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  2. I’ve got the physical copy of King Arthur Pendragon, as I backed Aquelarre ages ago, and Prince Valiant and Paladin and the Mort d’Arthur book set. I requested that it could be sent as soon as any shipment made it possible, so it arrived with Prince Valiant. I am thankful for that, although I do note lots of people are still waiting on it.
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  4. Well thank you to those that took the time to reply to my questions. But I have also been reading other threads in the RQ forum and frankly it has been an eye opener. And not in a good way. I will be shelving my copy of RQ and going back to the CoC side of the house. I find it difficult to believe that the RQ forums and the CoC forums are on the same boards with the same company. CoC has some differences of opinion comparing purist games to pulp games, but they have never gotten this venomous about hw you are allowed to have fun. RQ books books are covered with pictures that say Classic Greek or Hoplite and yet to even mention it apparently is heresy or something. A player or GM trying to enter RQ based on the current core rule book really has no idea and cannot find anything in the core book to actually describe what the various tribe/nations are like. I can understand that they apparently disliked real world history enough to try and make everything completely different. Which is fine, except now the game has no entry portal unless you wish to turn a game into a full on research project. But the venom displayed on some of the threads I read is very revealing. Especially since it is apparently accepted as OK. Now I thank the three people that took the time to answer me directly, Crel, 7Tigers and Joerg, and their well thought out responses. You are great representatives of the RQ community. But I'll be moving on. I have very little free time to RPG at all and I simply cannot waste it in this environment. Good luck all and I hope you can get back to the FUN that is what RPG's are all about.
  5. I'm with you and @HreshtIronBorne on this one, @Pentallion. You're exploring the rules given to you by the designers. If the rules about wyters had been playtested more rigorously, we might have seen some limits published in the RAW. I think you found a very interesting set of ideas and rules around wyters and clan war. Some reasonable limits have been proposed to tone down the pure power-plays, leaving some powerful new options for RQG play. I've taken some notes for use in my own game. I find this thread interesting for addressing the stunt monsters in the Bestiary like the Crimson Bat or Cwim. I understand that they're designed using a "LOL, this is funny" principle and I couldn't see a way for RQG characters to ever challenge them (using the rules we currently have). But now we've got this "burn down your wyter" idea to think about. Can it be theorycrafted? Maybe. I'm probably not the one to try. But it expands the horizons of what's possible. And before the grognards start declaiming about AD&D/Deities and Demigods/"If it has stats, we can kill it," I know. I know. I've been around a long time. I read about it in the letters section of Dragon.
  6. It's possible. Maybe once I retire and suddenly have spare time measured in hours 😜 For me I want to usable information that I can read in 5 minutes or so. What products are in the pipe and when do they expect to hit the shelf. With the love affair with pod-casts no one appears to be able to succinctly impart information anymore. Now I am not in anyway saying that people should not watch or like pod-casts. They are entertainment. Do you like the show? The only difference between a pod-cast, a TV show or a movie is what the watcher finds interesting and what they are willing to spend 30 to 90 minutes of their free time to see it. But if you like the show, then watch/listen to it. More power to the people that are pod-people.
  7. The "way with words" and cascade of sometimes factually incorrect or simply extraneous detail always makes me suspect this is a cipher document where the key has been lost. Of course this doesn't preclude any of the anecdotes from having at least symbolic importance . . . his itinerant and often fatherless boyhood feels authentic for an obscure prophetic figure, maybe one raised by a religiously atavistic mother or wanting to attribute magical significance to her life. Blue may be a Matthias Stormberger figure. Which again doesn't preclude historical truth but forces us to take a slightly more cautious approach. For all I know the entire Minaryth/a/ius complex is a complicated steganographic hoax. Who, what or where is Estkepo really?
