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  2. Oh, sure, that's how I'd run it. You have a 5% chance, because you always do, but if you want to augment it then you figure out the negative and work it from there.
  3. Oh this is going to be fun Edit: I'd better see at least one of these things professionally recorded for someone's entry: http://etyries.albionsoft.com/etyries.com/songbook/index.html
  4. There's always a Rune-Level person at a CA temple so that should be irrelevant. However, I think it might have been a one-use spell back in RQ2/3 , and therefore much more expensive to purchase from the temple?
  5. I imagine it’s because you needed someone at rune-level for reusable Resurrect, whereas now initiates can do it, even starting CA PCs?
  6. Yeah, I am trying to prep the Smoking Ruin, and I find the adventure and writing very hard to "wrap my head around". First, there's the near complete absence of Thinala's story, though it should be well-known and oft-repeated by Treya. Yes, of course, as the GM, I should be able to spin something out, but it is just frustrating to read all the times Treya takes offense at some fact related by another NPC or flat-out gets the details wrong, and we are not presented with the details so we can fully-comprehend the backstory. The backstory, as it is, as well, is a confusing mish-mash. Trolls, Tuskers, Dragonewts, Korolvaltes, Orlanth and Ernalda's wedding spot, some confusing explanation of atonement, it's going to be a real challenge to bring this one home cohesively for the players. It's like almost too much is going on. I, too, find the hooks lack-luster. As written, I can't imagine players really getting hooked into, and there's no discussion of how this might follow gently from Apple Lane and Thunder Hills from the GM book. So, I am using omens and dreams from Orgorvale as someone else mentioned to help motivate the players into action. Overall, it might be a good adventure - but at the moment I really can't tell and I am having a real bitch of a time getting it under my belt before presenting it to players. PS: I keep seeing Orgorvale mentioned as Ernalda's Granddaughter. She is Esrola's granddaughter. The Summer Wife was Esrola and Tada's child. I guess if you can conflate Esrola and Ernalda and be all god-learner-y...
  7. Glorantha has talent, or at least that is our impression amongst our Wind Words podcast crew, and we thought, “why not bring this talent into the spotlight?” So…. It’s time for a contest! While our crack team of Mostali craftsmen build us an edifice to house your Gloranthan talent, and our Grey Beard sages argue the minutiae of the rules to judge the competition, and we select the judges with an eye to them being open-minded, unlike Yelm’s Court when Orlanth brought the raucous horn and the radical “new music” to the contest. it is my great pleasure and honour (by the grace of silver-tongued Issares and the ever entertaining Orlanth) to bring you this announcement of overflowing Gloranthan Goodness. Glorantha Has Talent? Wind Words is audio, and so is our first contest. Okay, so think of an audio friendly entry and how to make it happen, Now that you have an idea for an entry, what’s next? What will you need? A computer, its recording software and a mic, maybe sound FXs. found sounds, instruments and/or noisy friends. We are looking for jokes, filk songs, poems, the standard audio things and beyooooond: Heortling boasts or greetings, myths and folktales told around a crackling fire—you can add crackling fire to your audio file, yes? Plan up to 3 minutes of audio, keep it PG 13, wrap it up all in Gloranthan goodness and push record. We will accept almost any digital audio formatted entry (let’s say some of you are still operating on a a Wang computer, check with us to see is we can still listen to your file created on it) . Keep an eye to BRP Central and an ear to our WInd Words’ podcast for more info and the rules in the coming weeks! Contact us at tribe@windwords.fm or here for questions, help, hugs, validation* or encouragement. *Sorry no hugs or validation, Joerg is still open to smuggles Glorantha, let’s see that talent!
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  9. I'm sure that at least one of my players would raise a finger and say "technically...", pointing out that the table is really just a handout for the real mechanic, which is "50 + (Active - Passive)*5". So for example POW 10 vs POW 22 would be -10% (which shows up as "-" in the table), but which you could potentially augment to +10% or +20% if you're lucky!
  10. I'm going to cross-post this idea from the Babeester Gor and the Elves thread. My theory (apparently borne out explicitly in other, more hostile Aldryami realms) is that the "rootless" elfs, by breaking away from their stable communities, are effectively cut off from the sustenance of the Earth. As a result, they have to procure their own means of sustenance, but out of deference to Aldrya they abstain from harming plant life for food and drink, making them strict carnivores and eating all meat-beings they kill. Rather than being aberrations from Aldryami society and culture as we've long been told, they are the mulching process of Aldrya and an integral part of the Growing Way. So trolls aren't the only ones who get in on the cannibalistic fun. Please note: Mostali are NOT meat-beings. They require special mulching processes. The trolls call this "marination". [Thanks to The Elder Scrolls for inspiration.] !i!
  11. Studio Deadcrows are just about to start shipping the French edition of the RuneQuest: Adventures dans Glorantha books, so here is my supporting update. I can't wait any longer, the secret was out a few days ago anyway! v1.9.6 Beta 3: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IvICdOCOdB0p5MP3Y7w6CLKdFD7WyM9ByNuOOU3Ta8o/edit?usp=sharing Corrections to French translation based on the Studio Deadcrows edition of the rules (thanks again @sireRage). Sorting of skills alphabetically (optional separate operation to translation). Implementation of alternative occupation skill percentages from the Studio Deadcrows edition. Implementation of alternative General Hit Points calculation from RQ3. I'm keeping it at "beta" level for now, please post here or PM me, either if you've found any issues, or if you've given it a good thrashing and can't find anything wrong!
