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  2. For clarity's sake, the full list is: "...trademarks, registered trademarks, proper names (characters, deities, place names, etc.), plots, story elements, locations, characters, artwork, or trade dress from any of the following...". I keep bringing up Britain itself because if "from" is meant to mean "originating within" than it is not a prohibited place name or location. That standard puts most of the characters in play though, unless "related to Le Morte d’Arthur" is meant to also include the sources from which Mallory drew. If Arthur et al are prohibited because "from" means they are merely "present in" KAP & Le Morte d’Arthur+related, that standard casts the absurdly wide net which Chaosium obviously does not intend but is nonetheless implicit in a reading that excludes proper nouns the various authors included but did not invent. I agree that it's ludicrous to think they are trying to do that, but if the "from" includes mere presence rather than origination, and "story elements" is on the list distinct from the proper nouns, just how far one has to steer clear of archetypal themes is an open question. @Jeff's example of the Lunar occupation of Sartar with the serial numbers filed off is pretty clear. How about a game about Rome occupying Gaul or Britain though? It gets fuzzier if the prohibition includes influences rather than being constrained to original elements. The changes necessary to remove this kind of ambiguity would not be hard to make, if they wish to do so.
  3. In my campaign the PCs made a pilgrimage to the Block and helped Storm Bull worshippers hunt a white Allosaurus Broo that could use Predator type camouflage. It also threw large stones.
  4. The point is that Legend OGL is not just any other system, but functionally identical, sans the logo and gives you more to work with to boot. So this whole thing leaves a head-scratching "why bother?". (It is a bit ironic, though that Legend OGL is held by Mongoose who did everything in their might to de-OGL their Traveller 2e). That being said, I can't speak for the Open Cthulhu project but I do know some of the folks of the German Deutsche Lovecraft Gesellschaft e.V. Their intention of doing Fhtagn (including a meticulously well-kept list of everything Mythos in the public domain) was entirely to have something for themselves because they didn't like the route CoC 7e was going. Still, these folks buy nearly everything CoC they can get their hands on. I get why Chaosium went this route, but in this case, well-meant is not well-done. A better wording of the license would have gone a long way and the SRD really isn't one in all but name.
  5. Understod you perfectly well just a note to improve your english.. saying "a negative point" or "a bad point" might be better. Autrement, je suis certain, que ton anglais est mieux que mon francais. À votre santé
  6. As you've mentioned MYTHRAS: MYTHRAS Core has no levels for spells, but you've cited the relation between magic skill and Intensity. If you look in the individual spells for MYTHRAS you'll find out that many of them have power levels in relation to the Intensity score. This is something like a spell-level in D100-form. CLASSIC FANTASY, which is MYTHRAS-D&D, takes this concept a lot further and integrates spell power level simply while using the key concept from above.
  7. Is this one of those weird in-jokes that crop up in Gloranthan circles from time to time? !i!
  8. A quick look at Nick Brookes alternate timeline in Duel at Dangerford, makes me realise I don’t know the Canon timeline as well as I thought. Whilst I *should* follow Nick Brookes approach, that the Canon is there to inspire and help campaign planning, but what works for a series (or arc) of fun adventures should be paramount, I’d probably worry... I assumed that Dragon Rise is 1625, Earth Season, Harmony week, Clayday (is that from King of Sartar?). My assumption is that Kallyr and Leika, already in Sartar fermenting rebellion, fight/walk into Boldhome and Clearwine to reclaim their thrones. They’ve no reason to wait for the Lunar garrisons to recover, entrench, appoint new leaders, reinforcements, so it would be in the days following Dragon Rise? Similarly, King Pharandros of Tarsh would react as soon as possible. I’d *guess* he has standing troops, and/or that bronze age armies are very quick to muster (though Earth Season isn’t good timing for any troops raised from mustering farmers, *if* they’re significant element), so I’d have the gates to Alda-Chur open to him a week or so after? Similarly, in a rush, not wanting to allow Kallyr to fortify her position, he’d go straight on, to be stopped at Dangerford perhaps some weeks after Dragon Rise? Both questions, because I'm just making stuff up, and I don’t really know what I’m talking about. Then I’m assuming Kallyr’s 1625 sacred time ritual isn’t good, a summons of evil going horribly wrong, leaving her badly wounded. Then, the next battle is the battle of Queens, which I have down for Fire Season 1626. Then Argrath arrives liberating Alda-Chur in Sea Season 1627 (presumably being crowned Prince after, but that’s somewhat far off for my campaign still, so I’m a bit vague). I’m guessing, from Duel at Dangerford (or the preview at least; it’s on the wish list), there’s a timeline for these events in some HeroQuest resource, which details these events? Any pointers? I’m an RQii/iii then straight to RQ in Glorantha, so beyond those, my library’s quite sparse (though I really must re-read King of Sartar). As an aside, why do I always spell Argrath’s name Agrath, and then have to go back to add in the first r. Am I just plain wrong, or remembering an ancient spelling? Thanks, Stephen.
