area. The following gives you a pretty good feel for what is near Alone, and how alone it actually is.
  13. She's also associated with the Praxian's Lightfore goddess, the Sun Daughter, from what I can tell. I'm still guessing they're remnants of an earlier sun-horse kingdom of the early golden age.
  14. No horses, for one thing. As @Jeff noted though, Sun County in Prax explicitly does permit women to become initiates, Light Servants, Light Priests, and Light Sons. The current Count (1627) is indeed a women, (though in Hatshepsut fashion, she does style herself Count, not Countess).
  15. I agree. It is if they have not a precise goal in mind, like intriguing with the count, flirting with the beautiful princess, and so on. Without RP, it's boring anyway. By the past, I used a 2/rd threshold. It was a joke. I agree, even if I think they sould draw less cards (-1? -2?) to increase the risks.
  16. Still, the widow would probably live in the familial manor. What is messy is not the inheritance rules, it is the application of the widow portion. 1/3 of 6£ in the old system is simple. 1/3 of 10 £ in the new one is messy. 3,333 £ (1 £ for herself, 1£ for her children, and 1,3333 £ for what?). And the rest of the family have only 6,5 £ to pay everything else? Who pays the soldiers, the chaplain? How do you apply that in game? For my part, that's why so many widows are deprived of their rights...
  17. well okay i can see that now but it's also the cult writeup of Yelmalio, like, with deets and facts and structure. hard not to extrapolate?
  18. Of course the little Sun Dome community removed for centuries from Dragon Pass and Peloria is an outlier.
  19. I don't really see it; Yelorna is a star and just because her cult is also solar and cooperates with Yelmalions doesn't make her Yelmalio's counterpart. I also don't see how their roles are particularly complementary - "sun cult involving horse warriors" is like 90% of solar religions.
  20. I guess I'm biased from Prax, because the Mo Baustra writeup was kind of the Platonic ideal of Sun Domery for me - unsurprising given the crucial role those great Prax books had for Glorantha fans! I guess you're saying they are outliers?
  21. +1, especially the bit about the heiresses. I will only add 8. You can begin your campaign any time. In 485, in 480 (like in the Book of Uther), but you are not obliged. Uther's reign is a brutal one, and the Anarchy is worst. I love it, but if you want to play a more classical Pendragon, the year 510 is a good idea to follow the rise of Arthur, or 531 (like the 3e ed.) to play a classical "adventurous knight". When the PK think Pendragon, they think Arthur: tournaments, castles (of stone), virtuous damsels, and knights in shining armors, not the mud and blood of Uther's times.
  22. I produced this a while ago when someone was looking for friezes for a Yelmalio temple on Facebook
  23. The Yelmalio cult itself is not particularly misogynistic. Men and women can become initiates, Light Servants, Light Priests, and Light Sons. Men are not allowed to disguise themselves as women, but women are allowed to disguise themselves as men. Ernalda, not Dendara, is an associated cult. I don't think the main cult is any more or less misogynistic than the Elmal subcult. The cult does have a deserved reputation for being aloof and tends to view outsiders as unclean. Its policy of offering sanctuary to any who seek it is a huge source of resent and distrust. Then again, the cult is willing to hire out its cultists to fight in the wars of others (although always at a price).
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