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AD&D (1E) Psionics for BRP 1.3

About This File

So, after downloading Trifletraxor's Monster manual, and seeing all the classic creatures with cool old-school psionic powers, I looked around for a conversion of the First Edition AD&D powers that had no parallel in BRP. I could not find one, so I made them myself! I also have a player in my group who runs a dwarven psychic crafter and thought that he might appreciation an expansion of the power available to him.

These powers do not replace the system published in the BGB, but instead are intended to be an addition to those powers already provided.

Note that this version has not been play tested (as of 9/26/2014), and I've leaned heavily on existing spells and powers to try to keep them in line with the power-level of what has been published before (I run Magic World sorcery alongside Classic Fantasy wizardry to give you an idea of the power level that I'm shooting for).

As is usual, feedback is appreciated.

Thank you,

John P. Meyers.

What's New in Version 1.3   See changelog


  • 1.3 made the abilities a bit more *user friendly*
  • 1.2 removed Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions and Domination as these were redundant with existing powers.
  • 1.1 made Enlarge/Diminish and Body Weaponry target self only (in keeping with the original powers), and Added Molecular Rearrangement.

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