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  2. I wonder what the legal hurdles of doing a basic 'zine would be... focused on Magic World, but without the name or logos. Just thinking of all the Dungeon Crawl Classics 'zines... as well as other OSR zines. I've just always had a thing for digest sized 'zines...
  3. That sounds like a good reason for a HeroQuest. The beauty of HeroQuesting is that you can take a myth and bend it a bot to fit the situation. So, you don't necessarily need a myth that fits completely. Have a look at my Secrets of HeroQuesting for more ideas on HeroQuesting. Donandar is all about Harmony, so would be a good way of getting a HeroQuest about peace. You could even use some Stations from Donandar HeroQuests to substitute for Stations on the main HeroQuest, or to add some new stations to force the peace somehow. Tricksters can be useful, as they can use outlandish devices on HeroQuests to get what they want. Tricking someone into accepting peace might be a short-term solution, but it is still a solution. The targets would then have to break the peace agreement, which has consequences. Ernalda has some peace-making HeroQuests, I seem to remember. There is one that has involves Ernalda as a Weaver, using a Peace Rug. They might be useful when building Peace. This is something that happens quite a lot on HeroQuests. There is a concept in HeroQuesting that I call Identification, but Chaosium might use a different term. You can use this to Identify two groups, so they can stand in for each other. It is quite possible to use Identification to Identify another group with the Dark Tribe, or to have different clans of Trolls, one as defenders in the peace and one as attackers. You might want to use Tusk Riders as the attackers, as they are darkness-oriented. Alternatively, you could use chaos from a chaos nest, as you have suggested, in this case the chaos is Identified as Enemies Who Attack. Have you played using the Hero Wars or HeroQuest games? They have an idea for chargen where you write a 100 word essay and underline or bold key sections that then defines your character. You can do the same thing with Myths, so in the Myth you use, it might say "After the People agreed on Peace, the Dark Tribe attacked them, but they all fought together and drove the attackers off", if you bold certain sections, you could get "After the People agreed on Peace, the Dark Tribe attacked them, but they all fought together and drove the attackers off", so you emphasise what is important to you on the HeroQuest. There are probably many Myths that could be used. Skilled HeroQuestors use several Myths at once, overlaying them in certain ways, so you take bits from one and bits from another, to get a better result. But, that is the point of HeroQuesting, you Identify different people with the mythical roles. Otherwise you could never use the Unity Battle, as you are not fighting Wakboth.
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  5. I am really thankfull for all advices, after a day I will run a game. I've made some notes so we will play differently than before, later I can share my thoughts and results. I hope it may help other new keepers)
  6. It is a Harry Potter book. A Hippogriff helps Harry by flying as explained. If you watch the film, you can see how it flies.
  7. The "Falling Damage" table on page 156 proves this wrong. In the real world, you reach terminal velocity after a certain amount of falling. When you reach terminal velocity, the damage taken by falling should no longer increase, as your velocity and hence momentum does not change. So, the Falling Damage Table falls down if you fall for over that distance.
  8. Can anyone tell me what differences (if any) there are between the versions of The Dead Boarder and What's In the Cellar? published in Gateways to Terror, compared to the free downloadable demo versions available on this site? Has the guidance for convention keepers, etc., been removed? Has anything new been added? Thanks in advance for your time and assistance!
  9. Chaosium Tabletop Gaming starts at PAX Online today!We're running Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, Questworlds, Aquelarre, and 13th Age Glorantha, 24 hours a day until September 20th. It's FREE, and there are still slots left. Sign up to play at the link!https://warhorn.net/events/chaosium-online-gaming-at-pax-onlineAnd, for the duration of PAX Online, use the code 'PAXONLINE2020' at Chaosium.com to get 10% off your order.
  10. These 3 would be great (when you say just "Sartar", you probably mean Kingdom of Heroes?)!!! I'm in! For HW, I already own several books I was indeed lucky enough to buy at decent prices: the core book (in french), Anaxial's Rooster, Storm Tribe, Thunder Rebels and a few others... But some are sold at really indecent prices, if you can find them: the Sartar Rising trilogy, Imperial Lunar Handbook... (Of course, "decent" price is subjective. For me, 69$ for the Imperial Lunar Handbook is an indecent price.) I can do without, of course, and the PDF can do the job. But to be honest: I want to make my shelves collapse under books, and I prefer to do so by giving money directly to Chaosium and not to any greedy speculator... 😉 And maybe the POD on all HW/HQ titles would be profitable for Chaosium? Yes, I know, but who could blame me to try...? 😁
  11. "Spare copies" is a relative term. I have three of the 2" boxed set on the shelf because there are three distinct printings (red, brown, and green rulebook covers). Being an unrepentant completist, I switched from acquiring one of each edition to acquiring every distinct printing of each item. The thing is, this picture isn't even all of them, just all I knew about at the time (3 years ago).
