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  2. You yourself admit how generic the magic items are in D&D, so your first point is moot. This isn't based on some wild, out-of-the-blue assumption; it comes from years of experience, of play, and seeing others play, at games at FLGS', cons, friends' houses, etc. It's not because I'm some kind of Monty Haul GM (mostly since I'm pretty clearly not), and I didn't imagine those long lists of magic items. It is, pure and simple, part of the design of the game, or it wouldn't occur over and over again. It's no more 'evil' than the marketing of any other product. You do realize that RQ was contemporary with D&D, right? Could we use any more rhetorical exaggeration in that last sentence? If you want to make a serious argument or disagree, fine. But that kind of crap does you no service whatsoever. It certainly doesn't lend you any credibility. I have no idea what 'we' are saying. What *I* am saying is that items are not a lynchpin of RQ.
  3. The Blue People of Peloria also include a variety of water entities, who were defeated by Bisos and others. I'd take everything of God Learner origin as suspect. It's a bit like trying to extrapolate terrestrial Greek Bronze Age religions from the Greek Myths: fraught with risk. This is best illustrated by the very erudite trickster Robert Graves who attempted to extract religion (and history) from the Greek Myths, eventually culminating in The White Goddess, which is a collection of speculation. For that matter, his Claudius novels are so popular some people take them as historical... The reputation of Livia Drusilla has forever been tarnished. 8-) We're basically in the same position for all pre-Dawn events - where the human populations at the Dawn were small and more concerned with surviving - and most were probably illiterate, so what ever stories they did tell each other are now buried under centuries of supposition. Take, for example, the Ten Cities of Dara Happan myth. As you've noted at least one is suspect, and the number of cities may simply be an expression of the dara Happan belief that ten is the perfect number (though why, then, did Yelm have eight 'sons'?)
  4. Now, this I can agree with. D&D definitely used a more generic model for its magic items, which lead to a certain blandness, and a feeling almost that these items were mass produced on an assembly line somewhere. That may be more the complaint than whether 'there are many magic items in the world.' In our later days of playing D&D, we tended to explain +1, +2 weapons as simply being well crafted, and not necessarily magic at all. RQ3 did an excellent job of explaining how an item might be created, simply binding in and combining spell effects to create an item that was more easily used. The strange this is, we've all accepted and established that magic is prevalent in Glorantha, to the extent that all people have at least some basic magic, but that we can't accept that magic has been implanted in many objects around the world. So are we saying here that magic is everywhere -- except in items? Really?
  5. No, he's a son of Urox / Storm Bull / Bisos... 8-) I'd take the quoted text with several pinches of salt...
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  7. You could just as easily make the argument that 40 pages of magic items were added to create lots of variety, color and story hooks. Why would you assume that quantity equates with the designer's goal? We could also argue that the AD&D creators were secretly wanting us to do nothing but fight monsters when they created 3 Monster Manuals. It's a real fallacy to assume design intent based on your logic. I'll argue any day of the week that the Plunder guide (and the thread here -- thanks for that!) is a deeper, more creative and colorful way of describing magic items, and certainly provides more adventure hooks and ties with character background than D&D ever did. Glorantha is simply a better realized world all around, whereas D&D was the earliest take on roleplaying, and as such, had many flaws. But to say we shouldn't have a variety of magic items to draw inspiration from because there's some evil design intent to get us all to have hundreds of magic items on our characters sheets is, well, silly.
  8. Indeed, I'd very much like the HQG line to be accessible to folks if you didn't have time to read a lot of background, either as GM or Player. Of course, I would want to support the richness, but tthere are ways of layering the detail so that you can dive as deep as you want or need.
  9. That's what I'm talking 'bout!
  10. List has been updated! Thanks for the contributions to keep the list uptodate! @hkokko - Notes From Pavis is already listed in the Glorantha link list. @Arasmo - The lists for publications and links are english only to keep it more manageable in the long run. Cheers, Sverre.
  11. The award-winning tabletop Roleplaying Game (RPG) publisher Alephtar Games is launching a series of new product lines for its core RPG System, Revolution D100. Each line is based on a fictional world from non-mainstream literature, comics, cinema or other media. The RPG products are complementary to the other entertainment forms, and may come packaged with them in a cross-media product offer. The first product to appear will be Red Moon Rising, a setting book for the steampunk world imagined by Scottish artist Rose Loughran. As of Spring 2017, the author has explored this world in an ongoing web comic. One self-contained story arc, readable alone like a novel in a series, has appeared so far, and the plot is still being developed. The supplement for Revolution D100 is the first alternate media incarnation of the web comic. Alephtar Games will launch the book with a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter in May 2017, and then proceed to distribute it through regular retail channels. In the world of Red Moon Rising, the expansionist power of Ashul, ruled by a military oligarchy of techno-mages, threatens the more sophisticated but less technologically advanced civilization of Imara, where those born with the gift of magic are more incline to put it to a peaceful use. The web comic is about people from these nations and how their destinies cross and their lives get caught in the machinations of opposing powers. The roleplaying game lets you be the protagonist of similar stories of intrigue and adventure and change their outcome with your actions. To take the role of a citizen of Ashul or Imara you will need the core Revolution D100 rulebook and the Red Moon Rising supplement. Our crowd funding campaign allows you to get both, in case you do not have the core book. In addition to this, you can order the first complete part of the web comic, “Waterlogged”, in a deluxe graphic novel format. Core book, setting book, graphic novel: you are free to choose any one, or more, of these items. Pick the format you are most comfortable with, and become immersed in the Red Moon Rising universe. Artwork Copyright © 2017 Rose Loughran, all rights reserved.
