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  2. A question for the hive mind, In our Sartar campaign the adventurers want to help a friend who is accused of murder. She is from a neighbouring clan, but has been staying long term with their clan under the rules of hospitality. She was abducted and harmed by someone from the same stead and when rescued by the adventurers took the first opportunity to kill the man who abducted her. The issue now is there is only her word against the dead man that she was abducted – many at the stead believed she had willingly eloped with the man. To prove her innocence the adventurers, want to be abl
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  4. There will be no definitive single answer, because not all poetic traditions are the same, even within the same culture. But generally: Sing for performance. Augmented depending on circumstance, but could be by Orate, a Passion, Acting, Persuade, Charm - largely depends on what you are tying to do. I’d avoid using Art for performance- the description is pretty clearly for concrete things, and overlaps with Orate. Speak <language> for composition - augmented as appropriate. As the language score goes up, it becomes increasingly concerned with things like standard figures of sp
  5. Oh, let me add Action Movie Physics as another RPG based off of the old James Bond RPG. It's not quite as close to the Bond RPG as CLASSIFIED, but very close.
  6. Barntar is generally considered a sub-cult, or closely associated cult, of Orlanth - you can move from one to the other with minimal penalty. It’s more a matter of different rites rather than a new initiation for most people. And the Lunar authorities don’t generally convert the rural peasantry to more than lip service to the Lunar way even in Dara Happa - it’s still all Lodril and Oria - so as long as ‘Orlanth’ worship looks like a farmers agricultural cult, which it generally does at the clan level, it is tolerated. Sure it’s suspiciously rebellious, but potentially so is Lodril. Even if the
  7. Neither sleet, nor snow, nor redacted addresses...
  8. Deezola is not analogous to Chalana Arroy, she is Lunarised Ernalda. She has significant healing powers, but comparable to Ernalda (or more precisely Dendara), not as deep as Chalana Arroy. Deezola also command over the Earth, an association with sovereignty, etc. Deezola was a Dendara priestess when alive. The Dara Happan equivalent of Chalana Arroy is Erissa the White Lady, a daughter of Yelm - but the Chalana Arroy cult considers it just a sub-cult, so Erissa cultists May freely join and associate with Chalana Arroy cultists.
  9. If you call it a scimitar or a kopis, it works the same - a Humakti who abandons the cult for Yanafals Tarnils suffers from the Humakti spirit of reprisal and straight swords will shatter in their hand, but curved single edged blades such as the kopis/aka scimitar do not, and the Yanafals Tarnils cult offers retraining so that in a few weeks a convert will be fighting at their old level of skill with a broadsword using a kopis/scimitar, or old level of skill with a great sword using a sickle sword (or rhomphia), old level of skill with a dagger using a sickle.
  10. How did the US Postal Service know how to deliver your package with the address blacked out? They're amazing! !i!
  11. I actually emailed Chaosium for a potential release date in October and they told me the release date has been pushed back to early November due to a freight issue. They said it could come earlier, but they didn't really delve into any details.
  12. Now, this is really stoopid! It’s just a game, not reality... No, put away the pitchforks! I was only kidding!
  13. Rest assured you are in the right place. Yes, this is my fave as well. The rest is informational and needed but I like something with teeth, a little meat. And using it in game is always possible. I would think infusing leaves, herbs, fruits, drugs and spices has been done forever. And I would think that shortly after cooking was invented someone discovered that infusions were easier and faster in hot liquids. Not sure I would use our world's timeline take on discovery to have much weight here, but having been around the fora for a while I am sur
  14. Snakes are Ernalda territory, and there is not much association between the Earth deities and dragons. There's definitely a difference/distinction between reptilian snakes and water serpents (which as you note are associated with rivers). The latter do have strong mythic associations too though - e.g. the 'serpents' of Prax are the occasional water ways.
  15. The Sharp Abiding Book is so called because Rokar created it by using a Sharpie to redact all the passages in a complete Abiding Book he deemed suspect.
  16. I'm not sure where else to post this and it's not directly podcast related but I'm loving the Wind Whispers newsletter. What a great way to keep those of us short on time up to speed about what's happening with the real world goings on for our favourite fantasy world. My favourite bits are the snippets of archaeological / historical / curiosity stories that have Gloranthan parallels at the end of each newsletter. A real pleasure to discover Wind Whispers #`10 in my inbox this morning and browse it with my morning brew. Thanks so much. Brent. P.S. I was curious if h
  17. Serpents are Ernalda territory. Is there a strong Ernalda-Dragon connection? I think rivers and other things described as "serpentine" are poetic and not mythic references.
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  19. If it's the same article series which claims that the Battle of Night and Day took place during the Sun stop, it's hardly canon.
  20. Old Men Play Runequest EP 25 - Its a Knockout Please note this is an unmoderated group of real life friends and there are some adult themes and swearing. Audio is a little better this time Sometimes, just sometimes players will do something so bizzare the GM has to have a breakdown Our heroes try to survive the interior of dungeon , that is activly trying to kill them usic is is specifically provided by Tony Liam for use with Old Men Play video and audio shows and has his express permission . Find him on https://www.youtube.com/user/SirTonyLiam Youtube video is avail
  21. Funny you mention that. Here's the quote from Tradetalk #06 p.6, from the third and final installment of Shannon Appel's series on the Kingdom of Night, emphasis mine: "Ezkankekko fought fiercely. He even called up the Great Night Dragon but none of this was enough. Belintar scattered the Only Old One's remaining allies and even slew the Great Night Dragon, destroying its society forever: its body diverts the course of the Creekstream River to this day."
  22. Will there be a dedicated new Fioracitta discussion thread here? Thread necromancy's distasteful anywhere.
  23. The Drama *will* arrive. The Dark Ages thing is going the way of the dodo really fast as the timeline advances. I think Archbishop Dubricus is going to be doing a lot during Anarchy to try to rope in Britain as a place and get rid of the worst of it. "Save your souls, now that there cannot be a King to save you"
  24. Apologies, but that was kinda the point I wanted to make: they're still all dragons. I meant to say that, unlike the elementally-dynastic pantheons, dragons just seem to take on identities on an individual level. Also, this does highlight kinda the difference between the "Seas-as-Dragons" (violent, voracious, material) versus the other dragons we know (mystics, transcendent, etc.)
  25. I think that's confusing the monster with the Night Dragon Society (which maintained comms between the Shadow Plateau and Dagori Inkarth during the Gbaji Wars).
  26. The source I'm referring to is a series of old, old Tradetalk Magazine articles, written from the in-universe perspective of an Argan Argar priest from the Shadow Plateau.
  27. Or if draconic beings "live backwards" maybe it isn't dead yet?
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