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  3. In terms of licensing the games, this may make getting it harder or easier, depending. When a company grabs the rights, they typically grab associated media rights, like game tie-ins and such. This could put them up for grabs to anyone. And a lot of companies have been grabbing IP lately. Still, it would be a good time to examine the possibilities.
  4. I like it. The astounding thing there is the analogue to the invention of yajna . . . Genner as last corner of the earth square = first sparks of Heat Rune = the erection of the vertical axis. Then as the fumes rise the priest feeds something like an exterior sun. (Traces of this survive in Pamaltela.) RM says only "Genner devised the practice of sacrifice and tricked humans into sacrificing to him, thereby making him the first pagan being." But of course the blue man often lies. Come to think of it, I wonder how intimately the tale of "Genner" (as opposed to our Lodril) is a Bright Empire program. By the time it gets to the West, the riddlers with their new sun already control the narrative.
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  6. I found that Renaissance is a great system with a fantastic setting book, the rules allowed the group to adventure in war torn Britain, sail the seas, trade and scheme in Africa, fight off Spanish soldiers and undead natives in the New world and travel across even stranger new worlds and finally into the depths of space itself and to be honest the rules worked a treat always providing a good, fair system for getting the job done and for the fun to continue. I doubt if the good Doctor will return from deaths embrace but if those brave people who have read this tale of madness, horror and appalling grammar fancy giving it ago there are still two adventurers strapped to their seats inside a huge space rocket or maybe its time to start your own tale of swashbuckling fun. https://mewe.com/group/5bbc076b2ee15f2bb87b18d2 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt6OdAvyTsSSMmj_uAe7-YA
  7. I meant first sacrifice as in "first to officiate a sacrifice". He might not have been the first, but he's apparently acted as priest of sorts, which is interesting.
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  9. Uh... where was that? Do you mean that if you try to get inspired with a particular Passion and FAIL in the roll, then the Passion goes down by one? I admit that I am not terribly happy with that rule, either, since it punishes the low Passions and puts them into a death spiral: once you fail, you are even more likely to fail again. Low Passions are already discouraged by the Disheartened result, which is severe enough penalty to make the Players very hesitant to roll them. So I would actually be in favor for not using that -1 for a failed passion roll. Instead, I would just lower the passion when the PK goes against the passion, such as leaving his liege in danger in order to help a fellow PK, for instance (Loyalty Group winning over Loyalty Lord).
  10. The Party make it back to the tower and their new comrade (Silas) who was a native from the area realised that the central column and the gate above was some kind of magical device and what was experienced beyond was something like a dream, a dream so powerful and believable that it tricked the body into thinking it was all real much to the disappointment of the still badly wounded Doctor. The strange vehicle that had crashed through the side of the tower was investigated and it was a strange object its structure made of metals instead of the more expected wood and it also had a few strange tiny lanterns? at the front where it looked like it was designed for people to sit and these seemed to go out but then the light returned again briefly it was most strange. Unfortunately someone touched something and the room was filled with a strange humming and the Party were shocked as a transparent barrier of some kind slid over them trapping them inside the shock didn't last that long as they were slammed back onto the floor with such force that many of them blacked out unconsciousness claiming them as the carriage blasted off skywards towards what looked like a star The star turned out to be a settlement in the heavens it's outside was blackened and scorched and great rents had been torn in it's exterior but being unconscious the Party missed all this wonder and they were only awoken when the strange vehicle hooked itself onto one of the numerous spires that came out from the settlements sides with a loud clang. The Party was unsure what to do but with no option apart from going totally insane began to explore trying to make sense of where they were and more importantly how to get back to a world they understand, strange lizard like creatures were encountered and they were hostile they immediately launched themselves at the Party inflicting a grave wound on the Doctor almost cutting off one of his legs leaving him with a huge chunk of thigh missing and having to stagger along dragging his now almost useless leg along leaving a bloody smear behind him. Luckily the other members of the Party were able to defeat the lizard creatures using some of the strange new weapons they had been given by Mr. Morrow. After a brief rest they pushed forwards trying to be a silent as possible which was harder to do then they expected as the metal floors caused every footfall to echo in the silence of the settlement. More creatures were encountered some which seemed to be made of fungus these were ambushed and killed without too much trouble whilst a mix bag of bat and horse like ones ended up causing a rift in the Party some wanted to talk to them for some unknown reason whilst the Doctor argued that the other creatures had been dispatched without any discussion but now faced with a creature that actually looked like a demon they hesitated? he was furious and suspected that the Hunter had been corrupted by the incident on the beach all those days ago and had managed to sway the others they being weak willed foreigners in the main so he braced himself almost crying in pain, pain from his ruined leg and the more injurious pain from the betrayal and he attacked the creatures ignoring the threat from Silas who was pointing a gun at his head his fumbling attack killed a few of the creatures and drove off the others. And here it more or less ended the Doctor committed suicide he knew that this was ungodly but he had known his soul had been forfeit for a long time now and this last betrayal was too much for his shaken psyche to take, the Alchemist died alone whilst exploring the new carriage they had found what seemed to be an engine room of some sort where he had been interrupted by a horde of strange mechanical rat like creatures and in a desperate attempt to get away had lit his last grenade blowing himself and a large chunk of the horde up. The last two remaining adventurers heard the dull thump of the grenade going off but were unable to investigate as they had strapped themselves into the drivers seat of the carriage and that's where the session ended more or less.