  9. Oh, you don’t know what manner of beast you are poking with a sharp stick...
  10. Unrestricted licensing did not help IBM, heck it almost put it out of business. Restricted licenses did not help Apple, again the company was almost sunk by its restricted license holders. This is the reason for my post thanking Chaosium for taking the risk and understanding that restrictions would be mandatory and even then it all might go south. Still best of luck to everyone entering this debate with the best of intentions. Thanks Chaosium for keeping your cool and making it (to my eyes) easy to understand and follow. And thanks to all of you that want this to work and are tailoring your concerns and questions to this end. As a fan and a customer with a lot invested in this working... I am hoping for great things. Cheers
  11. Well, duh! That's duh to me for not realising this sooner.
  12. Wow, 100% for an action Adventure, that is really surprising. Perhaps not that surprising after 1 vote, though. I expect that proportion to go down by a lot.
  13. Listened to it on Podbean and it worked really well. Enjoyed it, although I got a bit lost in the middle.
  14. When it comes to episodic or short Call of Cthulhu adventures, what is your preference for content? What ticks the boxes for you as a player or Keeper when a session ends? A real action adventure! Mainly combat, plenty of chases, some investigation, little research or digging. "Hey - we may've died but look how many cultists we took out!" The Mystery. Mainly investigation, plenty of research, some combat, a chase or two. "We uncovered that plot and put a spanner in the works for them! Oh, and Fred died but hey ho." Uncovering doom. Some research, investigation into that research, the chase, deadly combat. "Once we entered that temple, we'd sealed our fate! The Earth is in trouble now!" Digging deep. A lot of research (and background) with handouts galore, investigation with conclusions, a chase and survivable combat. "We discovered the ancient city and it's peoples fate. They tried to stop us taking away that knowledge but we've made it back!" My own preference, as investigator and Keeper is the mystery. It makes for an entertaining session or three, leaves players with a sense of achievement and involves most elements of the game. With campaigns it is possible to have a mix of all; with type 3. usually the concluding 'episode'. The reason why the Action Adventure doesn't 'do it' for me is that I came from AD&D to RQ2, enjoying the deeper skill use of characters. I love CoC because combat is short and relatively realistic (within the bounds of a game) and so it encourages thought and planning among players. What does anyone else think? What ... style of adventure d'you like?
  15. In the Sandals of Darkness heroquest Orlanth steals the Sandals from Kyger Litor and uses them to escape, implying that they work okay against troll senses.
  16. Only if they could see him anyway. it seems mean to allow Second Sight to negate Darkwalk and Invisibility. Ditto for Soulsight. if they can see him then Soulsight works, if not then it doesn't. Yes, this should work. We used to use Storm Khan mastery of Sense Chaos to do the Detect Chaos, so all the Invisible Broos lit up to the Storm Bulls. Yes, if they are alive, no if they are dead, undead or merely animated. I have always played that Darkwalk renders you invisible to Darksense, so that trolls can use it as Invisibility.
