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  2. Ah, I see. Sorry for the confusion there, I guess that would be appropriate by that definition, but the GPC never refers to her as such. I typically reserve Dame for female knights only, and I might be wrong but that's the only way I can remember the term being used in supplements.
  3. MYTHRAS with its many supplements - simply answer.
  4. Yes. Sorry about that. I meant Ellen. Thank you for catching that. In the King Arthur Pendragon core rules Common Terms and Abbreviations section "Dame" is defined as "Title for a woman that is equivalent to 'lord' used when the woman is the head of her own household." Since at the time in the campaign I was referencing Countless Ellen is now the head of the household I used Dame as a marker for her specific situation in the campaign.
  5. As you correctly state, the Anarchy has probably the greatest chance of going sideways, due to its very nature of putting the PKs into a position to influence the fate of the County. Do they support the Countess or do they try to seize power (for themselves or for the whole group?)? Do they pursue different foreign policy, advocating alliance to Saxons/Cornwall/Silchester/Nanteleod? Even Arthur's crowning pales in comparison, as they will probably just go along with what their own liege decides. And unless the GM does some serious work, the Downfall is probably also going to get decided by their high Loyalty Pendragon or some other liege. It is much rarer that a PK has Loyalty (Lancelot). However, they might very well have Amor (Guenever), and this might be a very good story reason for the GM to be generous with giving that passion out to PKs who wants it.
  6. Hey, all! Ya know, I don’t have a horse running in this race. But as a neutral can I say, that at 10 pages of possible bruised egos, fights and silliness this is quite a well behaved discourse. Bravo!
  7. I don't really have an answer to your questions, as I'm currently playing the only non-solo Pendragon campaign I've ever ran (by which I meant me as the GM and one player, not just me, though with certain tools I think that would be workable), and we're not quite to the Anarchy yet. That, and the war with Lancelot, and possibly the crowning of Arthur, are the only big points that I think could really lead to major disagreements, though I am likely forgetting at least some of them. I will ask if by Dame Elaine, you mean Countess Ellen? As far as I remember, the only Elaine mentioned in the GPC is the middle daughter of Ygraine and Gorlois, and anyway neither one of them are knights. I think the core book might waffle on whether or not female knights are referred to be "dame" or not (I think it had some other meaning at some point? Don't rightly remember), but I don't think that would be the appropriate terminology. I could be wrong on this, though.
  8. Cambenet should be south of the wall, not north of it. Perilous Forest, p. 13, Kingdoms of West Cumbria. Or Book of Sires, p. 117, Cumbria.
  9. Yes that’s the one. That recent, eh? It’s a terrible thing when a man loses his mind at such a young age.
  10. I got it, nice to be busy but I am surprised at how fast it happened. Thanks for the tips and I will see what I can put together. And expect that character I promised wednesday, I would be recovered from the week from hell, (ending with a 12 hour day AND a union meeting... so hard to stay awake) by then I will ask Richard S to consider the same idea for map creation with PS, and layers! (I like the idea!). Cheers
  11. No... not that old! Did the Nochet map about 5 years ago. https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/publishers/to-sort-categorise/nochet-city-of-queens/
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  13. I'll need to defer that request a bit for any level of detail given other time constraints and projects, but freeform shapes and lines are your friends (with rectangles and straight-line freeform for your building outlines). Manipulate Line including widths, colors, dashes, and whether solid or not. Manipulate Fill - I use the Pattern fill mostly. If you've got a sketch to work from, copy it in as a picture, manipulate its transparency as needed, and build lines and shapes over it. And get the RuneQuest Rune font, so you can add those symbols in as text if you like!
  14. Don't sweat it, man. At least it wasn't a "sneak peak" kinda thing.
  15. I think it is fair to say it is a little more difficult to use than photoshop but it seems to work and the price is right.
  16. Bravo, all the maps of Notchet I have seen from the last couple of decades seem to one and the same. Old age prevents the memories from being accurate, Maybe the past decade. I first saw it on Glorantha.com and loved what I saw. The latest I have seen was a colour one from this past year. no? In any case, now I have a major request, jajagappa. The forum I created for DIY in Allastor's Inn (https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/10925-diy-your-way-to-olg-or-even-brp-bliss/?tab=comments#comment-162562) needs a bump in my humble opinion. Would you mind either describing this process of creating maps in a presentation software app there or at least let me know of any ‘net sources describing how in general terms to do this you have used as I would be attempting this in Mac’s free program and I will try to put something together for it in in my free week ahead. Cheers
  17. Well, I already gave the result of one of the campaigns. I did have another 'break-up' which stayed IC due to the characters having to decide between their loyalty to Prince Mark (regent of Salisbury for 10+ years) and Robert (who had just switched sides and sworn allegiance to Arthur). End result, one PK defected (and managed to survive the aftermath), and another tried to defect later due to the way that the pro-Robert loyalists were being slaughtered on the castle yard after the meeting. Alas, he happened to tell another PK of his plans to evacuate the rest of the family, who told a couple of other ones who had Loyalty (Prince Mark) in the upper teens, so what was supposed to become a 'talk some sense into the guy to convince him to stay' -chat became a 'halt, traitor, and answer for your treason to the Prince!' -arrest. Generally speaking, we do try to run with Group Loyalties and common lieges and all that jazz. So it is not common that the PKs end up on different sides (save by magic, as has happened a couple of times). Well, there was another case when a famously lustful pagan was paying too much attention to another PK's famously flirty wife, leading to a duel challenge and a beatdown to get the pagan to keep his distance in the future. While I have a very limited sample size, obviously, I would say that it matters a lot how well the players know one another. For instance, the campaign that fell apart was with basically a new group with various levels of RP experience. It is probably not surprising that the Black Knight was an experienced RPer, while the guy unable to maintain IC/OOC separation was a newer player. While it is not always the case, experience tends to often give one some more perspective. By contrast, the other group was composed of friends, so it was easier to shrug and move on. Things happen and high passions are high passions. I very much could see the breaking of the Round Table being something that breaks the PKs apart, too, making for a particularly poignant endgame. In my first playthrough, the characters were very much in the Orkney camp due to various reasons, so there wasn't much of a chance of the group splintering over that. But I could see it happening with other groups. I did end up running the Defector PK and the other PKs practically in two separate stories for a couple of years. This was made easier by the fact that there were some scheduling issues, and the fact that it was during the Boy King, meaning that oftentimes they were in the same battle, just on separate sides, which was no biggie. They ended up facing at the Battle of Terrabil, but again, that was easy to play, in principle. But I would not want to do that full time. It is much much easier when the PKs are joined together in a team of some sort. At the moment, I have 4 PKs in Cornwall and two in Salisbury, which is making some things a bit complicated. Fortunately, they all have Loyalty (Group) towards each other, and they were all in the Roman War, so that wasn't too bad. As long as they travel and adventure together, that is easy enough, and so far, they have been happy to extend an invitation to the PKs who have not been told explicitly to go on the adventure. Or they might choose to go monster-hunting by their own volition, and then it doesn't matter so much who is the liege of whom.