  11. Advice heard! Yeah I'll be avoiding that as much as I can. I appreciate the warning. Something I noticed in the book that I'll ask for next session is, if you did not roll a passion, it degrades by 1.
  12. The good news is any SAN loss experienced is from elsewhere in that post. Revealed Mythologies says Genner taught the mortals of the northern corner the "do ut des" sacrificial economy. I don't believe the text hints at him as sacrificer as well as recipient, but then again, he is the dying god so his self-sacrifice (utuma) is an interesting angle to conjure with.
  13. This could be explained by having an interim between Umath splitting Earth and Sky and the waters invading. In that interim, swidden practice might've been useful. On could perhaps also argue that early-mid Golden Age Decapolians were less urban then their modern descendants would like to believe, but at this point we're reaching into ancient mythic time, so either can be true for all we know. But wasn't that marriage transferred to Alkor? Or am I thinking of Biselenslib? Well, not really, it's a completely different name formed from a completely different root - and in all cases it refers to Shargash in his role as the General of Heaven. It might very well be that Shadzor a different aspect/part/subdeity of Shargash, but at this point I'm equally likely to think that once Shargash returned from Hell, the Vingkotlings did not even recognize him as Jagrekriand. I'm a bit unsure of whether any Dara Happans ever use the term "Shadzor", or "Shadzoring". It's possible that the Hyalorings in Six Ages do use the latter. Am I going insane or is there some mention somewhere of Genert "inventing" theism in that he is credited with performing the first sacrifice or something? A Great Spirit practising theism isn't too farfetched, since we've got Vith, a Great God who practices mysticism (and is hardly the only one).
  14. +1 ! I'm not entering this giveaway... but ONLY because I won a copy of Odd Soot last giveaway, so if the luck of the draw got me another win I don't want any appearance of clarence rigging things! 😁
  15. Those are her RQG character sheet runes. Her in-fiction Runes in the Guide are Light and Harmony. (See also: Stasis, Mastery, and Fire for her husband. )
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  18. It is already at the front of the line (it's currently Jeff's focus, as much as the GAC, last we heard). Chaosium staff has already explained elsewhere on the forum that the Cults book requires a lot of art to be produced, and that there have been a lot of revisions because it's supposed to be as much a foundational book at Guide to Glorantha, and as such, it has to be done right. So yeah, we'll be lucky if we get it in 2020.
  19. Other ideas I might start testing soon: I think I might try this cost (above, channelling cost + 9 - concentration / 10) but simply apply it to the Exertion Point, it's quite high Magic Point won't do... Maybe use another number instead of 9... Also minimum is 1 EP. For SR I would use EP Cost + 4 Ideas I am already using: Duration and maintenance I kind of rework spell duration and maintenance to be more deterministic.... (and also less confusing) spell, by default are either instant or last like 2 minute (fudge value), to be maintain one need to allocate channelling point 1 channelling point will maintain personal spell (either on self r on item always WIL meter or less away from caster) as long as wanted For spell on others more channelling points should be allocated for the whole duration in advance. The whole duration should be chosen at cast time. Option *can* be given to the target to release the spell before (to recover the channelling points) otherwise the caster should be able to cast the spell again at the target to cancel it before the end Duration on others - 1 point: 1 hour - 2 points: 1 day - 3 points: 1 week Magic item cost Might do just like the rule, but the rules are confusing. It's conflict to build. The opposing difficulty is either 50% with blueprint or 80% without. The conflict pool is channelling cost x3 for 1 use, or channelling cost x4 for permanent. I am thinking 1 week round for magic building conflict round. But one use items can be made in batch of.. some number.. mmm.. TBD...
