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    Hi Corrections and checking of amendments is with Nick, who will go through these as soon as he is able, updating the various source hubs once done. Thanks
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  4. New at the Miskatonic Repository! Check out these recent community content releases at the Miskatonic Repository: CALL OF CTHULHU SCENARIOS The Knife - Michael LaBossiere (pay what you want - suggested price $0.50)"...pits the intrepid investigators against a serial killer. Is the killer a mundane murderer or something more?" A Light in Darkness - Matthew Puccio ($4.99)"A dark, survival horror scenario for Call of Cthulhu, set in the Pacific Theatre during World War II." The Man Downstairs - Adam Gauntlet ($4.00)"The tenants at 224 Lenox Avenue, between W 121st and W122nd, New York City, have a neighbour they have never met, and never knew existed until a few weeks ago, yet he has always been there..." The Kirkwood Farmhouse Massacre - Fred Love ($1.99)"Something terrifyingly evil awaits among the ruins of the old Kirkwood farmhouse. It'll take a cunning team of investigators to uncover the truth behind the gruesome murders that took place there in 1924." Check out Reviews from R'lyeh's review: "Murder expose takes The Haunting to Iowa—and beyond (via a slippery slope)!" Drawn from the Dark - Michael Nagel ($8.95)"An anthology of adventures from both the 1920s and Modern eras." CALL OF CTHULHU RESOURCES Mike's Free Mythos Maps Collection #1 - Michael LaBossiere (free)"A collection of twenty maps suitable for 1920s and contemporary Call of Cthulhu adventures." INDIGO: A Time Travel Organisation - Carl Matthews ($5.00)"Inspired by HPL's The Shadow Out Of Time, INDIGO is a new organisation for Call Of Cthulhu." Miskatonic Repository Samurai Weapons of Feudal Japan - Carl Matthews ($1.00)"If you are playing a game of Call of Cthulhu set in the Sengoku Period of feudal Japan, what is more iconic than the weapons available to the samurai?" Miskatonic Repository Samurai - Occupations and monsters adapted to Feudal Japan - Carl Matthews ($5.00)"Several occupations for Samuari, and monsters adapted to the Sengoku Period of Japan, for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition." Goliriad the Speaker: An Eldritch Abomination For Mountains and Caves - Tristan Jusola-Sanders ($0.99)"...stats and evocative descriptions of one Deity-level threat and two servitors" The Kirkwood Farmhouse Investigation - Fred Love (free)"A companion piece to The Kirkwood Farmhouse Massacre - use this document to provide extra clues and context before unleashing the terror that awaits in the old Kirkwood farmhouse." And since our announcement that all languages are now welcome at the Miskatonic Repository, it's great to see it happening already: Kara Büyü - Setting Dökümanı (Turkish) - Ekin Ergün ($2.49)"A Turkish setting for Call of Cthulhu"
  5. Updated PDFs

    Any new information on if there is supposed to be newer versions of the different PDFs available? Also, I’m wondering if the Keeper Resource Pack-PDF for The Two-Headed Serpent will be updated with the missing Handouts and Map? The stuff that is missing can be found on the following pages in The Two-Headed Serpent: Page 54 - Handout: NYC 5 Page 55 - Handout: NYC 6 Page 200 - Handout: Calcutta 6 Page 214 - The Map on that page
  6. House Rules from Veterans

    I'm not sure this is really a House Rule, but I occasionally award a player the 'Humor Point' or the 'Great Story Point'--a bonus Hero Point awarded when a player does something that makes everyone laugh or go "wow! that was awesome!" It encourages the players to think in term of telling their character's story rather than 'following the rules'. Also, when someone spends a Hero Point to affect a die roll, I ask them "What does that Hero Point look like?" They get a chance to briefly narrate the thing the character did that tipped the balance in their favor. "I jumped up into the air and drove my spear down through the Lunar's chest, pinning him to the ground " or "I rendered her speechless by given her such a seductive look that all she could think about for a moment is how much she wanted me" or something like that. Again, it encourages the players to focus on the storytelling, not the rules.
  7. Borderlands on Roll20

