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  2. well is bite, so I prefer to not pay for it twice. But if the POD is far away...
  3. Playing devil's advocate... Consider that Beowulf is considered a poem! All 3000+ lines of it! So is Spencer's Faerie Queene, all six "books" of it. Don't confuse classical poetry with schmaltzy love sonnets. Even Poe's The Raven is on the short side.
  4. The lack of an existing cult to initiate the Illuminate properly. The difficulties that would face any human being trying to twist their personality around in such a fashion that they're effectively compelled to behave cruelly, mercurially, pragmatically, rationally, passionately, and dreamily/irrationally whenever faced with the choice. The existence of Glorantha as a fringe character in existing myths, making it difficult to talk to her if you try and revive her cult by venturing onto the Hero Plane. Then you have the matter that Glorantha is dead and doesn't provide
  5. You are best contacting Hasbro's UK & US legal departments for legal clarifications like this.
  6. Been a while since the last one. I found the lack of imagery on Gagarth to be lacking. Maybe he has not got a lead breastplate and maybe his skull is an actual skull and not a helmet, but hey.
  7. I prefer, create, and re-create (rather than recite), as that's more what it feels like to me. And I'd use the same skill for both. Working out the nuances between the two seems overly complex. And, as the good Nick Brooke says, to be any good requires inspiration, although that has escaped my attention thus far in all the artistic endeavours of the adventures in my campaign. Though as said artistic endeavour has only been used to boast about their deeds, I think we can take it read that it's a subject they're easily inspired by!
  8. As for RQG Passions, my immediate thought is that by default you'd pick up the new Loyalty Passion at 60% and lower your old Loyalty Passion some. At the very least, it should be below 80%, and if already lower than that... 10 points? Enough to keep the divided Loyalties on your sheet unless you take specific actions to alter them. Obviously, these are alterable by events. Truly burning your bridges could erase a Passion, while doing something to prove true loyalty as part of adoption should boost the new Passion.
  9. Wait, going further down this road, what prevents illuminate from obtaining 90% in all elemental runes and becoming avatar of Glorantha?
  10. Does this mean Hasbro doesn't have the right to release Heroquest in the UK with their new campaign?
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  12. If you wanted too, you could reduce it down further by just using characteristic rolls. Skills, if you want them, could just apply a modifier or multiplier to the attribute rolls. It all comes down to just how much you want to abstract things.
  13. Can't really help you with the passions and such, but as for tribe, generally speaking you probably won't directly change tribes, you'll just become part of a different clan and if that clan is part of a different tribe you're part of that tribe now, too. In Sartar, at least, the tribe isn't really a "top-down" entity that you'll seek to join directly. Unless you're going the specific route of becoming a part of the tribal king/queen's own household/retinue, in which case being a part of the king's household probably makes you more or less a member of that tribe. Especially if the king rewards
  14. I have spotted something that seems to be a leftover from the "Game Formerly Known as HeroQuest". As Story Points are no more spent before a Group Simple Contest is resolved, the sentence in green is not needed anymore. Boosting Outcomes Because they average together the outcomes of multiple participants, group simple contests tend to flatten outcomes, making victories more likely to be marginal or minor than major or complete. To overcome this flattening effect, if the outcome of a group simple contest is a tie or victory, you may spend one or more story points to
  15. Quite right! So the proper recitation of Poetry might be: Passion inspiration + Sing skill And the proper creation of Poetry might be: Passion inspiration + Speak Language skill (I'd argue for this rather than R/W given that poetry is something meant to be recited/heard, not simply read as a novel).
  16. Well, to me the Gloranthan iteration of the rules will always be HeroQuest, dern it.
  17. It makes me sad, HeroQuest as a brand is tied to the world of Glorantha in a way QuestWorlds will never be. But I agree it would be confusing to have QuestWorlds as a generic set of rules and to name it HeroQuest when it is used for Glorantha. I am not sure we will ever see new products set in Glorantha from Chaosium with rules other than RuneQuest though. And it also makes me sad.
  18. Harmony at Twilight? What's the sequel called? "Adventurer's feast by Moonlight"?
  19. It's been a larger update of the forum software. It has chopped the banners, it's too bright and the layout is not optimal, but I'll try to improve and tweak that during the weekend.
  20. I consider that anyone can love someone BUT anyone is not able to create a good poem about love. Gloranthan have talents, but all gloranthan cannot be the best one, isn't it ? I consider passion as improvement for that , but it is not a skill. And it is exactly how passions works in rqg
  21. I know that a Sartarite character can change his clan, mainly by marriage, but is it possible to change tribe? Is it possible to be 'adopted' by another tribe, and if yes, how would it be possible and how would it occur? Is it possible to be 'adopted' by a clan of another tribe, and then enter said tribe, and how? And lastly, a more RQG question, what would be/become the loyalty passion(s) of the character? Would he lose the previous ones, or would he keep them and gain new ones? What would be the scores of the new passions?
  22. Now, yes, but in previous ages not so much, the line was far more blurred. Playwrights typically actors in the troop like Shakespeare. I'm on shaky ground with theatre, but I know in music, musicians historically were far more composer performers. And I'd suggest that in an age of low literacy, and before music notation was invented, it would be almost impossible to exist as a writer / composer if you didn't also perform. *My* take in Glorantha is that both the creation and performance of art is accessing the same divine (runic) muse, and flows from the same source of inspiration. Per
  23. I think I would probably reverse it, so that it wasn’t the product of an epic quest, but a means to complete one. In an otherworldly/off-the-map/faerie context, obviously. One can, and very possibly has to, tame/befriend the hippogriff to fly up the impossibly tall mountain or whatever, but the knight can’t take the fantastical creature back into the (relatively) normal world when they’re done. They might meet the hippogriff again next time they’re in the right sort of context, though.
  24. @TrifletraxorDo you wish us to kibbutz and mention problems the upgrade seems to have created (like the crowd edits elsewhere) or would you rather a bit silence while you plug leaks and fix cracks?
  25. Best answer ever. Or at least in a month or so. Instead of making up a new skill and mechanics, use existing ones. This does raise the question of how good your language skill should be. 80% is way too high, but 10% seems feeble. But otherwise, I love this take.
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