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  2. When we started the family knights were (great)uncles. Most of them were household knights. And since household knights are 24/7 working for their liege they were not available to the PK on a whim. He could ask for their help, but this must be with the consent of the liege lord. Those uncles who were vassals themselves have their own liege lord and of course they also consider the liege lord and his wishes. By the way most of the vassal knights were maternal uncles (older brothers of their mother). On the paternal side the uncles were household knights if they were knights at all. Currently being they are the privy council of Earl Robert. They are also estate holders and have household knights of their own. Some of them have chosen to keep their sons as household knights, although others are currently serving as household knights to Earl Robert.
  3. Your Base SR is your DEX Strike Rank + SIZ Strike Rank. These are given in the Strike Rank tables on p 57 of the RQG Rulebook. Your final Strike Rank with a weapon is your Base SR + Weapon Strike Rank. Weapon strike ranks are given in the RQG Rulebook on p 208-209, they don't include Bite, but all natural Weapons are SR4, including Bite. Most natural weapons have a weapon Strike Rank of 4. In a Bestiary, Strike ranks normally use average characteristics. So, in the examples given: Giant Antlions have SIZ 3D6+12 (Average 22-23) and DEX 1D4+4 (Average 6-7), this gives a SIZ SR of 0 and a DEX SR of 4, so a Base SR of 4. It uses a Bite, with a weapon SR of 4, so the final Strike Rank is 8. Guard Beetles have SIZ 3D6+6 (Average 16-17) and DEX 2D6 (Average 7), this gives SIZ SR 1 and DEX SR 4, so a Base SR of 5. It uses a Bite, with a weapon SR of 4, so the final Strike Rank is 9.
  4. Thanks, Morien. Your link also makes me guess that the £8 minimum figure in the core book might be a carryover from an earlier edition with a later starting period (I couldn't figure out how it added up from the equipment list).
  5. Just wondering, does RQG have a default formula for determining a new monster's SR? As I'm flipping through the Bestiary, I don't see a guiding principle explicitly noted in the introduction. Across various entries, the "Base SR" seems to be the lowest of SIZ or DEX SR, and then in most cases non-weapon using critters add 4 to that number. For example, Giant Antlions (p.130-131) have a base SR of 4 (despite a SIZ of 22-23 which would normally correlate to SR 0 per core p.57), based on their DEX of 6-7. They make their bite attack on SR 8. Yet, this loose formulation doesn't always hold up. For example, on the next page Guard Beetles have a Base SR of 5, despite DEX 7 (SR 4) and SIZ 16-17 (SR 1). Is there some form of hidden RQ2 holdover behind the numbers that I'm unfamiliar with, perhaps? Thanks in advance for feedback.
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  7. It is reasonable, although Greg usually handwaved that so that the eldest son got equipped with the average equipment of the day. Based on p. 188, it seems clear that the tax might run short of the required money for the Ordinary Knight and extra money needs to come from some place. While the manors do provide around £1 / year extra, the 2:1 conversion to treasure and the implication that hoarding is not something usually done would both speak against saving that excess being the usual thing. But if you save that and assume 25 years or so between generations, yeah, this is about enough to outfit an ordinary knight, taken together. There is also the dowry of the Mother, which is usually around £10 as well. So yeah, it should work. It is what I did our campaign when one of the PKs who was a (gifted) estate holder had his eldest son knighted. I gave him a budget of £60 (1 manor + 5 manor estate) to get the equipment and the feast, meaning that he started with the best horse and armor for the period, a couple of spare horses, fine clothing, and a big feast. Worked nicely enough. In our earlier campaign, we set the universal aids at 2*income for demesne manors, since we were still using £6 manors = £12 aid. But with £10 manors, aid = income works across the board. EDIT: As for the Later Periods, I have no problem with the normal landed knights (1 manor) starting to fall behind in the arms race. This is somewhat already guaranteed to happen, given that the replacement chargers are still just chargers, while they are expected to ride better horses. I might actually allow them to start improving the stock of their replacement horses, maybe coming one step behind the best horse of the period (minimum being a charger), assuming that they have gotten a good stallion as a stud to begin with. This would also be a way to help with the knighting costs, if they could get their first warhorse from the manorial horse herd rather than having to buy it themselves: the warhorse tends to be the biggest single cost in the knighting across all the periods. EDIT2: Cost of knighting, back in the day when poor chargers did not exist, and coursers were the 5d6 warhorses: http://web.archive.org/web/20190302153130/http://www.gspendragon.com/costofknighting.html. I am actually coming around to the idea that the chargers are too expensive in Early Periods already, and their prices should be £10 throughout. They are simply too ubiquitous through the Early Phase to be that expensive, and that high cost also makes knighting of an ordinary knight cost too much. Not to mention making a loot of a single charge a huge boost in the income of a PK. Keeping chargers at £10 solves all of the above problems.
  8. Crel