    The two PCs did well climbing and sneaking to the top of the tower without waking the two harpies who were there, that they didn't know about. I had them lightly dozing which gave them a Hard penalty on their perception rolls as the two snuck up to each. Despite being a new Lanbril (thief cult) initiate, Pharzeela is not especially skilled as an ambushing type. They manage to take out both harpies, sneaking up and knocking them out, one of them takes off but is skewered by Chingua's impaling javelin, going to the ground. Creeping down the tower steps and into the first room on the first floor some good sneaking and terrible Perception rolls on the part of the Tusk Riders, they are at the doors of their rooms without being noticed. I had two of the Riders talking and eating in their mess hall, with the boss in his private room as almost the entire party rush in. I thought the Riders would still have their armour on, but not with their weapons ready. Bera takes down Sheatiog, the Rider's amateur shaman, Sheatiog manages to parry successfully, batting a spear out of the way with his arms (Which would have saved him from a Special Effect and half the damage from the attack) - but Kevin spends a Luck Point to reverse Sheatiog's parry roll - to 54 - a fail! Bera hits him in the leg, choosing Impale as a special effect, goes through armour and gets a Serious Wound, The Mystic Kid fails his Endurance roll, which means he falls prone and is Stunned for d3 (2) turns, he can only move and defend himself, and now Prone, any attack will be at a Formidable penalty. It looks like his scary spirit "Searing Flesh" might not come into play... Even worse for Sheatiog, Bera pulls his spear out of the leg wound, giving Sheatiog a Major Wound, and he's out of the fight. The players' luck continues with a couple of Crits: But Pharzeela, getting into the action-heroine spirit, manages to fumble a charge across a table Luckily the damage she does to herself is pretty minor. Unluckily, she's out of action points now, she immediately gets hit, and starts to bleed from a nasty wound to her arm: The next round her heal spell fails to work as she's Fatigued from the Bleed Special Effect: In the end though the party have come out on top: Although they're still only on the first floor of the tower.
  8. From the Archives: Old Cults

    So Yurmalio is a blend of Yelmalio and Eurmal, eh? Eurmal is ultimately the traitor; he helped bring back the Sun but also let go of the Net when Entropy was consumed by Grandmother Spider, so that not all of chaos was eaten. & of course Yelmalio is himself especially close to Nysalor. I've always felt - viz my hallucinations on the Light/Life-bringers' Quest in other posts - that Eurmal was Yelmalio/Elmal's Other (steadfast fire and fire stealer, loyal to death and disloyal forever, both strangers taken in by Orlanth the hospitable), anyway. I suspect that might be a Orlantio secret. And Eurmal is my fox-god too!
  9. Are we there?

    New? I'd assumed it was going to be essentially the same art that was covering RQG - that was really a lovely homage to Louise, and it remains a clever bit of continuity from edition to edition. So cool - more new art. Always happy with that.
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  11. Grenades

    I think one of my RPG group has that, I’ll take a look. It was more for modern style grenades, but I’m sure their will be some useful stuff there and Greek Fire gives me an idea for my current campaign. Cheers.
  12. Grenades

    Mythic Constantinople has full rules for grenades (Grenados), gunpowder, early firearms, artillery and Greek Fire, a lot of burning and exploding malarkey to be had there. I think what you've figured out for yourself isn't a million miles of the rules but MC includes some interesting details you might not have considered.
  13. From the Archives: Old Cults

    Good for you, and glad you found them interesting! I had fun building up the mythos and cults - there are full RQ3 (and HW) write-ups of all the major ones, plus the minor city gods of Hortugarth.
  14. Dorastor: Land of Doom

    My introduction to Prax was River of Cradles, which I picked up bundled with Dorastor and RQ3, having never played any of them. River of Cradles is a nice intro to the area other than Borderlands (doesn't require players to be mercenaries) and has an adventure which spans the whole river area. I've not been tempted to play Dorastor yet.
  15. Grenades

    Hello folks, How do you handle grenades in Mythras? I can’t find any rules on this in the Core rules or Arkwright or Vampire Wars. I’m currently favouring an Athletics Roll to throw the grenade up to STR in metres, or a Hard Athletics Roll to throw it up to double STR in metres. A failed roll sees the grenade go off target 1d6 metres in a random direction, a fumble sees it land 1d6 metres from the thrower in a random direction - a perfect chance to dust off your d12... On the damage I’m also a bit unclear, as Vampire Wars has fragmentation damage at half damage to 1d3-1 locations to all within its burst radius. Does this mean the main target take full damage? Thanks in advance.
  16. My map of Volsaxiland

