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  2. I know that most of the RQ3 era Safelster is now gone. Personally I never felt that comfortable with the pseudo medieval version so I don't mind that it has gone. However, I am trying to rework some old RQ3 material for RQG. I just need to get a flavor of Safelster's current culture for one section. So what direction should I be looking in.
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  4. I just started to dive into Call of Cthulhu 7e and I really like, what I see now. Combat and skill rolls are easy and intuitive. Still I would like to ask for clarifications on the two following topics: Diving for cover, when shot at with a firearm: - Is the dodge roll made before the attack with the firearm? Or is the penalty die applied after a potential hit by the attacker? - Does the dive for cover count for every attacker with a firearm in the round? And if not can the defender dive for cover more than once per round, because every dive for cover is technically a dodge skill roll? Or does the target just count as being partially covered for further attacks after one successful dive for cover? Thanks in advance.
  5. If I may paste two paragraphs from a sidebar on p. 105 of the HeroQuest 1 book:
  6. Not taking sides on this but my dumbest comment for the week is to wonder if the north-south axis flips when you enter or leave the hell perspective. In this view, dead "southpath" entities limp mutilated and sad across what to us would be local north of the dead sun path, then their orientation reverses when they clear the Dawn Gate. As a native hell god erupting outside the Gates, Shargash could have experienced that reversal in an abnormal way, showing up in celestial north (still hell south) and then only grudgingly converging with the celestial south path as life in the sky tames his original barbarisms. For it is written: them what's above / is backward below.
  7. It suddenly occurred to me to wonder how the VERY "omni" version of Trollish omnivory would interplay with Eurmal's "Swallow" spell. Trying to just... fit them together? with minimal fuss&bother? and downplay the interactions? That seems not very Gloranthan... not very MGF... oh yeah, and VERY NOT Eurmalian! I think Eurmal would make sure there was an extra helping of OMGWTFOHSHIT! Ideas... ?
  8. jajagappa

    Yelm Eclipsed

    I don't think so. Mythically/cosmically it makes more sense/fun to have him rise north of the Gates of Dusk and then cross both the Sun Path and Orlanth's Ring at various points.
  9. Ah, that's because I remembered the wrong source. Redaylde is described as red-haired in Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes.
  10. I'm not a newbie to Glorantha having started playing RQ in the early 80s, but I most definitely am a noob on these boards, and I'm still grappling with half-remembered rules from RQ2 and how they interact with RQG, so everything here is of intense interest to me. From my perspective, I've found your input to always be most helpful, and I would echo others in saying don't let a couple of emojis put you off.
  11. If only there were indicators that Gloranthan astronomy was as flawed and religiously motivated as in the RW. Oh, hang on a moment.....
  12. Yes and no. Yes, it originates from Chaosium's Nephilim, but is a broad revision of the sorcery system. Similar, but different. So, yeah, essentially. !i!
  13. One answer to that it to make it expensive. PCs tend to have large disposable wealth, so those NPCs who have figured it out can charge the PCs for the service. And if the PCs look like they are muscling in on their cushy little number ..
  14. All weapons. Either, as long as you label it clearly as one or the other:
  15. I'll give it a shot. Does DEX/2 give skill ranks in any weapons or just the ones the culture would normally have available? Better yet, is this Cymric 5.2 core rulebook only or Knights and Ladies?
  16. Joerg

    Yelm Eclipsed

    Don't be so sure about Shargash. According to Jar-eel channeling Sedenya, Tolat was one of the four rebel gods who brought down Yelm, alongside the Bat (Artia?), Sedenya/Verithurusa, and Rebellus Terminus/young Stormy. Tolat is Shargash if the Grazers worship Yelm. IMO the Southpath never even touches the Sunpath, and the Sunpath never touches the Red Moon even in Summer. "north" should be a mistake. Mythically, the only time when Shargash wasn't south of Yelm (in the sky) was when he collided with Umath. He entered the Underworld near the broken North Pillar. It isn't published where he re-emerged. And when he did, neither Yelm nor Lightfor had ever risen in the east. If the Red Moon is ever eclipsing the Sunpath inside the Lunar empire, then the height of the Red Moon in your model is way too low (or the height difference to the Sunpath is). The planets just pass through Yelm, altering a tiny amount of Yelm's light by adding theirs. It is possible that Yelm's light can pass through or around undiminished, if so such a conjunction could be brighter rather than darker. I agree that the shadow that orbits the Red Moon would darken the sun. Not sure about the glowing side, though. A total eclipse might still only blot out a minimum of half of Yelm, with the other part could be reddened. But then, the orbiting shadow might be a hemisphere with a much bigger radius than the Red Moon. To avoid that, it would have to hover directly above the Crater. I tried various geometries for the shadow problem, and basically it is impossible to avoid. Just as you have the Crown Mountains beyond which you cannot look from below, you have a circle roughly the same size below inside which the moon is visible from any direction. This means that neither Full nor Dead Moon can ever be seen anywhere if you assume that lunar glow spreads in straight lines. On the other hand, we know that the Dead Moon is the absence of Lunar glow, and not the absence of Lunar glow except for that sliver of red on the bottom. Ipso facto some bending of light must happen that prevents transpolar glow to pierce the shadow, and likewise prevents a dark sliver at the bottom of a full moon. (Transpolar in relation to the bottom pole of the moon...) Assuming that the shadow only creeps over the Lunar surface. It is possible to have an orbiting hemisphere or hemi-ovoid of shadow that blots out the bottom on the dark side and allows a glimpse under the skirt on the bright side. You can play through lots of variations for this orbiter if you assume the top-bottom axis as its rotational axis. It might be easier to tilt the ground (and the moon along with that) in your model. The south path zig-zags across the southern half of the sky dome, never even getting near the zenith (the geometrical construct, not the stellar body that bears the same name). The eastern gate has a more or less fixed azimuth (possibly varying slightly with the tilt of the sky dome), the western gate jumps or oscillates across the lower edge of the sky dome as needed.
  17. Gak! Make theeee eeevvill bahhdd man go away... me scared masta troll. Plleeezzze!
  18. What an excellent creature. They should be added to the Bestiary.
  19. Just remember: The moment you put fast movement into the game, the players will look for ways to make money off it. Also, keep in mind that if the PC’s can do it, it is likely that there are a whole lot of NPC’s who can, and do, do the same thing.
  20. Cool, jive hipster zoot suit wearing trolls, swinging pocket watches (taken from fallen Mostali (latest tech, split minute accuracy) wearing obsidian shades in a dark nightclub, wrong but... so right!
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