  12. The Morokanth of Prax would like everyone to know that April 27 is of course World Tapir Day!
  13. Unsure about this, as I have been told these have been updated for Bits & Mortar - I will pass word along to double check this has been done. Thanks
  14. ***SPOILERS ALERT*** Hello all, I could really use some ideas/advice about ending the Crimson Letters scenario. I am a new keeper and so far have run - The Hauting & Amidst the Trees, both excellent fun. I am now about halfway through Crimson letters and as yet haven't myself picked a culprit. This is how it has panned out so far... DAY 1 - Spoke to Bryce to start things off - Then they all went to see Leiters corpse, nearly got in a fight with Wheatcroft! & took some pictures of the corpse ***Sign of Passage - whispers in next room*** - Two of them then went to look at Leiters office & spoke to Court who was there ***Sign of Passage - beast in the smashed mirror*** - The other two went to speak to Roach he wasnt there so they headed back to Leiters office DAY 2 - Two of them again went to see Harland Roach, who was there but they found him unhelpful - The other two went to develop the pictures at the uni dark room ***Sign of Passage - door opens no one enters*** - They meet up and head to Leiters cottage - They look around the cottage, smash the SPOT HIDDEN and find the hidden stash of cash/forgeires and pick up the Sanitarum letter on the door mat - As they go to leave Oaks & Shaunnasy confront them with guns and get them to go back into the house so they can question them, again they nail this as they give them one of the photos they took of the corpse and cross ref it with a picture of him in the house (very clever!) A little confused Oaks & Shaunnasy ask them to count to 20 whilst they exit the house. ***Sign of Passage - when checking time pocket watch glass was cracked*** - Go back to check in with Bryce, they call Sanitaruim to set up a meeting. - Then they go to question Court again - They then head to Hibbs Roadhouse to speak to Stone, again smash the rolls and manage to persuade Stone to skip town and lay low in Bennington (Amidst the Trees connection) until this blows over (I think i'll play this out so Oaks & Shaunassy end up doing something awful to Stone so she never gets to Bennington) - They head back to the hotel to rest ***Sign of Passage - Awake to footsteps in the room, jump out of bed nothing there*** DAY 3 - Two head to the Sanitarium to speak with Hunter, very creepy - The other two go to go to meet Abner Wick And that's as far as we have got, two of them are just about to leave the Sanitarium and the other two just about to meet Wick, even tho he has been briefly mentioned Flinders is yet to make an entrance. They have twigged that Hunter has let something free, but above that they are confused about what to do and don't know who has the papers (which is fine). I have a few thoughts about what to do next but how would you guys end it? Have any of you run this before?
  15. The Heydelberg Horror
  16. When there are 40 pages just in the DMG (and hundreds more in ancillary books) devoted to magic items and 4 in RQ2 plus Plunder (with even some of those items being completely mundane and non-magical), yeah, it clearly is a system thing. D&D was all about the items you had or could get. RQ2 is not. What isn't clear about this? As far as a spell matrix is concerned, you're paying temporary POW for every use; it's not an inherent (free) power of the item itself like a +x weapon. OK, you win. Crystals and matrices are magic items, in the same way that spell books are. They're ubiquitous. In the end, they're effectively reservoirs for POW (crystals) or INT (matrices). And they are quite literally the majority of all magic items, by far. They add nothing to the game but power level. No roleplaying, no scenario hooks. Much like most magic items in D&D.
  17. Ah, thanks. That makes way more sense.
  18. Yes, that was behind that exploration. Even when you look at the Vingkotlings and Heortlings you find indications of Hsunchen-like behavior. Yes, I should mention the Zzaburi behind the Janube invasion that created the Sweet Sea, but they didn't quite reach towards Mt. Turos. The Helerings aren't really an option for the Oronin region, and Jarkartu's Artmali are a stretch at best. I don't see Waertagi this far up the rivers, and neither Loper People. This about sums up the Storm Age blue folk. Vadeli is my best bet, chaos-consorting Jarkartu Artmali a distant second choice. The main problem here is that the Jrusteli adopted the Ralian myths, embroidered them with Korgatsu and Fiwan facts, and obscured the Brithini myths of the original westerners. I'm only looking at beast myths here, not the overall Monomyth. The identification of Hykim and Mikyh with dragons may stem from their desperate attempt to get a handle on the EWF and Kralori stuff, with Korgatsu offering an opening. Eiritha is difficult, because of her ties to Genert's Garden and the great devastations that removed so many myths of that.