    There is also the matter than when a hero within Time enters the God Time they actually are present. It isn't a hallucination: Harmast is there, eating at the board below Orlanth. A part of Harmast is now eternally a part of Orlanth's band. Thus any hero that entered the God-Time and made a mark - as soltakss mentions above - can now be sought there as well as within Time, if they are still extant there. Also, the dead go to the God-Time, in as much as the Underworld overlaps with both worlds and the highest and lowest fates of the deceased are clearly linked to the homes of deities and great spirits... Kyger Litor and the Gods at Castle Blue (for example) are always of the "God-time" so when the compromise is broken in that moment that moment itself can be said to enter into the God-time... Otherwise the wounding of KL would have had no effect and the LG's victory would not have been complete. Of course this means that by following the path of the god one can find your way into Historic moments, if the God somehow was there - chiefly through the Compromise being breached. Or this is my notion of it anyway.
  17. Players in my old RQ group had a Call of Cthulhu campaign where they treated it more as a Pulp campaign. Some of them were veterans of the Great War and knew where to get hold of ex-army ordinance. They used flamethrowers, grenades, tommy guns and depth-charged the Deep Ones. There is no right or wrong way to play Call of Cthulhu.
  18. My map of Volsaxiland

    Except where they can. Trolls visit the Cursing of Kyger Litor on a regular basis. The Nights of Horror happened within Time and had HeroQuestors from other periods interacting with the event. I think that when an event is powerful enough to make a mark on God Time, it can be visited on a HeroQuest, as it is now part of God Time. Even a minor Hero can make a slight mark and his/her followers can HeroQuest to that point, as can enemies.
  19. Dorastor: Land of Doom

    Probably Shadows on the Borderlands, as it links into several other supplements and has the excellent Dyksund cave-crawl. Strangers in Prax is good because it has different people and links with Pavis. Big Rubble and the Coders. Sun County is good because it details the area very well. But Shadows on the Borderlands has better scenarios.
  20. From the Archives: Old Cults

    I was lucky enough to recently acquire hardcopies of two issues of the New Lolon Gospel; they are an interesting read, and present a mythos satisfyingly removed from both the Solar and Storm ideologies.
  21. From the Archives: Old Cults

    These were two images of Orlantio from NLG #1. I thought the seductive and violent natures suggested in the respective pictures fit well.
  22. From the Archives: Old Cults

    It might well blend towards that, especially since I also had Yurmalio the Fox.
  23. From the Archives: Old Cults

    Yes, very much so. Yeah, I'd probably tailor it a bit differently now, maybe just remove the spirit magic options.
  24. Why 13G? (review)

