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  2. I'm confused about this... Multispell is a Rune Spell so you can't put it in a Spirit Matrix Enchantment AFAIK. Also, Multispell doesn't speed up anything (it takes effect at the highest SR of all spells), nor does it prevent you from rolling (you still roll under your Rune to cast Multispell, and I *think* you need to roll POWx5 for each spell? I'm not sure about that). A Spirit Matrix Enchantment likewise doesn't prevent rolling, you still need to roll POWx5 to cast the spell inside. You can't store multiple spells in a matrix without doing multiple matrix enchantments AFAICT.
  3. It occurs to me that they may be connected to another undead sorcerer, Delecti. Refugees from the Dragonkill, maybe?
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  5. Augh! I am devastated! All these years spent lying... At least we had 1d6/POW armoring enchantments.
  6. Yes, and I seem to remember that the authors thought that the change (from 2 to 5mn) increase the usefulness of the spells. I surely don't like it, but most probably because of the habit (I played much more RQ3 than RQ2). For the time being, I kept the 2mn, but will probably also go back to 5, because more magic is then used.
  7. A little hint for the Munchkinism thread. Those linked spells can have a MP pool linked and an Attack condition that says that when YOU touch the object, the spell is cast. No time, no roll (because the spell is self contained and nobody casts it) and no MP to spend (they are already in the reserve). At least, it worked that way in RQ3, and I see nothing in RQG that contradicts it (RQG p250). A little expensive on the POW, but you get instant buff (very practical to be the first one to have all spells up).
  8. The way I generally use runes is that they may affect your personality, but it's not that they are your personality. So, for instance, someone with very weak magical abilities may have a tenuous connection to the air rune, but they could still be a timid, quiet person. If they decide to invest in their magic, though, air will begin to influence their actions more and more as their connection grows stronger, and they'll start becoming proud and boastful and reckless as they become more powerful.
  9. Tyram if I recall correctly.
  10. Literally, RAW, yes, they are, but, see Richard S's answer (very complete) about what is in the Q&A.
  11. Q&A: Actually a little different than I remember. The answer implies that instead of it being restricted to only the inscriber it's actually a looser restriction of "anyone who knows the spell and all its runes and techniques", which also means you don't need to sac POW to expand the user pool. There's also this, which contradicts a little of my interpretation above: So it looks like I was actually conflating answers in my head and gave some misinformation in this thread, my bad.
  12. That's what I thought too. I think it comes from a liberal reading of this text (emphasis mine): If it says "ritual enchantment", then possibly the "conditions on enchantments" (p250) apply. But my understanding (from the first paragraph of that section p250) is that conditions can only restrict, not expand the requirements. So I'd say inscribed spells are only for the sorcerer and not anybody else. Plus, we already had a thread before about this, and that for instance opens up a can of worms about which spell skill percentage to use when you cast the spell... (I had my own ideas about
  13. Since RQG is based on RQ2, it would be more correct to say "have had their duration maintained at 2mn", as RQ3 extended it from 2 minutes to 5. It's now back to how it was originally. I'm not sure I like it, we will see how it goes when my game resumes (on hold due to COVID), we will probably make it 5.
  14. Also: Lyserian Goodpseech, mayor of Jonstown (Sartar Companion) Eliardo the Plasterer, mayor of Alone pre-1625 (Dragon Pass Gazeteer) Harsandra the Quick, Alone's "interim mayor" post-1625 after the previous mayor fled the city (Pegasus Plateau) Tarnak, mayor of Weis, a small villlage in Prax (Borderlands) Hauberk Jon, first mayor of Jonstown a long time ago
  15. Where does that come from? I'm pretty sure that inscriptions are creator-only and that's it.
  16. Just updated this sheet to include the sorcery technique runes, so those can now easily be used in Google Docs. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vzbvKEPz0Gh4Tv1WLfzvmmHUgtySLzsJXkKDOtlm4MY/edit?usp=sharing
  17. (Note: Bold text refers to a Trait, Ability, or Rune that a character in question has). DRAMATIS PERSONAE Androgenus, a genderfluid Esrolian Eurmali trickster with the Illuminated Illusion, Earth, and Luck runes. They are attempting to explore the mysteries of Illumination without a teacher—without any type of teacher—and are beginning to wonder whether or not existence is worth all the trouble. They’re also being watched very closely by... Waddlestomp the Bloodybeaked, a Hueymakti Duck thane with the Water, Death, and Truth runes. His quest to avenge his people has hit a sma
  18. Firefox blocks Facebook ad trackers by default (which is good). The OP linked to the Facebook image directly (instead of copying it and uploading it on BRP), so Firefox sees that the page is trying to load a resource from Facebook and assumes it's some kind of tracker or ad-related thing... so blocks it. No pretty picture for you. You can see that this happened if you can see the "Facebook Container" icon on the left of your URL bar (unless you customized the Firefox UI). It will show an exclamation mark when it blocks stuff: You can temporarily disable the blocking by clicking
  19. For reference have a gander at the picture on p360 GtG Vol 1.
  20. jean

