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  2. Aldryami vs uz

    Thats helpful. So presumably their appearance will reflect their relationship with the plant and man runes? So those Aldryami in tune with Aldrya will appear to be more plant ( perhaps similar to the Brian Froud illustration concept i posted), and Yelmalio, Babeester Gor, Ernalda worshippers appearing more humanoid? look forward to seeing examples of the various forms of Aldryami in the new RuneQuest. The more accessible Aldryami could make interesting player characters. Are there examples of how to play a Yelmalio, Babeester Gor, or Ernalda Aldryami?
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  4. Gloranthan Dance/Ritual

    Yes Indeed. And I think its pretty clear that we are talking animism in Gloranthan magical terms as well as conventional anthropological ones. Now, I still don't think you are addressing the idea that your argument here might not be with me, but the Guide. You haven't mentioned at all that naming the greatest shaman of the Uncolings Vainemune *might not be a concidence*, for example, and there are a lot of smaller details along those lines. We also known Lalja Vainemune, literally the only Uncoling individual we have any specific information on, has a magical voice, and difficulty finding a wife. Do magical singing and having difficulty finding a wife sound like themes that might come up in the Kalevala perhaps? Also, lets jump back a few months - who, during the Guide to Glorantha Group read, said, in regard to the Uncoling shamans description in the Guide- "This appears to be a nod to the magical prowess ascribed to the magicians of the Finns (the Norse word for the Sami) in the Nordic Sagas (and in the Kalevala). " (I won't keep you in suspect - it was YOU). In general when I say 'this is a pertinent reference' here, what I'm saying is that I think the poetic descriptions of the acts of the great shaman-heroes of this arctic culture are relevant when coming up with inspiration for inspiration for this other group of sub-arctic people with shaman-heroes, and enough rather obvious hints are there to make it clear. What you seem to think I am saying, and are arguing vehemently against, is that I am implying that the Sami (of some era) are ethnographically identical to people who can turn into magical reindeer. I am not saying that, and I think your efforts to deride me for claiming that just confuse the issue. I'm saying more or less the same thing you said yourself in September. And you seem very hung up on the ethnic divisions between Finns, Sami, Karelia etc because you seem to be arguing from the idea of ethnographic equivalence, but I'm really not because I'm mostly just saying it is a really good source for ideas about heroic, poetic shamanism in an arctic/sub-arctic environment, and as such: I know we are going to move ideas around between cultures, because thats how we do it in Glorantha, and because Glorantha has a lot of very specific (and often odd) points about zoology to incorporate (among other things) if we are only talking specifically about shamanism, there is significant overlap between Finnish and Sami shamanic tradition (a lot of which is documented in the Kalevala). and I'm really not that hung up on the details because 19th century reconstructions of notional texts driven by nationalism and its subsequent re-assessment, give us a quite a complex debate that I really don't care about. [detailed description about lifestyles of Viking era Sami deleted] and that is all very interesting, and has very little to do with the reasons why I said the Kalevala is a useful source for the Uncolings, Do they have great shaman-heroes? Do those shaman stories talk about the snow, and bears, and fish? Then they can be useful inspiration for stories about the Uncolings, and other people of Northen Fronela t The Uncolings may have some similarities in how they herd to the Tanuku Fiwan, yes, But the Kalevala contains cool stories about fishing for magic salmon in arctic streams and such. I'm pretty sure those are cool stories that not only can I easily use for inspiration about cool Uncoling (or Rathori) stories, I'm also pretty sure that all those stories of fishing and swamps and stuff really aren't very relevant to the grasslands of Jolar and Tarien. Its as if you have not just got focussed on a whole bunch of lifestyle and economic detail to the exclusion of the myth and poetry and you are terribly upset that I won't do it too. I presume this is intended to be a slur of some kind, but luckily I don't speak Pratchett. And I can claim only an English translation, a few visits to Finnland, and a few reference books (particularly Kalevala Mythology by Juha Pentikäinen, which is probably terribly outdated - its not easy to get books in English). I don't think it matters - we are talking at cross purposes conceptually, not arguing over facts. Except the close identification of clichés based on cultures is your projection, not what I saying at all. The Pralori aren't arctic. The rest, yes, those too. Mix and match stories of Northern European arctic shaman-heroes for the hsunchen and not-quite-hsunchen for inspiration, But the Kalevala is the best known source, multiple points of identification with the Uncoling are noted in the Guide, And how did you get from 'the Kalevala is a pertinent source for the Uncolings' to 'the Uncolings are contemporary Sami'? Seriously, I have no idea, and I'm fairly sure you are getting triggered by something only you ever considered as a possibility. So we agree on some things. Great.
  5. Aldryami vs uz