    "GNS Theory" is apparently deprecated these days amongst the gaming-theory wonks. I find /ALL/ the theories to be a bit.... theoretical. Too abstract, too academic, too "pure". As you say, " ... everybody wants all of it in some doses.," Where I find this stuff absolutely invaluable is really twofold -- first and foremost, it unpacks a lot of different agendas & motivations that can sometimes be opaque and/or unconsidered;. Especially as a GM, with different wants from different players, this is a Big Deal for me. Second & related -- there are a LOT of bright people with different perspectives on this who have put in a LOT of time and attention; and I get to leverage all that for my own use. Some of them have expressed opinions/perspectives I might never have considered on my own, and some of those POV's may be sitting at my gaming-table.
  25. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    For the wages of sin is death Part One The Party spends several days resting and catching up with the news from Yarmouth and beyond, the peace treaty seems to be holding and more and more people are reporting to the N.M.A compound to sign up for work details. And there was even more good news as it seems that a few more supply convoys had made it into the town in the Parties absence. The largest has arrived only hours before and had been sent from London by Cromwell himself. Food was still sparse but at least most people now got at least one hot meal a day and the extra troops helped with the issue of security, not only in the town itself but also the surrounding countryside where some people had turned to brigandship to survive, robbing and killing their neighbours just for a little extra food. There were also hard to diminish rumors of cannibalism in some of the more remote villages, it was said that Cantley has a lot fewer residents now and not all of them died in the ice or in that last desperate search for the rumored pot of gold that's guarded by the Gnomes at Callow pit. So with the increase in security and food the town of Great Yarmouth was slowly returning, it may never be the same again but homes were being rebuilt and the first few fishing boats had been patched up and were almost ready to head out and start bringing in that much needed extra source of food. Far to quickly the break was over and the still-battered Party began to assemble their equipment, blades were sharpened, pistols and muskets cleaned and tested and stores ordered and assembled into the two hastily converted row boats which now sported crude skis attached to the sides of their hulls. These skies lifted the boats just off the ground so they could be dragged over the ice and snow, if with some difficulty. The Party were also introduced to the men that would be assisting them in their destructive endeavors, they were from Sir Bernard de Gommes Companie of Pioneers & Fireworkers so not only were they skilled in explosives but also well used to the backbreaking demands of a Pioneer. The twenty-nine men were led by a tall gaunt man whose face on the left side was a mess of red scar tissue and the eye whilst still, there was just a milky orb. Noticing the stunned expressions of the Party and Giulio's more worried one the man nodded slightly and with a wet rasp of a voice introduced himself as Sergeant Francis Sherfield "Do not be fretting Sirs" he gestured to his face "This was no fault of mine, my hands are steady and my work is true" he coughs and spits onto the floor then raises his hands "See I've all my fingers still, the face is down to some dastard who threw a grenade at me during the siege of Bristol" he smiles a gap toothed grin and continued "He won't be doing that again as he accidentally impaled himself on my sword shortly afterwards, so rest assured I knows my business, Now these fine men with me might be rogues and rascals but they are solid and dependable and will serve you well.......in whatever it is that needs doing" he coughs and again spits onto the floor then almost as if remembering that he was a red coat straightens up and salutes. The Party is somewhat staggered by the whole thing but they must admit the men do look to be in good health and well provisioned for the task ahead. The Doctor turns to Ralph and makes his excuses to leave as it seems he had something to pick up from the Mechanical Preacher that had accompanied the recently repaired Charity and the company from the Clockwork Regiment. Zeal for the lord Harrison stepped out of the Listing Sausage and with his gaggle of advisers, runners, and local bigwigs already in tow like some kind of slightly confused flock of sheep and walked across the courtyard towards the Party and the pioneers. Seeing Sergeant Sherfield he sighs a little but maintains his stern expression, he quickly scans the yard and noticing the Doctors absence makes a brief inquiry and then nodding steps back and addresses the men. "I am glad that Sir Bernard de Gomme was able to spare some of his best men for I am sure you will be tested during the course of this mission but keep true to your faith and follow the orders of these men and you will do yourself and your country proud. Know this, you will be doing the Lords work in these next few days and in doing so you will be an integral part of his plan, Sergeant Sherfield will lead the first section of men whilst the newly promoted Sergeant Ralph Norton," he points to a horrifically gurning Ralph his chest swelling with pride (Doctor Owen “Hacksaw” French had worked wonders but Ralph's face was still a purple and black mess of scar tissue and bruising) "Here will lead the other fifteen men, and as you can see he is already keeping up the noble tradition of Sergeants in the service of Sir Bernard de Gomme" the men smile and a few even laugh, a slight smile briefly flutters across Zeal's normally stern features "I know some of you are curious to know why we are sending you with these men and to the island that has so recently appeared off the coast but for operational reasons all I can tell you is this, you will be taken to several locations on the island where you will assist these gentlemen