    is This Fay Jee?

    Indeed, it could be Fay Jee burning its ennemies.
  21. Yes, but that doesn't match up all that well with reality at times. For instance, in real life someone with 50% skill with a firearm can probably hit a target most of the time. Yes, or my idea of using 1D10 or 1D20 for easy rolls instead of 1D100, but doing so limits the character to a normal success. So if a driver exam (a stressful task), might be rolled on 1d20 and someone would only need a skill of 20% to pass.
  22. Sorry 😳, my reponse might have been colored by my experiences with trying to help D&D players to adjust to other RPGs. I find they often come with assumptions and expectations that don't fit the new game. For instance, one D&Der used to say that a fight wasn't a "tough fight" for him unless his character has lost at least half his hit points. That sort of thinking in BRP is suicidal. I always though SB combat and parrying was exciting. At least prior to Elric!, thanks in large part to the riposte rule. With skill cappat at 100%, two skilled combantant's might make two
  23. Looks like a version of Barad Dur to me. Also kind of reminds me of that one chaos god whose eye is either the sun or the whole sky, though I don't remember their name.
  24. Plus possibly a roll for hit location. Officially no. Generally speaking the drawback of doing so outweigh the advantages. One key thing about BRP games is that damage and injury tends to be much more severe than in most FRPGs. So the parry and defense mechanic is much more important than something like the Armor Class value in D&D. Perhaps the best work around, as already mentioned is the Pendragon solution. In Pendragon (which uses d20 instead of D100) characters don't alterate attacks and parries and instead both roll at the same time with the results treated as a opposed
  25. lordabdul


    No so much wrong as quoting from and outdated source, i.e. the HW Dragon Pass Gazeteer (p20): This stretch of forest has been dead for 550 years. When Lord One Ex died and was refused burial, his dragon-self spoke, and the life essences of all the trees sacrificed themselves to allow his passage. His body, miles away, peeled away from the supernatural fires and he went on to transcendent successes. The woods have never re- covered from that mystical burn; this is a lifeless forest of molder- ing, blackened trees. We've had a few exchanges of ideas with Shannon over on Fac
  26. Was just looking through the interview with Agathe Pitié at Geek Art (Interview | Agathe Pitié, French Medieval Punk - Geek-Art.net (geek-art.net) This picture was there: Looks very like the Tower of the False Sun in Fay Jee. Lovely pic.
  27. I am going to push back a bit on that... Since you only do one Chirurgery roll per week, the likelihood is that you don't start rolling until after the adventure is over. In other words, you basically return to it once you have done all the rest, rather than stop the adventure in the middle of the story. Furthermore, it is easy enough to roll 8d20 and see what happens in those two months of healing, if the PK will pull through or not. Assuming healing rate of 3 and a reasonable healer of 15+, if you survive the first couple of weeks, you will most likely heal up OK; it is those first couple of
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