  20. If that works for your group, great. I have 6 players in my current campaign, and we average around 3-4 sessions per game year. The previous one took 5, but we had a 2-session adventure followed by spring court and two big battles and some events in between. The downside of this that it does slow down the generational play down, and means that the whole campaign will take forever, but I figure as long as we are enjoying the campaign, no worries. I urge you to be very careful about insta-raises on anything. One of the most broken mechanisms in the game is the automatic increase by one when you roll a critical in a passion. Once the passion gets high enough, criticals become increasingly more common and it skyrockets. This is a lesser problem if you are in low skills, but then again, those increase easily enough with regular experience rolls anyway. That being said, I am in favor of reducing Traits & Passions 16+ when the player insists on going against them. As for the checks, my rule of thumb is that if I, the GM, ask you to roll something, whether a skill or a trait, and you get anything else than a failure, you are going to get a check (in trait fumble, on the opposite trait, obviously). There are some cases when this is not true, such as if you are fighting with practice weapons. Also, if, for instance, I am asking Awareness rolls to spot an ambush, I would generally only give a check to the one who rolled best, i.e. who spots the ambush first. But I try to be generous with checks. Sometimes I give checks out even if the skill is not explicitly rolled, such as Battle checks since you were part of an actual Battle, or Horsemanship since you were riding to and fro through the year, spending long hours in saddle continuously, or Faerie Lore check for interacting with Faerie creatures/people. I also tend to ask the players to identify a skill or two at the beginning of the Winter Phase, which they feel ought to get a check or where they would get a check. I also usually give out one player-determined trait or passion check, too, although I will veto it if it goes counter to the PKs behavior during the year. In general, I aim for a few trait and passion checks and ten or a dozen skill checks per year. Given the 4-sessions-per-year scheme, I usually don't have to give out so many checks at the end of the year, but if we'd have just one session per year, I would likely be even more generous, especially on skills that seldom get used.
  21. I have all Frostbyte publications as printed works. And I can only say: Awesome! M-SPACE is a substantial, great addition to the MYTHRAS rules universe. ODD SOOT is simply a masterpiece, and ELEVATION is probably the most entertaining MYTHRAS supplement written. Even the small introductory scenario TRITON INCIDENT is recommendable: an oneshot like a sci-fi action thriller. REFLUX is great, too. If you don't have the Frostbyte books yet, you've really missed something.
  22. Must be pretty slight, I don’t recall that. My personal suspicion is that Shargash did indeed have a slash & burn aspect (i.e. fertility through fire) but this is no longer worshiped in Dara Happa due to the rise of cities.
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  24. All generalizations do. Okay, and your point? Look, if all the old RQ players preferred HQ for Gloantha, then there wouldn't probably be a RQG. RQG and MRQ before it came out because there were still people who wanted to play in Gorantha with RQ despite HQ being available. That's not a slight on HQ, just an acknowledgement of the situation. Reversing it, are you and you player giving up HQ now that RQG is out? I suspect not. Yes, everyone has their own favorites, and I'm not raining on your parade. I'm not saying here that RQ was superior to HQ or some such, only that a sizable segment of RQ fans didn't make the switch to HQ or preferred RQ to HQ. Just like how some didn't switch from RQ2 to RQ3, or now from RQ3 to RQG. Some gamers prefer D&D to RQ, or 13th Age Glorantha to RQG. Such things do make a difference is sales, and support, as they represent a potential customer base. Any company would take a look at revving an old line of they thought there was a strong market for it. Ford would at consider bringing back the Model T if they thought it would sell and be profitable. Don't intepret that an as attack on your preferenbces or anyon elses, just good business. As far as what happened in the past and what could have happened, well some of it is history and much of it speculation, but the reality is that probably the biggest thing that hurt RQ and lead to it's demise was the Avalon Hill deal and the decisions made under AH's watch. Could things have gone down differently, sure. Would it have meant thing would have been better or worse, no one can say. We can only speculate based upon what we know from those times. And that benefits from hindsight. Greg never would have made the AH deal if he had known how it was going to work out. At the time, it seemed like a good idea, and that it would allow RQ to challenge D&D. It just didn't work out that way.
  25. Found this site by accident and was amazed that Glorantha and RuneQuest is alive and well. I started playing RQ back in the 1970's, indeed not sure what Borderlands quite looks like now but I was the original victim of Tarnak! Borderlands was built around adventures played in our local campaign. FWIIW, I still from time to time break out my original copies of White Bear/Red Moon and Plains of Prax. Good luck to all of you.
  26. Hi Fred, Yes, shipping for the colour print is expensive, unfortunately. I have brought it up with the printer several times, but they are not very interested. They thrive on the Swedish market and ignore everything else. Now, the black and white version is quite nice though. I have optimised the artwork as much as possible and it looks surprisingly good. And Lulu’s print quality has improved much over the years. In time, I will move the M-SPACE colour POD to DriveThruRPG. I cannot say when, but hopefully sometime during 2020.
