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  2. Well, that went down like a lead balloon. More than 80 views and no one would like to see RQ used for anything else even if only as a dream project... sigh ...
  3. I'm not sure why I'm defending what I've already acknowledged is a dumb theory, but the contention of said dumb theory is that Temertain is the perfect inept cover for a brilliant revolutionary planner (I suppose as Sir Percy Blakeney is for the Scarlet Pimpernel). Starbrow and Argrath are just opportunistically seizing the moment he has created.
  4. Trust me, once seen, never forgotten.
  5. One could always reason "If Chaos is a necessary part of the Cosmos then my hatred of Chaos is also necessary".
  6. This works against the Lie ”You have always loved Chaos” (you haven’t), but not against ”Chaos is a necessary part of the Cosmos” (maybe your old hatred was uncalled for?).
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  8. To be precise, remember Glorantha is not Earth. If your priest imparts the cult wisdom that everyone knows and you knew all your life before the Lie spell, that is incontrovertible for you. Philosophers might consider it controvertible, so perhaps sorcerors are more vulnerable to Lie spells than others.
  9. Eh. Memory of hating chaos or whatever all your life is pretty incontrovertible in my book. Ye indeed, cannot be dispelled, or resisted, or shielded from by Countermagic, as Lie is a spell on *oneself.*
  10. thanks for all the answers, and i will take them into account, but do you know of a book that has some info of pre-sartar dragon pass? you know? a book with a list of possible clans and stuff like that? right now i'm reading Sartar: Kingdom of heroes
  11. Which means it also can't be dispelled.
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  13. ...Looking back in the book, I see what I missed... 🙃
  14. I don't think any of this would be particularly disputed by anybody -- that sounds like by-the-book Humakt to me. This kind of "esprit de corps" that compensates lower magic with military might and group discipline sounds more like Yelmalio phallanxes to me. While Humakti fight in battles, they also are routinely hired as mercenaries for various expeditions, as bodyguards, or engage in duels (see Biturian Varosh's travels), and so on. So it would be very common to see a lone Humakti, or a couple Humakti, out on a mission in my Glorantha. YGWV from mine, of course. But if they can
  15. Hopefully he has already done it! Isn't it a December digital release? You're such a tease...
  16. He is! Mark is doing the cover art for The Red Book of Magic for Chaosium, and another forthcoming Jonstown Compendium release.
  17. I thought this supplement is pretty good. Please consider a full Artesia RQ game. Just sayin'. I think I read on Reddit that he was working on more Glorantha covers.
  18. Lanbril, Rat People, and the Hobo Association Lanbril was originally worshipped by thieves in Dragon Pass and Prax and sometimes nearby areas. He is more important in urbanized areas, but in the modern era, Orlanthi areas tend not to be very organized and other pantheons have their own thief gods. However, as the Empire rolled into the Southern Provinces, it brought Orlanthi into the Empire. And Peloria is RICH with cities and urban life and thus theft. By the time of Sheng Seleris, it had taken deep root and been adopted by enough Changing Way followers that the Empire gave up an
  19. Sorry Simlasa! I was hoping to run it this weekend if we can get enough players. Looks fun though we might have to pulp are normal rules up a bit.
  20. I know this will divide players but I often think of Humakti as cut apart from the community - almost an Outcast or 'Other' as his myth describes. This is perhaps balanced by the Powerful Sever Spirit spell and Truesword, Sword Trance etc they can cast. I see his followers as Stoic and grim. The cult is dominant in where you find larger bodies of troops as well such as city regiments where unity of large numbers can compensate for individuals who are runniing low on RP's. Humakti are not supposed to be optimised in small groups of adventure parties or going solo. This means that having no
  21. "For fans of RuneQuest and/or Mark Smylie's Artesia comics, here's an adventure set in The Known World with stats for RuneQuest and notes to adapt it to Glorantha. Officially authorized, no less. It is always a pleasure to work with Mark."—Jason Durall, RuneQuest creative director. Available now at DriveThruRPG! BTW, Mark is long-time RuneQuest and Glorantha fan. You can also more of his artwork for Glorantha on the cover of Martin Helsdon's Men of the West and The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass in the Jonstown Compendium.
  22. IIRC Orlanth has one but wasn't mentioned in the rulebook. I think it will be in the Cults book. Yeah associated cults are really great for that, and when the players venture into far away lands where these cults are less common, that gives a good sense of being "away from home" (although they may be able to recover *some* RPs from the *equivalent* cults there?). I think the only cult that suffers from all of this is the Humakt cult because it has no associated cults.... I wonder if it would be cool, instead of giving Humakt minor holy days, to give it some alternative way of recoverin
  23. 10baseT


    The Magnus Archives are also a good inspiration http://rustyquill.com/the-magnus-archives/ .
  24. I am unlikely for forgive you for whatever that "Bellone" creature was.
  25. Frankly, I don't (combine cosmologies). I used to enjoy kitchen-sink settings, but increasingly find that so many different elements TAKE AWAY from one another's awesome, rather than adding their awesomes together. For example, the cosmology/backstory of RQ doesn't really fit with the pseudo-science cosmology/backstory of CoC. One *COULD* just equate Cthulhu&Co with RQ "Chaos" and Done... but Cthulhu's cosmology has millions-of-years-ago events & races &c that explicitly differ from the known history of Glorantha with its pre-Time events and "dawn of Time" singularity. Si
  26. They are! There's also this one, fortunately only one panel: though you mess with people's heads and mix it in with the jigsaw puzzle of Southern Peloria:
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