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  2. Possible separation spells Amputate Limb Decapitate Remove Organ Part Waters Excise Emotion Furrow Earth Create Chasm Ostracise Cleave foliage Rend Cosmos Remove Memory Sunder Rune.
  3. I say permanent 1 POW loss. Both from the way it's written, and because it would be broken otherwise. Divine Intervention can give you a one-point permanent stat increase, and if not limited by at least that permanent POW loss, any Rune-Lord could do multiple stat-gains per season (at least seasons that weren't too busy for the spellcasting).
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  5. It's one of those irregular verbs, isn't it? I raid, you loot, he/she steals.
  6. Looking at some of the spells here there's a couple which could be based on Separation. With the Ezokite/Ekozite school of Alchemy, "Separate Earth and Water" is kind of obvious, but "Distil Mixed Liquid into Pure" could have it as well (Separate Water and something else?), as might "Liquify Solid" (Separate Stasis from Earth?) While the Furlandans have "Force Spirit out of Body" (Separate Spirit and Man).
  7. I was looking at the cold exposure and homeland temperatures in RQG (pages 161 and 104, respectively) and it struck me that much of Dragon Pass seems somewhat... balmy. Now to be entirely fair, I'm Minnesotan, so temps of 20F/-7C are more my winter daytime norm, and there's all the modern living baggage associated too. But still, it feels odd to me that Sartar gets warm enough during the day, typically, to melt snow. However, I've also noticed that the temperatures are all set in major towns, which typically are in valleys, more sheltered areas. Since I am not a nature-ologist, I thought I'd ask and see if anyone on here has a good idea for what more extreme Dragon Pass temperatures look like. I remember that in KoDP if I ever tried sending explorers in Dark season, they pretty much always never returned; those sorts of temperatures are what I'm trying to nail down (so I can subject players to them, naturally). The lowest marked in RQG is 14F/-10C in Clearwine overnight during late Dark season. So would that be about 10F/-12C up in the Starfire Ridges? How about over in Boldhome? Maybe "typical" blizzard temps of 0F/-18C throughout Sartar? I'm just not sure how much the elevation and weather patterns in those areas ought to impact temperature. Thanks!
  8. That's an interesting idea, some forms might involve more runes or techniques, where a more fitting version requires only one of each.
  9. Frown, most probably. Forbid, clearly not. Otherwise, the Geas 'Never participate in an ambush' (Result 51 to57) is stupid. Humakti that have the geas can not, others can.
  10. 1) I think the 1st point is not recovered, but can see argument otherwise. 2) Yes, of course. Everything that is not forbidden is allowed, so bring your INT to 21.
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  12. hmmmm ... yeah, I would say that this would produce a ghost, or similar, perhaps a (dangerous) way for a Sorcerer to jump between bodies if combined with a suitable second spell for inserting them into a suitable vessel.
  13. This is the kind of Humakti ambushes that I've allowed.
  14. They can be. Usually, it's just the number of knights in your family. They have their own life. They are not a free army on command.
  15. cool, gotta check it.. I didn't even read the weird science section yet! 😮
  16. Ambush from hiding is against Humakti mores. Hit and run attacks depending on superior mobility (or obstacles covering the distance between the skirmishers and the targets) are perfectly allowable. So is the lone Humakti blocking the road challenging the arrivals, and then skirmishers joining the fray. Orlanth killed a tyrant of people he cared for (Ernalda and her kin), but not his own ruler. If Yelm had acknowledged Umath, a lot of subsequent events would have needed a different excuse. Humakt is a thief, too. That's how he obtained Death. Footwear versus terminal change of existence... methinks that Humakt's theft weighs a little heavier.
  17. Alchemy is a subsection of Weird Science. It made absolutely no sense to have one set of rules for pseudo-medieval concoctions and one for steampunk drugs and gadgetry. They work in the same way, it is just a matter of what kind of gadgetry is available.
  18. Feels a bit "Buy one get one free" but the first costs double.
  19. The place for me to start is alway what is the combined version that needs separating. I've thought that a sorcerous dictionary is one way forward, defining in runic terms what things are. Clearly there will be synonyms, perhaps with different schools using different definitions. Within the separation technique there will also be degrees of separation. For example if we define living humanoids as Man, Spirit & Life we've a basis for not only other definitions, but can apply techniques to them: Man, Spirit & Life - clearly we can modify this with elements to get sub types other than humans (trolls, merpeople, etc) Beast, Spirit & Life - likewise fire for horses, storm for cows etc. Plant, Spirit & Life - Plants and elves, with subtypes from elements there are five possible separate spells here: Separate Spirit - Discorporation. Life is still present. Separate (Form) Rune - Looks like it might create fertility spirits. These would be handy for reanimating dead things... Separate Life, acts on anything living (I think this a costly method as no Death is involved, a "better" version would be Command Death)
  20. Alas mon ami, Brootse I am sorry to disagree seeing as I just corrected you in another thread. I really am not picking on you :). I just put a post on Prepping Greembrass that quotes from what was once official sources that might not agree... From Cults of Prax Biturian is writing about a humakti duel in Tourney Alley It looks like a split decision, Brootse, Alain agrees with you while Naimless (Greg’s character, I believe) disagrees. The God remains silent. Cheers
  21. @styopa there is also a ritual to reinstate kin ties for Humakti called the Resheathing (should be in Storm tribes, p. 92 and Thunder rebels, p. 215). We discussed a similar issue in another thread on the Glorantha forum, search for "Severe Severing" Hope it helps!
  22. Fighting in a skirmish formation isn't ambushing, that's why I wrote hit and run ambushes.
  23. Skirmishing isn't ambushing. I'm sure many Humakti will be happy to explain the difference to you in exact detail. He killed A ruler, I think Orlanth would deny it was HIS ruler. And stealing from an enemy is just a less violent way of raiding an enemy, its not as if you are violating a hospitality oath or anything. Rebelling is just recognising when rulership has become Dishonorable and so on. Sure, there are differences in Humakti and Orlanthi practice, I don't think they differ too much on what is Honorable.
  24. Yeah that gift was really badly written.
  25. I think the idea that a Hunakti should lose all loyalties etc that conflict with the Humakti ideal is the wrong approach. Passions that conflict with ones Loyalties or religious virtue isn't something that should never happen in the rules - rather it is an excellent roleplaying opportunity. A hero whose passions conflict is what tragedy is made of. I don't think a Humakti will have Loyalty to casual or short term employers, or even necessarily long term ones. But they will be Honorable, and Honor demands that they respect any loyalty oath they will have given. Except when the story says otherwise! At just what point can you decide that your employers conversion to the Lunar Way makes your oath of loyalty less important?
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