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  2. Regular tarring of wood can push survivability into many decades' worth of time in temperate climate, especially if it's a whole-timbered structure. Ultimately though, yes, wood needs replacing during regular maintenance. Thankfully, replacing wood is certainly doable.
  3. There are no bad puns, just bad hecklers!
  4. Spot Barbarian fumbled, Move quietly fumbled, Turn Pun surely will be fumbled, oh woe, what is a Shiningbrow to do... I know the Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch! Now what was the count, one or three, ONE! Counting fumbled... Throw fumbled... gak! See "Hoist with his own petard"... Cheers!
  5. Oh, really? That's a pity: I've only seen the cover so far, but frankly it's one of the best game covers I've seen in years, from any company, the sort of piece that truly sells the book. Shame if the internals fall below that standard.
  6. I don’t know, as great as the Berlin book is, from the little I’ve seen, there were a few pieces of art which I felt were definitely a bit off, with goofy central characters. Rather unfortunately they were full page pieces. Im not saying we’re in Elder Secrets territory, but a few pieces have been a little disappointing by Chaosium’s new high standard. The question of style is another thing. Perhaps the rise of pulp play is leading the direction. As has been said, the cover of Terrors clearly suggests pulp contents.
  7. but one could had into the rituals a constant renewing of the wooden structure as part of a religious activity/meditation, as in the case of the Ise temple in Japan. It adds a nice touch, I think
  8. I'm not concerned exactly, since I don't know if this is going to have a less serious tone or not. The cover makes me think it's more of a Blood Brothers sort of thing than a horror adventure, which I'm absolutely fine with. On the other hand, if it is actually a book of more usual CoC adventures then yes, I'd agree that the cover miss-sells it entirely. That's why I'm after more info on the contents.
  9. I appreciate the quality of the art that Chaosium commissions and don't think there is any "danger" of this art style miscommunicating the game's flavor.
  10. Got to have a place to put all these reminiscences of murdering god.
  11. Looking at Revealed Mythologies, he definitely has a major case of PTSD. Skinning a cousin for writing material might do that to you.
  12. Yes, I too am concerned that the art for the world’s premium horror roleplaying game is becoming way too goofy.
  13. True, the wooden roof construction of Constantine the Great's basilika in Trier lasted until about 50 years ago in the German climate (though in an airy and dry environment, without any other material than timber involved in the construction). Wood exposed to rain and sunlight will only last a few years in German climate - a well-impregnated scaffold around the caravan parking lot next to my house was reduced from three inch solid timber to paper thin remnants within two decades. Forgetting a gardening tool outside last autumn meant that the 1.5 inch diameter wooden handle had rotted so much that even light stress made it break. Dead wood buildings exposed to the elements (and wasps) require maintenance and constant replacement of exposed portions of timber. One way to prevent such exposure is to plaster or chalk such constructions, creating a look indistinguishable from a plastered stone or brick structure. But this very act will weaken at least the outside of the timber so covered, weakening the structure from the onset in exchange for keeping off damage.
  14. even the blue man has something like nightmares
  15. Today
  16. The Brithini didn't really worship their demised ancestors - after all they knew they were lost and could no longer be contacted. The new practices were established alongside Hrestolism, after the Dawn. IMO all the information we have in Revealed Mythologies is from sources that deal with an altered Other Side. The early God Learners tinkered with Malkionism, and so did the anti-paganism Hrestoli movement after the Serpent King dynasty had died out in the late second century. It was Hrestol who had established tinkering with the Other Side for mundane world rewards among the Seshnegi (and again among the Malkioni of Fronela), after all. The Zzaburite teachings and records may be presented as the objective truth in the memory of the Great Sorcerer, but IMO a good deal of memory editing went into those insights, and possibly a mystical union between the human immortal leader of the Zzabur caste and the Erasanchula, until the human forgot his origins as the son of Malkion and a Tilnta. Since new developments in Seshnela usually were actively imposed on Arolanit and then counteracted by the Sorcerer Supreme, I have come to think of Zzabur's tales as an avatar's memories of his divinity's past, and not the personal memories of the human avatar. Depends on whether you give precedence to the Danmalastan story (which is fresher and longer than the Brithela story) where the human Sorcerer Supreme forgets his divine ancestry and claims the divinity of the runic entity he was born into as an avatar over the Brithela story which has the advantage of conforming to numerous established connections with Seshnegi deities, elves in Brithos, and those unpublished older stories which may be heavily edited memories rather than objective truths, too.
  17. Elmal's subsection will likely be similar to the write up here barring any changes that need to be done.
  18. All current works show "Mallia".
  19. She's one of the Lowfires. He's a dynasty founder, not a god. He could be worshipped as an ancestor, or perhaps a Hero cult.
  20. I've been assuming the mention of the Seshnegi in Daka Fal was a reference to the Ascended Masters, since it mentions it happening in the Dawn Age. (Although the alternate approach mentioned of reducing gods to ancestors/superhumans does seem in line with the RQ3 depiction of the False Gods as powerful sorcerers)
  21. Is there any further info on the contents? From the cover I'm guessing it's comedic horror, but that seems to be out of step with recent releases.
  22. Vote in the ENnies - Polls close tonight at 11PM EST. http://www.ennie-awards.com/vote/2019 It's a very strong field, so Chaosium and Cthulhu need your support - and your vote. Vote Cthulhu, Vote Chaosium!
  23. I love the fact that the guy in the middle appears to have been inspired by Jon Polito's character in The Big Lebowski.
  24. Back to the mistress race roll?
  25. Northern Pamaltela is where I imagine them, certainly, but like the invasive supercolonies of ants in Spain, I could certainly see them in Teshnos. They're essentially intelligent tree frogs, they could probably live anywhere yellow elves thrive. In fact, that's one of the facets of their existence I haven't really worked out for certain myself: their relations with yellow aldryami. By default, the Grung should hate elves like everyone else, but I can't see Errinoru putting up with such an intelligent hostile species... unless we posit their toxins aren't effective against vegetable life (or at least are less potent) in which case they'd be a very natural ally
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