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  2. Go Kitori! (Of course, there's an older tradition of such commingling in Esrolia: Norinel and Kimantor. What secrets are kept by the Queens of Nochet? Will Samastina seek out a troll lover?)
  3. I may have misunderstood Is the point about how much must an adventurer pay to live in a house ? In this case, it seems to me easier : use the standard living (p422) for sure it is not only the house, but everything (food, clothes, ..) Then add standard living of your servants if you want any.
  4. Alright, a couple of things on the ready adventures to warn the GMs about... Most of them are obvious when you skim through the adventure. The Birthday Hunt is most important to check at the beginning of the campaign, if you relocate it to Salisbury, since it has some changes to the Earl's family in 4th edition. The Red Blade This adventure is set in Romance/Tournament, so mid-530s works without issues. Actually, I would be VERY tempted to transpose Sir Gregor of Stafford to the Adventure of the Maiden's Oath (below) as the hospitable host that the PKs will meet in Escavalon. Thus int
  5. Before the Council Broke, the orlanthite tribes bred freely with people we would now classify as trolls. Traces of this can be found in old pelorian lexicography as well as the original situation of the OOO. It's also an undercurrent in Black Arkat. This is how to repair the curse of kin but nobody polite likes to think about it.
  6. if you're considering structure - you might think about adding a column for King's Highway. As in p.92 of the Heroquest book Sartar Companion. (Obviously that book applies to the pre-Dragonrise time it's written for, as "Lunar patrol" should not be encountered in 1626 and later -)
  7. That makes sense to me, though it doesn't deal with the question of what the landlord may owe in order to have use of the land that the housing stands on. This does suggest that a successful adventurer might invest in an apartment building. That's a useful thought, Akhorahil.
  8. Hi Bill and Arcadiagt5 I do hope you are able to fit this into your campaigns. I'd love to hear feedback especially on the VTT maps with any comments or suggestions as how they could be improved. thanks again psullie
  9. MM, no, I was asking about just a house, not a farm. The farm would seem to be a different and more restricted case, as it assumes the adventurer is a farmer.
  10. I guess I'm trying to provoke a debate about what could be better in BRP. It has so much that's great, I really want to love it. But I'll quote what an art teacher once said to me, "it's so good it's strange it's not better". I am frustrated that when the designers had such a wide variety of systems to choose their ingredients from, it seems they in some cases didn't choose the best options, and I don't understand why. I feel that the things I'm pointing to in this thread aren't more cumbersome or incongrous with the system, on the contrary they fit better into the general balancing act that I
  11. Today
  12. Wrote up an Overview of the Adventure; Cattle Raid, which is in the GM's Adventure Book, that comes with the GM's Screen. You can check it out here on my blog.
  13. Thank you both! Roestoc seems like my mistake (our knights have only ever passed through.) «Trane» is norwegian for «crane», so that is supposed to be the domain of King Garan from the quest of the Red Blade.
  14. One roll (with modifiers). You fight a different foe each round (to simulate the tides of Battle ^^) Yes. They are still vassals to the count. For the royal court, it's a different matter. They could be escorting the count if he is there, and you are inclined to. If they are low-rankings knights, they will not be in the spotlight, but they can still hear rumors, interract with some people, etc. As a GM, you don't have to play each court. If you feel there is not much to do, you can gloss over easily.
  15. Hello all! I'm new to this forum, but I'll likely pop in now and again to ask some questions. I (rather ambitiously) am GMing the GPC for my siblings, but my experience is limited. Question 1: I wanted to clarify something about the rules for battles (5.2e): when it says each battle round (with limited exceptions) is just a single combat round, does that mean a single fight (to the death or the unconscious or whatever) or literally just a single blow (and if so, do the two combatants re-engage in the next battle round, or is it a new opponent entirely)? Question 2: Since the PK's a
  16. I read one source claiming that cost of housing made up 5-10% of cost of living in Roman antiquity for a ”respectable worker”, but presumably this varies by a lot (and is on an individual level, so likely more for a family). (’Allen, ‘How prosperous’, 5. For the cost of housing, see ibid. (5-10 percent of household spending in later periods); Drexhage, Preise, 78-91, 450-2 (14 to 25 days’ worth of wages sufficient to rent a home for a year).’)
  17. Perhaps as a guesstimate through analogy then, in order to make a Free standard of living as a landlord, you would need housing worth 500L to 1000L?
  18. Just the higher minimum, really, that makes it more devastating against lighter armour, which seems to simulate the effect of a slicing weapon rather well, compared to a more chopping broadsword. But the variety is the main point.
  19. I don't get your point. Sure, Scimitar has higher minimum impale damage, but identical average and lower maximum.
  20. Dark Tales and Secret Histories In churches and convents and other religious communities, sisterhood takes many forms, forged and tested by such mundane threats as disease and despair, but also by terrors both spiritual and existential—Satan’s subtle minions and the cosmic nightmare of the Cthulhu Mythos. Sisterhood: Dark Tales and Secret Histories presents sixteen horror stories by some of the genre’s leading female voices. Their settings range around the globe and across the centuries, from 6th century Ireland to 17th century Virginia to Indonesia in the recent past. Contributors in
  21. I have two copies of correct spine/faded art. Chaosium was gracious enough to send a replacement copy, but it was of the same batch.
  22. I think that what Call Me Deacon Blues is probably thinking of is another reference to Arthur in the Historia Brittonum: Est aliud miraculum in regione quae vocatur Ercing. habetur ibi sepulcrum iuxta fontem, qui cognominatur Licat Amr,* et viri nomen, qui sepultus est in tumulo, sic vocabatur Amr:* filius Arthuri militis erat et ipse occidit eum ibidem et sepelivit. “There is another wonder in a region that is called Ercing. There is located there a tomb beside a spring that is named Licat Amr and that was the name of the man who was buried in the mound, Amr. He was the son of A
  23. Completely agree here. Also agree here.
  24. Your maps are gorgeous ^^ I love it! They are very close to the map in poster I had with the third (french) edition. A very few nitpicks: - Roestoc is Elmete, not Lambor. In fact, you should probably stick with the mythical kingdom of Roestoc, and forgot the historical Elmete (That's what I do actually) - What is this mysterious kingdom of Trane in Sugales/Powys? I am intrigued... ^^
  25. One of my gripes with BRP is that I think they really botched the weapon system for historical melee weapons and shields (I haven't looked at the other categories). RQ3:s weapons, which are so similar, seem much more balanced and thought through. For exemple: Broadsword In BRP there is just no reason other than fluff to choose a broadsword over a battle axe. They have the same base chance, special effect, price and strike rank, but the sword does less damage and weighs more. The sword only requires a 7 DEX instead of a 9, but when will that ever make a difference? And it has 20 HP co
  26. I've just noticed that my copy (printed in Lithuania) has the same error. But I don't mind since the contents of that book are awesome! Two of the best CoC scenarios I've ever run!
  27. I think this is reasonable (and you can probably say that the cost of the house and the land comes out as 500L in total, if you want to abstract things). It’s worth noting that the 40L income from a tenant farm valued at 500L comes out as 8% ROI, which seems like it’s in the right range.
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