in the destruction of certain objects. These objects must be completely removed by fire or powder and afterwards you will report back to me and only me and if successful you will be rewarded for your service, it just remains for me to wish you well and to remind you that you are doing Gods work" he then clicks his fingers and one of his clerks rushes forwards and hands Sherfield a bundle of orders. Another clerk heads over to Ralph and hands him yet another bundle of orders these closed with the personal wax seal of Harrison. The clerk takes a few steps away mutters something and then walks back to Ralph and fishes out of a pocket a length of orange fabric and handing it over explains that it's his sash he also hands over a length of lace and pointing to Ralph's somewhat battered hat says "Erm the lace is meant to go on your hat sir to denote that you are a man of rank, but you might want to get a slightly less........ crap looking hat first, otherwise this lace is going to look pretty silly Once all is ready and the Doctor has returned from his errand carrying yet another bag this one strangle thin the group heads out onto the frozen sea and the creaking ice. They make pretty good progress at first but the further they get from the shore the Ice becomes more unstable and their path becomes less direct as they have to sweep around the weaker sections. After several hours they pass the Juliana, The Spanish ship is being slowly crushed by the now moving ice and it's no longer a safe place to rest so giving it a wide berth they pass by, keeping a wary eye on the below. The group continues to travel onwards towards the island tired and cold but too scared to make camp on the thinning ice. They almost make it to the islands sandy black beach without any further incident but one of the columns point man cries out "Sergeant Norton, riders approaching" Ralph halts the column and telling the others that they should leave things to him he strides out to the front to intercept the riders. As they get closer Ralph recognizes them as Paladins of the Fall he hails them and takes a step back looking up he squints and gasps as he notices that high above the Paladins and their strange mounts a strange box somehow floated above them crackling with a strange low growl as it twisted and turned in unseen winds. Ralph took a deep breath to steady his nerves and hailed the Paladins again the Paladins ride closer before they reign in their strange riding beasts and looking down at Ralph tell him to let them pass as their weary vigil is over. Ralph swiftly spins on his heels and gives Sergeant Sherfield the signal to fire, Sherfield shrugs and looks a little confused but then in a loud strong voice bellows "Attention! Column will form line " and the men begin the maneuver into line with much stamping of feet which was a bit of a worry considering the ice. Seeing the armed men spreading out in front of them the Paladins speak to Ralph again in their strange crackling monotone "Will you not let us pass? our long weary vigil is over and we only seek somewhere to live out the last of our days in peace" Ralph looking a little embarrassed and worried replies as he reaches for his hatchets "You can not leave the Island there is no rest for you anywhere else" The Paladins look at each other and start to sing a weird high pitched and undulating song which causes those who hear it discomfort, the Paladin nearest Ralph speaks for the final time "Our brother was right we were foolish to hope we could trust these pale beings" and pulling out his double bladed pole-arm spurs his mount into a charge closely followed by the other rider who also pulls out a similarly deadly blade. Hurtling towards Ralph with surprising speed who with a choked scream throws his hatchets at the oncoming riders determined to sell his life dearly, one hatchet thunks into one of the beasts causing it to swerve to the left with a grunt of pain thus narrowly avoiding it from riding Ralph down and then the Paladins are past a stunned Ralph and into the men beyond who desperately bring their just loaded muskets to bare, Sherfield cries out Aim and Fire all in one breath and twenty nine muskets bang out and the increasingly small gap between them and the riders is filled with lead and the occasional ramrod. The Paladins continue to sing as the musket balls slam into them and their beasts, their ornate armour crumpling and splitting asunder from the sheer violence of the volley. One Paladin is thrown by his beast as with an oddly human scream it collapses a yellowish liquid flowing from its numerous wound's the Paladin rolls and with a leap he sweeps his blade in a wide deadly arc which luckily misses the men, only slicing into the air but causing the nearest men to take a step back. The Other Paladin was about to slam into the line but Sherfield proved he was no fool and had placed himself just in front of the line and in the Paladins way and with a grim smile on his scarred face he lowers his symbol of rank and his Spontoon plunges into the last beasts breast killing it instantly causing the last Paladin to be hurled from its back to land with crushing force onto the ice. The men nearest don't give him a chance and without orders flip their still smoking muskets over and then down go the heavy musket stocks into the body of the still struggling Paladin, smashing into him over and over again cracking armour and bone. Sherfield pauses lights his pipe and then walks slowly over to the men "Enough" he then drags off one of the men "I said ENOUGH! Salter you break that fecking musket and it's coming out of your wages" the men with deep ragged breaths step back forming a loose circle which has a smashed and somewhat flat Paladin in its center. The Party leaves Ralph to explain to the men what the hell had just happened and from what little was overheard it seemed he was going down the tried and trusted devil/demon route. The Doctor and Guilio started to examine the Paladins, carefully removing their rent and bloody armour to expose their strange greyish flesh beneath. It was clear that they were far from human their eyes were golden