    Of course - just I find there is a frustrating avoidance of conceptual consistency, so phrases like 'has the X rune', or uses the X rune, the two runes are opposed, even the meanings of the Runes themselves will become terminology that has up to four or more somewhat inconsistent meanings. There are some similar issues with other magical terminology. And then we might start to slip into situations where some explicit statements about Gloranthan reality are no longer consistent between game systems.
  6. Nope. That's one of those hard-to-come-by grain products. I think you mean "sashimi".
  7. Aldryami vs uz

    I think many of these cases are somewhat speculative or limited, and if you make your own big and somewhat speculative list of what has the Man rune, then reason about the Man rune from that list, you run the risk of a circular argument. Are you sure all of those races have the Man rune? Why? Do you have a specific source, or just feel that they do? (FWIW, I think Ogres absolutely have the Man rune in the same way that normal humans do, maybe a little more, but the Chaos Rune as well).
  8. Aldryami vs uz

    HeroQuest has fundamentally different mechanics from RuneQuest. And yes the Aldrya cult encourages its members to be strongly in tune with Plant, not Man (especially since elf player characters start with the Plant Rune at 75%). More Man-oriented elves tend to drift away from Aldrya towards Yelmalio, Babeester Gor, Ernalda, etc. without ever leaving Aldrya entirely. Normal elves in full embrace of the Song of Aldrya tend to be pretty difficult player characters in anything other than an all-elf party, as their kinship with and understanding of Man tends to be pretty minimal.
  9. The REIGN OF TERROR Keeper Map of Paris by Olivier Sanfilippo is available now as a poster and art print at the Chaosium Redbubble store in sizes up to 33.1" x 23.3" (840 x 593mm). Beautiful cartography for your Call of Cthulhu campaign!
  10. Gloranthan Dance/Ritual

    You might be surprised, but ballet is quite Gloranthan, particularly in Dara Happen rituals. I believe this is some outtakes of the preparation for the Dance of the Heavens performed during the catastrophic consecration of the New Lunar Temple in Dragon Pass: Below was a dance I saw performed at Clearwine Fort as part of an Earth Season religious festival of Orlanth and Ernalda: Whereas I saw this dance during a Storm Season celebration of Orlanth:
  11. Aldryami vs uz

    I assume this has an implicit RuneQuest Glorantha context, because clearly this isn't true at all for HeroQuest. (and personally a wish that HeroQuest Glorantha and RuneQuest Glorantha had more conceptual consistency, I worry the Glorantha they describe is going to diverge) I personally don't like the idea that Plant and Man are opposed for elves. It kind of makes the Aldrya cult opposed to Man, which has a lot of weird implications for elven society. But then, I don't like the idea that Beast and Man are opposed either, it doesn't mentally work for me with eg Uralda etc, cults that are about the union of Man and Beast in a social context.
  12. Aldryami vs uz

    Note, we don't use the Spirit Rune for corporeal beings. Even though shamans work with the Spirit Rune (ie spirits), they aren't really defined Rune except when the discorporate. I toyed around with including the Spirit Rune on the tree, but it simply didn't work very well in play (and it became clear that it would end up creating problems for future products that I'd like to avoid). For Aldryami, Man is opposed with Plant instead of Beast. A herdman has 100% Beast, no Man (despite having a hominid form). Now I gotta say, I wouldn't use the Rune tree and Elemental wheel to describe every NPC (or even most). I usually just write down the two or three most significant Runes. Just like I don't write down every skill a NPC might possess at a base or low rating.
  13. So....

    As Rick has already stated, we've begun layout of the core RuneQuest books.
  14. Well, here is to two views and a bit more strict definition, word fanatism meaning "being overly exited of something". While fanatism does not include aggression in it's core definition, other interpretation, cold bloodness does not iclude excitement, which is strong emotion. If both views are false at base, there is a challange to keep debate sensible very long. Leaving maybe only one option: to do whatever you want with it without need to be debated.
  15. So....

