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  2. Depends. Why do they want to kill the illuminate? That's not an "instant go kill them" thing for Lightbringers. Is he named Argrath? 🙂
  3. My first thought is, the options... some great roleplaying, man!
  4. Same here. Trying to bundle a few books together to make the shipping cost more palatable. Nowadays I do not buy a lot of physical books but RQG is a bit too tempting...
  5. But... I thought your Mergers and Acquisitions department was currently negotiating the purchase of Canada. That should solve the issue. ... Sure, buying Amazon would work too...
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  7. Hi, Yamsur. I'm in Mulhouse and I'd be glad to welcome you!
  8. If light bringers identify an illuminate, but the illuminate (also a light bringer) hits them with a light bringer summons before they strike, what are the options? Can they ignore the summons if they are sure in their mind that the summons is dishonourable? If so what level of proof do they need, to satisfy their god?
  9. My impression was that the Ice Trolls were a separate "civilization"/troll culture, and that they were more aligned with the Valind-Himile complex than with Dark Trolls. I'll admit I have very little to base this on other than just general descriptions of what they're up to. I was planning to make Ice Trolls a general foe, whose pro-Glacier efforts (supposing such a thing is possible through alliance with the Hollri, etc.) were generally opposed by (almost) everyone in North Pent, but maybe also involving some tribute payment, etc. I'm very willing to hear more input on this. Complicating the cleavage lines is always good. The more I can mix potential hostility and potential friendliness the better.
  10. Good catch. However, I believe the bit about Babeester Gor killing much of the world is an artifact of Esrolan mythology specifically. I do like any kind of neat connection though, and the theme of "killing to purify/killing out of grief over their dead parent" is present in both. On another note, if Shargash had a primordial form of a slash-and-burn agricultural deity, then he might conveivably be involved in early Aldryami conception of Taker (not sure how that relates to Oakfed, if at all).
  11. going to run a hard sci-fi’s setting not elder gods or that. It pre faster than light travel. Players are scientists sent on a 4 month hibernation trip to researcher a problem and help the colonist. Mid way they get woken up to find an unknown ship. They board it and are greeted by an AI. Explore the ship find the crew in hibernation. As they play found out the ship uses an experimental FTL engine that causes some of the crew to go violent/crazy and as it gets worse their bodies will break down on a molecular level. Turns out it is then engines side effect. But the Corp that sent them out know it and was studying the effect to weaponize it. The AI is part of it and will seek to stop the Players from helping then try to kill them. Players goal will be to escape or remove the AI.
  12. As of now, Chaosium has only released a sample of Cthulhu Icarus in Cthulhu Through The Ages. There are rumors of a campaign or full-blown supplement in the works. Stygian Fox's Salo's Glory is a scenario on that setting, tho. In the old Miskatonic University Monographs there were a couple of sci-fi supplements under the name "Cthulhu Rising". The scenario collection Strange Aeons II had "Time After Time", which is set on a space ship as well.
  13. Oops, I got the URL wrong (fixed, for reference it is: http://www.moo3.at/moo2/technologies.php ) There are about 15 levels, 8 science, 60 research topics.. each having about 1~3 applications, which I call "discovery" (required an INT point to learn). Simply following this table to scale the science level as desired... (will have to make a gear table that rely on it). So yeah, 19 levels... (and I am going to add a few more topic for math/cryptography, astrohabitat, transhumanism/augment/cybernetic/mindextension). But yeah players will more or less be stuck at their civilisation's level in each science... Though I considered not using level and just discovery.. But tooling obviously need a level (not gonna fix a smart phone with just a a saw and a hammer).. tricky. Also, one additional idea, is that while a topic is mastered, not all practical application are discovered along side, unless the civilisation is of a creative race (like Psilon). That's for the video game. For the RPG settings, to make things simpler and more friendly to human GM, the civ will have everything under its tech level except for a few select piece of tech specifically excluded (it create trade opportunity and achievable research goal for player, so totally worth it to exclude a number of them purposely) While repair has a clear use I was wondering what's the point of Science? Where and when would it be used in game? So I though it could be used for manufacturing (as opposed to repairs)... You said.. invent new things.. Hmmm... I will not let player create things beyond their civ's tech. Creative use for creative piece of equipment, sure.. but limited to the given known "Scientific principles", hence it's why I am thinking to make it akin to manufacturing skills.... Although I do think "prototype" are fine (i.e. things that are at the upper limit of the known tech) but... probably unreliable.... (few HP, very bulky, tend to break...) Now, from what you said, and what BRP said, there should be an entirely different skill for Manufacturing, that is neither Science nor Repairs. But that make Science kind of useless in play... mmm, Let's see again for argument sake.... would your suggestion be: Repair[x], Manufacturing[x], Science[x], where x in (Construction, Power, Chemistry, Sociology, Computers, Biology, Physics, Force Fields), i.e. 24 skills. Repair, as in the BR Manufacturing, create known equipment type Science... create unknown equipment (to the player, but not the civ) type equal or under science level? create prototype beyond tech level)? Paired with secret luck roll by the GM Known Equipment: use INT slot for each discovery of interest
  14. I believe there is a CoC supplement (for an earlier edition) for games in space, then you could also look in the stand along TTRPG Alien (which is supposedly the quintessential sci-fi horror system). Alternatively, I think we'd be glad to help you out with creating specific skills/occupations or recommending good ones. What type of game are you planning on running? What is the setting like? For example, are the players going to all live on a spaceship or be astronauts? Or do you plan for them to take on the roles of aliens themselves?