globes, their fingers ended with golden nails, and their skin was tightly drawn across their gaunt bodies the Doctor also found evidence of surgery pointing out to Guilio the stitch marks which faintly crisscrossed the Paladins bodies. Whilst the Doctor and Guilio tried to figure out what the Paladins really were Ralph and Sherfield had managed to calm the men down and was letting the demon and the Mongolian (Don't ask) explanations sink in. Wilhelm meanwhile was also busy he had grabbed a small cask of black powder from the boat and had headed off to the islands black volcanic beach where he started sprinkling a healthy amount of the powder onto the islands sandy beach. Nodding to himself he then walks back over to the chatting men and has a quick chat with a couple of them, he makes some strange bird noises and flaps his arms weirdly and two of the men finally push past him and head off towards the beasts with a grinning Wilhelm following swiftly behind. All three then start to drag the strange beasts towards the beach and onto the black powder, the beasts are piled together and Wilhelm then tips a lot more powder onto them and then ordering the men back he continues to pour a thin line of powder out as he walks back towards the ice, Looking around and judging that the distance was good enough he replaces the casks cork and making sure it was clear of any loose powder replaces it back into the boat. With a large grin he then places his unloaded Donderbus down close to the line of powder and gives spark, the powder hisses a bit as it becomes damp from the ice but it then suddenly it takes and with a spluttering fizz a flame races towards the beach and the pile of beasts. When it strikes the greater quantity of powder there is a mighty whoosh as the powder ignites and very quickly the beasts are engulfed in a raging inferno. Wilhelm then turns and calls out to the Doctor and Guilio "Gentleman if you would be so kind to finish your examinations and let us return these demons to the fires of hell where they belong" The Doctor stands up and nods, the Paladins are swiftly dragged to the now blazing pyre and with a great cheer and with the singing of Psalm 91 the Paladins are thrown into the fire to rejoin their mounts for the final journey. With the strange Paladins blazing away and with things looking quiet for the moment Ralph left Sherfield to get the men back into column for the march inland and he went off to collect his other hatchet from the ice having already pulled his other one out of the beast. The others fell into a somewhat heated discussion about the recent events, the Doctor, in particular, seemed upset saying that the Paladins could have been pointed in the direction of France at least after all the original one had seemed a decent enough chap. The men were hustled into a marching column and Private William Frank who had suffered a nasty cut to the chest was called out by the now returned Ralph "Son, I need you to go back to the Listing Sausage and tell the Scoutmaster that he needs to send patrols out along the coast, tell him that er.....people are leaving the island and heading to England. Tell him we have stopped a couple of Paladins from making the crossing but there is no way of telling what has already made it over. He quickly scribbles out a note and hands it to Franks explaining that it would get him past any patrols and into the Listing Sausage but placing a meaty paw onto Private Franks shoulder he growls "Now lad you are only to report to the Scoutmaster himself the report is for his ears only, understand?" Private Frank nods and taking a deep breath turns and starts to walk towards Great Yarmouth. The men are brought back into marching columns and the slack is taken up on the sled boats "The men are ready and awaiting orders" Ralph casting one last look at Franks nods and orders the men forward past the still blazing pyre and towards the island's jungle. It seems that things have changed since they were last here the weather was no longer wet and humid but much like the weather in Great Yarmouth and the cold seems to have had a detrimental effect on the foliage as it was no longer lush and vibrant but grey and brittle and whilst this made clearing a path through the jungle easier it was still an ill omen. It was several hours of back-breaking work to drag the sled boats over the uneven ground towards the Pinnacles the men having to take regular water breaks to catch their breath all the while the CL.U.Ber's kept a wary eye on the jungle and the darkness beyond watching for any signs of an ambush or worse but soon enough the two towers could be seen looming through the trees ahead. With one last effort the sledge boats were dragged to the base of the tower and Ralph gave the order to halt and to make camp and with an audible sigh of relief the men dropped the ropes and started to build a basic camp and soon the smell of bacon and peas was wafting around the nearby jungle from the men's small cooking fires. Ralph and the CL.U.Ber's maintained a loose guard around the camp and allowed the men to rest for soon they would need their strength again both their physical and spiritual. After half an hour had past Sergeant Sherfield was called over and spent the next fifteen minutes with the CL.U.Ber's getting a plan of action nailed down, the men would be split into small working groups and tasked with the jobs that needed doing from guarding the camp to bringing the supplies up to where they were needed as well as the men needed to actually demolish the heathen lies that adorned the towers. Sergeant Sherfield and his chosen men would be in charge of destroying the monolith via blasting so all that it remained to do was for someone to scout the towers before the work could begin. So two soldiers were called out and told to get their light kit together as they were the lucky ones who would be going in first. The men armed with several Wheelock pistols which hung down from a wide leather belt and with sword and dagger in hand stepped into the tower of the monolith and were soon lost to the darkness within. The men left behind were kept busy though