  19. yeah. I agree with Hkokko. I will always feel like you guys missed a golden opportunity to follow up the Guide To Glorantha with a world spanning Harreksaga type adventure that took the players to all the amazing places that the GtG touched upon. I hope such an ambitious project will be in the works soon.
  20. hkokko pretty much just sumed up my views on a RuneQuest wish list. Focusing supplements on Central Genertela is fine, using Sartar as the core then moving outwards. However it needs to keep moving outwards in all directions, definately down to the Sixths of Holy Country, and north to the Lunar Provinces. Although I'm worried that Western Genertela gets neglected . Throw in some Malkioni stuff and I'ld be pretty happy I can take or leave the cards.
  21. The Oroninelans are not Vadeli or Veldang but Waertagi, according to the Glorantha Sourcebook when it describes the Waertagi mertribe (which is an updated version of the Wartain mertribe that appears in Wyrms Footprints). Specifically "One of the newer clans was a river-clan in Fronela who also later helped populate the freshwater Sweet Sea between Fronela and Peloria."
  22. The cards are not really interesting to me. as long as we are near the wishing well.. what I would like to see is first one sandboxy campaigns of Griffin Mountain and original Pavis/Big Rubble scope and quality. Several introductory one off type scenarios droppable 'anywhere'. One railroady campaign of Borderlands / River of Cradles quality and scope. then books of Sun County, Shadows on.Borderlands type expanding on those areas. Then another sandboxy one. Areas where they are set does not matter too much as long as it is relatively reachable from Dragon Pass and Prax with reasonable moving of characters. Tarsh, Esrolia, Prax maybe Dragon Pass area which we have not seen yet...Maybe wolf pirate saga spanning the world. all of these should be original not rehashes or reprints of already sometimes published material. All of these exposing something interesting from Glorantha. I would prefer that these not be sartar cattle raiding stuff but that is just me.
  23. I always assumed from the rune used to describe Elempur (Lokarnos's rune) that the people there were Golden Wheel Dancers. The destruction of Elempur dates to the Ram People invasion whereas the Jorganostelli date to a much later period (cf the Yolp Mountain story in the Glorious ReAscent p80 in which the Ram People are followed by the invasion of the Erlandings and then a third invasion from the unnamed horde which might be the Sons of Vingkot).
  24. Nivorah is first described as the City of Serenity in Murharzarm's time. In Anaxial's time, they are described as ruling Saird and give the Sandals of Innocence. Horses don't appear much later until the time of Manarlavus. There's a document which describes the myth of Yelm's chariot when Modaginadal was Emperor (of Darjiin and so the false emperor who provoked the "We Hate Darjiinian Usurpers") so horses and chariots were known in prehistoric Dara Happa. When Gartemirus helps overthrow the Rikestings in favour of Manarlavus (Entekosiad p51), the other troops helping him include a man on a horse which was a new sight to the Pelandans.
  25. The Hyalorings say they came from Nivorah and moved to Darjiin during the Great Darkness. Vuranostum is the King of Darjiin who, after the dawn, bests the Gamatae of Raibanth and becomes Emperor of Dara Happa. That's as described in the Glorious ReAscent and there's nothing mysterious about it. The Starlight Ancestors come from a Votanki-related people living in and around the Elf Sea (as per the map and Ancestors of the Lenshi Kings). Vuranostum's sons did qualify to become Emperor. But they couldn't agree on which one of them should become Emperor. They were then all killed by the battle against the Great Giant. Vuranostum's grandsons were then slain by Son of Evil/Vettebe. Of Vuranostum's great grandsons (within the fourth generation and thus eligible), two can be identified: Kerunebbe (described as a Horse Emperor in the Fortunate Succession p85) and Gestornus (identified as his kinsman). Their main rival from the throne is Dardaggus, Eater of Flesh, who is a grandson of Gerruskoger (a Chariot Emperor according to FS p85. Thus they have valid claims to the throne from different Emperors (Chariot Emperors from the Starlight Ancestors and Horse Emperors from Nivorah by way of Darjiin). Gestornus tries to become Emperor following Avivath. He is betrayed by Kerunebbe who sold out to Dardaggus (Glorious ReAscent p45, where Gestornus and Kerunebbe are described as Kings of Kostaddi and Darjiin).
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  27. So does that make Waha a Brithini? Does that mean the morokanth beast men refused to abandon their beast-selves after the Brithini cast the sorcerous form of Release Intelligence upon them? They "cheated" because they got their intelligence unfixed, but retained their beast form?
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