  15. I spilled White-Out on my screen trying to edit my post.
  16. If your characters come from someplace with one Tech Level, such as all from a fruture Earth or some such, you don't really need to grade the skill. They can be assumed to be familiar with thier own Tech. My idea was that if they find an alien spaceship that was more advance than thier own tech, or just so alien and different from what they knew, then that Tech could be a skill. Once that skill hit a certain threshold penalties would be reduced and eventually eliminated. Fine a scale that works for you. You probably don't need more than a handful of TLs, unless you want a lot a variation for some reason. Basically you got the player character TL, and two or three TLs above that. Maybe a TL or two below that for less advanced colonies or aliens. You shouldn't need to make any more TLs that you plan on using. In fact you might not even need at actual number and can just use TL+1, TL+2 etc for more advance tech. Maybe even streamline things to -10% per TL difference. I mean't a Luck roll is required along with the Science roll. If the PC make the Science roll then what he did looked like it should have worked, but the Luck roll determines if it actually did work. You could have some fun with that too, like a character who fails his science roll, but crticals the luck roll, and so fixes something without really knowing what he did right. Depends on how much you paired down your skill list. Normally I would see science being used to invent and design new things, build a prototype and work out the bugs. I don't think it would apply to just building something that you already know how to make. I'd probably let Repair or some other skill cover that. For instance, let's say a character wanted to design anew gun. I'd see that taking a lot of engineering science and knowledge of firearms, pressure tolerances of metal and such to get a working design. But then I would expect any competent gunsmith to be able to manufacture more guns like that from the blueprints. But then I might be a bit biased. When I worked in electronics there was a bit of a divide between the engineers who designed things and knew a lot of theory, and the bench techs who did the troubleshooting and repair work. The techs were usually much better with a soldering iron and doing stuff hands on. Even the assemblers, who didn't know any electronics and just followed a fabrication sheet were better at hands on work than most of the Engineers. And when I worked for an Electrician he'd always have me do the soldering- especially when it was M/S connectors.
  17. I am new to Call of Cthulhu I just have ran the starter scenario and a couple of the solo mission. My group is wanting to run a sci fi /horror scenario along the lines of the movies sphere and Pandorum. I think CoC might me a good rule system for it. I have the though the ages with the Icarus as an example but I was wondering if there are any websites with resources for CoC in a scifi setting. Looking for things like skills and occupations. Thanks for any help you can offer. Thanks
  18. Ah interesting, I didn't know USPS had special rates for books! That's neat.
  19. Art: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/publishers/chaosium/guide-to-glorantha/aldryami-art-direction/
  20. Added a combined WBRM / Dragon Pass photo to my blog today. Thought I'd copy it here. 1975 White Bear Red Moon map (top); Dragon Pass map (below). I was a little confused until I noticed that the White Bear Red Moon map had Top as West. [Rotate WBRM counterclockwise and the maps line up.] Both cover the same region, Dragon Pass of course. -Wayne
  21. Nice addition! Enjoying the background notes, and the Art Showcases are really great to see. One minor correction for p.13: "Yara Aranis, the Third Inspiration of Moonson, Goddess of the Reaching Moon" - she should be listed as the Second Inspiration.
  22. And... what is the significance of all those white spaces?! 😮
  23. I would echo this. The first time I used the family history/background, it left me with a sense that I had a character with a rich backstory with hooks and story opportunities. Possibly after many characters are created through it, it becomes repetitive (I am just guessing) but from the start, it works great. The other aspects that grounds a character into the setting are the runes. In one stroke it defines your personality, how connected you are with your god and how strong you can potentially become in magic. Good stuff.
  24. Wow, just wow...
  25. Oh... Advanced Magic... do you mean the additional Sorcery spell from the Magic World supplement? Nothing give the same mechanical feeling as Sorcery in RD100, but arguably this is just a game mechanic...One could use the Divine magic rule in RD100 for Sorcery. Which is arguably the same thing when divine magic is enlarge to magic provided b any supernatural creature. And one could limit the power of given magic to Allegiance% / x% x being typically 10 or 20 or 30, up to the GM...
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