    I need a "clapping, cheering, stomping my feet" emoji. In lieu of that, I'll just say... "+1"
  16. "The Trial of the Queen of Quavers"

    Indeed. 17th-18th century satire has a lovely way with names - viz. Ben Jonson, though Dickens attempted to follow in that fine tradition.
  17. "The Trial of the Queen of Quavers"

    Not an answer, because I can't think of any, but I chuckled at some of the dramatis personae: 'court reporters' Joseph Democritus and William Diogenes, the judge, the Right Honorable Sir Francis Lash, the Counsel for the Crown, Mr. Cunning, and the Counsel for the Defence, Mr. Serjeant Grin.
  18. Aldryami vs uz

    Hence the naming of the Aldryami Hero Grandson in my little Dragon Pass variant.
  19. "The Trial of the Queen of Quavers"

    A strange and perhaps lewd satire from 1777, regarding a witchcraft trial in the "Lunar Empire"... https://books.google.com/books?id=2AVXAAAAcAAJ&printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&q&f=false (The real world subject was the castrati and their vogue in Opera). Still... I vaguely recall that castration was practiced in our Lunar Empire. Is it found elsewhere?
  20. Aldryami vs uz

    When I first saw the Rune Tree with MAN at the top and BEAST at the bottom, I thought of a similar concept. To me, that represented "Sentient Being from Beast." The percentage of Rune affiliation would signify how far evolved the "Being" was. Thus Herdmen could be 5% Man and 95% Beast (based on their fixed INT). A Baboon might be 30%/70% and a Duck 25%/75%. Therefore, I could envision Elves and Runners being "Intelligent Being from Plant," with the MAN Rune at the top of the Rune Tree and the Plant Rune at the bottom. This could work for all the races except maybe the Mostali who COULD be from Earth but I think I would create a separate Dwarf Rune instead. I would STILL move the Chaos Rune out of the Forms section and put it with the Magic, Mastery, and Infinity CONDITION Runes. Chaos can taint ANYTHING... including magic, elements, powers, and forms. Because of this, Chaos should be with the other CONDITION Runes (which can affect or align with anything too)! In fact, I have already suggested in another post that a row of vertical boxes be added between the POWER Runes and the FORM Runes at the Top and Bottom of the Tree. Any CONDITION Runes a character gains would be placed in those boxes (which I propose denote the "evolution" of the character even further). There would be nothing in my mind to prevent the "adding" of FORM Runes in the boxes for CONDITIONS. Some examples of FORMS being added to the CONDITION boxes I suggest would be the Spirit Rune for a Shaman, and the Dragon Rune for the Emperor's guard (who can shape change into dragons). If RQG doesn't do this, I'll probably just HR it.
  21. Except it's Sea Elves in D&D5e, not Kelp Aldryami. I'd presume UNDER the sea -- but in the air -- would be much like what's available in many fishing-harbor seafood restaurants; but with little to none of the dairy (butter, cream, etc) in so many sauces (also rare would be bread & pasta, and other grain-based products). Trade (and raid) would of course get some of those rarities. Plus sundry sea=veggies (kelp & mega-algea's). Bouillabaisse, seafood chowders, other soups. Fire may be pretty rare in undersea cuisine; yeah, I know they can get air and magically create fire (or just heat); but still. There may be a LOT more pickled/brined/fermented/etc treatments than surface dwellers are used to.
  22. Aldryami passions

    Depends on how you see the Aldryami, too: do they compete with one another (as per another recent thread)? A smaller-tree-species might have "Hates tall light-stealing conifers"?
  23. I believe that the Cult PDF's are awaiting a certain degree of proof'ing (with only a moderate priority now that they've got the basic PDF product done & available; more effort is going to making the rest of the PDFs ready than on improving the ones already released; or so I understand). I seem to recall some mention (but may be mistaken; or plans may have changed since this was bruited) of holding a BUNCH of (the rest of?) the Stretch Goal PDF's for a single large order. TL/DR: I suspect that any "ETA" provided (at this point) wouldn't be an "Estimated Time" but a "Guesstimated Time." Of course, I'd be delighted to be mistaken, and have Someone Official swoop in to inform us that "Products X & Y are at the printers, product W is on hold pending a better scan of the artwork that showed poorly in galleys, and product Z will be going to the printers as soon as W, X, & Y are not taking up all our time." Shocked, but delighted!
  24. Everyone don't see fanaticism effect the same way, Mine is probably more like Jusmak. As an Image is greater than a thousand word : Poster 52 by redhavic on deviantart, Image from berserk by Kentarō Miura I don't want this debate but it will be less boring than the fanaticism's one. XD
  25. Theory on Dragonewt Weirdness

    Hmmm... Then is a Dream Dragon actually the result of a True Dragon who Fumbles a roll in their sleep... a tiny bit of their spirit re-attaches to the runic associations and embodies something opposed to Right Action?
  26. Aldryami vs uz

    That would be a very different dichotomy. Man and Beast suggests a scale reflecting affinity to civilization or to the wild. Man vs. Spirit suggests a scale reflecting mundane/worldly concerns vs. otherworldly concerns - but that raises other challenges I think in whether you're attuned to the shamanic practices.
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