    Winter in Dragon Pass

    All this intriguing speculation and cultural stuff aside, does anyone have suggestions for particular numbers these temperatures would be hitting, beyond their average lows/highs? (I know, I know, gods forbid we try to hammer any portion of Glorantha down to a number... )
  9. Landlords can collect money for the four universal aids (KAP 5.2, page 188). "When the aid is imposed by a lord knight, each of the lord’s vassals pays an amount equal to the average yearly income of his primary holding." Vassal knights are landlords, but they don't have landed vassals themselves (at least to start with); how much can they get? My guess is to keep it at the value of a starting manor, i.e. 10 libra, which is enough to cover the 8-libra minimum for a new knight and have a bit over for a small feast. Is that reasonable? (That would make things more difficult in later periods, but I'll cross that bridge when/if I come to it.)
  10. It shall follow the rules for powers, that is, it expires at the end of the next combat or conflict in adventure time. But this is the default rule, I don't see why you should not decide that a partiular object works only for one attack !
  11. I was not commenting on the usefulness of the product but on its.. believableness....
  12. The cultures associated with the Orlanthi are from Western and Central Europe, and often southernmost Central Europe (Danubian region in Germany). Where I live (Viking land north of most of Germany), it is equally far to the tip of Sicily as it is to the North Cape. England and Wales are fairly southerly, and southern England (even some places in southern Scotland) has palms linining the beach roads. Northern Europe starts around Oslo (or IMO rather Møre-Romsdal), Stockholm, Helsinki. Castle Stahleck is smack-dab inside the wine-growing region of Europe. The Champagne is where the Channel is narrowest, and well known for its sparkly wine. At my workplace, I need to prepare the first grape harvest... The oldest beer recipe we have is from Mesopotamia. (It uses grapes for yeast cultures.) The Romans and Phoenicians were Barbarians ("stammerers"), so were the Illyrian and Celts who encroached and occasionally violated Greek settled space. Enter reverently and respectfully take some loot from the rich nobles, leaving all the churches intact, only taking a few relics for their own worship. It takes civilized people on a rampage to destroy cities, which is why I think that the Sea People who leveled Ugarit were Myceneans. Probably they wear some pottery burning incense, to make up for the fact that they avoid washing with water. The waste heat gathers nicely below those ponchos. The half-citizens with their mini-skirts have it hard, but compare the Caledonians. (A devout fire worshiper should use a series of ever lighter oils, and remove residual ones with flame, IMO.)
  13. yes togas are for nice mediterranean climates, not roiling middle-of-America nightmare weather.
  14. g33k

    RBoM query ...

    The specific issue was with "trance-y" features getting an extensive discussion for Arrow Trance in the Bestiary, but nonesuch for Sword/Axe spells in the core rulebook. Sword/Axe show significant copypasta. Arrow seems to be Something Different. The clear implication (which I suspected was an erroneous reading) was that the melee weapons got no such "trance-y" features. The difference in treatment is really substantive, and normally I would expect such a substantive difference to mean something, even as I would also expect "XXXX Trance" spells to all be "trance-y." THANK YOU for the clarification/revision!
  15. Inora's moter is Kero Fin. No Darkness there...
  16. Aias