as supplies needed to be unloaded from the boats and soon plates were cleared away all but one fire was put out and the men were back in line in uniform and armed with the tools they would need for the tasks ahead. After a somewhat tense thirty minutes the scouts reappeared and reported that the towers were clear, the bodies of a man and a woman had been found and there were signs that someone had set a large fire on the ground floor recently but there was no sign of life. Ralph asked about the monolith whilst the others carefully watched the scouts reactions, the monolith was still there but from their report, it didn't seem to have done anything weird. The CL.U.Ber's were happy that all seemed well and the order was given to start work. It was early evening by the time work started and the shadows were drawing in as the sounds of pick and hammer rang out across the still silent jungle there was even the occasional bang as several charges boomed out destroying any particularly hard to demolish murals. The work continued through the early part of the night until all but the monolith was naught but rubble and dust, the CL.UBer's kept a close eye on the men as they worked looking for any sign of possession or deviancy the Doctor, in fact, got the men singing as he thought it would not only help with the work but act as some kind of early warning as if a man suddenly stopped singing and seemed a little confused he could be whisked away and if necessary dealt with before he started to spread blasphemy. So soon the once quiet jungle rang to not only the sounds of demolition but to the strains of the Collier rant, As me an' me marra was gannin' to wark, We met wi' the devil, it was I' the dark; Aw up wi' mi pick, it being I' the neet, Aw knock't off his horns, likewise his club-feet. Foller the horses, Johnny me laddie, Foller them through, me canny lad, oh! Foller the horses, Johnny me laddie, Oh lad lye away, me canny lad, oh! The work continued till all but the monolith was naught but rubble and dust and that would have to wait till morning, the weary men crawled into their blankets after a hasty meal of cheese and biscuit were soon fast asleep. They had done Sir Bernard de Gomme proud and shown why they were rated the best men in the company. As the pale sunlight crested the horizon it found the somewhat grumbling men already up and dragging the sled boats to the next destination. So far the Paladins were the only other living thing encountered by the group unless you counted the huge flocks of seagulls which now suddenly seemed to be everywhere rending the air with their strange cawing that sounded like demonic laughter as if mocking the efforts of the men below. The only ones left at the monolith tower were Sherfields chosen men and the C.L.U.Ber's who were several hundred meters away in a hastily dug pit and watching as Sergeant Sherfield backed out of the tower spoiling out a length of match cord from where it was wrapped around a wooden wheel. Carefully making his way into the pit he cut the match cord from the wheel and muttering a few calculations he finally turned to the other "Ready men? you may want to duck into the pit itself and plug your ears this might be a bit on the loud side what with the explosion being contained by so much stone and what have you" getting a nod from everyone he laid the end of the match cord down and with a grin said "Lets see how special number 5 works out" and with a spark of flint sets the match cord alight and after watching it burn its way to the towers entrance way he uses the flint once more to light his pipe and seeing the others already with their fingers in their ears sighs and shouts "Should be about ten minutes yet" Nine and a half minutes later there is an almighty boom which showers the Party in dust, debris and the occasional stunned seagull, climbing out of the pit the Party waits for the dust to settle and to look upon the damage done. Several moments pass before the dust clears enough and whilst the main body of the tower still stands the floor that held the monolith and the floor below are gone blasted back into whatever infernal realm they came from. Sergeant Sherfield coughs and turning to the awestruck C.L.U.Ber's shrugs and in a loud voice says "I may have slightly overestimated the powder in those charges, but hey jobs a good un, right lads?" After everybody had dug themselves out of the pit and could finally hear again they quickly did a quick search of the area just to make sure that nothing larger than a shilling remained intact of those strange carvings, nothing but grit and dust was found it looked like the monolith and the strange carvings had been destroyed completely. There was nothing now left to corrupt anyone else who happened to stumble upon these unholy towers. The column continued to plough through the jungle and its strange dying vegetation and finally made it to the shore of the bay and still, nothing, no further signs of the Paladins or any rogue Crystal children even the strange lights from beneath the waters had faded away leaving the waters still and at least looking peaceful. The boats were set up for a water crossing and soon the cries of "Stroke, stroke" were ringing out as the Party made the crossing in style this time. The journey across was uneventful much to everyone's relief and the boats were soon dragged up onto the opposite shore and pegged down. The Palace was only a short walk away from here so there was no real need to drag them any further. The supplies needed were unloaded, the barrels of oil, pitch, and powder were divided amongst those going to the great corpse logged marsh that surrounded the Pale ladies Palace. Four soldiers were instructed to remain with the boats and to set up a camp they were also handed over a message tube that contained their orders if the main group failed to return by the next morning. The remaining men and the C.L.U.Ber's then headed out towards the Palace the Doctor again had his new bag strapped to the rest of his gear and was smiling as he whistled a somewhat jaunty sea shanty. They made good time through the jungle unburdened as they