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  3. No no... they aren't meeting in the center... It's a matter of perspective. They're receding to infinity ! (if you're not gonna resist, you gotta know you'll pull others down with you... )
  4. I doubt you have ever played with Sandy then.
  5. Yes.
  6. The Crimson Bat is a tac-nuke that can turn strategic if it's fed enough souls. I don't think ten or even a hundred arrows are going to stop it, no matter how hard they hit. I also doubt that it would be deployed alone without support, so your archers and Humakti are going to have plenty of other things to worry about before the Bat's sight bursts the eyes inside their heads.
  7. Try removing the lower jaw so his face is more visible.
  8. Didn't I say so? The ritual practices being renewing the paint in a rite, whether it is optically necessary or not. The Rule of Cool also says that no protective measure is without weaknesses. If the seas batter a ship thus protected, life on board gets complicated, and you get story potential. In Star Trek terms, you cannot beam because of Macguffins like ion storms, mineral deposits or whatnot.
  9. The former is effectively how 7th-edition Call of Cthulhu does it; characteristics are multiplied by 5 (so if you roll 13 on 3D6 for your STR, you have a STR score of 65), and characteristic opposition is handled using opposed rolls; there is no Resistance Table. I prefer this approach, myself, as a simplification (one less table lookup, plus consistency between skill-vs.-skill and characteristic-vs.-characteristic contests, plus the ability to have skill-vs.-characteristic contests if you want them).
  10. Well given that the Crimson Bat absorbs all magic cast at it, that isn't going to work. And 10 crits against the Crimson Bat isn't going to slow it down. And given that the 1000 cannon fodder are all Demoraiized (and thus running away), they aren't going to do any shooting once that beast gets in range. Seriously, do you really think your murder hobos can out-munchkin Sandy?
  11. This slow recovery process won't go over well for my munchkin murder hobo players. They'll probably go with spirit magic and sorcery, depending on the "new" rules. About Sever Spirit: so all it takes to take out the Crimson Bat is about 100 Humakti, and the 1000s of cannon fodder to keep it occupied? (always a 5 percent chance of success) Or, as an old gamer once suggested, 1000 archers (part of the cannon fodder), even with a 1% chance to crit that's 10 crits against no armor. Why is it still alive?
  12. Some do. Orlanth, Waha, Yelm, all have special rune spells just for rune lords.
  13. How exactly will Rune Point recovery work? Is it a Ceremony or Rune roll on the holy day to recover all (vs none or some) points?
  14. @Jason DurallWasn't it the case in RQ2/3 that we used the resistance table for an arm wrestle contest? So are opposed rolls now preferred in RQG when there are 2 competing active forces, leaving the the resistance table to deal with active vs passive?
  15. I'm actually trying to calculate right now the odds comparison of resist table for various scores vs opposed roll for various scores (x5 or whatever)...just to see if statistically it's comparable. It's ... surprisingly complicated to put in a spreadsheet. However, I would say this - thinking more about it: if we did it as an opposed roll, then the winner probably would reasonably get a skill check in armwrestling, starting at STRx5. (And then, forever after I'd have to use opposed rolls, I guess.). The logical extension of that important is skill in armwrestling? Should a STR 13 (with a lot of skill) have any realistic chance of beating a STR18? I would say pretty much no...but THEN, one would wonder, why even roll on the resist table? A resist table roll implies there IS a chance of failure, which in this example the STR 18 would only have an 80% chance to win. Is that reasonable? Armwrestling is about as pure a STR vs STR contest as there is. Curiously complicated question for what should be a simple example.
  16. Yep, however opposed rolls are just for skills, passions and runes (basically anything that is measured as a percentile except combat) while the Resistance Table is just for Characteristics, STR, POW, SIZ etc. So if you had an Arm Wrestle Skill it would be an Opposed Roll, if was just STR v STR based it would be roll on the Resistance Table. Me too, but I always wondered if you should go STRx5 v STRx5 or each rolling on the Resistance Table: e.g.: 10 v 13 = 50% v 65% or 35% v 65% the strait x5 seems fairer though the later seem more win keeping wth the rules.... ???
