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  2. Peol Jagganoth - this is another Lord Dunsany reference.
  3. Guide to Glorantha Group Read Week 12 - Shiyang

    Piscoi Mer-men perhaps? Malevolent 'Fish-men' who despise 'air-breathers' seems like a close match.
  4. As I noted in the G+ forum for reference: To my knowledge, none of the Queen-Priestesses of Ezel are named. I do know that of the great Nochet Houses, House Oranaeo is the one most closely associated with Ezel. I also know that one of Great Queen Bruvala's daughters (currently unnamed) ended up as a Queen-Priestess there. And the Grandmothers' Council is based there. Also to consider: Samastina goes there after returning from her mission to Cragspider, and before staging her coup in Nochet (i.e. during the Great Winter). She gains the Queen-Priestess as an ally. The Queen-Priestess is still allied to Samastina as of 1625-6. Likely the Queen-Priestess is a supporter of the Old Earth Alliance. What we don't know is when the varied Queen-Priestesses have been succeeded by others. They are the highest representative of Ernalda in at least Esrolia. Therefore, they are: of an Enfranchised House (noble), magically powerful, of blessed descent (likely all in the last 100 years have some connection to Queen Bruvala), and are mothers. They continue until they retire (when they are no longer fertile), or they are removed via assassination or magical disaster. Figure 10-20 years is typical rule for a given Queen-Priestess.
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  6. I have both. Carse became Karse. I think @Joerg used it extensively in his old campaigns? Thieves World is Refuge, the odd city tucked below the Heortland plateau next to the tidal marshes of God Forgot. I haven't looked at either in years to see how you would fit them in currently. (In fact, only just relocated my Carse book about a month ago, tucked in with some old Tunnels and Trolls books.)
  7. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    Have a read through the couple posts I made on the HQ Basics Page noted above. That should be enough to get started, but most of us here are happy to answer any questions. In most cases, it really is as simple as framing the contest, having the players identify the ability to use, assigning the difficulty, and rolling the dice. Then determining what the result was.
  8. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    I don't think many people would be able to find the errors at all without the errors thread to guide them. On top of which, HQ is an immensely forgiving rule set - it's nearly impossible to get "wrong" once you understand the core concepts - which are dead simple, but different enough from "traditional" RPG play that it can be a bit tricky to really "get" at first. Many of the best HQ games I've run involved little more than a few simple contests strung together by mostly player-generated narrative. If you focus on telling an interesting story, and just throw in a contest whenever it's not obvious how things will turn out, you should be just fine. IMO, the hardest part of running HQ is actually accepting how utterly simple running HQ can be. I know I went through a fair period of "nah, it can't be THAT easy..." and trying to over-complicate things before letting go and letting the system really shine in its simplicity. In HQ the rules are really just there to add a bit of surprise and tension to your collaborative storytelling. RQ on the other hand, is a far more traditional RPG experience in that it sets up a framework or rules and expects the players to work through them. The rules matter, and tell you more or less exactly what happens, based on how you tried to go about doing whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. The two games are very different in approach, but both work extremely well at highlighting different aspects of Glorantha.
  9. Sartar Question

    Yes, that is the correct way to read it. The War and Peace labels really should be reversed.
  10. Ilkarnet - I like to think the horned idol with rubies for eyes is the one from the original Advanced Dungeons and Dragons players handbook cover.
  11. Bokrug, mentioned in Qitong Zant, and probably Taran-il (Taran-Ish is the dead priest), are both from the Lovecraft story The Doom The Came To Sarnath. So is the city of Kadatheron (it's clay cylinders are brick in the story).
  12. Sartar Question

