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  2. You make a good point, and in line with my comment above, this feels satisfactory to me. (Not that my opinion is of any particular importance. )
  3. Well, they aren't the same temple, so not exactly homogenized. But Palangio did get as far as Esrolia, so plenty of Pelorian stuff got brought along very early. But as you note, veering a bit off thread.
  4. I edited my post above after initially posting it. The main point remains the same, but just mentioning it in case. Gonna be honest there, I'm not super-fond of that kind of homogenization (unless it's a historical relic of a Pelorian immigrant community establishing their own temple in competition with more native Caladralander Nochet community), but I don't want to drag this into another needlessly involved forum theomachy.
  5. Quite true. But you will find temples to both Veskarthan and Lodril in Nochet, for instance, so both are known and worshipped in the Holy Country. Lodril is not isolated to Peloria.
  6. I'm quite aware, but the usage depends on who tells it and to whom it is told. Not everyone is going to be aware of either, or make that connection (the Romans understood Zeus and Jupiter to be the same underlying god more or less, but different audiences probably preferred their respective names most of the time). Dumuzid provided their reasons for using the Pelorian name, ie. a Pelorian-leaning audience, so that's that.
  7. They are the same deity (or at least the God Learners would say so), so this works fine. This seems like an important piece of the story. It's certainly a very significant part of Argan Argar's binding of Lodril/Veskarthan.
  8. We also got a ton of great feedback on this, which means follow ups are in the works:)
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  10. I would not say his “acting” could sink a film. just not help it.
  11. I have seen his so called acting, and as an actor I must agree he's a trifle, well you know:) But I was just hoping against hope that a mainstream Lovecraft movie did the genre justice.
  12. That's why we keep asking them to definitively and categorically state whether the "from" in 1(e) is supposed to mean "originating in" or "appearing in." Their continuing refusal to do so is immensely frustrating. If they mean it to be one or the other, why not just say so? What is the point of dancing around the question for four days rather than just saying how the license is supposed to work? How does that help anything? And if "how it's supposed to work" is "run things by us for approvals on a case by case basis" than it isn't an open license.
  13. That's a fair point, but the naming was deliberate; in-character, this is a retelling of the Esrolian version of the myth for a primarily Sartarite and Tarshite audience. e: Given the themes and forces involved, there's an element of 'Argan Argar & co. symbolically castrating/domesticating each of Esrola's former lovers' to each of the bane stories. Read the right way, this is also a story about how Ernalda saw the effectiveness of the Dark Tribe during Orlanth's courtship, and turned one of her former suitors (Argan Argar) into the means of avenging Esrola on her disloyal lovers and giving her a match capable of stabilizing Kethaela.
  14. This seems all right, although I'm on the fence of using Lodril for Veskarthan. Also, I'm not sure whether or not you'd like to include the phallic imagery of Argan Argar taking Veskarthan's "spear" in there, or whether it is best served as a separate myth.
  15. Have you ever seen Nick Case “act"? If you answer yes, odds are very good that you have then see Nick Cage’s “acting” in this unfortunate movie. I have not seem this movie, but unfortunately, I have seen Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew “acting”.
  16. No problem. Just to clarify she is only a widow of the recently deceased PK, right? Yup, though as Morien pointed out above she probably won't get the full £3.5. A lady typically only needs £2 in upkeep for her and her maid, and she would still be "on the hook" for some of the manorial expenses, so I suspect it works out closer to £2.5, leaving her £0.5 for discretionary funds.. All it all it probably works out about the same as before the husband died, only that there might be a bit of a crunch if/when the son marries. Or, at least it would if he didn't have two manors!
  17. Ok... well, it looks too much for me... I think 5:1 would be better (more balanced?). One question... when they spend money on other things (treasure, armaments, horses, construction...) do they earn 1 glory per £1 spent, or glory is only earnt with conspicuous consumption (such as feasts, etc) ???
  18. She is a heiress of her own father, and the widow of her husband! I didn't express it well, sorry! ... With all this dower and widow's thing... then, when the PKs begin the campaign, when their father die and they inherit one manor... then the manor only gives them £6.5 right? as 1/3 (£3.5) goes to her mother as the dower!! 😰😱 I didn't realised 'til now!!