  12. That being said, always good to see artists willing to contribute!
  13. RQ3 Apple Lane was effectively a reprint of RQ2 Apple Lane (but with new cover). From an event standpoint, RQ2/3 Apple Lane happens in 1614 (after Starbrow's Rebellion), RQG in late 1625. You can determine by the age of Brightflower: 13 in RQ2/3 scenario, 24 in the RQG book. In between those two is the scenario in the HQG Sartar Companion, Return to Apple Lane, where the Lunars seek to take Gringle's treasures and burn down the pawn shop. That is ~1619.
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  15. I see you have some spare copies of RuneQuest... when I built up my RQ2 collection a couple years ago, I came across some damaged spare copies of boxes (some of which a seller just sent me as free extras because he wasn't going to do anything with them besides throw them away... they were unsellable, being incomplete or empty in addition to being damaged). Anyway, fast-forward to last week-end, when I figured I would turn these boxes into nice frames to put up on the staircase going down to my man-cave: Now the only thing is that I have spare pieces of those boxes, which I'm considering turning into bookmarks, unless someone has a better idea?
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  17. Yep would be good to see this made available again. River of Cradles had a great cover that set ancient world expectations for adventures in Prax And Glorantha, be good to see that used with any reprint of the adventure...and a chance to put a proper description of mud sharks in 😉
  18. Question about Read/Write (page 181) of main book. The sidebar refers to, for example, Read/Write Theyalan, with the Theyalan scripts being common to Esrolian, Heortling, and Tarshite. The skill description reads One interpretation of these statements is that Theyalan script functions similar to Chinese glyphs. While a speaker of Mandarin is incomprehensible to a speaker of Cantonese -- but if the Mandarin speaker writes their message, the Cantonese speaker is able to read it. OTOH: one could interpret it as being similar to Western Europe, in which (barring some accent marks) English, French, Italian, German, Spanish all tend to use the same alphabet/glyphs -- but the way in which these glyphs are combined/used is still language dependent: "Do you speak English?" vs "Parley-vous Anglais?" Is there anything defining which of the two interpretation is valid? I do note that the sidebar refers to "syllabary", which makes things even more complicated -- closer to Japanese katakana/hirigana, and hence closer to my second interpretation above as each Theyalan language might have differing syllables in their words for the same concept. For the second (or third) interpretation, the skill should probably be recorded as Read/Write Theyalan (Esrolian) (or which ever is applicable). And would someone skilled in such a language specific form get a similar ability to read a related language as is shown for the spoken skill (Esrolian %/2 => Heortling %)?
  19. Idle comment from someone new to the forum. Presuming the RQ2 Apple Lane was very similar to the RQ3 Apple Lane (I have the latter), one wonders how it would fit into current RQ:RiG given the Defending Apple Lane scenario in the adventure book provided with the gamemaster reference pack. After all, in the RQ3 Apple Lane, a core scenario takes place in the pawn shop. In Defending Apple Lane, that pawnshop is in partial ruins.
  20. Understandable. There is no way for me to tell what is easily done or what is hard. I was only stating what I would buy as a customer without having the ability to judge viability or practicality of said desire.
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  22. YES... I am aware of the material science series of Kiel university... By the way, the article I posted is from the same university, the series on Defects in Crystals is really good and is in part the bases of the research on those swords of the British Isles. If you want to dive on the deep end of bronze age metallurgy the list of books that follow are quite good (maybe not the absolute list...) Metallurgy in the early bronze age Aegean by Peter M. Day and Roger Doonan Metallurgical Production in Northern Eurasia in the Bronze Age by Stanislav A. Grigoriev The Bronze Age of Southeast Asia by Charles Higham Metallurgy in Ancient Ecuador Book by Roberto Lleras Perez Archaeometallurgy in Global Perspective Methods and Syntheses by Roberts and Thornton consider that the article was written in 1995... there is a LOT of new research on the matter... but as I said before and I will said it again... as primer for bronze age swords is a good and quick article with relevant information.
  23. I always thought of "Monster Coliseum" as something where the Lunar urban campaign had been amputated, but I guess that was hopelessly optimistic. But then I was told by Greg that all of Chaosium's playtesting for RuneQuest happened in Glorantha. That doesn't make the events from those house campaign sessions canonical Glorantha, though.
  24. Sorry, not going to happen. We would have to redo the layout of information that is easily available in Pavis and Big Rubble.
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