  27. We had another great session this monday. I wanna check in here and share some of my thoughts, outline, and good takeaways. I sorta hope this thread can continue to be a good resource for new GMs to Pendragon. Learn from my successes and my mistakes! After SO many experience rolls, our poor Urwen couldn't level up to save his dang soul. Something I forgot to do: So I rolled on book of the estates special starting buildings. Colin (Syr Gareth) got an extra manse in a town that costs $1 (I put it in there as part of the dowry from lady elaine along with the 4 other demense manors). Jim (Syr Urwen) got standing stones! Incidentally Jim also was having thoughts about converting to paganism after his manor ordeals. I can't make this stuff up! So that went hand in hand for me to play up this session. I told him about what is to find and made a great opening scene (imo) to kinda show this change. My Opening Poem In the fires of a fight, the loser is reduced to ash and the winner is reduced charcoal. -- poorly converted malay proverb Opening Scene -- Dream Sequence Nightmare recall of the lake sequence where they helped merlin get the sword. I skipped the Nukalevee fight the first time because I wasn't sure how to present it at the moment and timing of the session meant I needed to keep things going. I actually like this fight and this horrific creature so I presented this fight as a weird nightmare version of the Lake. Gareth literally slew the monster in a single sword blow (he rolled a yahtzee amount of 6's on a sword crit) and that was that. I made this Urwen's Dream sequence so after it was killed I described getting lost in some mists, seeing standing stones and that three eyed giant tattooed man telling Urwen to find him! -- boom. hook into his religious changes. I'm excited about using the black goat and three eyed giant as recurring spiritual guides. Winter 486 - Christmas Feast - Uther gets the sword! I generally break down feasts by notating the location, notable guests, a gossip table, and any "cut scenes" (like Uther and the gifts!) Winter 486 - Justice Events I forgot to do these last session so we did them here. Spring 487 - Solo Events Gareth Relations event! While touring his manors he's gonna be tested against his wife. (I had this very vague other than the failure results, but due to consequences of the feast, all the events and everything really nailed it. and it turned out to be his wife trying to divorce him ploy!) [I've had a great chat with Colin about how he lucked into marrying an heiress and what that means. We agreed that historically this is unknown to players, but Lady Elaine set up that commoner to kill her husband. She's on the crusader kings-game trying to get up the social chain as a non-knight. We agreed that Lady Elaine is basically Cersei Lannister and Gareth is Robert Baratheon. She basically wants to try and kill her husband, manipulate things to keep the manor and ruin Gareth's family name, and Gareth is like kinda attracted to that and trying to avoid the social traps and prove to her together they can be a powerful team! Great stuff, right? Urwen Urwen got a single gift event--- a lucky cat! I rolled on the cymric luck table for the loot and got the cat which is awesome! I left it open to Urwen who got to show off hospitality to Roderick, request tutelage in Battle skill by his marshal, and then go find those standing stones! He didn't fall asleep but he's begun to study them. I'll be expanding my plans for these stones in tonight's prep for next week. Summer 487 - Events - Choice! Lyndsey Embassy event Raid event Players chose raid which I didn't expect. Things went sideways REAL FAST as both ate crits by wealthy spearmen eating 12d6 damage. If it werent for first aid and chiurgery, they would've died then and their that night. Fall 487 - Events Manor Raids (last year I had them roll their luck rolls ahead of time and then rolled d4 what season they come!) Fantastic Beast Raid on Cholderton Dullahan! Winter 487 - Events Winter phase! Experience Aging Household Member Survival Manor Economics Manor/Childbirth Training Glory Next year notes Weather/Manor/Conflict Results Thoughts going into next year's prep: I had a good discussion with the group again about our take on the supernatural after the mythic beast event and the standing stones to get an idea of where we're at on things. I asked if we want the Dullahan to be actually one? Someone dressed as one? That kind of stuff. I want to slow down next year and spend 2 sessions/year as we dig into more local politics, intrigue, culture, travel, and law stuff of the area. We've been zooming through the years and I want to spend more time presenting the details of the setting. My players, of course, agreed. They're super down to do more mystery solving, local justice and moral quandry puzzles, etc. The last thing I wanna share is the behavior of myself when adjudicating when to check things off. My group spoke about when things should be a check and when things instantly raise/lower stats. I think it's a pedagogical guess by us GMs with a few good rules of thumb. Most notably was if this experience in play was a teach-able moment or an indesputed learned lesson. Often a GM NPC offering in a very specific event some very specific detail earned just raises a skill right there. Ideally I want my group to keep me accountable and consistent with the glory for rolls, skills increases, traits and passion bumps.
  28. That generalization glitters a bit. I've been playing games in Glorantha since the 70s and HQ is my preferred game engine for it. Same goes for some of my grognard friends who started playing about the same time. Throwing shade on games other folks like isn't an effective way to highlight your darlings. I have my reasons for preferring HQ to RQ, but I'm not going to enumerate 'em here. Why should I? If other folks enjoy that system, why rain on their parade? Why tarnish someone else's joy?
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