  18. No. In 1E it drowned early in the campaign, before Arthur became king. Welsh stories have Taliessin in the 540s (before 547) as the foster son of Gwyddno's son Elffin, but Elffin is living in what KAP calls Gomeret, suggesting it happened before then.
  19. https://www.academia.edu/34877649/Is_There_an_Eclipse_Dragon_in_Manichaeism_Some_Problems_Concerning_the_Origin_and_Function_of_%C4%81%E1%B9%AF%C4%81ly%C4%81_in_Manichaean_Sources?auto=download So Academia.edu is a free if annoying website with no sketchy ads where authors actively add their own content to the web. Today an article that might be interesting to read for GLORANTHA fans was added because it is about cross-cultural ideas about the eclipse dragon! From Zur Lichten Heimat: Studien zum Manichäismus, Iranistik, und Zentralasienkunde im Gedenken an Werner Sundermann, Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden 2017, pp. 535-554. Sample sentence: "Since both Syr. āṯālyā and ManMP gōzihr (Ar. jawzahr, NP gawizahr) are well-known from Syriac, Persian, Arabic, and Byzantine astrological treatises, it seems only natural to assume that Manichaeans understood them in exactly the same way, i. e. as the 'eclipse dragon' who devours the sun and the moon and whose 'head' and 'tail' (the lunar nodes) came to be seen, at least in some traditions, as real planetary bodies." the Qizilbash Woman
  20. I finally got around to getting a print copy of the RoH Companion. It looks nice.
  21. Although the dragonewts did appear IIRC in the Encounters in Sartar Companion.
  22. Although it's not the most elegant of tools, I do all my maps in Powerpoint! (If you've seen the map of Nochet that Jeff posted some time ago, yes, that was done entirely in Powerpoint.) GIMP's a decent tool, but I've never quite found the time to learn and master it (too much time trying to get other tasks done).
  23. I was in a PbF Gods War game over on boardgamegeek with all 8 players, Elder Races, the Brown Dragon, Cwim, and Androgeus. Darkness, who had allied the dwarves, gained the victory, just edging out Earth (played by myself) and Sea, who were tied for 2nd. Sky and Invisible God were tied for the next spot and not far behind. Chaos and Moon came next, and Storm was last. A very different outcome! Not only did Darkness control most of Hell, but also both the Gates of Dawn and Dusk, but also Luathela and Umathela, the Worm Sea, the Brown Sea, and Vormain. Earth held Genert's Garden, Kralorela, Artmal's Empire, and had planted an earthly garden in the Heavens, but both the Titans were alive and well defended by Axe Maidens. Chaos controlled Seshnela and Jrustela, and their Luathan allies had devastated both Ralios and Teshnos. Plus there were a number of chaos nests about and both Ragnaglar and Thed lived. Sea actually held very little territory, but had drowned Dara Happa. Moon controlled Fronela and Fonrit only. Both Yelm and the Emperor lived, but they only held the Sea of Fog and Sshorg's Sea, so the only light was upon the far eastern seas. Orlanth held Altinela, the Storm Brothers were far away in Ganderland, but there were temples to the Winds in Teleos and the Middle Air. If it had played out another turn, likely both Chaos and Storm would have surged farther ahead, but the Compromise was reached, so it left a Glorantha filled with shadows, where Chaos stalked the northern lands, and Storms lurked at the edges of the world.
  24. Akhôrahil


    I think it’s always good to start with what Gloranthans experience. If they can’t tell the difference, there probably isn’t one in any way that matters. How do you prove anything about the gods? Presumably by creating an efficacious ritual or magic or heroquest. Could anyone tell whether you ‘changed’ something or just discovered it? I don’t think so. Of course, one problem here is that two contradictory things can both be efficacious, so while you can prove things, it’s super hard to disprove anything. That’s God-Learner level stuff, not just showing what you can do but stopping others from doing their stuff by messing up their myths.
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