  8. The revised hardback edition of King of Sartar has made a few small alterations to the Events of My Life list, including mentions of the Great Winter that were absent from the softcover edition. It deviates from the information given in the Adventure Book - Minaryth claims that Fistivos, Colymar king before Kallai, died fighting Telmori, whereas the Adventure Book credits Kallai with killing is predecessor. Now what business would a Colymar king have fighting Telmori in1603? The closest ones would be in Boldhome, as part of the royal bodyguard, although the absence of a Prince might mean that the Boldhome contingent was absent prior to the discovery of Temertain. It surely would have been a bad environment for Goram Whitefang, son-in-law of Terasarin and connected to the House of Sartar through his grandmother Onelisin. (There is a remote possibility that Fistivos may have been involved in the assassination of Terasarin's daughter Tarkala, or have given shelter to one of the assassins, and that Kallai assisted Goram in taking revenge. Fistivos' Seven Brothers clan is absent from the Colymar clan list, and his appearance so shortly after the Lunar conquest is suspicious, too.) One entry I wondered about is "1607: Clearwine burned." This is in the middle of King Kallai's reign, with no mention in the Colymar King list or the history of Clearwine. "Minara killed" (same year). There are a few deaths mentioned in the list, probably kinsfolk of the author, but he also keeps track of royalty. Minara probably is a fairly common name in Sartar. But this could also be the daughter of Onelisin, born in 1639 as the presumably youngest of the triplets born to Onelisin and Jostharl. Another thing that is somewhat strange that Minaryth keeps accompanying his mother through her marriage to the Orlmarth. How does a Hiording woman end up in Tarkalor's Keep with a son not claimed by either the local clan or the Hiordings, or if he remained Hiording, why did he grow up among the Orlmarth and in those many places?
  9. Whaaaat!?! Pendragon-based games set in Feudal Japan *and* Ancient Greece!?! Wow, I am super excited for these!
  10. Checking "Evens of my Life" by Minaryth Blue, who was gifted with a writing quill at birth, shows no sign of such an internship.
  11. jajagappa


    I pronounce it as "h-SUN-chen" with the "h" sort of like "huh" - much like saying "Ge-SUND-heit".
  12. Yes, now that you mention it. It's been around 30 years or so since I read the two books.
  13. One book I found quite instructive is The Way of Wyrd by Brian Bates, telling the story of a monk's introduction into the quite shamanic ways of a pagan magician. For a historical fantasy, I enjoyed Poul Anderson's King of Ys series - four books on a fictional Phoenician city in Late Roman Aremorica (actually using Martin of Tours as one of the protagonists), about a Mithraic Roman prefect in the service of Magnus Maximus, based on the Bretonic myths about the drowned city. I found it influencing my views of the Holy Country. I eventually read it, but his first novel really made a barrier to his others. Greg wrote a huge endorsement for the mythic aspects of Watership Down. The fact that the protagonists aren't human makes this quite good preparatory reading for anyone wishing to play non-human species. The social moles of the Duncton Chronicles by William Horwood are another example of "furry" spirit quests, biologically implausible, but possibly quite Hsunchen. Chronologically, Maia is a prequel to the events in Shardik.
  14. I go with PAH-vis. Admittedly, an open-mouthed AH is a bias from my mother tongue.
  15. Craziest familiar one of my players ever made never got actual play as the game ended and I believe that was the last thing ever done. They drained a wyvern of its blood then gave a ghost of a shaman size so that it would be the ectoplasmic plasma so to speak, ie, the wyverns ghostly blood. Then bound the ghost into the wyvern. Wasn't really an undead wyvern since it now had a soul, albeit a dead shaman's soul that flowed through its veins. Decided the eyes glowed ghostly blue. RQ3 days. Was more maximum game fun than something that would probably work per the rules as written.
  16. The Zistorites (not the God Learners in general) were mass-producing magical swords that worked just fine in Zistorela on Kostern Island (in God Forgot) but which became basically mundane weapons (of inferior quality to Heortling ones) when removed from that place far enough. The crystals powering that magic clearly drew on some magic source inherent to that place, or inherent to the God Machine running below the Clanking City. Another way to create a magical artifact is to take an ordinary item to a heroquest, identify it with a mythical item, and return holding that artifact. This method is commonly used by all heroquesters, and the number of such items depends on the number of your heroquesters and heroquests. In this, the God Learners certainly had an advantage over most other cultures, although the Holy Country proved to be a hotspot of heroquesting, and its daughter culture in Sartar as well. The HeroQuest 1 material had the Chain of Veneration for the Malkioni, a method to channel and redistribute the magical advantage accumulated by their Worship Invisible God rites somewhat more directly to their zzaburi, possibly side-stepping the formation of a wyter, but then the history of Hrestol does suggest that he was more than aware of wyter magics. His quest to slay Ifttala, daughter of Seshna Likita and ancestress of the Pendali, was basically the quest to slay the wyter of the Pendali peoples. Snodal's quest to slay the God of the Silver Feet is similar. It is worth mentioning that these God-Slaying quests have very negative consequences for the questers.