  17. IMO arm wrestling could be STR vs STR on the resist table. If it's a player vs NPC, probably how I'd do it. If it was two PCs, I'd go for MGF because everyone rolling dice competitively is more fun, which would be the opposed roll (probably using STRx5).
  18. These are the original concept sketches for the coins: does this help Peter?
  19. Re. Painted Ships: The Rule of Cool says painted ships are great, so various sailors' cults, Waertagi, Vadeli, and so on have ritual practices that maintain the decorations their ships need need to embody sea spirits, appease Magasta, etc.
  20. Nicely fitted in So having an arm wrestle ( like you do) would be two active opposing forces requiring an opposed roll instead of resistance table?
  21. And just to add the last logical point: 3. If there's an active opponent using a contrary skill (ie Scan vs Hide, or Orate vs Orate to sway an audience), it would be an Opposed Roll for resolution.
  22. understanding is different. For humans, (MOV 8), they can move: 24m/round if out of combat. 8m/round if in a combat situation, but doing nothing but moving 4m/round if in a combat situation, but want to reserve your ability to attack/parry/dodge (likely including spellcasting other than rune spells, I expect) So 1 MOV = 0.5m in combat, 1m in combat but not doing anything but move ("sprint?"), or 3m if out of combat entirely. What's "in combat" is open to interpretation, or is likely better described in full rules. Could an archer, firing in combat at targets that cannot harm/reach her, in the next round put away the bow, declare she's 'out of combat' and run 24m? Unknown. And to answer AlbertG, my understanding is yes, if you move 4m in a round, then that's the limit of your move, even if you have more SR. It's hard to wrap one's head around the concept, but SR aren't meant to be taken literally as a clock ticking through the round where they each equal 1 second of time, it's merely an ordering mechanism to calculate what actions happen before others - it's purely relative. So that '4m' of movement over 12 seconds really is taking 12 seconds to accomplish. At least, that's my understanding.
  23. I was thinking that too. That was the point of my comment (here? elsewhere? too many threads to track) with the same mechanical conclusion: During statement of intent, a toon can declare (or defaults to) standard action: this allows you to either move full, or move half with the usual ability to attack/parry/dodge. OR, one can declare* all-out attack: the toon uses the 'rolling SR' system for their attack SR like missiles but may not dodge, parry, or move more than half. all-out defense: the toon is able to parry and dodge each once in the round at no penalty; subsequent parries or dodges are at -10% (instead of -20%), may move half all-out move: may move full non-combat speed but may not parry or dodge. *as all-out attacks could be gamed to be of more use to NPCs who rarely care about living until tomorrow, I'd limit NPC all-out moves to ones with a specific reason - enraged minotaurs, or targets of Berserking spell, or toons that are mindless/care nothing about their own safety Zombies (who are so slow it likely wouldn't matter), skeletons, gorp, etc. This makes all attacks (missile or melee) use the same mechanism, albeit missile users are (likely) going to always be all-out attacking unless in threat of melee. It also provides a useful realistic mechanic for the application of effects like Berserking - they don't get BETTER with their weapons nor particularly vulnerable, necessarily, just focused on attacking exclusively. Maybe they'd also get -1 on their SR to enhance the likelihood that they'd get that 2nd attack.
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  25. One of the things that I've discovered with very powerful characters, is that when encountering them, it's in their interest to pull you into their other side. So on initial encounter Harrek seems like a normal if powerful fighter. As you fight him, and he starts to use his inherent magic, you are drawn in his case more into the spirit world where you start to perceive him more as the polar bear god. One of the descriptions of Superheroes with the infinity rune was that they had total control of the power around them. This is how I feel the images of powerful beings work in PoS. you can see it happening in the sequence starting here:
  26. Week 6, the Cosmology inherited from Cults of Terror, and hardly any mention of the Green Age in the correct context. The text Charles is referring to is not in the Guide.
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