    RQ vs D&D

    I'm a little late to this party! I started with RPGs back in the early 80's (81 or 82) and that was with RQ2. I'd obviously heard about D&D and AD&D as they were at the time, but never played them. Fast forward a year or two after that and I picked up the D&D Basic set to see what all the fuss was about. On reading through I was gobsmacked by the classes and their limitations - a level 1 mage could cast 1 spell a day, could only use a D4 dagger, had no armour and d4 HP! BUT and it's a BIG BUT... I found that D&D and then AD&D once I progressed to it, tended to run far smoother and far faster than RQ2. The primary reason being the combat. RQ2's combat is fairly lengthy and detailed, whereas D&D's was very straight forward D20 rolling and just flowed. That said, to make D&D work, you did have to use your imagination a bit to flesh out the combat (something that's not needed in RQ), but it used to be sooo smooth. I can remember having DM'd one session and thinking, darn the 'players got through a huge amount there' - something that never happened in RQ. I'm one of those odd fellows that likes both systems but for different reasons. RQ for it's detail, its cults and also the setting - bronze age Glorantha - it's just superb- just feel that culture. A lot of AD&D at the time was set in Greyhawk, which always felt a little bland and unappealing to me. But if I wanted to play something simpler and quick I'd go for D&D. Plus as others have mentioned, TSR had at the time released a LOT of scenario packs. So if you were a little unprepared, you just bought one and went with that. Fast forward to today and the only RPGs I still play are RQ2/3 and Classic Traveller (though I have just read the Mongoose rules and they look very, very good - but that's another story!). My intent is to buy the latest RQG rules (tomorrow in fact!) - especially as it sounds like they are very compatible with all the RQ2 material I have managed to hoard over the years. But I do have a burning curiosity with regard to D&D 5e. It seems a lot has changed since I last played - even the basics like THACO are now apparently a thing of the past. So it will be interesting... btw Recombing Glorantha with RQ is the best thing that's happened to it and they should never have been split in the first place. In fact, I honestly thought I'd never see the day when they got back together. I still remember the initial shock I had of RQ3 where it was set on Earth and had replaced Rurik with Cormack. This made me instantly dislike the system, though to AH and GDW's credit they did release a lot of material for it - much of which I still have. RQ3 did eventually grow on me and these days I have found myself using more of RQ3's core mechanics as they are simply more complete than RQ2s. Will be interesting to see how RQG pans out
  17. Wait, first it was too cold to wear togas, and now it's too warm to wear togas? If it's any consolation, the Romans hated wearing togas themselves, and very nearly dropped the whole deal, if we are to believe some very irate speeches recorded during the - iirc - late Republican era. Traditionalism won through, though. (This is all assuming that Dara Happans even wear anything equivalent of a toga, and not just some other kind of robe. Others know better than me on this, I just go by the art references). I'm more interested in what our poor Lodrilite farmworkers put on during the cold months when the irrigation ditches freeze over and your (presumably) flat-roofed clay brick house gets covered in three feet of snow. Maybe some inspiration from northern China is in its place. Apart from the Gobi, I mean. I don't know.
  18. Especially with the massive infusions we got from Crit Role and are now getting from Acq. Inc.. I wouldn't be suprised if that was half the point of this release. Anyway, the cover's fine and now I can NOT wait for the Dreamlands. I didn't even know that book was happening.
  19. Have you any idea how hot plus 40 is? If naked was legal...
  20. and so you think in that climate you'd want to wear a toga?
  21. The number of times that it hit 40 degrees in the summer on the Manitoba Prairies (The other side of the Upper Mississippi) is legend. You have not seen hot until your Jamaican bud is letting you know it’s too damn hot! Minus 40 in the winter to plus 40 in the summer. Wild!
  22. Yesterday
  23. Having grown up in western Wisconsin near St. Paul, and having travelled several times by car across the prairie states in mid-summer, they get plenty hot enough (and well above 75 F)! And the upper Mississippi valley was certainly in mind with Dara Happa. Cooler certainly than Chicago (where a month straight of 90+ degrees could certainly occur even before our last 20 years), but upper 80s/low 90s was typical.
  24. 1 point increase requires 2 geases for those two characteristics (they are the ones that are "untrainable", therefore more costly).
  25. the temps don't get warm enough in fire season to warrant togas! I feel like maybe you don't really have a handle on this region's temperatures, like, it's 75 F during the hot month. the world record is 97 F in QC but that's global warming and freak weather, combined. Normally it's *twenty* degrees cooler - and that's Elz Ast with the Lunar cold block in place.
  26. Also Duluth, Minnesota.
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