    I've read this table always with War values in the header row and Peace values in the outer left column.
  13. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    So the rules are easy enough that I'll be able to spot the errors? Sound promising.
  14. Jankley Bore - one of Sandys many Edward Lear in-jokes, a reference to the Chankly Bore. So Grombul probably a reference to the Gromboolian Plain. the Nimble Hen, with its single twisted leg, is reference to the Fimble Fowl, with its corkscrew leg. The creature whose initials are Y.B.B. Is the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo. Coromandel -> Koromondol, Turtle Cove, Stone Heap, prawns and watercress, are all further references to The Courtship of the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo. The jack o bears are because it's 'where the early pumpkins blow'. Any more?
  15. They could be Hsunchen in origin, but Kralorela has plenty of its own ancient spirit practices as well.
  16. I'm going to mention the terrestrial Nanai people, who live around the border between Russia and China. They distinctively make clothing from fish skins like the people of Xun Yupi. They have shamans, who specifically revere tigers and bears like people of Yongmincheng. Shamans of that area are often depicted with pointy hats, like the leaders of Xun Yupi. I'm sure we'd find more matching anthropological detail that matched if I had time to look and knew the area.
  17. Hali - my best guess is that this a reference to the Lake of Hali, making ruined Karakosë a reference to lost Carcosa. so a reference to Lovecraft/Bierce/Robert Chambers, which fits the creepy vibe of the area. Though Karaköse was the former name of a city in Azerbaijan, named originally after a 'black church'. I think that is probably just an odd coincidence.
  18. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    It is worth remembering, that the biggest draw of HQ is that the rules get out of the way, and don't need to be worried about much. Consequently, a few imperfect examples should have little or no effect on anyone's actual gameplay. In actual play, I generally end up just picking a target number out of thin air that seems reasonable, given the skill levels of the Heroes, the nature of the situation and the dramatic tension of the moment. Then we resolve a simple contest to see how it turns out. The fun comes from describing how that result came about, and working out exactly what the consequences of each [brilliant success/hardfought struggle/abject failure] actually are. Once you understand the basics of Staging a Conflict, and Describing the Results, the rest is entirely up to personal (or table) preference. Sure, the forum thread looks intimidating, but the "Errata" as stands would consist of one reworked example, and a few messed up numbers. IMHO, it just isn't worth the time and effort to crack open the sources, make the changes, re-proof the whole thing to ensure that the changes didn't cause worse problems, and re-publish the book, given how minor the existing errors are. Chaosium is a Very small company, with a Very big pipeline of products in the works. Having someone spend a week or so re-publishing a book that is perfectly functional as-is means a week or so of work that is not getting done on RQ, or another upcoming project. HQ is by far my favorite RP system, but I still think it would be a huge mistake for Chaosium to let a few scuffs in it's paint-job distract them from getting the new RQ out asap.
  19. What was the name?

    Well. As I consider your likely frame of mind after that particular hour, I wish to make a request: please take a nice walk, smell some flowers, play with a puppy, pet a kitten, etc... BEFORE returning to do anything with Prax. TYVM.
  20. Gartog - Ma-Yood-Sushai is a reference to MĀNA-YOOD-SUSHĀĪ, from The Gods of Pegana by Lord Dunsany. Both must be kept asleep by constant drumming or they will wake up and destroy the world.
  21. Sartar Question

    The table on p 64 (Friends, Allies, and Enemies) doesn't seem to work. For one thing, it doesn't account for War or Peace tribes. Second, it seems to be swapped, so war-like tribes have more friends and peaceful tribes have more enemies. Finally, the example Varmandi tribe (a War tribe with 15W War and no Peace rating) is said to have "1 friend, 2 allies, and 4 enemies", which on the table seems to be the result for 12 War and 12W Peace. Am I reading it wrong, or has a fixed version ever been presented?
  22. Yaanek Mountain - this is a reference to the Edgar Allen Poe poem Ulalume, which besides Yaanek mentions ghoul haunted woodlands frequently. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulalume
  23. Role Playing Journals

    When a lawyer in Bristol, Connecticut, asks a small group of people to investigate a house in Sandisfield, Massashusetts, assessing the valuables there, it seems like an easy way to make some money. But there is something more to this case of declaring a man legally dead. Something is terribly wrong at this house. On September 17, I ran a small group of mixed regular players and new players in my first 7th Edition game of Call of Cthulhu. The 1920s game (and possible short campaign) started with the scenario "The Inheritance" from the monograph Horror Stories from the Red Room. The role playing journals of the game are here: http://www.yog-sothoth.com/blog/172/entry-3237-the-inheritance-part-1-presumed-dead/ http://www.yog-sothoth.com/blog/172/entry-3236-the-inheritance-part-2-the-strange-clarke-house/ http://www.yog-sothoth.com/blog/172/entry-3235-the-inheritance-part-3-an-end-to-it/ Additionally, a playlist of eight videos of the game session and a highlights video can be found here: “https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLonZ7fuFAFDqlScpHBjFe1DUFUFgzBRcs” Players were: John Leppard as James Cloverfield (dilettante) Jacob Marcus as Marco Pavil (soldier) Austin Davie as Deryl Wallin (mechanic) Ambralyn Tucker as Elaine Chatwick (shopkeeper/milliner) Katelyn Hogan as Edna Petrov (nurse)
  24. Xianguanghui seems to essentially be Kralori Innsmouth. Xian guang could conceivably mean something like 'auspicious radiance', which is reminiscent of starry wisdom. Yuan sou means Marsh, so Yuansou Ebeide is Obed Marsh, who brought the Esoteric Order of Dagon, and worship of the Deep Ones, to Innsmouth, which is rather a giveaway. Exactly who are the equivalent of the Deep Ones in Glorantha is a good question.
  25. The Three Dragon Pagoda story sounds like large scale geomancy. Which is great, because I've always wanted the Kralori to have large scale geomancy.
  26. WangBiao, King Violent Wind, is probably the local version of Orlanth.
  27. I would love to know more about the Emerald Fish Lord and his Masked Spirit Dancers.
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