  19. I know it's has been awhile, but was this film any good? I've seen mixed reviews 😕
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  21. I could be wrong but I doubt Chaosium will include Dracula on the banned list. But you can ask them. If they do then this SRD would be less than useless. It would be trap to be avoided at all costs and would put it on my Roll20 list. (Never a penny, never watch any video promoting it, never use it and never miss an opportunity to denounce it) My money is that the real issue is that they are trying to avoid getting Path-fingered the way WOC took it. Its called limiting one's exposure to back door penetration. They are the ones at risk here. Most of us do not have any financial interest in the current BRP system or its derivatives. If you do, then you are already part of the in crowd and have sources other than this forum. If you try to include Cthulhu species or individuals then I will bet Chaosium will most likely take issue because they have a BRP Game System around these myths. That and they say so specifically in the SRD. In fact, a clue is cleverly hidden in the game's title. 😄 If you make trolls, (a species not an individual), which are Glorantha trolls in likeness or culture yet not in name they will likely frown on that as well. Glorantha Ducks are out because, well...they are Glorantha Ducks and we have those in Role Playing in Glorantha. Do you really think they will disallow Norse style trolls? Perhaps a BRP Icelandic Setting Book because they have one published but as fantasy monsters included in a bestiary I highly doubt it. Or what about Tolkien style elves because they made Elf Quest? Can you really see them saying "no elves" because Runequest and Elf Quest has elves? If so then quickly many of their most loyal following will come to despise them as all their hard work has to be trashed. That or simply converted using MRQ1 or the Legend SRD which means they will likely move over to Mythras. To me most of this concern smacks of lawyering by those staring a gift horse in the mouth yet having no intention of actually riding the gifted horse. If I am wrong than I apologize. However...I suggest you submit an outline and I am pretty sure someone there would be happy to advise you in writing. If not then avoid this SRD in any commercial application and use the MRQ1 or Legend SRD. Once you strip out magic, setting and flavor text, (just like the BRP SRD does), you have something so similar to BRP as makes no difference. Then if you like the Resistance Roll chart introduce a game mechanic called... Stat Differential Roll ...where SDR= (Stat - Stat)*5+50. No chart from BRP lifted and I give everyone permission to use it. Not that I can stop you because it is a mechanic and apparently beyond copyright😃 Some may not know it but they are asking Chaosium to paint themselves in a corner by making an absolute statement of what is excluded and what is included. Chaosium seems to be asking you to simply ask them if your are infringing before you step on their toes if you have any concerns. "Can I make a game about fighting Dracula, vampires in general and also include the Frankenstein Monster, Cthulhu and perhaps a mummy or two?" They might say something like, "We cant give you an OK to use Dracula of FM, as we have no ownership of them. But we don't care if you do. Generic vamps and mummies...sure. As for Cthulhu..No way Jose!" But this is my interpretation and I might be totally full of it. 🤔 Sure wouldn't be the first time.....
  22. In the next weekend or so I expect to have an opportunity to run a heroquest of the Wooing of Esrola. It's a relatively widely-referenced myth, and includes several pretty significant mythic events, but I can't find a more detailed version than the version from the Guide to Glorantha, p. 234: It's interesting, but pretty barebones. So I've gone and written a more detailed outline, at least enough to structure a full heroquest around. Love to hear some feedback, this may see use few days:
  23. So it's a skill to make a cracking sound? To generate an augment to Drive (Chariot)? See my suggestion for a more useful and BRP-consistent use of character sheet bandwidth: !i!
  24. To help you while away the hours in lockdown, our free coloring books are now also available to download from DriveThruRPG! – CALL OF CTHULHU THE COLORING BOOK – RUNEQUEST THE COLORING BOOK The usual price will be USD$4.99 but we're going to keep them as free downloads "until the Stars are Right again."
  25. To help you while away the hours in lockdown, our free coloring books are now also available to download from DriveThruRPG! – CALL OF CTHULHU THE COLORING BOOK – RUNEQUEST THE COLORING BOOK The usual price will be USD$4.99 but we're going to keep them as free downloads "until the Stars are Right again."
  26. Dang it, looks like I've had my five free articles of the month already. Anyone care to summarize the mention for me? 😅
  27. Attacking to ensnare = tangling someone by throwing your net at them. However: So you don't let go.
  28. As I noted above, didn't help that I wrote "Lismelder" when I meant to say "Locaem"! But, yes, certainly some Lunar sympathizers among Blackmoor's allies.
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