were from the necessity of dragging the sled boats any longer and soon the Palace towers could be glimpsed up ahead and before they knew it the jungle began to thin out and they were soon traveling over scrubland and with the Palace causeway just ahead. Wilhelm was on point and just as he was about to crest the final hillock before the marsh and causeway came into view he suddenly stopped and threw himself down onto the ground, the column which was about thirty meters behind him halted and the men gripped their swords tightly. Guilio came up to the front and quickly spoke to Ralph and Sherfield a decision was made and Guilio went ahead keeping low to the ground at first but dropping down to the ground and crawling the last few meters until he reached Wilhelm. Tapping Wilhelm's boot gently to let him know he was there the Italian whispered "Whats the hold-up?" Wilhelm pulled back a little bit without taking his gaze off whatever he could see up ahead and in a low whisper he filled in the Italian "There is a sorcery up ahead, one of those Paladins is floating in the air surrounded by Crystal children oh and that strange box thing is back" Guilio asks how many er.......things are ahead of them and Wilhelm crawls forward again and taking off his gloves begins to count, "It looks like there are around thirty Crystal children in groups of three surrounding the floating Paladin, the box thing is floating above them all, the children seem to be tied? to the Paladin by a strange fleshy rope?" Guilio nods slightly wide-eyed but whispers"Let's go back we need to tell Ralph and the others" The two make it back safely and gathering the C.L.U.Ber's and Sherfield together they inform them of what lies ahead there is some heated discussion but Ralph angrily crushes the other options seeing them as too cowardly and instead stomps off and orders the men into a loose firing line and orders them to make ready. When everyone was loaded and ready the Doctor stepped forward and gave a rousing if slightly long-winded speech in an attempt to prepare the men for what they were about to see. Ralph shakes his head and interrupts the Doctor "Enough, men there is evil ahead and it's our task to cleanse it obey your orders and you will make it through. Shoulder your muskets, prepare for combat and forward march" The men walk forward in line the CL.U.Ber's take position on the flanks and they walk forwards to the crest of the hill. There is an audible gasp from the men as they lay eyes on the Paladin and the strange children "Steady men" growls Ralph "Make ready I want a good volley to clear this causeway" The Doctor steps out "Wait! its the Paladin we met earlier, Claymon's friend remember? let me try to talk to him at least" he starts to walk towards the Paladin his hands raised as he calls out "It's me the Doctor you remember from earlier, can we talk?" the Paladin slowly spins to face the Doctor and tilts his head to one side as from the box floating above him a loud crackling voice booms out "Truly have been betrayed our vigil has ended and all for naught, I told my brothers that they would find no help from you fiends, it is the end" The Doctor starts waving his hands desperately from side to side "We come in peace" he tries to say something more but whatever it was is drowned out by the sound of muskets firing from behind him. Groups of children fall from the causeway ripped asunder by the murderous volley the order to reload goes out as from beyond the musket smoke the children can be seen turning to look at the group.The strange rope that links the Paladin to the children suddenly pulses with a light that hurts the eyes and the children begin to scream out as beams of blazing blue light leap out from their now glowing eyes and whatever the lights hits immediately bursts into flames. Five men are killed in the first attack before the others run to cover, Ralph meanwhile screams an oath and instead runs forwards, across the scrub and onto the causeway itself beams shoot out but he manages to avoid them by desperately jinking left and then to the right. He slams into the children and starts striking out left and right with his hatchets aiming for the central child in each group. He slashes throats and crushes heads and it seems to be working as the other children in the cluster collapse as soon as the central child is killed. And Ralph seems to be too close to them now for him to be targeted by the blazing light. The other C.L.U.Ber's having taken cover behind some fallen masonry which is already starting to bubble and shatter under the beams desperately prepare a cask of black powder as a makeshift petard "Will this work?" asks the Doctor as Sherfield attaches a short length of match cord to the cask he shrugs "Maybe, at least it should give us some time to pull back at least" the match cord is lit and with a hasty shouted warning to Ralph of "Jump!" the cask is rolled down towards the causeway. The cask rolls down bouncing up and down over the uneven ground but it was aimed well and with the cord still smoking behind it eventually rolls to a halt under the floating Paladin. Ralph looks down as it passes him and with a curse of "You Bastards", leaps off the causeway and down into the swamp below. The explosion is somewhat disappointing but it's enough, as with a crackled screech the Paladin and the strange box fall from the sky and land wetly and in several pieces onto the causeway beneath. The remaining children look up and scream as their glowing crystal infused heads suddenly explode.
  26. From the Archives: Old Cults

    Reminds me of the Lunar masks in Pavis: GtA: http://www.glorantha.com/docs/dara-happan-depictions-orlanthi-gods-2/ Handsome Grinner is obviously part of the same Pelorian tradition as Orlantio.
  27. From the Archives: Old Cults

    I'm not a big fan of the random magic grants...and for a Disorder cult, Orlantio certainly appears to rule it with an iron fist.
  28. From the Archives: Old Cults

    Love it! Given vowel shifts, do some people (maybe in a place like Vanch) pronounce it more like "Eurlantio?"
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