  17. I'll let Louis and Ella say it for me.
  18. The quests through Hell and the dream world in Sandman are great sources to mine for ideas (and wonderful imagery of demons!).
  19. Or those of us who don't have websites, but happy to pitch in ideas here. My current campaign started with this premise: Queen Leika has returned and is looking to restore the strength of her tribe the Colymar. Ostensibly she has hitched herself to Prince Kallyr of Sartar as the Liberator, but in the past Sacred Time, things went horribly wrong. Prince Kallyr's rituals led to disaster, her closest companions slain, chaos unleashed, and dire omens seen across the land in every tribe's Sacred Time rituals. Queen Leika now fears Kallyr's days are numbered and she needs insight into the future. Once upon a time, the clan's founder Colymar sought out a vision of the future and performed a great ritual atop Colymar's Lookout to divine what his clan should do. Now Queen Leika calls upon the adventurers to aid her in this critical task - to follow the path of Colymar and find a new vision.
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  21. That's really the core question. The world around is as much or little color as you wish to add. You can start with something very basic: a Dragon has Arisen. This is not just a dragon the size of a house, this is a True Dragon, a creature that is 10 or more miles long! It devoured in one bite, the entire temple of the Red Goddess and the army and magicians of the Lunar Empire that have suppressed your land for a generation. It circled the entire land, and dire omens were seen by your priests, priestesses, or shaman. Omens that point to the Hero Wars. This is the time to act - your clan is free! But already the other clans, many of whom collaborated with the evil Lunar Empire, are making moves, including against you and your clan. And what of all the refugees? Folk who have fled the wars and now seek to find a home among you? And then there's all the things the dragon has awoken, strange draconic things and monstrous chaos that all thought long buried, lost, or gone forever... There are any number of short arcs from there - just a matter of finding what story appeals to your players. The hated Greydogs have stolen your cattle, cattle needed for upcoming rituals (lead into the Broken Tower scenario). Or Queen Leika has returned, the traitorous King Kangharl devoured in the Dragonrise, but she needs loyal allies, and needs Apple Lane secured (lead into the RQ Adventures book scenarios). Or the rise of the True Dragon has indeed stirred up draconic forces in your lands - there's a lesser dragon, a dream dragon so to speak, that is attacking steads (lead into the last scenario of the RQ Adventures book). And what are the dragonewts doing? Everyone knows they do strange and vile things - they kill and eat babies, mutilate cattle, disrupt sacred rituals - and they have been spotted in your clan lands (lead into your own arc).
  22. Absolutely anything by Gaiman, especially Sandman's first 8 or so issues! Though Gaiman usually does not write anything that would resemble sword and sandal fantasy (See his Sandman/Orpheus arc that makes a liar of me) most of his books could easily exist in the realms of Hero Quests.
  23. jajagappa


    PAY-vis for me.
  24. At least in my Glorantha, the clan lawspeakers and scribes will be on the lookout for precocious youths with an inclination towards literacy and knowledge. They will send these folk on to the LM temples: Jonstown, Boldhome, Derensev, the great temple at Nochet, etc. Why? It's an "offering" from the clan/tribe to the temple - one that encourages the LM temple to pray for the clan/tribe during Sacred Time, and to answer questions otherwise. Those youths who don't have the aptitude might well be sent back to the clan before initiation. Those who do have aptitude will stay, be initiated, get to effective levels of lawspeaking and scribal work, and some of those will be sent back to the clans, too, though probably as a result of more offerings from the clan.
  25. Will Aeon Games be releasing this in little old Europe?
  26. Shardik was a very intense book, but a lot that can be drawn upon there. It's sequel Maia, if I recall correctly, also had a lot of relevant imagery.
  27. I found Susan Cooper's Dark is Rising sequence to be particularly inspiring. The Lost Land section of the final volume Silver on the Tree is a particularly good quest example, but the Dark is Rising and Greenwitch are also rich in ideas for a village under siege and ritual practices. Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere has some good scenes for Underworld related quests; Stardust is a whole quest; and The Ocean at the End of the Lane has a great example of things that can come back from a quest to the other side.
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