  17. Yes, poisons definitely existed before Death, they just didn't kill you. Now, with Death, some poisons can kill you.
  18. I think that might be missing the point. People who want to use the Legend OGL to create a system that uses Prohibited Content, for example to retrofit Call of Cthulhu or RuneQuest, can. What they can't do is to use the BRP OGL to do that. If people don't want to use the BRP OGL but want to use a Legend OGL to make something similar then fine. They can't put the BRP OGL Logo on it or call it BRP.
  19. I think you wanted to reply to reply to @Travern about this -- I was just expressing that I'm a sucker for urban fantasy. But yes, I think Travern's original post was exactly angels on pinheads because the point was to figure out the extent of one of the clauses (namely the clause about Arthurian characters being off limits). I would probably be equally interested in a "wizards-in-a-dystopian-future urban fantasy RPG" if it was not relying heavily on Arthurian myth... if anything, I would actually be more interested if it was, like, focused on Templars and the Golden Dawn and Dee and Crowley and stuff like that... but probably sooner or later someone might do a sourcebook or adventure where Merlin shows up, in which case I assume a quick chat with Chaosium would clear any questions. As far as I can tell, they already started doing that -- I saw a couple of MOB's posts showing up verbatim in the FAQ yesterday.
  20. Thank you very much for the response, Jeff. I'm afraid it's still unclear to me if Chaosium is reserving the right to consider characters from Malory to be Prohibited Content regardless of the setting (the most drastic interpretation), only the chivalric Matter of Britain (the narrowest needed to protect Pendragon's IP), or just the Arthurian setting (the middle ground). Clarifying this would allow potential RPG designers to draw their own conclusions about how to resolve other particular concepts that could potentially fall under "prohibited content". (Elsewhere on the web I've seen some ludicrous over-interpretations about the BRP OLG forbidding basic fantasy tropes because of RuneQuest and Stormbringer.) If the answer is that people must check with Chaosium first to receive permission to use the BRP OGL in such cases, then this ought to be spelled out in at least the FAQ, though any waivers granted through this process will, by their nature, complicate the license. I'm raising these hypotheticals because I genuinely worry that the ambiguous language in the Prohibited Content clause could scare away potential development of OGL BRP. And I'm sticking to hypotheticals because I have no emotional investment in them, unlike, say, the homebrew systems that people on this forum have put their creative effort into. If one wanted, for instance, a cyberpunk-sorcery game right now, one could always try… Shadowrun, but I think I speak for everyone here when I say I would prefer an OGL BRP alternative with a richer setting. An open license for Basic Roleplaying has been on my wish list for a long time, and I would like it to enjoy the success that similar projects from other publishers have seen. P.S. By the way, I think that BRP OGL's language covering Lovecraftian horror, while sweeping, is unambiguous and entirely correct: "all works related to the Cthulhu Mythos, including those that are otherwise public domain". Anyone wanting to create works in this subgenre should have no questions about whether they can adapt BRP (no) or must work within existing CoC licensing options (and Chaosium's options, from the Miskatonic Repository to small publisher and commercial licenses, cover everything they could need).
  21. Here is my persona take: poison in all its myriad forms is an umbrella term for how Death was proliferated, experimented upon and even took partial, incomplete forms during the Gods War. Throughout this process it sometimes became something different, either intentionally or by accident. Some of these substances existed prior to Death, much like the tools associated with Death (weapons, etc.), while others came into being as a result of Death. Others again are a mix.
  22. Could be a long, dangerous journey there and back. I would be reluctant to allow a shaman to easily just discorporate and travel hundreds of miles to communicate with people over great distance. However, they might be able to find a location on the spirit plane that has a strong correspondence to a location sacred to the worship being performed, and participate in the events being celebrated by running a solo worship ceremony. Their relatives back home might see a spirit that resembles Cousin Bob swirling around the fires. Bob might recognize familiar faces looking on or also participating. So, sorta maybe. If the intention is to allow worship and replenishment of RP, yes I'd allow it. That's basically what Vishi Dunn does in my game.
  23. Today
  24. That sounds awesome! When are you going to publish?
  25. My ol' RQ2 referee used to describe the Dodge roll as "being lucky enough to not be in the way of a hit".
  26. I am a massive nerd for arms and armour, you see. No, that's fair.
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