  12. What did the Resurrection rules look like in RQ3? It seems fairly doable to drag the body out of danger and get to a Chalana Arroy temple within the next few days... if it was a lot harder to get resurrected in RQ3, that would explain the need for a hero-point house rule. Of course, getting resurrected still adds a whole (dramatic/narrative!) hurdle, as opposed to just hand-wave something quickly and carry on, which might be the main goal here, instead of "not dying". Did you look into solving your problem without introducing a new currency? (since that indeed creates the problem that you need to "phase it out"). For example, getting a re-roll or avoiding death by sacrificing 1 POW, or spending all your unspent RPs, or something like that?
  13. If I wanted to use Enlightened Magic or Advanced Magic (one for Mythras and the other for BRP) do you think that would be difficult?
  14. Oooh interesting, now I may have to look into this Kitori business since they might walk by (or near) my Bachad tribe home-base... I'm wondering how these troll caravans travel through Sartar by the way? I assume they need extremely diplomatic Argan-Argrar priests in the front, take detours to avoid Sun Domes and Heortling clans that are notoriously anti-Darkness, and whenever possible travel under mountain ranges where existing troll tunnel networks are navigable?
  15. Safelstran Fortress Barge The fortress barges are exceptionally large, consisting of at least two broad beamed hulls lashed securely together to form a stable platform[1], with the deck railings removed and a joint plank deck added. This is raised above the rowing benches to leave space for the oarsmen and to give room for them to row. Each of the wide hulls carries as many as ninety oarsmen, up to forty-five a side. The design is similar to the large cargo barges used on the lake; those rely more on their sail than their rowers, unless a cargo must be rapidly transported. A multi-story square or rectangular siege tower or turret shaped like a truncated pyramid is then erected, each story smaller than the one below. This has a timber frame, sometimes wooden walls, often clad in thick hide either kept wet or treated with sorcery to prevent it being set afire, or thin bronze plates, with the weight kept to a minimum so that the tower can be tall enough to assault defenses, by ramps dropped down on the battlements, and to permit missiles and magic to be cast into the interior of the fortification. Portholes permit crossbows and long spears to be deployed from inside. The towers are usually mounted in the center of the barge, meaning that if boarding ramps are fitted, they are arrayed at the sides so that the vessel must come alongside a wall to deploy them. The hinged gangways have hooks at the end to latch onto the defenses and hold the barge firm, as the fighters disembark. The ramps are kept up when making the approach, acting as doors behind which the troops waiting to immediately sally forth shelter. [1] Some of the battle-barges of the Middle Sea Empire were also dual- or triple-hulled; it is unknown if the smaller Safelstran fortress barges were inspired by these, or are a separate development. ------------------ Spent the day cutting hedges... so this isn't exactly detailed.
  16. She is not in the Cults book. Possibly for Nochet, but she's not really worshiped in any way that provides direct benefits.
  17. Twitch replay are always for subscribers to twitch only. We will put the video up on Youtube as usual: https://www.youtube.com/c/ChaosiumInc/ Click the subscribe button and youtube will let you know when it goes up.
  18. Great artwork! One of our players is working on some fun cartoonish artwork for our campaign. He's a techie, mainly playing with some 3D modelling / rendering SW, definitely not an artist, and it shows. But it's still fun to see and a few images turned out pretty good. (check out us teleporting onto the back of Yezrum Storn here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/726878099416940614/728756994495873094/Page_4.jpg One thing he has struggled with is how much armor to put on the players. Less certainly looks better, more "actiony", but sometimes it feels a bit unrealistic. We've gone more and more with "less". Glad to see your excellent artist agrees - less is more!
  19. How about Imarja? Is she saved for the Nochet supplement?
  20. clarence

    Errata M-Space 1.1

    Thanks Ben! I hope to have them (and a few more) corrected this autumn.
  21. Well, same, I was hoping I would be able to catch that video in the morning but it says it's exclusive to subscribers...hope it was a mistake that will soon be fixed (it would be a shame to hide what could be great RQG promotional material...)
  22. Thanks! I'm going to resist asking about timelines, because it's barely a fair question when there's not a global pandemic.
  23. Things I to add to the game: First, I want more mythology & heroquesting. Right now, it's a bronze-age fantasy game where 3 non-combat characters struggle against an Eeevil conspiracy. It's not really about the gods, religion, the elder races, etc. I have a few plans on how to change this. I haven't done this yet for two reasons. First, as a GM, I'm more comfortable dealing with social-political webs rather than mythical ones. More accurately for Glorantha, it's all one web, but I'm comfortable focusing on the former strands rather than the latter strands of that web Because the players are new to Glorantha, I pepper them during the week with a couple images of distinctive Glorantha lore. The amazing pic of Heler that went around a week ago, the story of Arkat, etc. This week, I introduced them to the Ducks, and lo they were amazed I then made them rather disappointed when I told them there is not a Duck community in Maniria, and then I showed them a pic of the Newtlings. Upon hearing that the Dragonewts like to use them as slave labour, one of the players, bless their heart, suggested a future adventure where the characters go forth to set the Newtlings free from their bondage. They truly have no idea what they're suggesting, and it's glorious. I suspect I deal with the 1st point in spades to the point I take the second point seriously. I dunno how you'd try to deal with Dragonewts without serious mojo backing you up.
  24. This is where the semantics come into play, and the meaning of the terms. If Arkat means "Liberator" and that is like saying "Messiah", rather than referencing a specific historical figure, then it may well entail more debate. Or it may be "Argrath who?" - aside from those who were at the Cradle, at the Battle of Pennel Ford, or off in Prax/Pavis in 1625, who in Sartar will have heard of him? Or if they have, it may be that the Praxian beast riders have a new leader called the White Bull - the name Argrath may not even come up until he finally arrives in Sartar in late 1626.
  25. I have subscribed through Amazon Prime to the chaosiuminc feed after the live feed. It seems I cant watch the session. Is it not recorded?
  26. For those waiting on tattooed Aldryami skin, that is now an option.
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